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Why is WordPress web application development a smart choice for your business?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Feb 05, 21
Apr 02, 2021
WordPress Web Application Development

Did you know that more than 23% of the websites are built on WordPress? Ever since its launch, WordPress website development has been one of the most preferred website builders globally. Even when many new other choices sprang up, WordPress remained the ultimate choice for many businesses. WordPress web development provides your business everything it needs while developing your website. It is secure, flexible, powerful, and all that is needed to boost-up your business. No matter what size or scale your business is, its ease of access is second to none which is why many businesses prefer WordPress over other platforms.

If you are in a dilemma over choosing the right platform for your website, one of the strongest recommendations would be WordPress. If you need to know more details about why it's a smart choice for your business, jump right in to know more.

What is WordPress?

If you are a beginner, looking for a website builder either for your new or old business, you need to know what WordPress web development is. In the current competitive world, businesses have been focusing on having a digital footprint and hence they are building websites for their businesses. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs and businesses searched frantically for a developer who can make smaller changes to their websites. With the arrival of WordPress, everything has become quite simpler.

WordPress is an open-source platform for website development and content management which comes with a ton of customization and security choices with a variety of plugins to choose from. It has got all the essential tools, most of which are free, and with subscriptions beneficial for SMEs. It is a perfectly designed and SEO friendly platform that includes tagging, links, hyperlinks, comments, and content categorization. Its design is also more popular than any other web platform. It has become one of the most popular and reliable platforms that are ready to be used immediately after installation, unlike others that need the support of technical help or other software to function.

Why developing web apps with WordPress is the best option for you?

When there is a plentitude of options, why are we focused on WordPress web development? We have arranged a few reasons here to see for yourself why it is the smartest choice.

1. Quick and Easy Website setup

WordPress App Development

You can set up WordPress easily within a few clicks. You don’t have to be technically abled for hosting or server setup. The dashboard is informative, clean, and simple that makes the whole process of website development easier even for new users. You will be able to enjoy a wide scope of features and functionalities that make your website more equipped and easier.

2. Free Templates and Free Hosting

Yippee! WordPress is a treasure trove of free templates to build websites over its platform. You can also use the free domain provided by WordPress. This makes a difference especially if you are a small business. If you are already having a domain, you will have to connect it with WordPress at a minimal cost. You can also enjoy a wide range of templates that WordPress provides for free.

3. Easy to Use

The WordPress platform is intuitive and easy to use. Once you get beyond the sparsely designed interface, it becomes an incredibly easy to use platform. You can access and edit everything you need to right there that makes it easy for anyone even without the help of any technical developer. If you cannot find something, there is always a plugin you can install that will serve your purpose.

4. Reliable and Secure

As the internet is a very precarious place, WordPress consistently makes it as secure as possible. It has a large security team who constantly puts in efforts to make the platform secure. They consistently release updates and security patches to tighten the security. Numerous WordPress, plugin, and theme updates are released to keep your website constantly updated on the latest security measures against any vulnerabilities.

5. Scalable

Stop paying extra bucks if your traffic levels reached a certain point or if you need to unlock new functionality for your website. WordPress has got you covered on a variety of aspects and all you need to pay for is for your domain which also comes at an inexpensive price. You can scale easily by going for high-quality professional hosting plans at a reasonable price level.

6. SEO-Friendlier

Web App with WordPress

Websites developed with WordPress would have a strong SEO foundation. The platform has got various in-built features that make it simpler to customize and optimize. The logical structure, responsive designs, and other options to set up every page and post with meta tags make it one of the desired platforms for the search engines.

7. Mobile-Responsive Designs

WordPress is the best if you wish to have a mobile-friendly website with a highly responsive design. Most of the WordPress templates and themes are entirely responsive so that your website looks incredible on all platforms whether it is desktop, mobile phones, or tablet. You can utilize the plugins for the optimization of your design to create a better mobile version of the website.

8. WordPress Community

It has got millions of active users across the globe making it one of the most thriving communities. You can even find a large team of developers in many WordPress communities and discussion forums, be it on Reddit or Quora. They discuss some of the pertinent issues of WordPress in these platforms. There is also a huge stack of WordPress support in the form of numerous blogs that offer tips to use it.

