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Essential BigCommerce web design tips for Ecommerce Store!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: February 15, 2021
Last Updated: February 15, 2021
BigCommerce Web Design

What is the first thing you, as a customer, notice when you visit an ecommerce store? Even before you view the products, it’s the design that plays a crucial role. A visually appealing web design leads the potential customers through your ecommerce store and even helps turn them into your buyers. When the website visitors can easily navigate through your store, find the products they have been looking for, quickly add them to the cart, and make the payments without hassles, then you better your chances of conversions.

BigCommerce is one of the best e-commerce platforms available and makes your ecommerce website stand out, owing to their attention to detail and features that are designed for conversions. However, no matter how much traffic your web store drives, if those visitors abandon your site without making any purchases because of poor web design, all your efforts go vain. Hence it is crucial to evaluate your store design and improve it before you channelize your efforts into other marketing aspects.

We present you with a few amazing design tips that will improve the aesthetics of your BigCommerce store and take it to the next level.

1. Clean and Clutter-free Pages

Every element on your BigCommerce store, from product images to navigation menus play a key role in the visitors’ behaviour on your website. You need to focus on keeping these pages clean and organized to improve the overall experience of your potential customers. When they are on your site, they should be properly able to differentiate the products, product types, and others. It shouldn't be messy and cluttered. There has to be some breathing room around each product item. Use a grid layout, properly label the product descriptions, and keep the overall page with minimal products.

2. Easy to navigate Menus

Menus are one of the important elements on your website. They help the customers traverse through your web pages. So, focus on providing an intuitive navigation structure on your BigCommerce store. Adding too many links in the main menu is off-putting. Opt for a drop-down that allows you to add additional links leading to your product categories. You can also use a fly-out menu that appears when you hover to facilitate the navigation around your website. Pick an appropriate BigCommerce theme that comes with pre-built menus and helps better the shopping experience for your potential customers.

3. Include a search bar

Your customers visit your ecommerce store with a product already in their mind. They are unlikely to spend time on your home page or landing page no matter how appealing they are. Their intent is to quickly find the product they are looking for and check the details out. If it becomes difficult to find, they will go somewhere else. So, don’t leave these things to the navigation menu when they don’t wish to wander from one product category to the next. Add a search bar to your BigCommerce website that is clearly visible.

4. Add High-Quality Images

The only way the customers would be able to decide to buy the products without touching them as in brick-and-mortar stores is by looking at the product images. These should be high-quality without any blurriness to convey how the product actually looks like. Don’t ruin the perception by adding low-quality images. Have a gallery and include the product images from several angles and display them on your website.

5. Mobile-Responsive

Optimize your store for mobile devices. Start with choosing a responsive BigCommerce theme that has all the requisite features like mega menus, product reviews, filtering options, and more. You can make sure that images scale nicely on compact screens without any fuss. Also, make use of the BigCommerce in-built features that enable mobile shopping and add appropriate payment options to your store.

6. Easy Filtering Options

Your customers should be able to filter through your products based on multiple criteria. This is a time-saving thing that will improve the overall shopping experience of your buyers. Easy filtering through the product pages is the best way to effortlessly find the desired products and save time. Some of the BigCommerce themes come with product filtering options that improve the overall store’s aesthetic.

7. Easy Checkout and contact pages

One of the biggest reasons for a higher cart abandonment rate is the long and tedious checkout process. Fortunately, BigCommerce has a built-in single page checkout that can boost your conversion rates. You can simplify the whole experience by letting them check out as guests as well. Customers should also be able to find the other options they are looking for easily. For instance, if they have questions about your product or payment methods, they need to be able to find your contact information and get in touch with you easily.

8. Product and Customer reviews

More than 2/3rds of the online buyers rely on customer reviews before they buy the product. They can help you increase conversion rates and drive more sales. It was proven that adding customer reviews could boost conversion rates by more than 5%. They should also be able to view the product reviews by simply clicking on any product. They should be able to see the product description, price, images, and other information when they hover on the products. They don’t have to click through the product pages. So, provide a quick view feature that enables an enlarged image and you can also add the product immediately to the cart.

9. Shipping and buying Options

One of the most important elements of your BigCommerce store is the Add to Cart or Buy Now elements. It should be easily visible and distinguishable from the other elements. Design this button carefully by using a contrasting color to make it stand out. It should be large enough to be visible so that your buyers can click without pinching or zooming. Also, another factor that contributes to higher cart abandonment rates is the shipping costs. Display them at the start only instead of pushing them to the very end. The customers should be able to see the final price of the product with shipping costs included in it.

