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Power the future of your business with
Our End-to-end IoT Development Services

Skynet Technologies offers full-range IoT services and helps enterprises address their business
challenges with IoT technologies in the most reliable way. Explore our IoT services and solutions
to bring digital transformation to your business.


IoT Consulting

Our IoT consulting services are designed to assist clients in reshaping their digital presence and their overall impact in the digital world. We strategize your way to an IoT driven enterprise with our IoT consulting services that are designed to assist clients in building smart solutions. Apart from offering a full suite of services, we also expedite the evaluation of your organizational IoT readiness, create a roadmap, present you with the solution blueprint and the go-to-market strategy.

IoT Consulting icon

IoT Consulting


IoT Solutions

Our IoT developers help the clients to get the right IoT solutions and architecture for their business. We deliver flexible strategies blended with high security and also manage new and diverse IoT devices for our clients. We bring in the right components together to deliver smart, secure, and innovative solutions. Tap into our in-house expertise to explore our IoT solutions and bring this disruption into a fruitful digital transformation to your business.

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IoT Solutions


IoT Application Development

We offer full-cycle IoT application development and cover a wider gamut of components of an IoT architecture. Harness the power of connected devices with our custom IoT apps and empower with the next-gen advanced technology products. Our adept team handles the development of your IoT-capable software right from the requirements engineering all the way to support and final evolution. We deliver a full-fledged IoT app while keeping your costs on point.

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IoT Application Development


IoT System Integration

Our IoT systems integration services can help you realize the potential of IoT in augmenting your existing solutions, create new ones, and integrate them with your overall business data strategy and existing systems. We perform powerful backend engineering to securely connect with devices via industry-standard protocols. Our IoT team is also well-versed in middleware platform integration to M2M communications. We provide full IoT stack integration that includes system, software, and hardware.

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IoT System Integration


IoT Testing

Our IoT experts offer advanced quality testing services to ensure that devices or systems connected or operated based on the available data. We provide security, performance, and compatibility testing making your solutions bug-free and stay compliant. We conduct a thorough validation and software testing of your IoT enabled apps for seamless performance and functionality. We do robust and real-time testing and using virtualization and simulation of various devices.

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IoT Testing


IoT Sensor Data Analytics

We effectively aggregate and analyze the swatches of sensor data across devices, run analytical models to derive crucial insights. With applied analytics and machine learning, unleash the full potential of massive amounts of real-time data collected from your connected devices. We help in deploying near-real-time analytical intelligence closer to IoT devices, by leveraging powerful analytics engines. We also convert the steady stream of information from this into actionable insights.

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IoT Sensor Data Analytics


IoT Security Solution

With an array of pre-integrated IoT security solutions, secure your cloud infrastructure. We follow the best standards and processes while encrypting the data produced by your devices with the help of traditional data security libraries. Our team of IoT experts can set up secure governance practices, penetration testing, disaster recovery, PCI compliance, and more. With our end-to-end and robust security approaches, we help you stand tall in the burgeoning market.

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IoT Security Solution


Cloud Management

We connect IoT devices with multiple sensors connected to the cloud to make data storage, processing, and management hassle-free. We maintain data accuracy, reliability, accessibility, and availability in the pervasive cloud network. With effective cloud monitoring, automation tools, and services, we ensure high reliability including continuous optimization of your cloud operations. Our team also handles your day-to-day cloud management and deployment.

Cloud Management icon

Cloud Management


Cloud AI

We offer IoT solutions and services leveraging AI and other cutting-edge solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce latency. We build exceptional applications by leveraging AI/machine learning inclinations offered by various AI tech providers through their cloud infrastructure. With cloud AI services, we enable enterprises to build scalable apps and use predictive analytics for better decision-making.

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Cloud AI

Smart IoT Solutions to Scale and Future-proof Your
Digital Transformation

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Know Your Customers Better

With our IoT services, we help you to understand your customer preferences and behavior by effectively collecting, monitoring, and analyzing the data. Our analysts predict the trends and preferences so that you can design your products accordingly and offer personalized services for better engagement. You can gain in-depth insights into your customer profiles so that you retain your target customers and foster brand loyalty as well.

New Business Opportunities icon

New Business Opportunities

With our unparalleled IoT services, we provide you the ability to collect useful data from the network and deploy advanced analytics to uncover business insights and opportunities, reduce your operational costs, and improve your business efficiency. We breakdown the data for you and help you in creating an initial baseline. We also identify and analyze your past interactions and help you improve your interactions to create new opportunities to grow your revenue.

Finetune Products and Services icon

Finetune Products and Services

We have been helping many leading-edge firms to finetune their products and services by reducing any interruptions. We look for the gaps in the entire business flow and identify the probable causes. Some of the minor to major anomalies may annoy the users and affect their overall experience causing them to churn. Through proper analysis, we close any gaps that are bound to take down your customer experience score.

