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Elevate Your User Experience with Amazing Omnichannel Design!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
May 06, 21
May 06, 2021
Omnichannel Design

Omnichannel design is the need of the hour! It’s no mystery that these days, customers have been on various channels of engagement with your product or service. For instance, if a customer wants to buy a mobile phone, he/she first researches online and then visits the nearby store to look at the models. While checking it in the physical store, they check the competitors’ pricing on their mobile phones. They may come back and buy it from their desktop. Post-purchase, they visit the web, social media forums, and even contact the dealer for any updates or glitches. They thus interact with your brand in unpredictable and unprecedented ways often moving between channels throughout the purchase process.

If this is the case, it isn’t enough just to provide omnichannel design, customers should be at the center of this omnichannel ecosystem. You need to change your strategy from providing channel-centric experiences to channel-agnostic experiences. You need to understand how they act on their triggers when they see your product or service on various channels. You can then develop an understanding of how to achieve a brilliant user experience.

Do I really need to provide an Omnichannel experience?

Of course, in fact, your customers expect it. The lines between online and offline are blurred for them. They do not draw any lines between your channels. For them, everything is your brand and they expect exceptional user experience everywhere they engage with your product. So, having a unified impression is a must and they do feel that brands need to provide a consistent feel across all the touchpoints.

The necessity of omnichannel design is proven and even reflected in the ROI. As per a survey, nearly 50% of the in-store sales are actually driven by digital touchpoints. Businesses offering omnichannel experiences have actually seen greater revenue lift than the others.

How to go around with Omnichannel designs for elevated User Experience?


Companies must focus on how the user interactions happen on various channels, and also concentrate on the unique touchpoints that are interconnected across these channels. You might have also observed that users these days do not complete the task in one channel. For example, if they have made up their mind to buy a pair of shoes, they might have first seen a brand on social media, then browse the product on their phone, check them out at a local store, and later buy through its website.

There could be more than one reason for this - either there were interruptions, or the task was suited better on another channel or in some cases, it requires a transition to a different channel. Whatever could be the reason, it is vital for you to understand when and why the users are navigating across the channels for completion of the task. So, focus on designing a seamless experience around these customer movements.

To offer a seamless user experience, make sure you focus on the following aspects.

1. Customers should find it easy to pick up from where they left off. The same basket data, customer account information, purchase history, promotions, inventory should be constant across all channels. They should be able

2. Include detours so that if customers face a roadblock, they should be able to complete it through a different channel. For instance, if a particular product is out of stock on the web, but is available at a nearby store, then send out a notification or a pop up informing them about the product availability.

3. Identify when the customers need to navigate to another channel for the completion of the specific task and design the experience around it.

Unified Experience

You don’t need any other web design. Your users expect a cutting-edge user experience when they interact with your brand. When we talk about unified experience, you need to understand that users behave differently on different channels. So, focus on providing channel-adapted experience and deliver a unified message. The screen layout should be familiar to make an immediate impact based on their previous engagement with your company. The tonality and functionality should be uniform, and any inconsistency may mar your credibility as a brand icon.

Maintaining a consistent brand experience will help you gain the user’s trust. Consistent brand voice, user workflow, interaction patterns go a long way in building brand loyalty. For instance, if your mobile app differs in any feature from that of your web app, then the conflict may impact the user impression resulting in a poor user experience. You are losing out on a potential sale which leads to a loss in your profits.


Consumers should have the privilege of choice. They should be able to choose when, where, and how they want to interact with your brand based on their own motivations and personal preferences. So, UI/UX web design professional service should focus on creating responsive and consistent designs across a myriad of both offline and online channels across multiple devices.

For instance, Amazon lets users purchase Kindle tablets and buy books on them. It also allows users to buy eBooks on Amazon’s website and you can access them on Kindle. This is a brilliant demonstration of how the customers engage and build interactions with your brand.


