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ADA Compliance Mobile App Strategy

Craft a mobile accessibility strategy for building global app products that millions of disabled can access seamlessly. By harnessing our specialized ADA compliance services, you can have an effective strategy that serves as a tremendous economic opportunity for your business. We collate all the questions one can have while designing the interfaces and features and put our best minds to come up with an effective strategy that improves the accessibility of your app. We are aware of your target segments who are differently abled and also know the industry requirements to come with a successful plan for mobile accessibility.

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ADA Compliance Mobile App Strategy


ADA Compliance Mobile App UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design team builds empathy and incorporates accessibility considerations in their designs to build better products. They uncover various accessibility and inclusive design issues while conducting their user research and include their personas and user stories into their strategy. Our mobile app designs and interfaces will be fully accessible to mobile users regardless of their disability. We include all possible options of accessibility such as dynamic fonts, voiceover, amplified contrasts, etc. into your app design. By creating simple and intuitive UI/UX designs, we make your mobile apps more accessible and easily navigable to them.

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ADA Compliance Mobile App UI/UX Design


Mobile Accessibility Roadmap

We lay down a mobile accessibility roadmap to provide guidelines for designing your mobile apps that are accessible to people with disabilities. Our accessibility work Plan entails various semantics of user interface elements that can be used to improve the usability and accessibility of mobile applications. We incorporate fully comprehensive accessibility API mappings for your mobile platforms to improve accessibility at all touchpoints of interaction. By adopting a multi-layer approach, we address all the accessibility aspects to help the users with disabilities interact with your content and break down any constraints.

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Mobile Accessibility Roadmap


ADA Compliance Mobile App Development

Our accessibility consultants don’t let to push the ADA rules to the back burner by making both the web and mobile apps development strictly in line with the ADA and W3C rules. Our team of mobile app developers incorporates the best practices to break down any sort of constraints while accessing the mobile apps. They include various elements like dynamic font sizes, auto color contrasts, transcripts for the multimedia, easy error message, assistive technologies into the mobile apps to conform to WCAG rules and make the experience of the mobile users intuitive and easier for all.

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ADA Compliance Mobile App Development


ADA Compliance Mobile App Support & Maintenance

Who understands better the need to have ongoing ADA support and maintenance than us! With a team of dedicated support, we keep a tab on all the latest updates in ADA and WCAG rules and make sure that your mobile is fully compliant with the new guidelines. We also repair any elements that do not match up with the laid down rules. Our ADA personnel stays vigilant as they focus on constant monitoring of your app to avoid or resolve any inadvertent ADA compliance issues. We also scan and report back to you the observations, user pain points, and solutions to improve your accessibility score.

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ADA Compliance Mobile App Support & Maintenance


Mobile App ADA Accessibility Compliance Audits

We make a strong case for mobile app ADA accessibility compliance audit in your roadmap. We conduct a thorough and comprehensive compliance audit to reduce legal risks, strengthen brand presence, improve your customer experience, and app productivity. Our ADA compliance audit services will test your entire mobile application to find out if it has any inaccessible elements. We submit a detailed report of our findings and also remediation measures to fix them. Our mobile app development team assess your mobile app and make it WCAG and ADA compliant. Our audit list includes UI/UX review, keyboard accessories, human analysis, and more to detect any issues and diagnose better.

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Mobile App ADA Accessibility Compliance Audits


Native App Accessibility

As your native apps and APIs evolve, problems of accessibility unfold making it difficult to use. Our app developers and design teams are fully committed to making them more accessible. Our team is fully familiar with the best ways to improve the accessibility aspects by creatively designing the interfaces. With the ever-growing demand for native apps, we emerged to be one of the best to fully realize the importance of making them accessible to users with disabilities. We take the challenges head-on and provide the tools and features to make accessibility a reality for all mobile app users in this mission of inclusivity.

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Native App Accessibility


Testing for Mobile Device Accessibility

Our team is experienced in testing your mobile application and evaluating its functionality against the requirements set forth by the Department of Justice and web accessibility initiative WCAG success criteria. Both Android and iOS mobile applications are tested to get an overview of their compliance levels. We follow a humane and inclusive approach while preparing the accessibility test check-list. Manual testing, functional testing, and automated testing are done to assess the overall level of accessibility compliance. You will get a report of the test results and also a list of accessibility issues that need remediation.

