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Cloud Computing

Multifarious Cloud Computing Services to
Advance Your Business Goals


Cloud Consulting

We have a team of experienced cloud consultants who can help you determine the efficacy of various popular cloud solutions. We indulge in extensive client engagements to construct and refine frameworks for successful end-to-end cloud deployment and utilization. We analyze and understand your current environment and also assess the cloud readiness of your business applications. We also offer modern points of view, industry benchmarks & frameworks that align the cloud solutions with your digital objectives. From developing a holistic strategy to implementing & managing a robust cloud environment, our specialists are dedicated to getting the most out of the cloud.

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Cloud Consulting


Cloud Hosting

Experience the power of reliable, affordable, fast, and secure cloud hosting at Skynet Technologies as we support our client data centers through a global network of hosting providers. Our in-house cloud experts will manage your cloud server without any hassles. We even have the experience of deploying heavy applications on the cloud and handled all the aspects efficiently. We understand your scalability needs and help your websites to maintain fast load times during sudden traffic spikes. We also give vital importance to your data security & provide greater resilience to any sort of malicious vulnerabilities.

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Cloud Hosting


Cloud Strategy Design

Our cloud strategy and design services are developed with an aim to align IT with our clients’ business objectives so that they can reap maximum benefits from their cloud investments. Our enterprise cloud strategy brings an experience with integrating traditional mission-critical environments with the latest technologies such as cognitive computing & hybrid multi-cloud models. We aim to build a resilient, secure and open solution that adds value to your business. Our cloud strategy encompasses modern cloud adoption frameworks, workload analysis tools, and techniques to make sure your journey covers all aspects of the cloud.

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Cloud Strategy Design


Cloud Management Services

Manage, optimize, and enhance your cloud efficiency through our cloud management services. You can even scale your complex multi-cloud environments with platform-based cloud managed services as well as automation. We provide both administrative & monitoring powers over our clients’ cloud architecture. We collaborate closely with our clients to provide insights into their cloud environment and offer technical support to them if needed. We offer end-to-end cloud managed services such as deployment, security, network & storage, monitoring, reporting, migration, backup, and disaster recovery services. These comprehensive services are in line with your organizational needs.

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Cloud Management Services


Cloud Application Services

We provide leading-edge cloud application services that facilitate design, development, deployment, migration, modernization, integration, and derive the fullest benefits that cloud technologies bring to the fore. With highly skilled cloud engineers, we help enterprises develop and sustain the competition and maintain high performance. You can enjoy a seamless cloud adoption and integration leading to sustainable growth through our multifaceted experience and expertise. Being one of the most reputed companies, we make sure a wide range of app services such as firewalling, load balancing, service discovery, and more can be achieved in multi-cloud environments.

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Cloud Application Services


Cloud Optimization & Integration

Get hassle-free cloud optimization through our services. We review your current cloud architecture, design, and identify the gaps, and optimize the usage of resources, improve cloud performance, governance, and security. We also focus on strengthening cloud security, automate certain operations to reduce costs, and enable seamless integration capabilities with other systems. You can also achieve scalability and reliability by optimizing your cloud, identify all critical security gaps, and then re-architect the environment for greater efficiency. We also try to maximize cloud value-per-spend and also handle resource allocation and app performance wisely even during turbulent times.

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Cloud Optimization & Integration


Online Backup Services

Change the cloud data protection game by partnering with us. Our cloud backup solutions help protect your data off-site and also extend backup and disaster recovery capabilities. We have a proven experience in modern data protection techniques for every step in your cloud journey.

We back up all your business data and information to the cloud, leaving you with total peace of mind to run your business without the fear of losing crucial data. Our data managers also allow you to leverage cloud storage to keep your data safe and secure from any nefarious activities. They help you in recovering data to the cloud within minutes with seamless integration to data protection infrastructure.

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Online Backup Services


Office 365 Migrations

Don’t let email migration daunt you. At Skynet Technologies, we offer a seamless comprehensive migration to Office 365 removing any risks and uncertainties to offer the most reliable, secure, and economical platform for email. We offer simple, secure, efficient, and affordable solutions to migrate all your data to or from Office 365. We handle all your migration needs while fully committed to data fidelity. We also bring in the best practices and expertise to make sure to mitigate the risk of operational downtime that could disrupt both your productivity and performance. Our team provides hands-on support throughout the entire process.

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Office 365 Migrations


G Suite Migrations

Put an end to migration woes! Regardless of your specific needs, we, at Skynet Technologies offer a complete email migration to G-suite removing any risks and uncertainties offering the most reliable, secure, and economical platform for the email. With cloud migration tools, we take you to the cloud quickly & securely with a choice of migration destinations including G Suite to which you can migrate all your emails, calendars & files. We have a team of professionals who have the experience of migrating enterprise-level organizations with complex requirements as well as small organizations. We are well-positioned to handle all the associated challenges and ensure your migration is carried out efficiently.