Improve Customer Experience icon

Improve Customer Experience

If you have been dreaming of providing a flawless customer experience, our IoT team helps deliver on the anticipated lines. We also indulge in hyper advertising and couponing strategies to offer your customer an enhanced experience and meet your target needs. We even help identify problems and proactively resolve issues using smart technologies and improve overall customer satisfaction. No matter what industry niche you are operating in, delivering unmatched customer experience is our key goal.

New positioning icon

New positioning

Your business can post consistent positive growth and don’t have to worry about slow down. In the aggressive competitive market, we help you adapt modern disruptive technologies and position you ahead in the game. By integrating cutting-edge IoT into your business strategy, you can propel digital transformation faster. Partner with us and build smart businesses that take your customer experience to a whole new level and establish your position in the market.

Smart Predictions icon

Smart Predictions

Gain new capabilities to predict the users’ needs before they arise and act with precision based on the insights provided by our IoT network. We build historical trends based on the gathered data and put forth the issues before you. Based on this, you may have the opportunity to provide the customers with a value-added service that reduces their overall costs and time, building their loyalty.

New Revenue Streams icon

New Revenue Streams

How about acquiring the capabilities to roll out new products and services faster and easier? By using the data collected by IoT devices, we help you in the planning and delivery of new revenue-generating offerings. Based on the historical data, we proactively identify potential areas of revenue. You can also utilize the information to increase interaction and demonstrate a high level of customer focus that strongly displays your brand value.

Reduction of Operating Costs icon

Reduction of Operating Costs

Streamline your business operations and increase profitability with tailor-made IoT solutions. We help your firm cut costs and maintain a competitive edge. From workplace efficiency to cybersecurity, you can make an impact on companies’ bottom lines by streamlining your common working processes. You can also minimize costly extended downtime by predicting any misalignments and failures beforehand.

Mobility and Agility icon

Mobility and Agility

With our power-packed IoT services, transform your business and provide the flexibility to your employees to work from virtually any location. We have been helping many small and mid-sized businesses to incorporate remote work and meet the rising demands. We lay down a solid strategy for securing the endpoints of all your communication devices. You can leverage our IoT services and increase your staff productivity and decrease costs.

Smart IoT Optimization icon

Smart IoT Optimization

Do more in less time. With IoT connected data, your organization can manage extensive business operations quickly and accurately. We fully optimize your business activities as you desired. With IoT services and solutions, you can find better ways of using your products and services and improve your customer experience. With smart optimization, you can create user-friendly applications, upgrade the users’ interaction with your apps.

Leverage our IoT expertise For Best-of-the-class Outcomes

  • Unravel new business opportunities
  • Integrate and transform business process
  • Smart prediction capabilities
  • Improved decisions with augmented intelligence
  • Deeper customer engagement
  • Garner new revenue streams
  • Improve operational processes
  • Propels digital transformation
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Hyper-targeting your customers
  • Higher ROI
  • Establish brand positioning
  • Real-time data tracking
  • Smart optimization services
  • Drive competitive advantages
  • Automate your business services
  • Better customer service and agility


IoT is one of the disruptive technologies that refers to a system of interrelated, inter-connected devices that collect and transfer data over a wireless network without much human intervention. They could be medical devices, a biochip transponder, a solar panel, an automobile with sensors that alert the drivers, and more ranging from ordinary household objects to sophisticated industrial tools. Experts predict that nearly 22 billion connected IoT devices by 2025.

IoT can make connected cities safer, personalize the healthcare sector, make energy consumption more efficient, and even asset tracking cost-effective. Businesses can gain a strategic and competitive advantage by harnessing the data generated by the IoT.

IoT applications are prebuilt SaaS applications that analyze and present the captured sensor data to users via dashboards. With machine learning algorithms, analyze the swathes of data, get actionable insights, identify the equipment anomalies, and send alerts to the users. You can even trigger automated fixes and proactive countermeasures. With cloud IoT apps, businesses can quickly enhance existing processes for supply chains, customer service, financial services, and human resources. There is no need to recreate the entire business process.

Some of the ways IoT transforms the energy industry are rethinking energy management, billing, and asset maintenance.

  • Smart Metering - Eliminate manual inaccuracies in billing which is a reward for customers as it saves costs. Also, prepare energy grids for peak time usage through meter data capture.
  • Asset Performance Management - Preset conditions-based maintenance that helps reduce asset wear & tear, energy wastage, improves energy generation, transmission, distribution across vast geographical expanses.
  • Energy Distribution - Connect, control, and manage complex power grids from a single console with a network of connected devices. You can also predict peak times, prepare for downtimes, and sustain consistent energy delivery.

With IoT development for the automotive industry, you can drive progress, reduce operating costs, and master the sphere of the connected car.