9. Ecommerce

Build Web App with WordPress

If you are already using WordPress for your business, there is one more factor to be ecstatic about. WordPress also comes up with easy ecommerce solutions that can turn your website into a full-out digital store. There are plugins such as WooCommerce with which you can kick start your ecommerce website.

10. Easy Integrations

WordPress integrates with everything. There would always be a WordPress plugin or at the least an easy to use API that can get the integrations you needed. PayPal, Stripe, HubSpot, Xero, FreshBooks, are some of the popular services that can be integrated. If you cannot integrate, you can also use plugins like Google Analytics, Yoast SEO, Mailchimp, Ninja Popups, and more.


WordPress has been around for more than a decade, and there isn’t much you cannot do with it. Millions of active users use WordPress every day to progress in their business, and there is also a huge community that is constantly working to make the platform better than yesterday. With the tireless efforts of these WordPress developers, WordPress will always remain one of the outstanding website builders and will never go out of trend. If you have any further questions or not sure of how to get started with WordPress, just drop in a message, our team reaches out to you.

Skynet Technologies USA LLC offers wide array of Web Application Development Services personalized as per the specific demands of our clients across all industries. We follow the agile WordPress CMS development process and our engagement doesn’t end with the creation of websites. Whether you want to create a new website, integrate any application, redesign your WordPress website or business website, migration, require new features development, or real-time support and maintenance for your existing website, you are at the right place!

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10 Optimization Tips to Increase Performance and Speed of your Laravel Web Applications
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Jul 29, 20
Apr 01, 2021
laravel web application

Laravel web applications are preferred over other PHP frameworks in the website application as it (PHP framework) not only serves as a web application platform but also helps in development. Laravel is highly used by web developers according to the usage statistics as it meets the upcoming web application development trends, therefore commonly known as a modern web framework. With every version of laravel, there is a new feature that accelerates the custom web app development. Basic web development task is automated by the web developers by using tools and libraries of laravel.

According to research, websites are taking more than the average time to open, have a high risk of leaving the site. This problem in laravel applications is because of the new upcoming features causing multiple speed issues. Speeding up the Laravel application is the prime motive of every web developer to get maximum traffic in search engines. Using lightweight Laravel – Lumen micro-framework helps in solving the problem.

Laravel Web Application

The following are some simple techniques that help to improve the performance and speed of the Laravel web application.

1. Shrink the Data Response

An increase in bandwidth consumption and effects in loading speed is caused by extra data load. The laravel web application speeds up when the laravel programmers shrink and compress all the response data by using Eloquent ORM where all the data is brought back and displayed through a single query to the end-user in a website application. The compressed data can be retrieved by using view models. Data can be created into multiple subsets to create a view model and is forwarded to the client. To increase the speed of data in the conversion of the object model and response data compression, a fractal library is used by developers.

2. Coding with JIT compiler

Interpreting PHP code and compiling the code into byte code by compilers, as PHP code, is a language that computers cannot comprehend. With HHVM, Zend engine is replaced with Roberts just- in -time JIT compiler, whose acceleration is observed compared to the actual rate of PHP code compilation. The process of compiling code by the web developer directly affects the user experience and the performance of the laravel web application.

3. Easy catching

Working with unified API, back ends, various caching systems make it easy for the PHP programmers by laravel Web application services. Using robust caching tools like Memcached and Redis is applied by developers in laravel applications to easily improve its performance. Refreshing route caches, moving of routes to the controller, caching the routes by using Artisan command as Artisan command opens the option of caching configuration and routes.

4. Benefits of artisan optimization commands

A command-line artisan simplifies the web application development, enabled by laravel and used by developers. It’s a robust interface that speeds up all artisan optimization commands and web applications of laravel, which leads to faster loading of files, routing cache files, configuring, combining it into a single file.

5. Disable unnecessary services

Unnecessary services can easily be removed by any PHP programmer without much affecting the application’s development. This is done by providing specific useful services and removing the unused one. Similarly, non - essential plug-ins to the web application should be replaced with the important and accessible laravel plug-ins, as the speed of laravel application is affected by another unnecessary laravel plug-in that gives the unnecessary load to the files and libraries.

