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What are the pros and cons of Multiple Drupal Shopping Carts?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
May 03, 21
May 03, 2021
Multiple Drupal Shopping Carts

When you build an ecommerce store, a shopping cart is an inevitable aspect of it as it is where the record of the items a shopper has picked up from the ecommerce store goes. The shopping cart lets the customers select the products they want to buy, review them before payment, make modifications by editing the cart through addition or removal of any items, and finally making the purchase.

Multiple Drupal Shopping Carts Meaning

Let’s demonstrate this with an example of what Drupal Multiple Shopping carts mean. Suppose you are in an ecommerce store; you may first start out as a Guest and then register as a user. Post-registration, you’ll add something to your shopping cart and log out. Later on, you may add something to your shopping cart and log back in. If you see two shopping carts, then it has multiple shopping carts by design. Many people are looking for Drupal Commerce 2.x for Drupal 8 or for Drupal 9 either to eliminate multiple shopping carts or to add multiple shopping carts.

Creating Multiple Shopping Carts

You can create a shopping cart in two ways:

  1. From shopping cart page in the ‘My Account’ Menu and
  2. Through a shopping cart widget in the header of the shop

Any number of new items can be added to the shopping cart by a single click ‘Add to Cart’ on the product details page. Customers can create multiple shopping carts to be used for different needs. There could be a shopping cart for daily purchases and one for monthly purchases. You can view the shopping carts on the Shopping Cart page in My Account.

The table with Drupal shopping carts should display the following details for each cart-

  1. Name of the shopping cart
  2. Number of products added to cart
  3. Price Mode (Net or Gross)
  4. Access Leve (Admin, Full Access, or Read-only)
  5. Cart Total

Some of the possible actions that can be performed to manage shopping carts are

  1. Edit the name of the shopping cart
  2. Create a duplicate of the shopping cart
  3. Delete the shopping cart

Checkout Process in Multiple Drupal Shopping Carts

The multi-cart and single checkout process are the holy grail of the popular marketplace today. You can have one site that showcases multiple stores and customers could check out from more than a single store. You can achieve this by coding a form that acts like a checkout flow-form but changes more than one order simultaneously.

A number of issues need to be considered here -

  1. Order Management - Sometimes, certain weird things happen like orders splitting up for no clear reason. There could be changes in the total number of orders and in such cases order management becomes clumsy.
  2. Fulfillment - The stores selling physical products will have to showcase the orders to the customer and to customer service for each store. Each ecommerce store would want to display only those products that they are responsible for.
  3. Payment - As a site owner, if you plan to pay from your bank account, you will want to have a single payment gateway and manage the payment disbursements to all the store owners. Otherwise, you may need to have each store have payment gateway credentials of its own or an even more complete setup.
  4. Taxes - Depending on how the payments are taken, tax rules would also need to be created and maintained per store. It is, of course, hard.

Pros and Cons of Multiple Drupal Shopping Carts


  1. Enable different checkout workflows like one for recurring services, one for digital services, and another for physical items that need to be shipped.
  2. Customers will never lose a cart. They would have the means to have more than one cart.
  3. You could have multiple sellers enabling a feature of the marketplace to be built on top of the current functionality.
  4. A central repository for your pricing, inventory, and order management helps you streamline the entire workflow and saves you both time and money.


  1. More than one cart usually presents a visual challenge for the designers. For instance, when you click on the cart dropdown, how do you present more than one checkout button?
  2. Separate handling of both payment and fulfillment options for different items or different vendors.
  3. By making customers check out multiple times, you could also have a confusing layout, and this could hamper the user experience.

How to turn off the Multiple Drupal Shopping Carts?

Drupal Commerce 1.x also has created multiple shopping carts as well but would show only one cart at a time. Drupal has two modules to show a single cart to the users.

  1. Commerce combine carts - If you turn this module on, you would be shown only one shopping cart, not two.
  2. Commerce Cart Advanced - This module packs multiple features for the users who want management tools around their multiple carts. It also has the feature that displays one cart at a time.


If you want to manage the carts for your customers, you have a few contrib options. But for multivendor single check out, you need to plan well in advance to meet the business needs. With Drupal shopping cart development, you would be capable of creating the best shopping carts due to the flexibility of Drupal’s ecommerce cart functionality.

Skynet Technologies build the most powerful Drupal ecommerce stores, applications and websites with Drupal Commerce, the best platform for social commerce. Leverage the new Drupal Commerce development for a seamless omnichannel sales platform. Take your business to the Next Level with our Drupal Development Services!

