CodeIgniter vs Laravel – Select the best PHP framework for web development!

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codeigniter vs laravel

PHP anyway is a popular choice of web developers to create unique, modern websites/applications. To develop customized designs, PHP frameworks are the preferred choice of many. With its increasing demand and exceptional results, lately, myriad PHP frameworks came into existence. However, there are a few that have amazing features and functions to design impeccable designs.

Among plethora of options, there are two well-known PHP frameworks available, Laravel and CodeIgniter. Both frameworks have the capability to speed up the web development process. But at the same time, they have profound differences.

This article has a side-by-side comparison of Laravel and CodeIgniter. So, if you are confused, about which one to choose for web development, read the differences and other details given in the article.

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Laravel and CodeIgniter frameworks in brief!

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, that follows MVC (model-view-controller) architecture. Its source code is hosted on GitHub and is a trustworthy framework with routing, authentication, caching, and session features that make Laravel web development quick and efficient.

Laravel has an integrated packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager to maintain and deploy applications and their orientation towards syntactic sugar.

On the other hand, CodeIgniter is one of the best PHP frameworks for building dynamic websites. This framework has a complete library for its users. Moreover, CodeIgniter is amiable with third-party plugins that are used to enhance complex functionalities.

Its data encryption procedure and security are other features in its cap. CodeIgniter is premediated for developers who need simple toolkits to build full-featured web applications.

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CodeIgniter vs Laravel – Major differences!

According to Dr. Chris Dayagdag, “We don’t just build websites, we build websites that sell.”

And to build such goal-oriented websites, you need to choose a felicitous framework with incredible features that ease out the web development process.

  1. Quality session control
  2. Improved I/O
  3. Seamless third-party integration
  4. In-built caching mechanism
  5. Modular packaging
  6. In-built authentication tool
  7. Handy Blade template engine
  8. Composer-based dependency manager
  1. File uploading class.
  2. Facilitates hooks and class extensions.
  3. Error logging
  4. Data and forms authentication
  5. Session management module
  6. The library with image manipulation curriculum
  7. Search engine friendly URLs
  8. Data encryption and data paging
  9. In-built class support to send emails.
  10. XSS filtering with higher security levels.
  11. Extremely lightweight
  12. In-built template engine
ORMHelps developers with eloquent object-relational mapping ORMDoes not facilitate ORM
Modular functionalityIt is fabricated with in-built modular functionality.Developers utilize modular extension to form and uphold the modules.
Framework typeLaravel is a full-stack framework.Minimalistic framework
Support for DBMS Microsoft SQL server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • IBM DB2
  • PostgreSQL
  • JDBC compatible
  • orientDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Microsoft BI
And integration support for,
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • DB2
Construction and UpdatesMVC architecture and command line tool known as Artisan for web development. Its structure follows the MVC pattern. The pattern is roughly based on object-oriented programming and developers use the pattern as per their needs.
RESTful API Laravel developers can produce a collection of REST API in less time and effort with the help of RESTful controller method.CodeIgniter does not simplify streamlined development of REST APIs.
PopularityLaravel is a very popular framework due to its communicative coding pattern.CodeIgniter is popular but not as much as Laravel. Developers prefer its ease of usage.
Programming paradigmComponent orientedObject-oriented event driven functional
HTTP Support Describing custom HTTP routes is possible in Laravel. For each HTTP route, developers can form a precise URL.CodeIgniter does not support HTTP fully.
Learning CurveEasy-to-learnIt is easy to learn.
Unit testingLaravel application’s code can be checked uninterruptedly with the help of PHP Unit.It does not have in-built unit testing tool.

Market Statistics – Important numbers to know!

Laravel's overall market share is around 7.58% according to Statista and is the 14th most loved web framework.

It has got 68k Github stars.

Its 1.83% (approx.) of total live websites belong to the one million topmost websites in the world.

Whereas CodeIgniter has 1.72% overall market share.

It has gained 18.2k stars and 7.8k forks on Github.

These numbers show the popularity and usage trends of Laravel and CodeIgniter.

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Which framework to choose: Laravel or CodeIgniter?

Laravel and CodeIgniter both are outstanding frameworks that produce vogue results. Thus, choosing any one between these two eminent PHP frameworks can be overwhelming bit tricky. You can consider Laravel vs CodeIgniter performance while selecting a PHP framework for web development.

There can be two situations -

  1. You choose Laravel if you have to work on a colossal, complex project because Laravel has features and functionalities to build a complex website. Also, if you need a perfect data-driven web application with huge datasets management. Or if you are looking for a full-stack PHP framework for the entire web development lifecycle.

    Laravel supports robust web development in less time. Other than the time benefit, some of the other advantages of using Laravel are its exceptional traffic handling capabilities, advanced security protocols, seamless third-party integrations, etc.

  2. You choose CodeIgniter if you have to build a simple project. If your project doesn’t need in-built testing or database management capabilities. Or if you need a minimalistic framework to develop a scalable website.

    CodeIgniter has made web development faster than Laravel. Moreover, it offers benefits like incredible error handling, hassle-free migration, the ability to generate SEO-friendly URLs, and many more.

So, now you know how to choose any one out of these two PHP frameworks for your upcoming project.

Wrapping up

Laravel and CodeIgniter are two powerful PHP frameworks. With a plethora of incredible features and web development capabilities, they both have acquired a significant number of websites across the world. However, some research found that Laravel is a more preferred framework than CodeIgniter due to its coding pattern. Nevertheless, at times, developers choose CodeIgniter to build simple yet impactful website development.

Anyways, they both are the best PHP frameworks available currently for web development. Choose an apt framework that helps you build a precise experience for your audience!

First, determine the required functionalities for your application before choosing the appropriate framework. Once you've done that, embark on creating exceptional and distinctive projects.

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