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Testing for Mobile Device Accessibility

Best-in-Class Mobile App Accessibility Services that 
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Robust Mobile Apps

Build robust mobile apps by making ADA compliance a part of your mobile app development lifecycle. We incorporate all the features and designs to make your app more professional and inclusive. We help maximize the compatibility of your app with the current and future technologies as well to improve accessibility. Your app can be rolled up to the newest and shiniest hardware or assistive technologies easily.

Intuitive Designs icon

Intuitive Designs

As an experienced UI/UX team, we incorporate all the design elements to make your mobile app accessible to everyone. We keep the user interfaces clutter-free and make them easily navigable based on users’ intuition. We add meaningful elements and components that would help to provide a streamlined and magical experience to your users with disabilities. We make the usability of your app less cumbersome and make it easy for everyone.

Fully Functional App icon

Fully Functional App

It’s for everyone. We design a mobile app with more accessibility features like custom view controls, voice recognition so that you can have a fully functional mobile app that can be used by a significantly larger audience. We organize the visual elements in a proper hierarchy, make the onboarding process simpler, choose the right color scheme for menu placement, and more to make it fully functional and accessible to all.

Interactive App features icon

Interactive App features

Make sure that your mobile app works well with different assistive technologies. We make sure to build an app that enables better interaction with the users. Users using the assistive technologies would be able to get on with what they want to do easily and quickly. With easy descriptions enabled, screen reader technologies assist the users who are visually challenged to better perceive images.

Capture Wider Markets icon

Capture Wider Markets

With more than 82% of the screen readers using mobile phones, by focusing on mobile app accessibility, we provide you a massive market opportunity. By embracing these challenges, you are seizing the opportunities to grow, evolve, and make your presence in the unreached markets. The mobile apps designed and developed by us to deeply engage the people with all kinds of disabilities as they get driven to your app and make them your loyal customers.

Avoid legal lawsuits icon

Avoid legal lawsuits

By respecting the principles of inclusivity, you would avoid or minimize intricate legal lawsuits. Although there are no clear laid-out rules of accessibility for mobile apps, there have been companies who did go through arduous legal lawsuits which would be avoided by our ADA services for mobile apps. Among the myriad tasks involved in the mobile app lifecycle management, strict compliance to ADA rules is one of the key aspects we pay attention to.

Strengthen Brand Presence icon

Strengthen Brand Presence

Set yourself and your app products apart from the pack by committing to being fully ADA compliant. By making your mobile app accessible, you are fueling word-of-mouth marketing to your mobile app and ultimately your brand. Paying attention to the needs of everyone shows your dedication to building quality products that would have positive ramifications to your brand reputation in the market.

Build Inclusive Apps icon

Build Inclusive Apps

As the digital landscape evolves rapidly, with your mobile apps you can increasingly create a connected world bringing in more people with disabilities into the mainstream web arena. By complying with ADA rules, you can make your digital platforms more accessible to all consumers irrespective of their disabilities.

Future-proof Your Business icon

Future-proof Your Business

Denying wider swathes of the population access to mobile apps is not future-proof. You can build a sustainable business by making your mobile apps ADA compliant. Beyond minimizing legal risks, by making your mobile apps accessible, we create a healthy digital future for your business. Avoid mad scrambling when specific standards emerge around the mobile apps by taking the first step in the accessibility journey.

Saves Cost and Improves ROI icon

Saves Cost and Improves ROI

By proactively complying with the ADA rules, we are committed to delivering to save legal costs and also improve your business revenue by garnering new customers. Putting off ADA rules for another day is a sure shot recipe for disaster as it may increase your budget woes in the future. We break all the ceilings of your growth and success by making your apps usable by all and help your business skyrocket the revenue.

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Make your mobile phones magical avenues for people with disabilities by providing personalized experiences for them to learn, communicate, and explore. With due diligence given to mobile app accessibility, we focus on creating custom solutions to make the onboarding and app usage more personalized.

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Competitive Edge

Making your mobile app accessible to otherwise excluded people increases your target user base and also serves as a springboard to your success by leaving your competitors behind. Better brand perception, more happy users, better app reviews and ratings, influence your downloads from regular users as well. The word-of-mouth marketing also contributes to the overall success of your mobile app and gives you a competitive edge in the market.

