10 Reasons Why Laravel is Very Popular PHP Framework for Custom Web Application Development?

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Laravel Application Development

Choosing the right framework for its application is one of the most difficult aspects of the initial stages of Custom Web App Development. While the general criteria for a development team to choose the framework are – the cost of development, their experience with it, the popularity of the framework, etc. There are several other factors such as third-party integrations, implementation, testing and many more. You need deliberate consideration.

We can consider PHP as the most popular, and one of the most versatile languages for web development. And, Laravel is its most popular framework. Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework developed to provide a more advanced alternative to the Code Igniter framework. Its architectural patterns are based mainly on Symfony.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Laravel

Today, in this article we will see the top 10 reasons why Laravel is a very popular PHP framework for Custom web development.

1. Sheet Template Engine

Like other popular PHP frameworks, Laravel PHP development also supports the model view controller (MVC) design rule. Here, you can simplify the development of large, and complex web applications by keeping their user interface, and their business logic layers separated. At the same time, Laravel comes with the Blade template engine. You can take advantage of Blade to include simple PHP code in the view, and compile the views in PHP code. Here, you can improve website performance by incorporating the views in the PHP code, and caching the code until the views change.

2. Eloquent ORM

Laravel comes with built-in ORM Eloquent. The ORM system allows you to work with databases through the implementation of Active Record, and perform common database operations through the model. Here, you can simply define the model, and perform common database operations without writing complex SQL queries. At the same time, you can also take advantage of the migration of the Laravel Web Development database to synchronize the databases that run on different development machines.

3. Authentication Library

Laravel also makes it easy for you to create secure web applications by implementing a variety of authentication. In addition to implementing a series of authentication services, you also have the option of controlling the behavior of individual authentication services by making changes to the authentication configuration file. The integrated authentication library comes with a number of security features that include data encryption, creation of login pages, cross-site request forgery prevention, and the option for users to reset passwords.

4. Events

You can easily improve the performance, and modularity of Laravel Application Development by using events. You also have the option of using events to create a class subscription and listen to the events on the website. The function will help you monitor the events that occur on a website, and execute specific tasks, and even when a particular event occurs. In addition, you can add or delete tasks that will be executed based on specific events by typing custom functions.

5. Tails

You can easily improve the performance, and speed of Laravel Web Web Applications through queues. You can use the queues for post-execution execution of long or time-consuming tasks. The deployment of tasks that take time will make the application execute normal tasks quickly, and respond to user requests more efficiently. Laravel latest version allows you to represent queued tasks as command objects.

6. Caching

You can take advantage of the basic caching system provided by Laravel to perform simple caching tasks such as storing objects in a database or a file. At the same time, you also have the option of integrating the web framework seamlessly with popular caching systems such as Redis, APC, etc.

7. Route Cache

Besides supporting primary caching system, Laravel web development promotes the route cache. The new feature included in Laravel allows you to speed up the route registration process. You can register several routes using a single craft command. You can even take advantage of the feature to improve the performance of websites that deal with a larger number of routes by implementing route caching.

8. Middleware Path

Laravel supports HTTP middleware. The middleware adds extra layers to the HTTP path. In addition, you can use route middleware to run specific routes in applications in a more efficient way. In addition, the intermediate software allows you to test, and delete individual requests, and eliminate all conventional layers.

9. Unit Tests

Laravel allows you to evaluate a specific feature or functionality of the web application by performing unit tests through PHP Unit. Also, configure the phpunit.xml file by default. Here, you can simply write test cases, and perform unit tests throughout the development process.

10. Multiple File System

Laravel is designed with native support for multiple file systems through a third-party package -Fly system. The feature allows PHP web developers to simplify the configuration by using both local and cloud-based storage options. The feature will make it easier for you to keep the APIs consistent when choosing between several controllers.

Official Packages by Laravel

In addition to these features, Laravel also has official packages that are useful when different features are integrated into the application.

  • Cashier – Introduced in Laravel 4.2 contains interfaces to manage the subscription billing services.
  • Socialite – Introduced in Laravel 5.0, provides a simplified authentication mechanism for different social sites.
  • Horizon – is used to monitor your system's queue, as it provides the beautiful dashboard and code-based configuration.
  • Passport – is used for authentication of the user through the API using the server.
  • Scout – is out of the package provided by Laravel for full-text search using eloquent models.

Conclusion: Laravel Offers you the Best PHP Platform to Create Custom Application Development

You can always consider writing Web Application Development in PHP 7 to have a number of new language features, along with improved performance, and reduced resource consumption. But, you still have to choose the right PHP framework to write custom web applications in PHP without spending additional time, and effort. Usage statistics published on various websites show that a large percentage of web developers prefer Laravel to other PHP frameworks.

Like other PHP frameworks, Laravel Custom Web Application Development also comes with a number of fast web application development features. But, it allows developers to keep the application sustainable by writing clean, structured and reusable code. In addition, Laravel scores on other web frameworks due to its advanced features and development tools.

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