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Joomla CMS

A Winning Edge to Your Business with
Our Round Out Joomla Services


Template design and customization

Our professional Joomla developers offer engaging and vibrant designs that resonate with your business ethos. We transform your PSD designs to templates, customize pre-built templates, develop websites with eye-catch themes, to realign your business through influential designs. The themes designed and customized by our team are W3C validated, pixel-perfect, and cross-browser compatible.

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Template design and customization


Joomla extension development

We bestow you with the best Joomla team who have prior experience in building extensions that are compatible with your current application, easy to install and upgrade. The extensions we build are compatible with all major web browsers and also feature varied screen resolutions to engage the customers better.

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Joomla extension development


Joomla web support and maintenance

We offer continuous and uninterrupted world-class Joomla support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth functioning of your website. We address all the major issues involved like bug fixations, extension compatibility issues, and version up-gradation problems, backup & monitoring, security hacks, updating content, and spamming issues.

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Joomla web support and maintenance


Joomla template development

Our crafty developers have great cognitive judgments to pick or build the right Joomla template from a sea of choices for your platform. We build templates from scratch that not only beautify your website but also optimize it for search engines. With unique template designs, your web dominance improves and greater traffic would be driven.

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Joomla template development


Joomla application development

We develop extensive Joomla applications to provide a structurally solid foundation for your business. Whether you need a simple or complex application, we provide the perfect foundation for getting your application off the ground. We can guarantee that your applications are secure, cross-platform compatible, performance-optimized, and auto-upgradable.

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Joomla application development


Joomla ecommerce solutions

How about having an eCommerce store that expands your business by leaps and bounds? With our Joomla ecommerce services, you can set up a comprehensive online marketplace with fully responsive UI, custom functionalities, and compatible plugins. You can manage everything amazingly from large inventories, multiple vendors to secure payment gateway systems.

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Joomla ecommerce solutions


Development of components

We do the tedious work of developing components which are the intrinsic part of Joomla. With Joomla components, you can back up your websites, create search engine friendly URLs, increase user features, and translate content. We customize Joomla components and even provide customer services to resolve any specification in the components.

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Development of components


Joomla theme development

Have you ever felt lost while choosing a perfect Joomla theme from a myriad of choices? We got you covered with our guided services wherein we have a team of developers who can build from the ground up a theme that aligns with your business objectives and brand. We also customize the theme to resonate with your business.

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Joomla theme development


Joomla portal development

You can entrust us with Joomla portal development for news, entertainment, and other portals for enhanced user engagement. We facilitate easier management of your sites by picking the right Joomla templates to create your own portal. We also get you either free or commercial Joomla modules to help you with all the tools like image rotators, video gallery for your portal.

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Joomla portal development

Apex-quality Joomla Solutions to
Build High-Quality Websites

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Ease of use

One of the remarkable things about Joomla is that it is easy to install, setup, and use. We offer all the premium Joomla services with a quick-start installation guide. Even if you are a tech rookie, it is as easy as a pie! Our installation guide is a great handbook and with a minimal amount of instructions, you can easily manage your websites. Be it a simple, static website or a large complex application, using our Joomla services is a cinch.

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Flexible - Easy to extend and customize

Flexibility is not a luxury when you have Joomla virtuoso on your team. We are best known for being productive as our developers have the requisite skills in utilizing thousands of extensions, social media widgets, high-quality templates with which you can build a feature-rich professional Joomla website. Don’t sweat anymore on how to enrich your application. We have got your back!

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Function-based Extensions

How many times were you befuddled while choosing the correct extension for your website? We understand your common refrain and concerns while looking at the sea of options you have. Joomla categorizes the extensions according to functions as plugins, components, templates, language, packages, modules, or libraries. With our Joomla experts, you can blindly trust us with the development of high-end websites.

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Out-of-the-box SEO

A website without SEO is like a chicken without a head. There is no point in building a sturdy and elegant website if it is not properly optimized and shown on the search engine pages. With Joomla’s in-built SEO tools and our assured SEO services, you don’t have to look back. We can also enhance the SEO capabilities by installing additional extensions and plugins.

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Vibrant Community

We are proud to be part of the vibrant Joomla ecosystem which has been rapidly expanding over the years. Learning and enhancing our skills has been a breeze for us as the community has helped us to work on the loopholes, fix security issues & bugs, smooth updates, and even regular knowledge sharing. We save hours of development time by effective utilization of the community forums.

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Ecommerce made easy

What makes Joomla a round-up platform is a way it made an ecommerce store setup as easy as ABC. We help you take advantage of hundreds of components that are specially created for ecommerce purposes. You can also rely on third-party components that run inside the Joomla like Virtuemart. We are also experts in offering a portfolio of integrations like PayPal, Stripe, and others.

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Joomla knows your lingua franca! If you want to reach out to a broader audience, unlike other platforms or older versions of Joomla, you can easily translate your entire website to the language of your choice. We help you reach out to a broader audience by proper utilization of Joomla translation packs.

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Organic Growth

Don’t brood over the growing demands of their businesses. Skynet Technologies, however, is your go-to place for all the evolving needs of your business. We have an efficient in-house team that is geared up for any business development needs. We scale and add new features with faster turnarounds and adapt to any complex needs.

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High Security

Security is a common concern for anyone taking up their business online. Any security loophole could break the trust that was built over decades. So we routinely install the latest security updates and even utilize the third-party extensions to build secure applications.

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We take the leverage of versatility of Joomla by offering the users the freedom to build websites for business, personal, blog, smaller websites to larger ones, or an enormous ecommerce store. Irrespective of the business size and niche, we can help you design any website using Joomla. We also provide additional benefits such as page caching, composer integrations, RSS feeds, Google ReCAPTCHA, collapsible side bars, etc.