Omnichannel experience may seem overwhelming with the unprecedented rise of customer touchpoints. However, a truly unified experience designed around them, will go a long way in user satisfaction and build brand loyalty. With the above checklist, and picking up the right tools, you can build a truly rewarding omnichannel experience and turn your one-time visitors into vocal brand ambassadors. Alos explore Magento Omnichannel design solution for your ecommerce store. If you want to learn more about a consistent and seamless user experience, you can talk to us today!

Skynet Technologies Building thriving ecommerce stores for our clients is our strongest forte. Our ecommerce UI/UX design services include custom, responsive, SEO services for diverse platforms. We have a team of UI/UX designers who can help you with custom ecommerce web designs that fit your brand.

Top Tips to upscale your business with Bagisto Ecommerce Store Design
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Apr 21, 21
Apr 21, 2021
Bagisto Ecommerce Store Design

For years, the design of the website has been working as a silent ambassador of a brand. It creates the first impression about your ecommerce website and has a direct impact on how your users are going to interact with your brand and whether they would make a purchase or not. And Steve Jobs couldn’t be righter when he said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” From beautiful User Interfaces to elaborate User Experiences, ecommerce websites need to make sure everything goes right with the design. When a user visits your website, it is the design that he notices first. With spiralling ecommerce users ‘numbers, you need to be mindful of the competition and do not let the design play a second fiddle any longer if you want to skyrocket your ecommerce business. After a carefully curated marketing strategy, it is very important to provide a compelling design that actually works so that your efforts into marketing your store do not go in vain. And mind you, it just takes a few seconds for the user to make a decision whether to stay on or drop-off.

Bagisto, a Laravel framework has emerged as a popular ecommerce platform that offers a wide range of functionality and provides you total control of your store. From easy product management to faster time-to-market, Bagisto has proven to be one of the best ecommerce frameworks available at the moment. Despite its easy-to-use and flexible nature, designing a Bagisto store comes with certain challenges. But don’t fret over them as we also provide some tips on how to sail through these challenges.

Challenges Ahead for Bagisto Ecommerce store

  1. Rising Customer Base and Expectations

    The smartphone revolution has changed the face of the ecommerce business. Added to it is the pandemic that engulfed the whole world. The Post-COVID world is going to see massive growth in the rise of ecommerce businesses as well as the customer base. It is estimated that ecommerce is going to record more than 2 billion customers soon! With such a wide customer base, you need to design your Bagisto store with a wide variety of upscale features to meet the expectations of the customers and the unprecedented traffic surge.

  2. Need for building Intuitive & Responsive Ecommerce sites

    E-commerce is undoubtedly a lucrative trend. However, it is prone to multiple challenges. Anyone can build a website and get it running in no time. But it takes only the best ecommerce websites with great user experience to achieve tangible business outcomes. You need to meet the bespoke requirements of your buyers whether you are building a simple or a complex ecommerce site. When the users visit your website, they should get the urge to become your customers by making a purchase. You need to win over them by creating a highly intuitive, interactive, and responsive website.

Tips for Creating a Successful Bagisto Store Design

  1. Bagisto plugins - While you start designing your Bagisto store, try to explore the ecommerce plugins. Bagisto has ample of them that can help you in delivering the users a great navigational experience on your ecommerce website. These enhance the overall look-and-feel of the website and also help in easy navigation, integration of payment gateways, tracking features, and more. Some of the plugins you can explore are

    • Laravel ecommerce Ultima Theme
    • Laravel ecommerce Mobile App
    • Laravel ecommerce Media Manager
    • Laravel ecommerce B2B Marketplace
    • Laravel ecommerce Image Gallery

    And a hundred other more.

  2. Ease of Search - The website visitors perform a quick search to look for the desired products and services. So, your ecommerce site should have easy to search options. When a customer visits your Bagisto ecommerce store, he would have an easy search facility that helps the users what they have been looking for. Bagisto users can upload the photo of any product from their image gallery and look for the exact product on the Bagisto store. Results will be displayed with the same or a similar product. Using machine learning technology, Bagisto has enabled this feature on your ecommerce stores so that the customers can have a seamless experience in finding the products that are closest matches.