10. Maintain Brand Consistency

Make sure to incorporate your branding elements into your BigCommerce store to make sure it stands out from your competitors. Your customers should be able to see your logo, theme, and other elements that remain consistent throughout your website. You can add your primary brand colors to elements like buttons, navigation menus, and links that keep the overall look consistent. By maintaining your brand elements consistent all over your web store, you can build trust in your customers.


A great BigCommerce web design is extremely crucial for converting your website visitors into your actual buyers. It only establishes your brand but also builds trust. You can enable a smooth shopping experience for your customers on your website. If you need help getting started with your ecommerce web design, you can hit us up.

Skynet Technologies always on the edge of innovation. We have always exceeded the expectations of our clients by providing them UI/UX Web design, ADA compliant website design and development services to help you avoid legal battles and penalties. Our dedicated team is capable to handle simple to complex customer requirements on the BigCommerce platform and have created marvellous and responsive web designs. whether you are looking for new store, migrate an existing store or improve an existing BigCommerce store, Skynet Technologies is right place.

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Best Practices for Exceptional Drupal Web Design
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: February 12, 2021
Last Updated: February 12, 2021
Drupal Web Design

“Drupal websites can look any way you want!”

Sounds familiar? You might have heard this before, didn’t you? Technically, it is absolutely correct but is it the best option? You may have to think a little deeper. If something is possible, it doesn’t mean that it is the best way to go forward.

While designing a Drupal website, there are a few things you need to take care of to make your website design stunning, consistent, and user-friendly. You need to understand how the Drupal theme structure works and how you can architect your content so that you can leverage the best Drupal design practices for your website. The Drupal platform allows a ton of flexible options to customize your website design so that it can be appealing and interactive.

Here are a few tips to create an exceptional Drupal website design to make it more attractive.

1. Proper Planning and Wireframing

Thorough planning and wireframing are essential if you are designing your Drupal website without which the whole process turns out to be a nightmare. There is nothing worse than designing your website with half-baked efforts and going back to the drawing-room with a poorly planned out design strategy.

Solid strategy

We do understand how flexible and powerful Drupal CMS is and how easy it is to present your content in any way you could imagine. But without a proper plan, it may pan out to be a disaster. You need to nail down your site architecture, formulate your content strategy before you even delve into the design process. You need to have a solid plan for placement of the various regions, blocks, content types, and other elements that go on your page.


You can try to keep the website aesthetics consistent all the way through and make the navigation intuitive and seamless for the website visitors. It can get complex while accounting for all the content to be output while you maintain the links between pages and intuitive to an end-user. A great way to keep your pages consistent and properly aligned is to use a grid while structuring your wires and compositions.


Responsive design is the rage now. With a phenomenal increase in smartphone users, there has been an increasing demand for responsive web designs. You need more concise planning to accommodate different device screen sizes and browsers. This will save you many iterations further down the line and saves you a lot of resources. Mobile-first design when laying out your website plan is the best way to make sure it fits devices of all sizes.

2. Generic Designs First

While designing the elements that go onto your Drupal website, you can first focus on generic designs and then go for the specific ones. Generic elements are the ones that are used consistently across the entire website. Specific elements are displayed only on a few particular pages and not throughout the website.

Base styles

While you design your Drupal website, focus on the most generic pieces first and then the specific ones can be applied with further class targeting. Ensure that all your base styles are good to go before you start with the specific pieces. This will save you an ample amount of time and also avoids unnecessary iterations in the development cycle.

You can focus on styling your most prominent elements such as headers, buttons, blocks before you dedicate time to something that appears only on a single page. Make a list of all your HTML tags and elements, and style them in the hierarchical order of prominence. For instance, you may want to design the generic content page, block, content list, expanding content, navigation, pages, and expanding regions.

Consider using a grid

Using a standard grid dovetails well the Drupal principles such as flexibility, reusability, and standardization. With the grid, you can make your Drupal site visually appealing to your visitor and also give a uniformity to the entire layout that can save you time. You can avoid a lot of fuss making variations and set up your templates quickly.