Bagisto Customization – All-in-One Guide!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Apr 29, 21
Apr 30, 2021
Bagisto Customization

Of late, there has been a lot of buzz around ecommerce for Laravel. Laravel Bagisto is one of the most popular and fastest-growing Laravel ecommerce packages. It is open-source offering the most relevant and exquisite shop features required for setting up an e-commerce store. Many small to medium-sized stores go for Bagisto as it is one of the simplest platforms currently available in the market. It used Vue.js as its front-end and comes with many customization options to help the merchants to offer a personalized experience to their customers.

In this article, let us understand what customization options are you can have if you go for Bagisto.

1. Store design customization

It starts with the theme. Bagisto ecommerce store design does come with a default theme and not everyone would find it appealing to their niche and hence might want to change it as per their own requirements. Here comes the Bagisto custom style extension that provides a great way to style the Bagisto using your own custom CSS. More and more users have been going for a customized Bagisto theme and it is super easy as you can do it with just a few lines of configuration code.

2. Custom Development

With Bagisto, you can have out-of-box functionality through the customizable structure by creating modules and packages for the Bagisto ecommerce store. The framework built on Laravel and Vue.js is a viable option for building online stores and also migrating physical stores to digital platforms as per the customized industrial needs.

3. Third-party API Integrations

Bagisto web APIs are a medium for using the features of the core Bagisto system. Bagisto supports REST API, provides access to performed CRUD operations, has options for filtering the responses based on attribute fields, etc. With third-party API integrations, you can easily have customer authentication with login details. This framework also supports the pagination that helps to increase the performance of the application.

- If you want to provide your users with a mobile-friendly experience, you can go for PWA applications. You can use this to integrate a digital shopping mobile application within your Bagisto store to help the customers make a purchase.

- You can also integrate Customer Relationship Management Systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, etc. This helps businesses manage their relationships with their customers to achieve unprecedented business growth.

4. Payment Gateway Integrations

Bagisto supports PayPal payment gateways by default. We also support a bunch of other payment gateways that are safe and encrypted for the customers to make payments seamlessly via these payment options and cards. By using APIs for integrating the payment gateways of your choice, you can make sure your customers can interact with the payment gateways anywhere. You can also multicurrency support, multilingual support, recurring billing as part of the Bagisto store.

  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • RazorPay Payment Gateway
  • Mollie Payment Gateway
  • Accept Payment Gateway
  • Payment Gateway
  • CashU Payment Gateway

5. Custom Analytics

With IoT, we also gather data for marketing analytics, monitor search trends, observe social patterns, and target better. This helps you to have deeper insights and work on delivering a great user experience on your ecommerce store.

6. Core Web Vitals

Google’s Core Web Vitals which have become the main page ranking factor now is going to provide you the boost for your Bagisto ecommerce store. You can have a continuous improvement of your website and also analyze the root cause of your customer’s experience.

7. Bulk Ordering

We have a Laravel Bulk Add to Cart extension that allows the customers to add bulk products to their shopping cart in different quantities. The customers can also have different price points for all these bulk products and find all the bulk products with the total amount on the shopping cart page.

8. Shipping Customization

Also, you can build custom shipping methods in your Bagisto ecommerce store. This helps you to offer customers a diversity of shipments when they proceed to checkout. Also, this helps you to reach out to global marketplaces. We can create custom shipping methods in Bagisto using a package generator and manual way and also integrate Bagisto multi-vendor marketplace.

9. A/B testing

You can create customized and personalized ecommerce web pages. See what is best resonated with the customer by a quick test through landing page A/B testing. You can find out what is the best performing page and show only that page to all the users of your Bagisto store. You can showcase your signup flows, product pages and see what pages have pushed the customers down the funnel.