  3. Custom Themes - You can create a custom theme for Bagisto to provide a seamless personalized experience to the users. As more and more users actively try out your Bagisto framework, Laravel finds its way to deliver a customized experience. Bagisto themes have got the illustrations, the best designs & graphic elements from the best designers. You can consider the best-suited one that offers you maximum benefits. Look for the one that has advanced Bagisto SEO features, versatile CMS support, mobile-friendly configuration, ease of third-party integrations, and more.

  4. Mobile-Friendly - You can transform your Bagisto store into a mobile app while retaining the full functionality of your website. You can use the Laravel ecommerce PWA extension that helps in achieving this functionality seamlessly. Laravel ecommerce PWA also provides reliable and responsive features and works on any mobile device. Progressive Web App (PWA) provides a native app user experience and by using this extension, your customers can view your ecommerce store even in offline mode which results in a higher engagement rate.

  5. Speed & Security - Both speed and security also become quintessential elements of any ecommerce website design. Users tend to drop-off immediately if the site load speed is high and they don’t think twice to abandon if they feel that your store is not secure. Bagisto is built on the hottest open-source technological platforms like Laravel which is a PHP framework and Vue.js. Being powered by a powerful engineer called the PHP interpreter, your store runs faster and any upgrade is going to further boost the Bagisto store speed.

    Bagisto Security standards provide a secure environment by implementing all security controls, procedures, and protections to safeguard your ecommerce store from any external attack. Some of the security options you can have with the Bagisto store are –

    • You can run your store over HTTPS to avoid eavesdropping attacks
    • Security upgrades and patches to protect your infrastructure including your server, users, web apps, and network connections
    • File restrictions with .Git, .Gz, .Sql, .Zip extensions
    • Restrict PHP extension inside storage directory
    • Options to limit your error messages

Bagisto stores can have all the design features in place to boost your overall user experience. From building proper product pages with apt product descriptions, categories, and product pages, you can have everything in place to build a rich website with user-friendly features. Customers can have interactive web pages for frictionless navigation across your store.

Skynet Technologies is proud to be Bagisto Solution Partner. We have been providing complete Bagisto ecommerce solution to build a multi-vendor marketplace with lucrative features. We are designing your Bagisto store with the essence of the exact features you needed to convince the customers about your brand and make them buy your products.

Outstanding WooCommerce Website Design Tips to Boost your sales!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Mar 19, 21
Apr 01, 2021
WooCommerce Website Design

WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin of the most popular powering over 40% of the global ecommerce businesses. Whether you are planning to build your WooCommerce store or been around for a while, your end goal would be to boost your sales and improve your business revenue, isn’t it? There are multiple things you can do to achieve this for your WooCommerce stores like email marketing, social media exposure, and a ton of others but WooCommerce website design is the first thing you need to focus on your store. Let’s hop in. you dive in to try the other things.

To help you in your sales journey, we have gathered a few design tips and tactics for your WooCommerce store. Hop in!

1. Research on the WooCommerce store design that inspire you

This is the first step in your WooCommerce design journey. You can research and compile the list of the designs that have appealed to you. Do not copy! But find out the designs and layouts that are grabbing users’ eyeballs. You can prepare a list of all such designs and this could be one of the best learning techniques for you. See how they’ve designed their home page, landing pages, product catalogs, checkout process, and more. You can also collect the plugins that offer various functionalities to showcase to your customers.

2. An eye-catching Theme

Your website theme and layout are the first things your website visitor sees. An eye-catching UI that is visually appealing and easy to navigate does wonder for your website. Your visitors should be able to interact with your WooCommerce store without any hassles. You need to pick the right WooCommerce theme for your store. There are a lot of both free and paid WooCommerce themes that help you create compelling UI. There are also custom WooCommerce themes available for you that suit your design and functionality needs. Make sure you provide a seamless experience to your customers.