Drupal Forms

Drupal comes with many out-of-the-box forms like login forms, contact forms, comments forms, etc. that can be structured properly. For time-sensitive web projects, you may consider Drupal forms as they are not tedious. Get familiar with how the forms are structured and learn how to play with the options for easier designs. Some forms elements like image upload fields, dropdown selects require JavaScript while certain elements need only CSS. Based on the time limits, you can limit the design changes to these forms.

3. Speed Matters

You may create a beautiful and stunning website that can easily entice your website visitors but if your Drupal site takes too long to load its pages, then it is definitely going to turn away your visitors. And this is exactly the opposite of what you intended, isn’t it? So, website speed also becomes a critical aspect of a successful Drupal web design.

There are several things to be taken care of while you design your website and also maintaining the optimal website speed.

Drupal Modules

There are numerous Drupal modules available for easy downloads to leverage on your website and boost up its speed. These modules are great assets that not only enhance your website functionality and speed but also accommodate the design aspects. While there are plenty of cool Drupal modules, you don’t have to get everything on to your site.

Don’t go overboard

Stick to the ones that are of the highest impact and helpful for your website. Having too many modules enabled on your Drupal website can also slow down your website speed and hurt the user experience. With some expertise, you can develop a fair idea of which modules and files are important to leverage phenomenal design aspects.

Image Optimization

One of the best ways to keep the load times down is to optimize the media files so that the website doesn’t take too much time. You can use jpeg images rather than png to keep things simple. Don’t overdo graphics and special effects on your website as it may not only overwhelm the website visitor but also puts a severe load on the server resulting in a slowdown.


At Skynet Technologies, we have a team of UI/UX design who follows the best practices while designing your Drupal website. They are also proficient in implementing Drupal site themes to provide an optimal user experience and ensure higher ROI for your business.

Skynet Technologies is the best Drupal web development company offering design solutions right from the project’s inception to its completion. We focus on your long-term business goals and accordingly design your Drupal website. Contact us today to leverage our design expertise to improve your website design.

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Hire a WordPress Designer for Your Business Website!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: January 18, 2021
Last Updated: January 18, 2021
Hire a WordPress Designer

Don’t judge the book by its cover, but when it comes to websites, your customers are going to judge your business based on your company’s website design. Websites serve as the digital face of your business and it needs a facelift for creating a great impression on its visitors. It takes on an average of 3 seconds to impress your audience before they form an opinion about your website design. Hence, businesses have been investing a great deal of amount and time in getting the right designers on board.

A seasoned WordPress web designer will elevate your brand reputation in the market. The right website design agency or designer works with a toolbox of plugins and themes that are proven and also updated on a regular basis. They would also be able to customize things for you and not settle with whatever built-in options are available for you. They help you in handling common problems like theme & plugin conflicts, security vulnerabilities, hosting resource issues, browser compatibility issues, and many more.

If you are thinking about redesigning your WordPress website but unsure of further steps. This article is for you. Herein, we avoid all the complex technical jargon and terminology that is intimidating and simplify everything for you in the best possible way.

Ways to Hire a WordPress Website Designer

If you are just starting up, you may have many questions in your mind. Should you work with an agency or go for a freelancer? Should you hire a designer or settle with an in-house employee? What makes a great design? Can I afford the WordPress designer? And many more such questions. You need to consider multiple factors while hiring the right WordPress designers.

Before you narrow down your hunt for the perfect WordPress web designer, you need to decide the type of WordPress web designer you want to work with. Do you want to work with an agency, hire an employee, or hire a freelancer? Each has its pros and cons, which we break down here.

1. WordPress Website Design Agency

An experienced and professional agency (like Skynet Technologies) can spare you the headache of many issues involved in the design. If you have much on your plate and are strapped for time, a website design agency is the best way that can expedite the process. A web design agency has a pool of creative talent to draw from. It is a surefire way to get things done within the stipulated time. Also, you can expect consistent design quality at an affordable price.

2. In-house WordPress Web Designer

This is by far the costliest option. It is not easy to have a kickass WordPress designer who would get the job done within your budget. If you need long term design support for your WordPress website, then you may go for having someone on your team. If you have enough work and have the resources to afford it, then this can be a convenient way to get your website designed. However, if this is a one-time deal, then having an in-house designer won’t be worth it.