10. AI-Based feature customization

  • Search by Image - More than 61% of the customers prefers visual search. Bagisto is powered by TensorFlow and this enables you to provide native support to Machine learning and an AI-based seamless search experience to your customers. They can have an improvised product search by image. The users now can find the most relevant product based on visual or image search. Any discrepancies based on text-based search can be avoided. This enhances the customer experience by a great deal and fetches you higher ROI.
  • Voice Assistant - As 20% of the mobile queries are voice-based, you need to incorporate this into your Bagisto store. Bagisto helps you to have a voice-based search in addition to a traditional text-based search. It is more customer friendlier as it eases the search and order placement process for the customer. It provides you a competitive advantage in addition to improving the customer experience. With AI and speech recognition enabled technology, one can include voice search functionality in many devices.
  • Chatbots - AI has transformed chatbots into virtual customer assistants for your business. With Bagisto, you can have chatbots for not just basic functions but also act as 24*7 support to businesses with AI-based query analysis so that it can offer reliable answers to any customer queries. At the Bagisto store, you can have a fully functional service team for handling multiple customers without any hassles. They can enhance the user experience through chatbots’ prompt replies.
  • Personal Recommendation - AI-based search engine helps you in offering personalized recommendations for the customers. The search algorithm observes patterns, preferences, and likings of each customer and automatically provides the best customer experience by offering personalized recommendations. Users often rely on multiple filtering options to find the relevant products finds AI-based recommendations much easier.
  • Check on Fake Reviews - Combat the fake reviews posted about the products and services on the web. We have too much susceptible content on the web and this has to be curbed especially when it comes to your ecommerce store. With AI-based technology, one can identify the sham reviews and any inconsistencies and get rid of them from your Bagisto store.
  • Dynamic Pricing - Do you find dynamic pricing tedious? But it is inevitable given the cut-throat market conditions wherein your competitors are already incorporating dynamic pricing. AI provides you the information regarding the market scenario, current stock, competitors’ pricing, seasonal demands, etc. to make your products appealing to the customers.


If you are looking for a Bagisto customization, The aforementioned checklist is a good thing to start with.

Skynet Technologies is an official solutions partner of Bagisto which is in recognition of our expertise and experience in providing the best and customized ecommerce stores to our customers. You can take a look at our comprehensive Bagisto development services. If you want to have a quick quote, you can reach out to us by filling this form.

White Label Ecommerce Solution – Everything You Need to Know!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Apr 26, 21
Apr 27, 2021
White Label Ecommerce Solution

Ecommerce has become a lucrative option for any business entrepreneur who has a product or a service to sell. The adoption rate of ecommerce both by the merchants and consumers alike is staggeringly at an all-time high. Hence, even amidst the doom and gloom of the COVID-19 pandemic, it still remained one of the most thriving industries. If anyone who is not leveraging this goliath industry is definitely missing out!

However, building a full-featured ecommerce platform is not as easy as it seems. The Ecommerce landscape is constantly evolving and shaping the way people shop in every nook-and-corner of the globe. So, you cannot just build it and let it take care of itself. Remember, just like any other website, even ecommerce websites have to be constantly monitored for any bugs or downtime issues. You need to go for timely upgrades to keep up with the current trends. Install the security patches and build strong firewalls to safeguard your digital stores from any intrusive and malicious attacks.

But good news! You don’t have to start everything from the ground up. We have many automated builders and tools to get your ecommerce website up in no time so you can kickstart your digital business.

But is that it? If you own a small business or if you are a tech rookie, you might be wondering how to prep for building an ecommerce store. With a multitude of ecommerce builders and a whole set of plugins currently available in the market, you are not just spoilt for choice, but it’s also one of the toughest decisions to make. And more so if you have to form a brilliant team to help you accomplish your business objectives. Even if you are an agency, it is not always possible to have adequate manpower to cater to your client’s ecommerce website needs.

You need to hire experienced web developers who have the expertise in building ecommerce websites, creative designers who can get alluring page designs that can convert your users into customers, shrewd marketers who have a knack for making data-driven decisions, reliable and round-the-clock support & maintenance team. More importantly, you need to provide an ambience for creating a cross-functional team whose common aim is to provide the best customer experience.

Phew! That’s a lot of work, isn’t it? But don’t fret over the entire process of hiring, onboarding, training, and getting things done on time. What if there is someone who can take all these hassles and headaches away from you? Someone who can convert a bare-bones project into a beautiful and fully functioning ecommerce website ready to go into production?

That’s what the white-label solution providers are for! A super-relief workaround!

What is a white label ecommerce?

A white label ecommerce partner provides end-to-end or customized services, you can rebrand them under your platform, and either use them for your own business or resell them to your clients at an agreed price. Even if you are a tech agency that dabbles in code development, it’s still a better option to let the professionals take over. This essentially takes all the technical fuss away from you so you can focus on your core business aspects.

Think about it, you are not spending any substantial amount of effort, time, and money, but everything comes straight onto your platter, and you even have full rights over it as they are totally branded under your name. Whether you are an ecommerce provider, SaaS provider, web development agency, web hosts, or distributors, you can opt for a white label ecommerce solution. It’s the niftiest way to build an ecommerce website without getting your hands dirty.

