Easy to use website accessibility extension

ReadWriteMadeSimple browser extension improves the accessibility of the website for people with various impairments. It allows users to select the accessibility features they need, and then browse the content of website. It supports all types of websites and supports over 140 languages.

It plays a crucial role in promoting digital inclusion and ensuring equal access for individual children, students with disabilities in school, college, university, and NGO. Children, students, elderly individuals, faculty, and other community members with visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive & learning, seizure & epileptic, and ADHD impairments; can access online learning materials, platforms, and digital resources, while using assistive technologies (screen reader) to engage with digital content effectively.

Key Features

Screen Reader

  • Read Page
  • Reading Mask
  • Read Mode
  • Reading Guide

Skip links

  • Skip to Menu
  • Skip to Content
  • Skip to Footer

Content Adjustments

  • Content Scaling
  • Dyslexia Font
  • Readable Fonts
  • Highlight Links
  • Text Magnifier
  • Text Highlighter (Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink)
  • Adjust Font Sizing
  • Adjust Line Height
  • Adjust Letter Spacing
  • Align Center
  • Align Left
  • Align Right

Color and Contrast Adjustments

  • High Contrast
  • Smart Contrast
  • Dark Contrast
  • Monochrome
  • Light Contrast
  • High Saturation
  • Low Saturation
  • Invert Colors

Color Blindness

  • Protanomaly,
  • Deuteranomaly
  • Tritanomaly
  • Protanopia
  • Deuteranopia
  • Tritanopia
  • Achromatomaly
  • Achromatopsia


  • Multi-language (140+ Languages)
  • Dictionary
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Move to top, move to bottom.
  • Color theme (light, dark and other few options)
  • Web Search
  • Reset

Orientation Adjustments

  • Hide Images

Pricing & Plans

Don’t worry about extension’s
privacy and Security

We are an ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 company. As a member of W3C and the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), we are applying the best industry practices and standards for both – security of the website and privacy of users.


The ReadWriteMadeSimple is a browser extension designed to enhance accessibility for users while browsing the internet. It offers various features to improve readability, navigation, and overall usability for individuals with disabilities or those who require additional assistance.


Reach out at [email protected] for reporting any issues or technical support.

ReadWriteMadeSimple is constantly evolving and receives updates every 4-6 weeks. These updates can range from new features updates, small bug fixes and major enhancements.

Yes, the extension is designed to work across various websites, offering accessibility features consistently regardless of the site being visited.

The extension prioritizes user privacy and does not collect any personal information without explicit consent. It adheres to strict privacy policies to ensure user data remains secure.