6. Avoid the lazy-loading approach

Speed of the laravel web application increases by switching to eager loading approaches. When the first query is executed, the application doesn't need to show additional queries at the time of retrieving data with other object models. By making the programmers work easy, laravel web development can work with various databases and database operations by providing an Eloquent ORM (object rational mapper). The performance of laravel web services is affected by eloquent, which makes lazy loading approaches as it only retrieves data when the reference code is exhibited. Therefore, more queries have to be exhibited by the application to retrieve every delivered data.

7. Pre-combine website assets

All the website assets are stored by the programmers during the formulation of a custom web application in different files to update codes faster and perform future modifications. Due to the additional file load, the speed, and performance of the laravel application are affected. This can be solved by storing all the website assets in smaller and lesser number of files. The Artisan command enables to pre-combine of all the website assets which can unify the used classes, files, configurations, and routes.

8. Decrease blade view

By keeping the site to production mode, the blade view is decreased and minimized by compiling all the views in the laravel web application. Using a level HTML package helps to decrease the blade view efficiently.

9. Usage of queues

The involvement of 3rd party email into the database slows down the user's experience on the web. This can be avoided by sending an email by using a queue method while letting it run as a background task.

10. Deployment tool

An essential deployment tool is a deplorer, which helps in optimizing laravel web applications by providing out-of-box support for the PHP framework.


To improve the performance of laravel applications, user experience, search engine visibility, the development process should contain exact steps. These evaluations are carried out by a PHP programmer, as they carry out all the tips with precision and optimize the performance by laying down all specific requirements related to the project. A decision is taken by the developers, to whether to select laravel 4 or laravel 5 to get the best features soothing for the project.

We offer custom laravel web application development services for small to large scale projects to meet specific business, industry and vertical needs. Let us help you to add value to your business with our experienced laravel web application development services! If you require any type of laravel development, maintenance or support services, contact us!


Why is Web Application Maintenance important for your Business?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Jul 27, 20
Apr 01, 2021
web application maintenance

Web Maintenance measures digital modernity. In this era of technological advancement, competition in the development business lies in the timely advancement of the products. A time-to-time Web Application Maintenance is what prevents the software from wearing out. An application developed years back needs to be upgraded to meet the present expectations and be on par with the other cutting edge products in the market. Web App Maintenance decides the life of a web application.

Web Application Maintenance allows the developers to fix bugs, add new features, upgrade to the latest version of tools and adapt to the present-day environment. A Software product that doesn't fulfill the current tech requirements is simply sidelined by the consumers and hence, the deterioration. The Custom Web Application Maintenance plays an important role in the growth of a business.

The Web Application Maintenance model is categorized into two categories:

Web Application Maintenance

1. Preventive Maintenance - This Web Application Maintenance is carried out at predetermined intervals to check any system faults or required feature updates and prevents the software from any future failure risk. This type is further classified into various units based on time, failure finding, risk management, conditions, and predictions-based. Therefore, preventive Web Maintenance is crucial to prevent the slumping business graph.

2. Corrective Maintenance - A Custom Web Application might encounter run to fail compilations. This Web Maintenance functions when the failure has already occurred and it must be fixed to escape business fallout. Corrective Maintenance may be of the deferred type or emergency type based on the criticality and time-to-action of the failure.

Mentioned below are some benefits of Web Maintenance Services for the business industry:

Web Maintenance Services

1. Bug Fixing

A bug is something that might produce unexpected outcomes or lead to program failure. Web Maintenance should be treated equally important as the software implementation and operation; as such failures may hinder a smooth customer experience and the consequence, customer dissatisfaction. Hence, compelling your crowd to run after your competitor’s products and ultimately, resulting in business losses.

2. Capability Enhancement

A software product needs timely improvement in its features and functions to be compatible with other varying products in the market. The Custom Web Application Maintenance provides the latest upgrades in the market to the software platform, hardware’s, or other aspects that affect the system workflow. For a profitable business, competing well in the market is a must.

3. Trashing the Outdated Stuff

Along with adding new features and providing the latest updates, it is also important to remove the outdated functions and interactions from the software to avoid useless space consumption that affects the efficiency of the web application. A precise Web Maintenance Service ensures no traces of unessential items in the product.