  • Fleet management and monitoring - Optimize fleet management and vehicle monitoring through onboard sensors that collect on-road info about vehicle and driver behavior.
  • Connected Vehicles - You can build cars of the future that can merge into their immediate surroundings by reading and transmitting data through sensors.
  • Vehicle Tracking - In-vehicle hardware and software embedment that gives real-time insights on vehicle movement, location, health stats, and other contextual data.
  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics - Empower cognition for vehicles that can remotely diagnose mechanical stats, comfort settings, and entertainment consoles.
  • Safe Driver & No-texting Services – Intelligent in-vehicle systems that spot distracted drivers and take proactive measures to prevent collision, excess speed, and misdirection.

Of course! We follow a structured approach to keep our services as open-ended as possible for our clients. We have had several clients who already owned an app or a website and wanted us to upgrade the work with existing tools, systems, and CRM.

Definitely, you can. We would be happy to close the tech gaps between us. You would surely be comfortable with our collaboration.

We are one of the pioneer agencies that boasts of a pool of talented and seasoned full-stack developers who have delivered top-notch work to our clients.

You will have absolute ownership over the whole project that includes IP rights, source code, copyrights, NDA, etc.

We can build accessible user interfaces on IoT devices which have been making the lives of people much easier. If you want to improve the accessibility of your IoT devices, you can contact our development team who can incorporate ADA guidelines into them and make them user-friendly.

We help you gear up for an IoT-driven future by prioritizing voice search, IoT-based search, personalization options, and other options that accelerate your SEO. We also help use IoT devices to tap into the real-world data about your target audience and improve their user experience for a better SEO.

Yes, Our IoT service suite is quite large that includes IoT consulting, IoT Application development, IoT Testing, IoT sensor data analytics, IoT system integration, cloud AI, and many more. You can check out the entire range of our IoT services for more details.

The personal and business possibilities of IoT are endless. Businesses can increase revenue, reduce their operational costs, and improve their efficiency. They can also gain customer trust by being compliant and forward-looking. Regardless of the reasons, IoT deployments provide swathes of useful data and actionable insights necessary to streamline workflows, visualize usage patterns, automate the process, and compete aggressively in an ever-changing digital landscape. There are myriad ways in which businesses can use IoT.

We are a trusted consulting and technology service providing best-of-the-class IoT services. We have experience grappling with a complex set of business integration, technology, and data management challenges. We know how to make the best use of IoT, acquire knowledge, and develop strategies on how to incorporate IoT in your infrastructure.

With IoT solution enabled intelligence, one can breed a whole new range of heavy machinery. Some of the benefits are

  • Product Asset Management - Through predictive product asset management, you can build sustaining health assets throughout the production cycle by preventing the wastage of inventory, energy, and manhours.
  • Performance Optimization - Build an ecosystem of connected machinery that works in a collaborative environment to achieve automated and quicker production cycles at reduced cost levels.
  • Connected Factory - Refresh your factory operations by integrating embedded controller technology containing sensors and actuators for remote equipment management, better workforce safety, and productivity.
  • Safety and Security - Employee safety could be improved, reduce toxins by-product production, and control several other manufacturing safety issues through sensors that work at levels of the manufacturing units.

Some of the benefits of IoT development services for retail are adding new revenue channels, delivering superior customer experience, and optimizing supply chain management

  • Retail Supply Chain - Magnify profits in the retail supply chain and achieve a competitive edge by optimizing customer retail experience at every square foot of your brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Smarter Shelves - Real-time visibility of stock levels, the shelf life of perishable goods, and proactive reorder alerts at all levels of manufacturing, distribution, and supply.
  • Delivery Operations - Redraw point-to-point delivery mechanisms with smart sensors that reduce delivery time, carriage distance, and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Warehouse Automation - Build automated warehouses that utilize data from the embedded sensors in the equipment to optimize stock movement and product assembly.

Elevate the efficiency of healthcare provisions and patient monitoring with IoT development services for healthcare.

  • Health and Safety solutions - Automated clinical workflows improve patient treatment, reduce manual errors, and enhance the patient experience
  • Remote Patient Monitoring - Personalized attention to remote patients through smart devices that transmit real-time health info to healthcare professionals
  • Modernize Patient Assistance - Transform the way doctors, patients, and vendors communicate and collaborate on treatment discussions, practice, and healthcare management.

Skynet Technologies strictly comply with the client’s privacy and conduct all our operations in a transparent manner. We follow a very strict NDA protocol so that your ideas, assets, and data remain safe with us.

Yes. We do. We have a diverse IoT portfolio for your company at the best value. Our white-label IoT services include IoT modules and APIs to help you launch your business.

Yes. We work in multiple time zones (PST/EST/CST/MST) and are flexible as per your requirements. We put consistent efforts into completing the projects within the stipulated time.

We leverage the IoT advantages of data generation that create impactful insights and identify patterns to understand customer interactions and predict their preferences and purchase intent. We also use other channels of IoT to engage customers better and capitalize on the plethora of ad opportunities one can have with IoT.

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