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White Label WordPress Support to Scale Your Agency!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: February 10, 2021
Last Updated: February 10, 2021
White Label WordPress Support

Running an agency is hard enough, isn’t it? If you are an agency owner, you know how it feels being pulled in a million different directions and yet keeping things moving smoothly. With so many WordPress services in demand, support is something that isn’t on the top of your head. But still, it plays a vital role in maintaining your customer relations. However, if you are grappling to allot the resources to various services or even struggling to deliver the best WordPress services, then you seriously need to consider white label WordPress support to streamline and scale your agency. A white label WordPress support helps wow your customers and grow your business by handling customer support efficiently. You can then broaden your offerings, focus on new leads & projects in your pipeline and take WordPress support off your plate.

If you have multiple clients’ websites or grappling hard to scale your agency, then you are at the right place! Read on to understand what a white label WordPress support can do for you to have a steady revenue stream and grow your agency.

What is White-label WordPress support?

A white label WordPress support specializes in helping agency owners, like you, to scale your WordPress business. Whether you need WordPress maintenance, on-demand support, quick fixes, monthly retainer for development needs, or malware removal, they get everything covered for you. White Label WordPress Maintenance services take the work from you and enable you to scale the services your company offers without having to worry about you handling the additional services that are time intensive. Some of the tasks might prove cumbersome for you to handle yet require constant monitoring and support include

  1. Daily security scans
  2. Daily backups
  3. WordPress Core Updates
  4. Themes and Plug-ins Updates
  5. Monitoring of Uptime
  6. WooCommerce support
  7. Malware Removal
  8. Help desk support

Why do I need to white label WordPress support?

If your agency is growing but not as fast as it could be, don’t get bogged down. A White Label WordPress Maintenance helps your agency if you are tired of the relentless requests from your customers demanding website and theme updates. Besides, you can also free up your time and still secure your customers’ websites, provide them with auto backups, ensure proper security patches for updated plugins, and more.

These seemingly tiny tasks are actually time-sucking leeches, and you can take them off your back as you white label your WordPress support. After all, you have a business to run and client requests for knit picky website changes and updates shouldn’t be at the top of your priority list. So, as you white label them. you’d be able to grow your client base and also add more value to your digital marketing campaigns.

How to give wings to your business with white label WordPress support?

Whether you are looking to increase your WordPress business profits or scale your agency, a white label WordPress support agency helps you to take care of your customers. You can expect unprecedented growth and unpredictable revenue without lifting a finger, they will do all the dirty work for you.

1. Keep a tab on new WordPress updates

WordPress rolls out minor to major updates every now and then and that can take a lot of time. You need to keep up with these updates to not just stay relevant but also boost your profits. But many find it difficult as they are caught up in their core aspects. It can even get annoying as some companies have to deal with petty client requests. Sometimes, these could be very rudimentary like theme changes that are simple but time-intensive which may disturb other core aspects.

So, outsourcing some of the tasks that come with WordPress updates might be beneficial for you.

2. Unprecedented business growth

White-label WordPress support tasks help you focus on the other important activities of your project. You can sit back and schedule the tasks, white labeling your WordPress support actually frees up time so that you can determine what your company needs to reap more profits. You can get time to review reports, revamp your packages and deliver unprecedented results to your business.

3. Get More Customers on board

Once you have a white label WordPress agency for your support and maintenance needs, you can turn your attention to try bringing more clients on board. You may even find the time to expand your services you offer to your clients since you don’t have to worry about certain mundane tasks.

4. Finding White label WordPress Support

Find a reputable WordPress white-label agency to work with to improve your success rate. However, finding a good white label WordPress agency may seem difficult given that there are hundreds of freelancers who claim to be good. You need to focus on the previous projects they have handled, the pricing, and expertise before you pick up the agency.

The right agency makes it easier for you with easy onboarding and brings in the necessary expertise and dedication. You can off-load everything on to them so that you focus, pursue, and expand your business rapidly. You can start with white-labeling small WordPress support tasks and see how they perform. Based on the evaluation, you may proceed further and increase the complexity of the tasks as you become familiar with their work. The goal is to spend lesser resources on WordPress support and white-labeling is the best way forward.

Need help?