3. Freelance WordPress Web Designer

A freelance web designer is a great bargain option for your WordPress website. However, there is some amount of risk involved when you go the freelance route. You may have to cater some time when the freelancer runs into obstacles or push back your established deadlines. There are also many unfortunate cases wherein the freelancer went rogue leaving the clients high and dry without a functional website. There are some companies that did have a great experience with freelancers. Just remember that when you work with a freelancer, you may be rolling the dice.

What to look while you hire a WordPress web designer?

Here are some things to remember as you begin your hunt of finding the perfect web designer for your WordPress site.

1. WordPress Developer Vs WordPress Designer

A layperson considers web developers and web designers as one and the same. However, both are actually different. A WordPress web designer is the one who creates the visual design of your website. He has got to do with page layouts, branding, graphics, and more presentational aspects of the websites. A web developer, on the other hand, is the one who brings these visuals to life by coding the websites.

2. WordPress Web Designer Experience

WordPress is one of the most popular frameworks owing to its simple to use facilities. Many can be tempted to tinker around and take a DIY approach to design the website. However, here’s the real deal. WordPress is deceptively complex and you need to have someone who has adequate experience with the platform. The turnaround time will be quite high with a non-experienced designer as he may commit some mistakes or run into conflicts with certain plugins that are needed to run your business. He may also be a novice when it comes to choosing the right theme that is compatible with certain browsers or mobile. So, before you for someone, ask their portfolio before you make the final call.

3. Look out for references

“Measure once, cuss twice!” goes the adage. While choosing a WordPress designer, you need someone who can get things right in the first go. So, you can go for someone with references as there would be people to vouch for the quality of his or her previous work. This is more applicable if you are taking the freelancing route.

4. Time and Money

You can ask the prospective designers about the time they usually spend on a project. This can help you narrow down to the ones who fit your timelines. Once you have some onboard, you can get a contract that enforces the deadlines. Next comes, the budget to build a professional, functional, and Search-friendly website. Go for a few bids and choose the best one. You can also leave adequate reserves for your marketing needs.

5. Contract Details

Drafting a contract is essential especially if you are going with a freelancer to avoid becoming the victim of a website hostage situation or wind up without a functional website. Contracts have to be super specific with all the nitty-gritty of the commitments so that the project doesn’t beyond the scope. Also, have your own hosting and be wary of anyone who acts as a gatekeeper forcing you to go for their own hosting.

6. Communication

Communication is the key while working with external help. During the hiring process itself, pay keen attention as to how clear are they in having communication with you. They need to be swift in their reply to your queries. If in the future, it shouldn’t come off as a rude shock to you if the designer isn’t available while there is a site breakdown. An untimely communication is a major red flag and you will be in big trouble if you don’t pay heed to it. The web designers should also communicate the progress of the work to you and should also help you in getting familiarized with the web design lingo.

WordPress can help to grow your business. Choose the right WordPress web designer and ensure the best practices for your WordPress website. Skynet Technologies is a pioneer WordPress web design company in the USA offering the best WordPress Development & WordPress designing Services starting from WordPress CMS development, Blog Development, Plugin Development, Theme Development, Customization, WooCommerce Integration, and More. Let’s connect to build compelling UI/UX Designs with WordPress Web Design Services!

Do you still have questions about hiring the right WordPress web designer? Are you’re looking to hire a WordPress designer for your next website design, you’re at right place? Contact us for further information.

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What are the benefits of white label web design?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: November 18, 2020
Last Updated: November 18, 2020
White Label Web Design

Businesses dream of offering on-demand services, attract new clients, grow their business, and increase their profits. However, for various reasons like time constraints, in-house talent crunch, financial obligations, not it isn't always possible to execute their plans. That's where a white-label agency steps in and helps the businesses to take on the challenges and achieve their predetermined goals.

What is a white-label web design agency?

A white-label agency is the one a company hires to create a product or service that they envisaged. Once the white-label agency finishes the work to its completion, then the company rebrands that particular product or service to showcase it as their own. In the majority of cases, the client wouldn't even be aware of this third-party agency and there would be zero interaction with it.

For instance, let's say there is a marketing business that is planning to redesign/ rebuild a website for a client. However, for reasons such as lack of in-house skill set or unavailability of resources, it feels inadequate. So, instead of turning down the request, it simply outsources this work to a white-label agency that has the requisite specialization. Once the white-label agency finishes its work, the marketing business company can take the build and present it as its own.