Benefits of choosing a white label ecommerce provider

There is a plentitude of benefits with opting for a white label ecommerce service provider.

  1. Economical Strategy

    You don’t have to bear the hiring and training overheads anymore. You can cut down both the development and maintenance costs by a great deal as you can get everything built up at a lesser fraction. This is also the most profitable way as the white label ecommerce service provider has both the expertise and experience to get this done at the earliest time so that you can kickstart your operations immediately and if you are an agency, you can sell it as soon as you get your hands on it.

  2. No Tech Skills required

    If you are a tech noob or have been around for a while yet do not have the expertise in all aspects of code, that’s okay! White labelling fills in these knowledge gaps very aptly by working as your back-office or an extended team. You can be hands-free with the code and focus on increasing your sales and business revenue.

  3. Enhanced Customization

    A good white label service provider takes down your requirements and follows a diligent approach to get everything customized specific to your business. You can actively look into the progress of the project and see if everything is going as per the specifics. You don’t have to compromise due to any sort of limitations which you usually encounter if you rely on in-house resources. Find an experienced white label ecommerce provider who can accommodate all your requirements.

  4. Higher ROI

    Building an ecommerce website in its perfect shape is a time-intensive task for any business. You need to spend an ample amount of time and effort to launch it in the market. A white label ecommerce solution saves your time by providing the finished product. You can immediately either integrate it into your business or readily sell it to your customers. The ROI through this way is a lot higher than having an in-house solution.

  5. Brand Reputation

    A white label ecommerce provider finds the fastest way to get your product to the market. They do all the necessary tests like functional testing, performance testing, Quality assurance testing, and more to ensure an uncompromised approach when it comes to the quality of the website. They are professionals and strive to get things better and beyond keeping your brand reputation intact.

  6. End-to-end Services

    Most of the ecommerce agencies do not have the expertise in complete ecommerce services. But a white-label service agency would have a ready-to-use package of all the requisite features like SEO, APIs, mobile-responsive, and other integrations. They would be adept in design, development, marketing, and branding.

  7. Compete with the big boys

    Quite often, forget about edging out the competitors and thriving in the market, you may also find it difficult to survive in the cut-throat competitive space. After putting diligent efforts into building your ecommerce site, if it doesn’t garner the visibility, it should, you shouldn’t even be surprised if it goes into complete oblivion one day! So choose a white label web development partner wisely that allows you to sell your service who can empower your business on par with the big players in the industry.

How should you choose the right white label ecommerce provider?

The market is inundated with ecommerce providers but if you look at some criteria, you can narrow down your choices to the best among them.

  1. Proven credibility
  2. Relevant industry experience
  3. No hidden charges
  4. Offers customization options
  5. Provides customer support
  6. Shared goals and vision
  7. Consistent with your brand quality

In a nutshell

Anyone who wants to build an ecommerce website can go for white label ecommerce solutions. They can get things done deftly and at a faster pace. However, picking the right ecommerce service provider is a painstakingly difficult decision. You can list down your criteria and do some rudimentary market research to find the right service provider.

Skynet Technologies is a great option to explore as we offer white label ecommerce development services. Quality remains the cornerstone of our ecommerce solutions. We are versatile in many ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce, Laravel Bagisto, and more. You can check out our ecommerce services and request a quote to know more details.

Set up Laravel Bagisto Marketplace to expand your ecommerce business!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Apr 24, 21
Apr 27, 2021
Laravel Bagisto Marketplace

The Ecommerce industry is one of the booming industries even amidst the economic gloom during the pandemic. It accounted for nearly 17% of the global retail sales in the year 2020. Such fast-paced growth has evoked many to start an online marketplace of their own. Trust me, there’s no better time than now to start your own marketplace. We have fewer barriers today with the emergence of numerous multi-vendor ecommerce marketplaces like Bagisto, Magento, etc. which have made building a marketplace much easier and simpler than ever before.

Imagine if you can easily convert your ecommerce store into the Laravel B2B marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. where multiple buyers and suppliers come together and do their business transactions. But how is that possible? Is it easier to do that setup? Well, if you choose platforms like Bagisto, you can convert your ecommerce web store into a B2B marketplace effortlessly. You don’t even need to burn your pocket as there is no need for enormous monetary investments.

Laravel Bagisto development is a great solution for those who are wanting to build an ecommerce marketplace and scale their business.

With Bagisto, you can have the following features that let you build a flawless marketplace for your ecommerce store.