WordPress Support can take your tedious and important tasks off your schedule so you can focus on getting new clients to the table. If you need help with WordPress white label services, Skynet Technologies is a great place to start with. We offer a host of white label WordPress support options so you can choose the options that make your work easier and all our white label agency services are result-oriented. Be it rudimentary services or advanced white label services, we’re ready to take any challenges head-on. We keep your client’s WordPress websites up-to-date while maintaining high standards as you would. Our onboarding process is also quite simple, follow through with the prompts to get started.

Skynet Technologies USA LLC offer White Label WordPress Maintenance services to keep your website up-to-date with modern web trends and technology. We provide first-class support services and bolster your website functioning with dedicated white label WordPress maintenance services. Let’s connect to make your brand more powerful and excellent with our white label WordPress maintenance.

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Drupal to WordPress Migration - QuickStart Guide!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: January 15, 2021
Last Updated: January 15, 2021
Drupal to WordPress Migration

Drupal is a robust CMS with a multitude of features; however, the learning curve is steep especially if you are just beginning your web development journey or do not have adequate tech skills. In that case, you might want to migrate Drupal to a platform that is much easier for you to work on. WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs preferred by many people over the web. Migrating your website may seem to be a daunting task, however, WordPress makes it simple for the users to carry out the migration without hassles.

Let’s get loaded up and see how to migrate Drupal to WordPress.

Why choose WordPress?

The web development arena is dynamic and ever-evolving. While Drupal is a great CMS, WordPress is feature-rich and robust, gaining a larger market share with each day. Drupal cannot hold a candle when it comes to customization and ease of use. Earlier, WordPress was mainly powering blogs but today it grabs a lion’s share in the webspace. It has become a developers’ paradise building advanced and attractive websites using WordPress. With the right plugins, it can do everything Drupal can do and build advanced sites.

Some of the reasons to Migrate Drupal to WordPress:

  1. Cost-effective - If you want to build an advanced website on WordPress, it costs less than Drupal.
  2. Easier to use - WordPress comes with many features that are simple to use even for a novice like drag-and-drop editors, content editing tools, and media management.
  3. Better UX - WordPress has richer editing options, and hence provides a more polished user experience.
  4. Larger Ecosystem - WordPress has a much larger community with excellent developers who produce tons of great themes, plugins, and SaaS services.
  5. Great Documentation - A huge WordPress community implies lots of documentation.

Things you need to consider before Drupal to WordPress migration

A. Get Appropriate hosting

If you are on Drupal, you might already have a hosting provider and also a domain. Since you are considering switching to a new platform, you may have to pick a host that is more in tune with the needs and requirements of WordPress CMS and supports WordPress installations. There are a number of suitable plugins for WordPress, you can verify the reviews and find an affordable, reliable host for your website. Before you start your migration process, have a blank instance of WordPress installed on the webserver. For hosting like InMotion, you can install WordPress in just a couple of clicks while other hosts may take a longer time.

B. How to migrate from Drupal to WordPress

Once you are set on hosting, you can easily migrate from Drupal to WordPress with a plugin - FG Drupal to WordPress for which a free version is also available and also a premium upgrade if you run a huge enterprise or have massive Drupal customizations. FG Drupal to WordPress tool is remarkably easy to use with the documentation for your help.

  1. Install and activate FG Drupal to WordPress plugin by logging into your new WordPress site. Once it is installed, you need to find out your Drupal DB parameters. Locate the specific parameters like Drupal username, password, hostname, DB name, etc. If you are unsure of the other parameters, you can find the rest by looking into Drupal installation’s core files using FileZilla, an FTP client. Access your files, navigate to the default directory, and locate all the parameters in a file called settings.php.
  2. The next step is to import your Drupal content into WordPress. Once you’ve installed the plugin successfully, you should be able to see the Drupal option in the dashboard. You can choose all the options you want to move like media, images. If you ever run into any issues during the import procedure, you might want to increase the timeout limit for every media file, else it should be plain sailing.
  3. Once you’re set with the DB and data importing, you can let the plugin do its work. A successful message will appear in the log once the migration process is completed. You can then scroll to the end of the settings page and click on the Modify internal links button to update any internal links on your website to match the new structure. There’s a fair chance that you would be changing your 301 redirects and permalink structure to your new home. Once you’re done, the migration process is completed.

