PDF Remediation for Accessibility

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a widely used digital format worldwide and with our manual PDF Accessibility services, we would find the accessibility gaps on pdf files and remediate them.

Our PDF Accessibility Remediation Process



Our team of expert auditors evaluate the accessibility of existing PDF documents using automated testing tools and manual expertise.




We ensure accessibility for PDF elements including structure remediation, text content, interactive element optimization, color and contrast adjustment, assistive technology compatibility, etc.



Testing and Validation

We test the accessibility of the remediated PDF document using screen readers and other assistive technologies to ensure that it can be navigated and understood by users with disabilities.

Testing and Validation


Conformance Report

We deliver remediated PDF documents along with a compliance report detailing fixed issues and process, other reports based on individual’s plan.

Conformance Report


On-going Monitoring and Improvement

We will conduct periodic accessibility audits to identify any new accessibility issues and update it with our best accessibility practices to ensure accessibility compliance with accessibility standards.

On-going Monitoring and Improvement

Transform PDFs into inclusive experiences through our PDF Remediation Services

We offer PDF remediation services to ensure your PDF complies with accessibility standards such as ADA, WCAG 2.2, Section 508, PDF/A and PDF/UA guidelines and standards. It allows every individual to access PDFs, regardless of their abilities. Here are the PDF elements we make accessible and are not limited to:

Tagging and Structuring

We add semantic structure to PDF by properly tagging elements such as headings, paragraphs, lists, and tables. This ensures that assistive technologies can interpret the content accurately and provide a seamless reading experience for users with disabilities.

Text Accessibility

We enhance text accessibility by adding descriptive alternative text (alt text) to images, graphics, and multimedia elements. This enables screen reader users to understand the content of these visual elements.

Color and Contrast Enhancement

We set color combinations to ensure sufficient color contrast for readability, making sure that information is not conveyed solely through color. This improves the overall accessibility of documents.

Link and Navigation Optimization

We optimize hyperlinks and navigation aids to ensure they are descriptive and meaningful for users of assistive technologies. Additionally, we add bookmarks and navigation features to facilitate easy document traversal.

Forms and Interactive Element Accessibility

We make forms, buttons, and other interactive elements accessible by adding proper labels and instructions. This ensures that users with disabilities can interact with these elements effectively.

Document Metadata Enhancement

We enhance document metadata such as title, author, and language settings to improve accessibility and searchability. This helps users locate and navigate PDF documents more efficiently.

An Organization Require PDF Accessibility 
Remediation Services

Website Accessibility Remediation

Organizations seeking website accessibility remediation often require PDF accessibility remediation services, as PDF documents are commonly used on websites for sharing important information such as reports, manuals, forms, brochures, datasheets etc.

Lawsuit for non-compliance

PDF accessibility remediation services become essential when an organization is sued for not adhering to accessibility standards, particularly when it comes to PDF documents.

Customer Complaints or Negative Feedback from especially abled Individuals

When an organization receives customer complaints or negative feedback regarding difficulties in accessing PDF documents. Addressing these concerns through manual ADA remediation services becomes essential to ensure that all users can access the information effectively.

Content updates

The addition or removal of content can impact the accessibility of PDF documents. Therefore, to maintain accessibility compliance, consistency, and legal and regulatory adherence, manual PDF accessibility remediation becomes essential.

New/Updates in accessibility document compliance standards

standards introduce or any updates in existing accessibility document compliance standards, organizations require PDF accessibility remediation services to ensure that their PDF documents remain compliant with the most recent standard.

In July 2008, PDF 1.7 was adopted as an ISO standard (ISO 32000-1) [ISO32000]. PDF/UA (Universal Accessibility), which attained ISO Standard status in July 2012 and was subsequently updated in 2014 (ISO 14289-1:2014).

Why should organizations prioritize PDF accessibility?

