Make Documents More Accessible to All!

Document accessibility remediation service ensures that documents are accessible by assistive technologies such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, Text-to-speed software, speed recognition software, alternative input devices, and more. It is an essential process to achieve compliance and continue your website accessibility journey.

Document Types We are Remediating

Data Dashboards
Maps & Charts
OCR Files

Our 3-Step Document Accessibility 
Remediation Process


We audit the documents for accessible content, structural flaws, missing image alt-text, navigation issues, unusable form fields, tables and lists without proper structure, text formats, and color contrast to identify the barriers.

Remediation & Testing

The documents will be remediated according to WCAG 2.2 and PDF/UA compliance and tested with assistive technology. We use automated testing tools like PAC, PAVE, CommonLook PDF Validator, axesPDF, and Adobe Acrobat.

Delivery & Report

We deliver remediated documents along with a compliance report detailing fixed issues and process.

Industries We Serve

As a corporate responsibility, accessibility should be considered in every aspect of a business. Whether you are a public company, hospitality business, Government or education organization, accessibility documents are required to provide better access for people with disabilities.

Nonprofit Organizations

Whether it is the article of incorporation, the bylaws, the organizational meeting minutes templates, or any documents; we ensure those are accessible to all.

Publishing Companies

Whether it's brochures, flyers, directories, eBooks, or ePub; we ensure its content is accessible to everyone.

Government and Education Organizations

If you are a government or education organization, we ensure that people with disabilities can access all the official documents like reports, handbooks, forms, or pamphlets.


Healthcare companies use various documents such as medical records, prescriptions and insurance papers for their services. We ensure their documents comply with Section 508 guidelines and ADA.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

We provide document accessibility services to banks and finance institutes whether it's for any statements, mortgage papers, insurance documents, or any.

Why Us?

  • We have over 9 years of experience in remediating accessible documents and websites.
  • We use a combination of automated and manual accessibilitytesting to remediate your PDFs economically and efficiently.
  • We have a team who have the know-how of the latest WCAG digital accessibility guidelines, testing tools, methods, and almost all website platforms.
  • As a member of W3C and International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), we apply the best industry practices and standards for both the security of the documents. We stay up to date with the latest accessibility guidelines.
  • We provide bulk remediation of any volume of existing inaccessible documents including PDFs, word documents, PowerPoint, excel, or ePub within your required timeline.

ADA Compliant Website Design FAQs

Document accessibility remediation is the process of modifying digital documents (e.g., a PDF file) as per accessibility standards/guidelines to ensure easy and complete access for everyone including people with disabilities.

During the process of remediating an accessible document, we adhere to the following steps:

  1. Document accessibility audit
  2. Initiate the remediation process according WCAG 2.2.
  3. Conduct accessibility testing with assistive technology.
  4. Deliver accessible documents with compliance report.

To make documents accessible, we use a variety of assistive technologies including screen readers, screen magnifiers, voice recognition software, and alternative input devices.


Yes. Reach out to us [email protected]

Our automated document remediation services cover over 140 languages.

We offer accessibility services for a variety of document formats, including PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoints, E-Pub files, spreadsheets, infographics, diagrams, data dashboards, maps, charts, graphics, OCR files, e-books, web forms, email newsletters, financial reports, and more.

The benefits of PDF remediation include:

  1. Legal compliance prevent lawsuit
  2. Improve accessibility
  3. Enhance user experience
  4. Expand audience reach
  5. Improve SEO
  6. Improve brand reputation

PDF document remediation covers elements such as document structure, text alternatives for images and charts, text readability and order, navigational aids (links, headings, and so on), proper tagging of titles, table structures and titles, interactive elements (forms), and ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies.

Yes, we do. For more information, reach out

The turnaround time for document remediation varies based on factors like the quantity of documents and pages, as well as the complexity of accessibility gaps identified according to WCAG 2.2 Level AA standards.

No, conducting a website accessibility audit is not mandatory for document remediation services. While auditing websites can help identify accessibility issues across various digital assets, including documents. Therefore, a website accessibility audit is recommended because documents are part of a website.