C. Post-migration Procedure

Now that you’ve switched to WordPress successfully, you’ll want to take full leverage of the platform’s functionality. Once all is done, it’s all theme installation, customization, and prepping your website for public use. We recommend you to kickstart by picking up a stylish theme for your website. Then install the plugins and widgets you might need for your website. This may be time-consuming but it is worth the effort depending on what features you want to implement for building a safe and secure website. Then look into ways to tighten up your site security, minimize page load speeds, and improve your SEO.

Why Skynet Technologies for Drupal to WordPress Migration?

That wasn’t hard, was it? Whatever are your reasons to migrate your Drupal site to WordPress, the biggest hurdle is just getting started. Once you take the plunge, migrating your Drupal website to WordPress isn’t as complicated as you expected as long as you pick the right tools and team to do the job. Skynet Technologies has been a helping hand for many clients who have been wanting to migrate from one CMS to the other. We offer the best migration services in town. You may be understandably uncomfortable with the thoughts of losing all your data in the migration process. However, we have done it all with zero to negligible downtime.

Our Drupal to WordPress migration is flawless and flexible. With years of experience and insights from working with both the platforms, we do it without any data loss and preserving your traffic. We also offer round-the-clock support and assist our clients in addressing their concerns and issues throughout the migration process. We have a section of experts who have considerable experience in migrating numerous websites from Drupal to WordPress. Get in touch with us to migrate your Drupal site to WordPress and achieve your business goals.

Drupal has several benefits, but we believe WordPress offers a better profit on investment for developers, agencies & clients. Skynet Technologies provides WordPress migration, WordPress maintenance, WordPress content management system, WordPress development solutions, and more services to keep your website running at top performance. We also provide Drupal migration, Drupal development, Drupal content management system, Drupal maintenance, Drupal Commerce services and more. Are you facing any trouble while Migrate from Drupal to WordPress? Let us know about your requirements and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Why Squarespace Maintenance is important for your Business?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: December 03, 2020
Last Updated: December 03, 2020
Squarespace Maintenance

Squarespace is one of the most professional and popular website builders used by many creative professionals to design stellar websites. With Squarespace, you can build enterprise-grade websites that are secure and robust. Once your Squarespace website sees the light of the world, the next necessary step is to invest in high-quality care. You need to nurture your website with constant monitoring, updating, and optimizing to deliver a spectacular experience consistently and prevent any costly overhauls in the future.

Let’s understand why investing in professional Squarespace maintenance and support services would be your best decision.

User Experience

User experience is the most critical factor that builds or breaks your business. If you want to have a higher conversion rate, then you need to focus on providing the best user experience. Studies have shown that there is a potential rise in conversion rate by as high as 400%. Routine website maintenance is an ongoing process that requires a dedicated team who constantly strive to deliver the best user experience. It can help to understand the user pain points on your site, navigational issues, that prevent the users from carrying out any specific operation. It helps in deflecting any UX-related obstacles by uncovering any outdated plugins, or irresponsive designs, or any underlying reason.


A well-maintained website provides a steady and safe experience otherwise it becomes a soft target for hackers and malicious viruses that affect the integrity of the website. By offering on-time support you can quickly fix the issue and minimize the damage. It also uncovers any misconfigurations, potential threats due to vulnerable plugins and themes, etc. You can build and deliver a secure website to protect your customers’ confidential data, and build your business reputation in the market. Once you lose the trust of your customers, your business is bound to collapse like a house of cards.


Spending on maintenance and support services may seem to be counter-intuitive to cost-saving. But a well-maintained website is like a cash cow on which you could build an empire. The knock-on effects of a well-maintained website outweigh the amount you invest in its maintenance. Even a beautiful Squarespace design cannot assure you success if you ignore the issues on your website. This would have serious repercussions on your business survival. A broken website would lose revenue, time, sales, and customers. In fact, you need to pay for the repair and fixes. Regular maintenance services ensure early bug resolution and bug-fixes so that your business runs as usual without any interruptions.

Emergency Fixes and Improvements

A stitch in time saves nine! If something goes wrong, then you need a quick response. With a dedicated support team, you can quickly resolve the issues and run the website without any interruption. Emergency fixes can have both tangible and non-tangible business benefits like maintaining the reputation, retaining the customers, error-free applications, quick issue resolution. Also, your website development is not a one-time thing and it would never be completed in one go. There would be a dire need for constant technical improvements, updates, optimizations, CTAs, and website accessibility. All these would be done during the maintenance phase if they bypassed the earlier development stages.