Benefits of choosing a white-label web design

Widen Your Services

If you are specialized in one service say web development and your clients need enhanced services like design, marketing, etc. If you convey to your clients about your limitations on that front, even if you've impressive testimonials in web development, the chances are high that the client would still be looking for a company that offers end-to-end services. Some clients may not even need web development services and when they approach you for specific needs like marketing, and if you don't the resources, you can then go for a partnership with a white-label agency. A white-label agency is a perfect solution to offer the services your clients need. They would offer the services that you wouldn't be able to offer. You don't have to turn down any projects when you have a collaborative relationship with a white-label agency. This increases your ability to expand and scale your services portfolio. By effective delegation of your projects, you can focus on your core business aspects such as signing up new clients, running the organization, while all the heavy-lifting is taken care of by the experienced professionals.

Higher level of expertise in web design

Not all businesses possess expertise in all areas. There would be a niche area for each business and they specialize in that. For example, a web development company may not show the same level of proficiency in content creation or marketing. A content developer can't work on website optimization or redesign. White-label agency to the rescue! They specialize in the niche you are looking for and come with a wealth of experience. They also keep up with the latest technologies and industry trends. There are several white-label agencies that are proficient in a specific area and they give their best to the companies. This is a great time-saver, and you get to work closely with someone who is at the top of their game and have access to the best technologies and tools. They guide you and your clients by offering the best solutions.


Many businesses delay any UI/UX web design scalability plans due to resource constraints and fear of affecting the day-to-day business operations. One of the main advantages of choosing a white-label agency is that you can scale your business effortlessly. You can cater to new services even with limited resources. The resource crunch can be overcome by choosing a white-label agency that is specialized in the services asked by the clients. There would be zero disruptions to your core business aspects but still, the clients’ projects would be delivered on time. The granular and detailed project work is taken care of by the white-label agency. One need not stress about the lack of in-house skillset to execute their expansion plans.

Competitive Advantages

A smaller business firm usually finds it difficult to compete with bigger agencies that offer end-to-end services to the clients. They fall behind in the competitive race and may never match up to the larger companies that have all the resources to stay at the top of the game. But with the help of white-label agencies, even a small business gets the opportunity to stay in the race and compete with large businesses. They don’t need to worry about possessing the in-house experts but still can offer new products and services to the clients. Reaching out to a white-label agency is a cost-effective solution to their problem without the need for additional workforce and resources. The smaller agencies can run their core services internally and still get the products developed for their clients by the white-label agencies.

Efficient Resource Utilization

It’s a myth to think that building any product all by yourself for your clients saves cost and time! On the contrary, it may consume more additional resources when you don’t have the requisite expertise in-house. You may end up delivering shoddy services and inferior products to your clients that are actually counter-productive as it creates a negative brand impression. You may lose out on further contracts due to poor reviews and testimonials. Investing in a white-label agency that has the requisite skillset and experience in the niche you are looking for. There won’t be any additional overheads except for the services for which you need to pay. You don’t need to take the headache of recruiting more workforce. With a fraction of the cost of recruiting someone, you can choose a white-label agency that delivers guaranteed results for you and your clients.

Emergency Support

It’s quite a common scenario that things go wrong despite the best of our efforts. This may create disproportionate losses and even worse is we land up in an embarrassing scenario. One may feel let down by the team when things go wrong and the stakes are high. A chaotic situation arises when there is a disarray in the troubleshooting process. Everything seems to fall out of place while you strive hard to save face before your clients. For any such last-minute support, a white-label agency is perfect to rely on. It can be of great help as their core team of experts immediately jump-in to rescue you and minimize the damage. They would be your reliable support network and work diligently to deliver the product or service faster.

With a white-label agency at your helm, you can deliver full-scale solutions to your clients and display the level of expertise in meeting their requirements. You can grow your business in a cost-effective manner by out-sourcing to these agencies that act as your extended team. Your clients perceive you as their partners even when you are short on certain in-house skill sets. This is a smarter way of doing business and delivery of services under your brand name. If you want to know more about white-label web design agency solutions, talk to us now!

Skynet Technologies follow a user-centric approach, understand your customer needs, and craft seamless digital experiences that convert into better ROI for your business by building higher brand value. With eminent web designers at Skynet Technologies, we create a broader window for you to connect with your customers online. Our web design services include custom, responsive, search engine optimized, secured (HTTPs), AMP and professionally designed to expand your business reach. We create a prototype of your project based on your business requirements and present you with the best design interfaces.


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