4. Customer Satisfaction

By choosing the right Web Maintenance Service for our product, we assure the quality of the application software and make sure that our web software evolves to satisfy the present-day customer requirements. The more you gain customer satisfaction, the more the growth curve of your corporation goes up.

5. Scalability and Security

Regular Web Application Maintenance not only ensures the latest software updates to your websites but also shields the application from any and every external threats. Web Maintenance Services enables the system to handle higher workloads while maintaining the efficiency of the system.

6. Business Needs

Analyzing business needs is also a part of Web Application Maintenance. To attract a bigger crowd, it is necessary to analyze the needs of the market, to look for the missing functionalities to work on them, and try to provide the customers with an all-new experience.

7. Higher Efficiency

A system upgrade, hardware upgrade, update in content as per the changing statistics of the business, identifying the vulnerabilities, and securing from third-party threats are the components of Web Maintenance Services crediting higher efficiency in web application performance.

8. Traffic Analysis

The Custom Web Application Maintenance services provide customers with the SWOT Analysis of the web product and feasible data on the demographic and geographical analysis of the business hence, enabling you to focus accordingly on the weaknesses, earning profit from the strengths, and working on the market needs as per the location.

9. Predictive Cash Flow

It is not always possible to build software from scratch whenever it encounters a failure or crashes. Companies providing Web App Maintenance services ensure that no predictive fault shall occur after the upgrade and all the preventive maintenance measures must be revised thoroughly at regular intervals ultimately, saving business expenses. Moreover, the overall IT expenditures are reduced as the Custom Web Maintenance eliminates all the unexpected upfront that shall be confronted if no Web Maintenance is practiced regularly.

Well, even after providing enormous benefits people tend to escape from the Web App Maintenance rituals as the myths of it being annoying, time-consuming, adding to the cost, etc. follows. Here are some of the tactics that might make this process even easier.

  • Use the tech platforms which shall provide long-term support so only mere issues of time-wasting shall remain. Moreover, ensure that everything is running on a supported version.
  • The maintenance transparency in the project shall be maintained. The client must be well aware of the maintenance tasks and the repercussions in case of ignoring it.
  • Customer feedback is of foremost importance. Give the required attention to the feedback and look at whether they are indicating any maintenance requirement.
  • The documentation of the application must be maintained well and the developers shall make sure that their product is portable.


The above content reflects that a successful business not only demands the implementation of projects and consumption of products instead it does require regular maintenance. As technology and business are growing at the same pace, Web Application Maintenance becomes a necessity to meet the tech needs of the contemporary world and avoid any financial losses or business dissolution. And to achieve these goals by investing in Web Maintenance Services is a must.

We offer offering comprehensive website maintenance starting from a content update, image update, SSL installation, website backups, bug fixing, audit to security fixes and more. Whether you are looking for ongoing website maintenance or one-time website maintenance, we provide flexible engagement models to our clients such as hourly, monthly and fixed cost based on clients’ business needs.


Top 15 Ways to Improve Custom Web Application Security
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Jul 24, 20
Apr 01, 2021
custom web application

This age where the e-crime has become another pandemic and no hardships could do the trick to thwart cybercriminals, the web security has become of high-priority. Web Application Security refers to securing your Web App from any security breaches, identifying vulnerabilities, and learning to tactics to deal with them. Securing your Web Application has become a vital component of Web Application Development.

Custom Web Application Security

Here are 15 tips to improve your Custom Web Application Security for a frictionless experience:

1. Risk Analysis

To tackle the security threats one needs to be aware of the Web Application security threats. Custom Web App may possess various vulnerabilities that have gone unnoticed. To identify and deal with these security patches risk management must be paid the required attention. All the risks must be inspected thoroughly by the respective experts to prevent any safety glitches.

2. Plan of Action against Malicious User Input

In a Custom Web Application, the user input may not always be of favor. Web Apps may possess threats from user input and all such user-input can be used by hackers to exploit the application. Therefore, the developers must establish various strategies to combat the effect of any malicious input in their Web Application.