WooCommerce Custom Design

3. Choose Your Homepage Layout wisely

A homepage speaks a lot about your e-commerce website. A customer who lands up on your WooCommerce store should be able to search for the desired product easily and the rest of the other things should be easier to consume. It should showcase your products in the best possible way to your customers with a proper hierarchy. So choose your WooCommerce homepage layout wisely. The layout should be clean and minimal, devoid of any distractions that are off-putting to your website visitors.

4. Easy Site Navigation

A well-designed WooCommerce website should also be easy to navigate. Your website visitors should be able to traverse through the pages and scroll through easily to find the information they have been looking for. Keep the overall website structure simple and minimal to enable easy navigation. Your navigation menus also should be clear and organized to guide the visitor. Do not clutter with multiple menus, instead go for a mega menu behind a drop-down menu for ease of navigation.

WooCommerce Design

5. Legible Layouts

Visitor retention is the key to higher conversions. For that to happen, you need to have a seamless stream of customers who navigate to the other pages. You can have a consistent layout all over the website. The individual pages on your WooCommerce website include the shopping cart page, payment page, check out page. These are extremely vital to achieving the conversion rate you needed. A clean layout of these pages with less clutter reduces your cart abandonment rates.

6. Clear CTAs

It’s a no-brainer that without a proper and clearly visible call-to-action (CTA), your website visitors wouldn’t become your customers. Focus on the placement, color contrast, button size, of your call-to-action buttons like ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Sign up’, and others. These should be easy-to-finding for the customers for them to take appropriate action. They shouldn’t be lost in the chaos and layout clutter. The more time it takes to locate the CTA, the higher are the chances of user bounce rate.

WooCommerce Web Design

7. High-quality Product Images

When a customer is buying through an online store instead of a brick-and-mortar store, the chances of distrust would be high. They would be reluctant to buy as it doesn’t provide the touch-and-feel experience which a physical store provides. The product images and video descriptions are the only things they have in front of them. So, choose high-quality images and videos that would give an apt description of the products. This also attracts more customers and convinces them to make a purchase. You can also check the WooCommerce plugins to include the optimized images and videos into your site.

8. Run A/B tests

You can design two variants of your website elements and see which one performs better through the A/B test. Run both the variants and see which one resonates the best with your customers. You can identify which is working better in terms of conversions. You can A/B test if you are adding new elements to your store and see how they are consumed by your customers. It may be a tad tedious but it will be worth the efforts and help you experience incredible sales.


With these simple tips, you can embark on designing your WooCommerce store for better results. Remember, user experience is the heart and soul of your WooCommerce store and hence you need to pay heed to the design elements. Make your store user-friendly, easy to navigate, and clean interface. Plan everything to get qualified leads and make sales. Don’t forget that your motive is not just a one-time purchase, you need to keep the customers coming back to you to make repetitive sales. So, make sure you build an attractive, intuitive, and engaging WooCommerce store to achieve the results you dreamt of.

If you need help with the design aspects, you can take a look at our WooCommerce services and give us a shot. Our Web design team builds custom designs for your WooCommerce store to boost your sales and achieve your business goals.

Skynet Technologies understand better that your traffic is everywhere! So making your WooCommerce design services responsive to cross devices and varied browsers is our top-most priority. We extensively analyze both the visitor’s behaviour and the core features of the system to allow the accurate rendering of all the visual and functional aspects.


Why should you invest in Custom Ecommerce Web Design?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Mar 15, 21
Apr 01, 2021
Custom Ecommerce Web Design

“Great things take time!”

A good ecommerce website doesn’t happen overnight. You need to invest a lot of thought into it and focus on building custom ecommerce web designs. A staggering fact to reveal how important it is to invest in custom ecommerce web design - More than 50% of the online buyers firmly believe that the one who customizes the overall buying experience is actually a reliable one. Besides the evolving customer expectations, technological innovations also made it imperative for ecommerce retailers to provide custom web designs to accommodate the changing customer behaviour.

A study on reasons for customer churn rate revealed that besides slow page loads, it’s the poor navigational features of the website that made the visitor leave a website. Web design is one of the reasons for making or breaking the customer experience. You can design your ecommerce website in two ways either you can acquire a new template or go for a custom ecommerce web design.