Performance Monitoring

Once you invest your resources- time, money, and efforts into building a secure website with beautiful and elegant designs using Squarespace, you would also want to know how well it performs. During the routine maintenance services, you can gather some data that throws some light on the website’s performance. You can also interpret any underlying issues that impact performance. During this phase, you can work on website optimization to enhance your site’s performance.

Spot the Functionality Issues

The functionality and usability aspects form the basis for your website’s success. If any of the functional features like broken links, anomalous functionality, disabled CTAs, etc. affect the usability of your website. Hence many businesses mandatorily invest in post-development services. With regular maintenance services, you can improve the functionality features, spot any issues that were missed earlier, and also fix issues, if any. A round of website maintenance services would serve as another round of functional testing.

Focus on the Core Business Issues

Maintaining a Squarespace website is a time-consuming task. From security checks to performance analysis, from regular upgrades to fix any plugin upgrades, you need to focus your energy on each of these issues. This may take off some focus away from your core business aspects leaving less time and resources to focus on business strategy and promotional aspects. But with a dedicated team, you would have time to run your own business too. You can leave it to the experts who reduce the turnaround time in ensuring the health of your business.

Builds Brand Reputation

Imagine your website is broken or hacked or loads slowly, how would your customers perceive your brand? Undoubtedly, it won’t garner support among the customers who find your website unstable, weak, and untrustworthy. This results in low customer turnover and no brand image in the market. Even a few seconds delay in the website load time may cost you heavy losses and downtime issues push away your customers to your competitor. Another nightmare would be having negative feedback and poor reviews that totally put your business in jeopardy. If you invest in Squarespace maintenance issues, all these issues would be fixed and you can create a great impact among your customers. Make sure 24*7 website uptime, high-performance, and security to avoid any damages to your brand name.

Regular maintenance and dedicated support ensure the health of your website, however, it’s not always as simple as it seems to be. You must invest in professional maintenance and support services for reaping optimal results from your Squarespace website. Skynet Technologies takes the load off your shoulders with affordable and effective Squarespace maintenance and support services. By delegating the maintenance and support services to us, you can focus on the core aspects of your business. We have the technical expertise and dedicated in-house team with tailor-made plans suitable for all businesses. Write to us for more info!

Skynet Technologies provide Squarespace maintenance service to fuel your website with enterprise level capabilities and keep your customer coming back! If you think Squarespace is the right choice for your website, then as a Squarespace website owner, you need to ensure that your website runs smoothly so that you don't lose any customers by missing any of these Squarespace maintenance tips. Whether you want to migrate to Squarespace integrate any application, redesign your Squarespace online store, and require a new development for your store. Let us know about your requirements and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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The Complete OpenCart Maintenance Checklist to keep your online store up to date!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: December 02, 2020
Last Updated: December 02, 2020
OpenCart Maintenance

The popularity of the ecommerce stores is on the rise and has given a thrust to platforms like OpenCart. OpenCart is a premium ecommerce store management system built using PHP and MySQL. It has many ecommerce functionalities integrated into it and hence widely used today. As much as design and development, maintenance services have also become an inevitable part of any business success strategy. Running any website without proper maintenance services in place is really a daunting thing and likely to slide your site to obscurity. OpenCart maintenance services bolster your ecommerce websites by strengthening the functionality and improving the performance.

For instance, when any major upgrade is in the offing, you don’t want your customers to access your website as it may cause some disruptions that mar the credibility and usability aspects. It would be best if you temporarily take down your website before you make sure that everything is perfect and bug-free. OpenCart also lets you activate the maintenance mode when you perform routine maintenance operations on your store. This way your website visitors would know the status and they can browse the product catalog and continue their shopping post-maintenance. But as an administrator, you would have full access to your website and you can perform any updates, make changes to your website or product catalog easily.

To avoid any unforeseen and shocking issues that affect your website performance, there are few actionable things you should do to maintain the health of your OpenCart website.

