10 Optimization Tips to Increase Performance and Speed of your Laravel Web Applications

By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
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Laravel web applications are preferred over other PHP frameworks in the website application as it (PHP framework) not only serves as a web application platform but also helps in development. Laravel is highly used by web developers according to the usage statistics as it meets the upcoming web application development trends, therefore commonly known as a modern web framework. With every version of Laravel, there is a new feature that accelerates the custom web app development. Basic web development task is automated by the web developers by using tools and libraries of Laravel.

According to research, websites are taking more than the average time to open, have a high risk of leaving the site. This problem in Laravel applications is because of the new upcoming features causing multiple speed issues. Speeding up the Laravel application is the prime motive of every web developer to get maximum traffic in search engines. Using lightweight Laravel – Lumen micro-framework helps in solving the problem.

Laravel Web Application

The following are some simple techniques that help to improve the performance and speed of the Laravel web application.

1. Shrink the Data Response

An increase in bandwidth consumption and effects in loading speed is caused by extra data load. The Laravel web application speeds up when the Laravel programmers shrink and compress all the response data by using Eloquent ORM where all the data is brought back and displayed through a single query to the end-user in a website application. The compressed data can be retrieved by using view models. Data can be created into multiple subsets to create a view model and is forwarded to the client. To increase the speed of data in the conversion of the object model and response data compression, a fractal library is used by developers.

2. Coding with JIT compiler

Interpreting PHP code and compiling the code into byte code by compilers, as PHP code, is a language that computers cannot comprehend. With HHVM, Zend engine is replaced with Roberts just- in -time JIT compiler, whose acceleration is observed compared to the actual rate of PHP code compilation. The process of compiling code by the web developer directly affects the user experience and the performance of the Laravel web application.

3. Easy catching

Working with unified API, back ends, various caching systems make it easy for the PHP programmers by Laravel Web application services. Using robust caching tools like Memcached and Redis is applied by developers in Laravel applications to easily improve its performance. Refreshing route caches, moving of routes to the controller, caching the routes by using Artisan command as Artisan command opens the option of caching configuration and routes.

4. Benefits of artisan optimization commands

A command-line artisan simplifies the web application development, enabled by Laravel and used by developers. It’s a robust interface that speeds up all artisan optimization commands and web applications of Laravel, which leads to faster loading of files, routing cache files, configuring, combining it into a single file.

5. Disable unnecessary services

Unnecessary services can easily be removed by any PHP programmer without much affecting the application’s development. This is done by providing specific useful services and removing the unused one. Similarly, non - essential plug-ins to the web application should be replaced with the important and accessible Laravel plug-ins, as the speed of Laravel application is affected by another unnecessary Laravel plug-in that gives the unnecessary load to the files and libraries.

6. Avoid the lazy-loading approach

Speed of the Laravel web application increases by switching to eager loading approaches. When the first query is executed, the application doesn't need to show additional queries at the time of retrieving data with other object models. By making the programmers work easy, Laravel web development can work with various databases and database operations by providing an Eloquent ORM (object rational mapper). The performance of Laravel web services is affected by eloquent, which makes lazy loading approaches as it only retrieves data when the reference code is exhibited. Therefore, more queries have to be exhibited by the application to retrieve every delivered data.

7. Pre-combine website assets

All the website assets are stored by the programmers during the formulation of a custom web application in different files to update codes faster and perform future modifications. Due to the additional file load, the speed, and performance of the Laravel application are affected. This can be solved by storing all the website assets in smaller and lesser number of files. The Artisan command enables to pre-combine of all the website assets which can unify the used classes, files, configurations, and routes.

8. Decrease blade view

By keeping the site to production mode, the blade view is decreased and minimized by compiling all the views in the Laravel web application. Using a level HTML package helps to decrease the blade view efficiently.

9. Usage of queues

The involvement of 3rd party email into the database slows down the user's experience on the web. This can be avoided by sending an email by using a queue method while letting it run as a background task.

10. Deployment tool

An essential deployment tool is a deployer, which helps in optimizing Laravel web applications by providing out-of-box support for the PHP framework.


To improve the performance of Laravel applications, user experience, search engine visibility, the development process should contain exact steps. These evaluations are carried out by a PHP programmer, as they carry out all the tips with precision and optimize the performance by laying down all specific requirements related to the project. A decision is taken by the developers, to whether to select Laravel 4 or Laravel 5 to get the best features soothing for the project.

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