If you are still unsure about whether to choose a custom ecommerce web design or go for a templated website, we help with further details so that you can make an informed decision.

A templated website Vs Custom Ecommerce Web Design

In a templated website, your website designs are based on already available templates and design patterns. You choose a design/template and then tailor it as per your business needs. A custom web design is done from the ground up based on the specific business needs. One can request to have a tailor-made design based on their requirements and budget.

Why Custom ecommerce web design is better than Templated one?

Unique Factor - The templated website is faster to build within a laid-out budget as the templates are available instantly and all it takes is to pick one. However, since these templates are available for everyone you won’t enjoy the ‘unique’ factor and the chances of your template being used by multiple businesses are high defeating the purpose of building your brand. On the other hand, it also enables you the chance to provide a unique buying experience that creates a lasting impression on your customers.

Professional look - A professional-looking ecommerce website goes a long way in gaining customers’ trust. It provides you the flexibility and calls for the utmost professionalism to make it look like nothing else on the web. Your website design is the first thing the customer sees and depending on how good or poor it looks, you can either create a lasting impression or make him/her bounce off. So, instead of creating another look-alike website using ready-made templates, invest in creating a professional ecommerce web design to put your business in the best books.

Strong Brand Identity - A custom web design is done from the scratch and gives you the leverage of having it resonate with your brand. You can incorporate the brand identity at every step of the design process. A unique and professional ecommerce web design doesn’t seem too generic and gives an aesthetic appeal to your business. This establishes a different brand identity in the ecommerce arena.

Flexible and Scalable - Templated web designs have their own limitations and hinder your sales in different ways. For instance, not having responsive designs is one way to lose customers. Having a custom web design provides you optimum flexibility to build websites that can help you foster more customers. Also, if you want your business to gear up for the future, you need scalable websites. Custom web design provides you the options to scale when there is a sudden spurt in the need for growth.

Boosts lead generation - Custom eCommerce web designs are search engine friendlier and drive traffic to your website. Also, there is no guarantee that these template designs are responsive. To build a profitable ecommerce business, your website should be responsive on all devices. Having everything built from the start, you would be able to provide the ultimate user experience that is unique to your brand. These tailor-fit designs and benefits ultimately result in lead generation.

More sales - With custom ecommerce web designs, you are gaining a tight grip over the customers’ shopping experience. You can guide your web visitors and prompt them to make a purchase and garner better results. You can research how the visitors behave on different websites, their motives, and what is required of you to engage them better. By custom web designs, you can guide them through the checkout process and squeeze out more sales. Essentially, you are gaining the ability to dictate the customer behaviour on your ecommerce website.

Strong Support System - A custom ecommerce web design also brings in a strong support system which isn’t possible with templated websites. The web designer has no control over what comes with the template you have picked and he doesn’t own any responsibility. On the other hand, since everything is done from the ground up, they would support you if there arises any issue or problem.

Value for money - If you are planning on running an ecommerce business, your website is your asset. Having a custom ecommerce web design may be a bit pricey when compared to the templated web designs. But the value your business reaps out of the custom design is tremendous. So, don’t worry about the money you need to invest in. Minimum spending on web design is a must if you wish to skyrocket your conversions.

Custom Ecommerce Website Design

Bottom line

You may have to shell out a bit more on building custom ecommerce web design, but it is totally worth it with a plentitude of benefits which were listed above. If your ecommerce website needs a custom design and struggling to shoulder it on your own, you can check out our ecommerce design services. We follow a user-centric approach, understand your customer requirement and craft better digital experiences that convert into better ROI for your business by building higher brand value.

Skynet Technologies Building thriving ecommerce stores for our clients is our strongest forte. Our ecommerce UI/UX design services include custom, responsive, SEO services for diverse Ecommerce platforms. We have a team of UI/UX designers who can help you with custom ecommerce web designs that fit your brand. Schedule a meeting to know more about our services.

Explore Custom Ecommerce Web Design Services


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