Optimal Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data your web server has sent and received in a calendar month. Expect the unexpected traffic surge during a holiday or festive season. You never know when customers flock to make a purchase, so you need to be geared up for any unanticipated spikes in the traffic. So, you need to make sure that you have the bandwidth to cater to the needs of all the customers who make a visit to your store. You can either check with your host or do it yourself by checking the amount in the cPanel. You need to maintain at least half the bandwidth if it’s mid-month unless you’ve planned any bulk marketing campaigns. However, if you see that you overreached the limits, then the best thing to do is probably to upgrade sooner than later as many hosts usually cut your website off without any warning once you hit the limit!

Server Upgrades

You make sure to fix any issue that might arise when you perform an upgrade. While performing the upgrade, make sure you take the help of a professional agency that ensures minimal downtime. Your website should be up and running sporting new features and functionalities that improve conversions. It is advised to go for an update regularly to avoid any hassles down the line. Doing anything hurriedly in the eleventh hour could spell trouble for you. Sometimes, you may also need enhanced functionalities or features to cater to the growing and evolving needs of your customers. In that case, there are ready-made plugins that save you development costs and time. When you add new plugins, sometimes, some database related disruptions could arise. Make sure there are minimal disruptions by quickly resolving them.

Security Updates

Even the best players in the market are prone to cyber-attacks and none were spared if we look at history. So, you can’t be assured of fool-proof security even with your best efforts. Constant and round-the-clock monitoring is mandatory to safeguard your website. There are some old and new enemies lurking around to break your site and cause some colossal damage to your website. Believe it or not, with hundreds and thousands of competitors around, once there is a security breach, your credibility takes a nosedive pushing even your repeat customers to your competitors. So, part from building websites with all the security measures, you need to make sure there is an automated backup from time-to-time. You should also stay on top of all the security upgrades. Even a minor security patch shouldn’t be ignored.

Error Logs

The latest PHP versions are usually better and more professional in delivering faster and secure websites. They also become quite stringent at catching any anomalies and errors in the code which results in generating a mammoth error log with a lot of warnings and error messages. Usually, developers don’t drop everything and rush immediately to address every message that is recorded in the log. They usually have a specific time to work on various issues unless it is highly urgent and important. However, the main concern here is that sometimes, your website may break down due to insufficient disk space. So as a part of routine maintenance operations, you need to have an eye on the size of the files in the error log at /system/logs/ using any FTP client of your choice. In an ideal scenario, it shouldn't cause any issue unless it’s over 10MB. So, in such cases, you can rename it to a new name so that new errors would be logged on without any issue.

Disk Space

Your OpenCart ecommerce store would be using the space on the webserver in the same way as your files and folders are located on your desktop. However, unlike your computer, it won’t probably pop up the notification messages informing about the low disk space. Before you even realize the issue, colossal damage could occur with site disappearance. And it is a myth that only when you scale your product list and categories that the disk space gets filled up. There are numerous day-to-day operations like session files, backups, error-logs that could push the disk space over the limit and may cause memory issues. So, it is important to periodically check how much disk space is available for you and how much you’ve used. The recommended limit would be 50% of the available space and the rest 50% should be empty. Even if you run a backup, then it is advised to compress the file sizes so that they fit into that space.


  1. Hosting Fees - There would be some mechanisms in place to notify the website owners, however, if you miss them by any chance, most web hosts have automated software that takes the website down if there is a pending invoice. To avoid any such surprises, you need to be aware of the payment information so that you can complete it promptly.
  2. Domain Name - Just like the hosting fee details, you need to make sure to make a prompt payment before your domain expires. This would affect your SEO score and hurts your brand factor also.
  3. Server IP change - Although this is a rare phenomenon, there are slight chances that your host may need you to change your IP address. This usually happens if your domain name is registered elsewhere and doesn’t point to the current host server. This can be done quickly if you keep an eye on the emails from your host.
  4. SSL Certificate - All hell breaks loose if your SSL certificate expires as this is likely to take your site down or give you some chills by jeopardizing the security of your website. So, it is always best to know the expiration details.

Skynet Technologies is one of the best OpenCart maintenance services providers that ensure an uninterrupted and consistent performance to the customers. We have a dedicated team of highly proficient OpenCart developers who bring in their rich experience for maintaining your OpenCart store with full efficiency. We make sure that your ecommerce websites deliver uninterrupted uptime performance. If you need cost-effective ecommerce store maintenance solutions, contact our team today.

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