ADA Accessibility Services that augment Userbase and App Desirability

  • Improved App downloads
  • Broaden Your Market Penetration
  • Drive Engagement
  • Boost Customer Loyalty
  • Wider User Base
  • Make your app more competitive
  • Better Google Rankings
  • Enriched User Experience
  • Better App usability
  • Build Positive PR
  • Increased ROI
  • Improve Usability for Everyone
  • Strengthen Brand Presence
  • Increase Your app downloads
  • Adherence to Inclusivity
  • Avoid legal Complications


Mobile apps are generally covered by the same standards for access by people with disabilities that apply to web applications - ADA and WCAG rules.

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) web accessibility standards are released in 2010 by the US Department of Justice. These standards are meant to make the websites accessible to everyone including people with disabilities. The rules that apply to web applications are relevant for mobile apps as well.

ADA mobile app accessibility guidelines are the same standards for access by people with disabilities that apply to web applications. Section 508, WCAG 2 guidelines, and the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) apply to mobile apps as well.

Mobile app-accessibility refers to making your mobile applications more accessible to people with disabilities when they are using mobile phones and other devices. It includes a range of specialized tools and features to significantly improve accessibility.

ADA mobile accessibility rules are meant to improve the overall user experience and hence focus on improving the application performance as well. It would have all the elements that can improve the overall look-and-feel and usability aspects.

  1. Review the WCAG guidelines to make your app accessible
  2. Conduct an audit of your mobile app using evaluation tools
  3. Manually check if your images have descriptive alt tags. These alt tags may be used by the screen readers, voiceovers, players to describe the elements.
  4. Review the styles and elements like headings, links, and buttons. Your app’s navigation should be seamless for everyone with proper fonts as per the backgrounds.
  5. Follow best practices while developing your content with proper headlines and sub-headlines, periods between the letters, to help the screen readers read properly.
  6. Audit your mobile app for accessibility. Review the code and CSS to ensure best practices are followed and clean up any outdated code.

Not at all, In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You need experienced professionals to design your mobile app to improve the usability and accessibility aspects. ADA accessible design is all about having simple and easily navigable interfaces. They have to be aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly to everyone. Although it is true that accessibility places a few design limitations, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the design. Just make minor adjustments to the color palette, font patterns, etc. Building beautifully designed accessible apps is always possible.

Yes. if you’ve got your app already built, and if it doesn’t meet ADA requirements, we help you incorporate ADA guidelines and make it accessible to everyone. Request a free quote for your any kind of requirements!


Mobile applications are developing in leaps and bounds and are sweeping the world around. They are now being used by everyone. People with disabilities also find mobile apps as new avenues to learn, explore, and communicate. Nearly 56 million people with disabilities use mobile apps in the USA alone and making them accessible is vital to improving the usability of the app.

Although there are no specially laid out rules for mobile apps to be accessible, there are a few cases that did attract legal lawsuits and had to face huge penalties. So, it is better to be proactive and make your mobile apps ADA compliant. Also, by making them accessible, you can improve your target user market widely.

  1. May face legal penalties
  2. Damage to your business reputation
  3. Loss of potential target users
  4. A decrease in the app usage
  5. Your competitors would have an advantage And more.

The exact cost depends on the current state of your mobile app, the number of pages, a whole other range of elements. You can contact us for detailed pricing details with your requirements.

Of course, we do. We provide full-scale mobile app services that include mobile app accessibility and support & maintenance services as well. We do test your mobile app for functional and accessibility aspects. Also, we make sure to uncover any issues of accessibility by conducting an ADA compliance audit.

With ADA compliant mobile apps, there are a multitude of benefits like increasing the size of your target user base, improving your brand reputation in the market, universal accessibility, improved usability, increased downloads, ROI, etc. You can even avoid legal troubles by complying with the ADA standards.

Of course, we can. Skynet Technologies builds all mobile apps that are ADA compliant and are also fully customized and optimized as per the client requirements. We follow a socially inclusive policy and build projects that are accessible to all.

Get started with ADA Compliance Mobile App Development!

Let’s take a multi-faceted approach to ensure your application or digital asset is accessible and keep it in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Whether you want to design your existing application ADA compliance, redesign your application with ADA compliance or require a new ADA compliance mobile application, ecommerce store or an ADA compliant web application, you are at the right place! Contact us today and let us know your requirements.

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