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G Suite Migrations

Accelerate your Business growth with
Groundbreaking Cloud Computing Services

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Don’t dread the cost of implementing a cloud-based server. We promise a better ROI for your enterprise if you are contemplating switching to cloud computing. We would collaborate with your team to understand your requirements better and suggest only what you need so that you don’t have to end up paying for unwanted features. We also support pay-as-you-go services so that you don’t have to drop money on the services you haven’t used.

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If you are concerned about security issues to adopt a cloud-computing solution, then put a lid on them. We carefully monitor the security of your files and data that is on the cloud and keep any nefarious elements at bay. With our in-house cloud security experts, we promise to monitor the firewalls periodically so that you don’t have to worry about any data theft. We also take a backup of your data to recover it back in case of any disaster. We also use SSL certificates and other encryption techniques to ramp-up the security.

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Streamline & Improved Workflow

You only have a finite amount of focus, don’t you? You can take care of your core business aspects and customer satisfaction areas while we take care of your data-storage aspects. Right from the hosting till infrastructure setup & management, we take care of every aspect, so that your team can focus on the most productive issues of your work. Thereby, you can achieve a streamlined workflow that improves your business efficiency.

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Scalability is one of the most sought-after aspects of any business while they think of making a switch to the cloud. We take full leverage of the scalability aspects of the cloud and help your business cope up with the expanding requirements of your customers. By efficient management of your cloud infrastructure, we help you meet the increased demands. If you need extra-bandwidth, we help you get it instantly with complete agility as per your business needs.

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You can have total control over your data, especially sensitive information that is vital to your company. With tightened cloud security mechanisms, we help you have complete visibility and control over your data. You can decide the level of access to what data and whom to have access to it. You can streamline your work staff productivity by easily assigning the documents so that multiple people can work on the same document without any loss of data.

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Speed and Agility

We help you cope with the competition by instantly scaling your cloud capacity and helping you get the bandwidth to meet the demands from remote servers. We enable easy turn-up of the capacity and IT infrastructure without any performance issues. We have the ability to improve your enterprise productivity, efficiency, and agility. You can experiment with new ideas without any hesitation as we help your organization to disrupt the market and stay ahead of the competition.

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Actionable Insights

“A stitch in time saves nine” and so we rightly deliver the right solutions on time for your business by unearthing actionable insights that provide a bird’s eye view of your business process. We provide nuggets of invaluable, actionable information that can be acted upon to improve your operational efficiency. We also provide customized reports to analyze the information based on which you can build action plans to meet your organizational goals.

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White Label Cloud Services

We shun traditional methods of collaboration by taking full leverage of cloud technology. We help you enhance the quality of work and decrease the amount of time your team takes in completing a project by improving the communication via cloud computing. Our white label cloud services provide collaborative social spaces if desired so that your employees can connect and increase engagement with each other. We provide white label cloud services to many enterprises, organizations, IT consulting companies, agencies and more.

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Strategic & Competitive Edge

We help businesses gain a competitive advantage by providing the most innovative solutions available for them. We help you move more nimbly than your competitors by optimizing the cloud computing services for your business. You can gain a distinct advantage in the market by catching up with the latest trends in the cloud market and adapting them to your business as per the need. We make cloud adoption easier for you and put you among the world-class enterprises who have been doing extremely well in their cloud journey.

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Go Global

Go cloud, Go Global. We help you move beyond borders faster by removing the weight costs of traditional on-premise IT infrastructure that can cramp growth. We easily deploy your business application in multiple regions across the globe in just a few clicks. You can gain the agility and flexibility to explore new markets without hassles. We ensure lower latency and a phenomenal customer experience at a minimal cost for you.

Supercharge your digital journey with Our Cloud Computing Service

  • Strong Team Collaboration
  • Colossal ROI
  • Unlimited Storage Capacity
  • Excellent accessibility options
  • Adoption of Disruptive Technologies
  • Staying relevant in the game
  • Amplify Business Productivity
  • Boosts Project Management Workflow
  • Hyper-scalable Business
  • Improved Organization
  • Better Brainstorming Forums
  • Reduced Infrastructure costs
  • Higher Data Security
  • Easy to Socially network
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Phenomenal Mobility
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Sustainable business growth
  • Improved workplace productivity


Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of scalable and flexible solutions including servers, storage, software, analytics and much more over the internet.

Cloud security is tight but it's not infallible. Working with a high-quality cloud storage provider comes with fewer risks but they are invulnerable. The privacy of your data is at risk. Even if the chances of data being stolen are low, it still can be viewed. Data is encrypted and host companies usually do not have access to these encryption keys. Security responsibilities are shared between the cloud provider and its customers.

