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BigCommerce SEO

BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform builder that helps you build a professional ecommerce website in no time. Developing an attractive, elegant, and sturdy marketplace is just the first step in the giant leap of building a thriving ecommerce business. Your website should also drive the traffic and become fully functional with a decent conversion rate. To provide stellar user experience, many businesses have been going to great lengths to gain greater visibility.

Most of the business entrepreneurs invest their resources in marketing campaigns on social media, paid adverts, and pay little to no consideration of organic traffic. However, SEO is low-hanging fruit for any business as it fetches long-lasting results by making consistent sales. As per a study, it is found out that SEO is the #1 traffic generating strategy surpassing the social media traffic by more than 100x times. Many ecommerce verticals had recorded more than 80% of all traffic from SEO. With such high converting and recurring traffic coming at zero cost, SEO is definitely drooling for any entrepreneur.

Let us understand how BigCommerce optimizes your ecommerce store and what other practices can be incorporated to kickstart your SEO strategy.

BigCommerce in-built SEO features

One of the best things about BigCommerce is that BigCommerce has all the elements that are favored by search engines to ensure a better ranking.

  • BigCommerce has enhanced security as site-wide SSL is included.
  • BigCommerce provides clean URLs that are highly customizable and easy to structure.
  • With an automated image optimizer, you can load your site faster
  • All BigCommerce templates are mobile-responsive and many support AMP format which accelerates the mobile pages.
  • BigCommerce also facilitates on-page SEO with easy editing of page titles, metadata, alt tag, headings, and other elements that search engines consider while indexing the site for search results.

BigCommerce has been at the forefront when it comes to out-of-box SEO features. However, you need to focus on more aspects to gain an edge over competitors.

Unique product descriptions

Product description should be crafty and compelling to have an impact on the website visitors to turn them into prospective buyers. With hundreds of products, you need to invest in some time to write unique content about the products. This is time-consuming and tedious as it is not always easy to come up with unique content. Make sure you not dumping content by picking up from somewhere else. Search engines are smart enough to bust you for duplicated content. Also, don’t throw in the content supplied by the manufacturer as it is very generic. Write useful, descriptive, and informative content that will convince the visitor to turn into customers.

Product headers and related content

The product name should be included in the titles and URL which is beneficial for both the visitors and search engines. A descriptive product name helps you to stand out in the search engine results and improve the click-through rate. The next step is to make sure that your product content is relevant and in line with your title. Irrelevant content is the bane of SEO white hat practices. Also feature product reviews as these can fetch some keyword related traffic organically. These can also elevate the trust factor and could improve your sales. Another interesting observation is that featuring a product video has a higher chance of getting you the front-page search engine result.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the stepping stone of any SEO strategy that could provide a high search volume and a better conversion rate. You should understand the buyer intent to pick the right keywords. You can do a competitor analysis to find out the latest trends and what the buyers are looking for. You can also use some SEO tools like Ahrefs for competitive keyword research and for building backlinks. With the right keyword strategy, grabbing some eyeballs is a definite result.

No Keyword cramming

There is usually a latent pressure to stuff keywords with an intention to be noticed by the search engine crawlers. This is a tricky thing. Keyword stuffing should be avoided at all costs as it is counter-productive. You need to be mindful that the forceful inclusion of any keyword in the product description does no good to you. The content flow has to be organic and not a forced one, simply cluttering the pages. You need to tread cautiously across this thin line and strictly avoid this black hat practice.

Site Architecture

Set up your site architecture, product pages, and category pages for easy navigation. You need to bring the most relevant content to the forefront when the users click on your website. Keep the site architecture simple, easy navigation, relevant, and scalable. Don’t waddle around the pages if you have a clumsy site structure. Consult an SEO expert who can help you consolidate your pages, include the internal links, and redirect any old pages to the current ones without hurting the SEO. Seamless navigation and clear internal linking improve your chances of ranking high in the search results.

SEO Audit

The technical aspects of SEO include site speed, user experience, responsiveness, and link structure. You can make a fair assessment of your BigCommerce store using an SEO audit. Through an audit, you can find out if there are any broken links, uncover the duplicate content, and if the metadata is missing. You can also analyze the traffic trends to find out the reasons behind the user bounce rate. Focus on the backlinks pointing to your website to make sure that there are no spammy or sleazy links that could penalize you. Improve the site speed if the performance of your website is sub-optimal.


SEO is a holistic process wherein you need to be the best for your customers and pay attention to every element mentioned above. As your website is under microscopic observation that ever before, it is better to have some experienced SEO consultants who can steer you to higher search engine rankings. As search engines are also weeding out those websites who followed black hat and shady practices to boost up their search engine rankings, companies like Skynet Technologies have been providing exceptional white hat SEO services.

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