3. Learn to Safeguard in your Language

Anyone apart from developers involved in the implementation process of a Custom Web App must understand the security control strategy of the Web App in their respective languages. This is a vital step for the Web Application Development process as all the members whether associated with the Web Application Programming, Platforms, or databases will learn more of their language from a different perspective hence, increasing the probability of innovations and achievements in a diversifying aspect.

4. Consider Expertise Help if Required

Although all the managers, stakeholders, and developers of a Custom Web Application must learn security controls in their respective languages but formulating security protocols just with the limited knowledge and nil experience may pave the way for vulnerabilities in your Web Application. Henceforth, safeguarding measures for any Web App must be written under the guidance of security experts for stimulating Web Application Development.

5. Set up a Security Cell

Improvement demands consistency. Alike Web Application Maintenance, Web Application Security also plays an important role in the seamless operation of a Web App. The institution must set up a separate community that shall conduct the periodic inspection for any security patches and takes appropriate action to avoid any hindrance.

6. Software Security and SDLC Model

For the development of any software, it must be made in compliance with the Software Development Lifecycle Model. Keeping the Web Application Development and the safety issues in mind, setting up security measures at each phase of the SDLC model shall prove to be very effective. This would ease the process of safety glitches identification, inspection, and combat action after each phase of development rather than inspecting all the elements of a Custom Web Application at once.

7. Keep a Strong Password

The safety of a Web Application lies in the difficulty to access the web insider information. Keeping a strong password that can not be easily determined even within your colleagues or friend circle makes it difficult for any third party to access your confidential data. Hence, adding on to the security of your Custom Web App.

8. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

A Custom Web Application must be updated with at least two-factor authentication. The 2FA is designed to ensure only authorized access to your application. Moreover, the feature also reports any suspicious login attempt to the respective account holders. Which further means securing your Web Application only in a few simple steps.

9. The https Security

The homepage of any Web Application must be encrypted using SSL or TLS on a priority basis. An https secured website shall shield the confidential information of your Custom Web App and prevent any sort of exploitation from cybercriminals. Hence, contributing to the security of the application and ultimately, the Web Application Development.

10.A Wise Host

A list of the dangers of the shared host is an enormous one. A secured host is the first step towards a secured Web Application. Even the freshest of Web Application Developers who understand the security of their product knows well the wiseness that has to be shown while choosing the web hosting company.

11.Always Maintain a Backup

Even after taking all the security measures, the sellers and the developers must be ready to face the repercussions of any cybercrime event that might be confronted. The data is of the foremost importance when talking about Web Application Security. Therefore, a backup of all the sensitive data must be maintained in periodicity even if the strongest safeguarding tools have been implemented.

12.Supplement Scanning Tools

For an improvised Web Application Security, deploy an automatic scanning in your Web App. A complete Web Application scanning shall be conducted frequently especially when the application undergoes any amendments. Remember, the installation of a scanner does not mean the expunction of human labor.

13.Use Web Application Firewalls

Firewalls may be installed in a Web Application once after it begins to function publicly. WAF protects your Custom Web App from cyber threats via the HTTP and https traffic. Firewalls act as the filtration unit for the inbound traffic and look for any suspicious behavior encountered by your application. It is advisable to use a Web Application Security platform that provides various features like scanner, Authentication Firewall, and 2FA features at a single platform.

14.Learn from your Vendors

It is equally important to learn security procedures and potential vulnerabilities of your vendors as of your Web Application. You might identify the security patches that might have gone unnoticed while inspecting your Web App. This step would help you understand more of the security flaws and the tactics to overcome them.

15.Act Maleficiary

Employ the white-hat hackers to benefit from the experience of playing a victim. Permitting hacking your Web Application by some trusted authorities will offer you the vulnerabilities to be fixed to become even more invulnerable. This way you will ensure the strongest of Web Application Security that one may implement.

We are pioneer Website Maintenance Company, offering comprehensive website maintenance starting from a content update, image update, SSL installation, website backups, bug fixing, audit to security fixes and more. Whether you are looking for ongoing website maintenance or one-time website maintenance, we provide flexible engagement models to our clients such as hourly, monthly and fixed cost based on clients’ business needs.



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