The cost depends on implementation, data migration, development, features and ongoing storage.

Yes. HIPAA compliance is an important task and hence we encourage you to connect with our project manager to work out the implementation details.

No, you are not locked in forever. We can show you technologies like Virtual Machines and Docker Containers that can be moved between cloud environments as you see fit. We can also help you with the details of data archival and relocation services. Because cloud-based technology closely mirrors traditional computing, you will find that the flexibility of computing translates well to the cloud, including the flexibility to pack up and move on when you so desire.

This depends on the layer of the cloud stack being used. For IaaS, administrators must manage all aspects of the virtualized environment that's delivered as a service. The higher up the cloud stack you go, the less management involved. For SaaS, oversight might be limited to data and identity and access management.

Major cloud providers and third parties offer training and certifications to familiarize IT staff with these processes. Enterprises that plan to transition to the cloud should factor training into every aspect of the process so they're ready to take the reins as soon as the cloud environment goes live.

We set up the cloud, manage your storage, and clear off any unwanted data. As a cloud partner, we manage all your systems needed for the cloud. You can refocus your resources on the other operational areas that propel growth. We optimize the use of computing resources and also deliver better efficiency and utilization leading to lower your costs and improving your returns.

Whether you are starting out or been in the market for a while, whether you need a private or public cloud or a combination of the two, we are a one-stop cloud service provider for best-in-class solutions. We seamlessly scale and migrate your chosen app workloads. Our cloud consulting framework also addresses all your customer challenges pertaining to a seamless transition to the cloud. For more information, please request a quote.

Through our cloud computing services, you can improve your website page loading speed, and also protect your website from any malicious attacks. This naturally improves your user experience that has an impact on SEO.

With cloud computing, you can have greater access to your customer data which is the best feed for your analytics tools. You can have greater insights for creating compelling content. It also facilitates better team collaboration and improves your operational process that takes your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

Yes, we offer a wide range of cloud computing services that include consulting, hosting, strategic design, integrations, optimization, and management services. You can rely on our cloud team for any help regarding the cloud.

Our comprehensive Cloud Computing services include SaaS (Software as a service) for web-based applications, hybrid cloud solutions, service commerce, cloud management service, cloud application service, cloud optimization & integration and custom cloud computing services. If you have any requirements or questions, please feel free to request a quote.

Cloud-based computing services are used to address a variety of infrastructure and application needs such as CRM, database, compute, and data storage. Unlike the traditional IT environment, where both hardware and software are funded up front by the departments and takes months for implementation, cloud-based services deliver resources in just a few minutes to hours and also align the costs to actual usage. Consumers also utilize cloud-based services to simplify the application usage, storage, protection of content, and enable access from any web-connected device. Request a Quote for more information.

Skynet Technologies is one of the best automation-driven cloud-managed service providers in this digital age. You can contact us here for further information.

Yes, of course. There are two options:

  1. You can allocate a virtual machine in the cloud, install your favorite database on it, and operate it as if you were operating a database server that you own.
  2. Alternatively, you can also simply pay for a database-as-a-service and dispense with worrying about the underlying machine, operating system, or installation of a database management system.

Both options have supporting arguments and we can help you decide which path is best for you. For more information, please contact us.

Yes, we provide white label SaaS solutions and custom cloud computing solutions to many enterprises, web agencies, service provider, IT consulting company, technology company and more. If you are running short of bandwidth, you can always consult our cloud team for white label cloud computing services. We can handle projects of any scale and help you deal with the cloud services of your clients without disrupting your brand name.

First and foremost, we would like to know the requirements. How about having a quick phone call or you can request a quote. Post which we will be able to provide you an estimate.

We follow a strategic approach to implement our cloud computing services which is a four-step process.

  1. Assessment - We explore all the possible solutions, narrow down the suitable ones, and check the feasibility. During this phase, we also evaluate your technical compatibilities and business goals in line with your expected ROI.
  2. Planning - We design and plan the implementation backed by the design. We also provide a clear roadmap and strategic procedures
  3. Deployment - Here we move a little closer towards realizing the solution in production. We focus on execution, migration, and expansion.
  4. Optimization - We check what is working for you the best. We look for ways to introduce operational best practices and opportunities to review and improve the current processes.

Companies usually lack the requisite knowledge and competence to choose a cloud partner that is equipped enough to help them achieve their business objectives. It is essential for you to understand the provider’s services, security and safety parameters, the pricing model, data center location, data recovery options, customer support capabilities, operational outages, deployment details, accessibility options & more.

Skynet Technologies has been working with major cloud consulting partners like AWS, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and more. We can provide you a holistic view of cloud technologies so that you can gain optimal value from your experience.

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