  • Adhere to Legal Compliance: Country wise there are specific laws and regulations mandating accessibility standards for digital content, including PDF documents. By making PDFs accessible, organization meet and ensure compliance with accessibility laws such as the WCAG, or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States.
  • Prevent Lawsuit: By ensuring that digital content, including PDFs, meets accessibility standards, organizations reduce the risk of lawsuits related to discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Non-compliance with specific digital accessibility standard can lead to legal consequences such as fine and lawsuit.
  • Reach a Wider Audience: There are approximately 1.3 billion people worldwide and 42.5 million people in the United States who are especially abled and rely on various digital assistive technologies like screen reader. By offering accessible PDF documents organization can cover those people and increase their reach.
  • Deliver future-proof content: PDF remediation is essential to ensure that content remains accessible, compatible with new devices, adaptable with assistive technology, SEO-friendly, and improve longevity & usability of content.
  • Brand Reputation: Organizations that demonstrate accessibility and prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) enhance their brand reputation. It conveys a positive message about the organization's values and dedication to inclusivity to users, customers, employees, partners, and stakeholders. In contrast, ignoring accessibility can lead to negative perceptions and reputational damage.
  • Social Responsibility: Ensuring digital accessibility reflects an organization's commitment to ethical and social responsibility. It acknowledges the rights of individuals with disabilities to access information. By embracing accessibility as a social responsibility, organizations uphold ethical standards, build trust with their audience, and contribute to positive social change, ultimately creating a more inclusive and accessible digital environment for all.
  • Cost Savings: While remediating PDFs for accessibility may require an initial investment of time and resources, it can ultimately result in cost savings. Accessible PDFs reduce the need for additional accommodations or alternative formats for individuals with disabilities, such as braille or large print, which can be more expensive to produce.

Let's together make PDF accessible to all!

ada audit and remediation

We are committed to help our customer to make PDF documents accessible to everyone including people with disabilities. By implementing automated and manual accessibility practices, we strive to remove accessibility barriers and ensure equal access for everyone.

For PDF accessibility compliance following industries we serve:

  1. Educational Institutes
  2. Government Agency
  3. Law Firm
  4. Healthcare and Insurance
  5. Non-Profit Organization
  6. Bank and Finance


PDF accessibility remediation is the process of modifying PDF documents to ensure and enhance accessibility and usability of PDF document for people with disabilities.

PDF remediation is important to ensure accessibility and make PDF documents accessible to all users, including people with disabilities. It helps businesses prevent lawsuits, enhance brand reputation, cover a wider audience, and improve user experience by delivering easy and equal access.

Yes, request bulk PDF remediation quote or for more information reach out [email protected]

For PDF remediation, we follow WCAG (2.0, 2.1, & 2.2), ADA, section 508, PDF/A, and PDF/UA guidelines and standards.

Yes, we offer automated PDF accessibility remediation services for English and 140+ languages.

Yes, by implementing best accessibility practices, we create accessible PDF documents and also remediate existing PDFs.

To get started with PDF remediation services, simply reach out to us [email protected] or request PDF remediation quote

Yes, our PDF accessibility remediation addresses all accessibility issues, and for that, we provide a combined automated and manual approach.

Yes, our remediated PDFs meet accessibility requirements for blind users, ensuring compatibility with screen readers and other assistive technologies.

Yes, we provide customized PDF remediation solutions for specific needs.

With our PDF accessibility remediation services, our accessibility experts address all minor to major accessibility elements such as image alter text, headings, tables, diagrams, content text readability, color contrast, links, interactive elements, and compatibility with assistive technologies.

Yes, after PDF remediation we offer ongoing support and monitoring services to stay updated with the latest accessibility guidelines and maintaining PDF accessibility.

The time required for remediate a PDF depends on factors as total number pages, complexity of the document, along with the number of accessibility barriers that need to be addressed.

For remediating PDFs, the cost is generally $5 per page, and it varies depending on the PDF complexity and accessibility barriers. For more information request a PDF remediation quote!

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