WIX Accessibility Toolbar

Wix Accessibility Toolbar

The Wix All In One Accessibility Widget enables website owners to serve users with a wide array of disabilities in adherence to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Quick Wix website compliance up to 40% for following standards including ADA, WCAG 2.1, Section 508, Australian DDA, European EAA EN 301 549, UK Equality Act (EA), Israeli Standard 5568, and California Unruh!

Compliance Plan

Improved Accessibility and Compliance

The assistive technology of this All In One Accessibility Widget makes your Wix website compliant for all devices. It also reduces the risk of time-consuming lawsuits.


Chances to reach wider audience

An accessible internet is a total win-win. There are approximately 61 million US adults living with disabilities. All In One Accessibility Widget enhances website’s accessibility and allows it to reach a wider audience.


Achieve Online Inclusion

The All In One Accessibility Widget enables businesses to participate in the global efforts to achieve online inclusion.

ADA / WCAG Compliance on Wix Websites

Use All In One Accessibility Widget to remediate accessibility on your Wix website or application. The All In One Accessibility Widget is based on assistive technology that helps organizations to enhance the accessibility and usability of any website.

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2 Minutes

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Wix All In One Accessibility Widget features


Screen Reader

  • Read Page
  • Reading Mask
  • Read Mode
  • Reading Guide

Skip links

  • Skip to Menu
  • Skip to Footer
  • Skip to Content
  • Open Accessibility Toolbar

Content Adjustments

  • Content Scaling
  • Dyslexia Font
  • Readable Fonts (Legible Fonts)
  • Highlight Title
  • Highlight Links
  • Text Magnifier
  • Adjust Font Sizing
  • Adjust Line Height
  • Adjust Letter Spacing
  • Align Center
  • Align Left
  • Align Right

Color and Contrast Adjustments

  • Dark Contrast
  • Monochrome (Desaturate)
  • Light Contrast
  • High Saturation
  • High Contrast
  • Smart Contrast
  • Low Saturation
  • Invert Colors
  • Adjust Text Color
  • Adjust Title Color
  • Adjust Background Color

Orientation Adjustments

  • Mute Sounds
  • Hide Images (Text only)
  • Stop Animation
  • Highlight Hover
  • Highlight Focus
  • Big Black Cursor
  • Big White Cursor

Accessibility Profiles

  • Motor Impaired
  • Visually Impaired
  • Color Blind
  • Dyslexia
  • Cognitive & Learning
  • Seizure & Epileptic
  • ADHD


  • Accessibility Statement
  • Hide Interface
  • Dynamic Widget Color
  • Choose Widget Trigger Button Position
  • Choose Widget Position
  • Multi Language

Note: We do not provide any automated and manual accessibility audit with All In One Accessibility Widget. If you require an automated or manual accessibility audit report, please get in touch with us for quote request.

Select your Wix Web Accessibility Widget Plan

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Are you looking for an enterprise or custom Wix ADA web accessibility solution or a manual accessibility remediation report?


How to install the All In One Accessibility Widget 
in your Wix website?

What is the Need for Web Accessibility?

Web accessibility is a legal obligation induced by all governments including the USA, European Union, Australia, and few other countries. Moreover, It is morally and ethically important to have an accessible websites so that most users can peruse the web without any trouble. Many new laws have been passed by different governments to create an inclusive web and authorities have become stricter than ever. Thus, to avoid lawsuits and to do morally upright work, complying with accessibility is important.

Your accessibility journey


No, the All In One Accessibility Widget’s free version makes your website compliance up to 20%; while the Pro version (annual subscription required) makes it compliance up to 40%. If you want to make your website 99% compliance, we also provide custom ADA compliant web design services for your Wix website. Request a free ADA web accessibility quote for more information.

The ultimate benefits of ADA compliant website include as following:

  • Increase chances to reach wider audiences
  • Enriched user experience
  • Improved usability for everyone
  • Reduce the risk of legal lawsuits
  • Improved website visibility, and more.

The All In One Accessibility Widget has been tested and optimized to ensure there is no impact on your Wix website’s loading time.

You can position it anywhere you will require after installation.

No, testing is not included within All In One Accessibility Widget. For any kind of automated or manual ADA web accessibility testing, you can request a free quote or contact us via email at hello@skynettechnologies.com.

Yes, If you are using All In One Accessibility Pro version, it requires to renew monthly or annually based on the plan you have selected.

Yes, we provide full-service Wix solutions including design, development, customization, maintenance and support, migration and upgrades, custom ADA web accessibility, and more. For more information, please explore our custom Wix development services.

Yes. We provide white label ADA Compliant website solution to web design & development agencies, PR agencies, IT solution providers, law firms, and consultancy. Get in touch with us to know more.

Yes, User requires to accept cookies to see the All In One Accessibility widget in your WIX website.

By quickly installing All In One Accessibility Widget, you can make your Wix website accessible up to 40%. Find out the its installation guide for your Wix website. We also provide custom ADA compliant web design services for your Wix website which can make your website 99% compliance. Request a free ADA web accessibility quote for more information.

- Yes, whether you want to make your existing website or application ADA compliant; redesign your website with WCAG standards or require a new ADA compliant Wix website, ecommerce store or an ADA compliant mobile app, we’ve got you covered.

All In One Accessibility Widget takes 2 to 5 minutes time to enable ADA accessibility on your Wix website.


No. But over a period of time, we are continuously analyzing and upgrading its features every quarter.

In respect to All In One Accessibility module, We provide installation support, design fixes, and email support for any kind of queries or help you will require. Get in touch with us via email at hello@skynettechnologies.com.

Yes, All In One Accessibility Widget supports multi-language Wix website.

To test your website’s accessibility, you can use some automated web accessibility evaluation tools and technologies including WAVE, NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver Screen Readers, ZoomText, Google Talkback and more. Though sometimes, automated testing tools provides inaccurate results. So, we recommend to do manual testing for your website which includes validating your code, testing keyboard accessibility, screen reader accessibility, color contrast ratio, WAI-ARIA markup, and more. If you require any kind of help, feel free to request a quote via this form.

We are giving 5 days free trial for WIX All In One Accessibility Pro app. In case if you have any questions or require any kind of help in installation, feel free to contact us.