Exceptional Post-development Services

Top-Class Results with
Our Cutting-edge Joomla Services

High-performing Websites

Whether you want to build a robust social platform or a minor intranet, a small & static website or a dynamic & enterprise-level one, or an ecommerce website, we’ve got your back! Building multi-user and interactive websites are our forte. We have solid experience in a lightweight PHP framework using which we have built advanced user management portals and high-performing websites that create lasting engagement with the users.
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Infrastructure Versatility

We are professionals in developing LAMP web applications like Joomla. We have certified PHP developers who harness the power of Joomla features and extensions and support you in making any changes to your infrastructure. We offer complete versatility and can also Oracle as a DB, LiteSpeed as a web server.
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Brand Recognition

We specialize in building highly-functional, secure, and superior Joomla web development services that reflect your brand values. We have extensive experience in providing a wide range of Joomla services that are tailor-made for your business. We are dedicated to serving our clientele with superlative services that resonate with your brand.
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Faster Applications

You could lose a ton of traffic if your website speed is slow. Hence many dread about optimizing and caching features and rely on professionals as it is very crucial. With mediocre developers, it can be misused or can create conflicts if not handled well making caching a curse than a blessing. We have an experienced team that takes care of caching and avoiding the overload on the server creating a highly potent and alluring website using Joomla CMS.
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Interactive websites

Our web developers are skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable who can enhance your brand image by creating quality-oriented, feature-rich, and compelling websites. We pick the right web designs, modify the templates, and create consistent experiences across all the web pages. With our professional Joomla web design services, you can actually boost up your business.
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Deliver Portal Services

How exciting it would be if you have a well-rounded CMS with which you can set up your portal. We help you design your own portal websites with which many elements can be published on a single page. We can use free or commercial Joomla modules - social sharing modules. Newsletter management modules, ads modules, contact forms, etc. to create modern websites.
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You can discuss your project requirements with us. We dive into your specifications, needs, goals, and vision. After brainstorming, our business analyst prepares a project roadmap, feasibility plan, and outlines the timeframe. We finally provide you the quote and we will start our work once we get a go-ahead from you.

Joomla may be the best fit platform for your application but without professional help, it is not going to be easy and fully beneficial. It is as good as any other platform without external help. This is where Skynet technologies come in. Our vast knowledge base is complemented by our extensive experience that makes Joomla an incredible platform for all your business needs.

Yes. We sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and strictly comply with it before the client avail of our services. We don’t disclose any of your information without consent and your project information would be under the warps adhering to the data protection measures. All our employees also adhere to strict confidentiality measures to nullify the unauthorized sharing of information and security breaches.

Of course, we don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. We are mindful of the fact that every client comes with unique expectations and needs. You can let us know your requirements and we will look into the feasibility aspects of it.

The easiest and common way to extend the functionality of a website is to find the right third-party apps and integrate them into your application. We reduce your development cost with seamless integration of third-party apps, plugins, or extensions to enrich the functionality of your website. This is easy on your pocket as well.

We leave no stone unturned in making your Joomla website search engine friendlier. We are adept at picking the right SEO extensions that optimize and enrich your website. We also follow the best SEO practices while designing and developing websites.

Unauthorized parties are also finding innovative ways to break your site or take it down. So it is difficult to proclaim the safety of any website. But we do assure that our developers ensure the security of your core modules and also show great diligence while installing any third-party components.

Our client retention rate speaks volumes about our post-development support services. Unlike some companies, we don’t leave your hands post-development and don’t charge you for every call you are making to us. There are not many like Skynet Technologies offering extensive and dedicated support. We would let you know upfront about the support services package and you can choose as per your requirements.

Joomla is one of the most widely used CMSs in the world. Some of the prominent and robust global companies also leverage Joomla CMS services as it is highly flexible and customizable. If used to the fullest, the benefits are enormous- high-quality, functional, and feature-rich. You can easily manage multiple websites efficiently using Joomla.

We offer well-rounded Joomla services to our clients - development, design, support, PSD to Joomla conversions, custom theme development, branding services, and many more. Skynet Technologies is a one-stop solution for all your Joomla related services.

The time estimations can be made after we know your requirements. Based on what your required features, integrations, updates, and other services you are contemplating to utilize from us, we can craft a plan and give you a price quote.

We have a bunch of tech-savvy developers who stay on top of the technological trends and tools. They are fully aware of the know-how of any latest developments in the web industry. We keep up with the design trends, development conventions, and any buzz in the industry.

You can build simple and elegant websites using Joomla CMS. Joomla is frequently seen in corporate portals or websites, online magazines, newspapers, publications, community-based portals, personal homepages, non-profit organizational websites, and more.

All our Joomla websites are intrinsically mobile responsive as we optimize the build from the inception stages to fit well in any handheld devices. Our websites are not rigid and static that increases mobile user frustration.

Joomla is an open-source CMS and hence free to download and setup. You won’t have to pay a penny other than the domain name and hosting charges. However, if you want to avail of additional services like SEO, support, or some premium plugins and extensions, then you may have to pay for those.

Not every update is easy, some create serious disruptions to the current functioning of the site. We anticipate such scenarios and take a backup prior to the update. In case of any damage or breakdown of the site, we immediately rollback to the previous state. The majority of these issues are free of cost; however, time-consuming and user-induced issues will be billable and they would be notified to you.

Need Help?

We follow the agile Joomla CMS development process and our engagement doesn’t end with the creation of websites. Whether you want to create a new website, integrate any application, redesign your Joomla website or business website, migration, require new features development, or real-time support and maintenance for your existing website, you are at the right place!