  1. Supplier Microsite - B2B suppliers and vendors can easily display information about your product and company on their microsite. The shipping policy and refund policy will be displayed on the site. This improves the SEO as well.
  2. Buying Leads - Suppliers can even check the raised quotes under buying leads. The suppliers can send the quote directly to the customers. They can also mention quote quantity, quote price per quantity, and notes for the customers.
  3. RFQ System - This allows the customers to directly contact the store owner or supplier for a negotiable price if they are going for bulk product quantities. They can also ask for a product quote even if it is not listed on the B2B store.
  4. Easy to Assembly Order - Buyers can easily assemble orders based on the products’ name instead of navigating to the page for faster checkout that lets you reduce the number of clicks and also time.
  5. Supplier verification - The seller’s email address and verified badge on the front end increases the buyer’s confidence while they think of purchasing a product. The supplier verification details let the buyer think that they are buying their products from authentic and trusted suppliers.
  6. Supplier Review - The customers can even submit their review for a specific supplier. The admin can approve or disapprove the review. More positive reviews attract more customers.

Choosing Bagisto lets you make use of multiple Laravel extensions for building a Marketplace that can enhance your ecommerce business. One of the many extensions we have is Laravel multi-vendor marketplace extension.

Laravel Multi-vendor Marketplace

Extensions like Laravel Multi-vendor Marketplace also transform your current Bagisto store into a fully functioning marketplace with lucrative features. You can build a full-fledged digital marketplace wherein sellers or merchants can manage their sales through a common interface without any hassles.

Some of the features of Laravel multi-vendor marketplace

Admin Privileges

  1. Hassle-free Inventory Management - Admin can configure inventory settings in the marketplace. They upload the products manually or the vendors can upload on their own so that the products can be well-stocked.
  2. Set a Global Commission - Set a global commission for the sellers plus set separate commissions for individual sellers. This attracts sellers to choose your store and start selling on it.
  3. Easy Product Assignment - All the popular products of the marketplace can be easily assigned to the vendors from the admin panel. Vendors need not worry about the product creation and can utilize this time to focus on other business aspects like marketing.
  4. Auto-approval of Products - Certain vendors can have their products auto-approved to get their products listed on the marketplace. Admin has the option of reviewing the products and can either allow manual or auto-approvals.
  5. Total Control - Admin has full control over the sellers, their orders, products, commissions, shipments, and more. They can earn a commission on every order even with zero investment in inventory.
  6. Beautiful landing pages - Admin can create appealing landing pages wherein the admin can easily add and list their content about their offerings and features. Sellers find the store attractive to register on your website.
  7. Review Management - The customers look for feedback before they make any purchasing decisions. The marketplace provides review management to the admin who can manage all vendors’ reviews in an organized manner.
  8. More Buyers’ options - Ultimate advantage is that the customers get to see the peripheral comparison of the same products sold by multiple sellers. They will have an enhanced choice and hence can make better product judgments.

Seller Privileges

  1. A dedicated dashboard - With Bagisto, a seller can have an intuitive dashboard with the payout, order details, comments, reviews, etc. These would be presented in a beautiful way in a graphical format for easy understanding.
  2. Manage their Profile - Sellers can easily manage their profiles wherein the customers can get to know about your social media engagement, shipping policy, return policy, etc. This ensures transparency and helps you to build trust.
  3. Order Management - From the dashboard, sellers manage their orders by checking into the fuller details of the orders, status, and any functions related to the orders made from a single page.
  4. Manage reviews - Customers will be provided to post their reviews and ratings which will be displayed. Sellers can also manage them based on positive reviews.
  5. Brand Building - Sellers on the multivendor marketplace will have an edge to attract customers better. Through transparent policies, one can gain trust which builds a brand image for your products. Also, through social links, you can easily get connected to your customers.
  6. Product Shipment - Customers can have a good shipping experience with on-time delivery at reasonable shipping charges. Vendors manage their product shipments, invoices, in the most efficient way to build customer satisfaction.


When you first start out building a marketplace, the first dilemma you face is choosing the right platform. Bagisto ecommerce makes it easy for you with multiple options to build a perfect marketplace easily and quickly. It helps you to gear up for the challenges to succeed in the largest & competitive marketplaces. It also helps you gain visibility with its product SEO options.

Skynet Technologies is now recognized as an official Bagisto solution partner. We have been one of the few who have been offering quality end-to-end Bagisto development services to our clients. We have built an envious engagement with our clients to help them build a robust Bagisto multivendor marketplace with lucrative features that enhance the flexibility and scalability of your ecommerce store.


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