The Ultimate Guide on Drupal 8 Google Analytics to Setting Up Business Goals!

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Drupal 8 Google Analytics

Data is the new oil! You need data to research, assess, and evaluate the data for your business to grow. It reflects how your website is doing and to know whether you have done everything right. Business owners, website administrators, and technical personnel hence are attentive to website analytics. One of the best ways to get comprehensive and accurate data is through Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics module is a website statistics and analytics tracking system and one can simply interface it to your Drupal website. You can have a long list of statistics and analytics at your fingertips, and you can track users, pages, user roles, based on which you can make better and informed decisions about your Drupal website capabilities and user interactions with it.

Google Analytics now goes hand-in-hand with Drupal and it enhances Drupal’s potential in the most powerful ways. The critical element of the Google Analytics module is to allow you to copy the tracking code you wish to trace.

A Quintessential Combination for Business Transformation

Drupal 8 has numerous modules but the dedicated Drupal community has created simplified yet powerful solutions for dealing with Drupal websites even by a technical noob. Many useful websites have been built on Drupal and businesses now need specific data for better targeting and wider reach.

Why do you need to track your data?

Your entire business depends on how customers react to your Drupal website. The more customers, the better your profits are! Google Analytics lets you track the progress of your website, identifies any problematic elements on the site, and helps you to focus on improving the overall performance of the website.

By adding Google Analytics on Drupal 8, all the stakeholders would be benefitted.

  1. Business owners - Get a complete picture of the user behaviour. They can convert their website visitors into customers. This positively impacts your business growth and profits.
  2. Drupal Developers - They can understand how responsive your website is and accordingly they can make improvements for cross-browser functionality and device responsiveness.
  3. Customers - The earlier pain points which were being faced on the Drupal 8 website would be resolved and now they can have a seamless user experience.
  4. Marketers - They would have information on their user behaviour, preferences, and interests. They can segment the audience and target better for better conversion rates.

Benefits of Integrating Google Analytics with Drupal 8 Website

  1. Measure Your Traffic - You need to know from which channel your traffic is coming. Today, the customers are everywhere and they have many channels to know about your website. It could be through search engines, social media channels, paid ads, email marketing campaigns, etc. Through Google Analytics, you can understand where you get the greatest number of your websites and how to improve traffic on the other channels.
  2. Understand Your Audience - Know your audience persona as Google Analytics presents you comprehensive information about the audience or website visitors. You can understand the demographic information, preferences, etc. which helps in gaining a better understanding of your customers. Based on their behaviour, you can make modifications to the website to adapt the web pages specific to their needs.
  3. Know Your Weaknesses - Know more about the user journey on your webpages. This helps you in identifying the user pain points on the webpage. You can understand the sections they are more interested in; what areas of your website make them stay, and what drives them off. Understanding where the visitor ends the journey will throw light on your websites’ weaknesses so that you can fix them on time.
  4. Yield Maximum Value - You don’t have to spend a fortune on pricey analytics tools. Google Analytics is free! You get valuable insights from Google Analytics without shelling a bomb. You can also use this data and improve the value you get out of your Drupal 8 website.
  5. Study Keywords Report - You get to know the relevant keywords that need to be optimized and improved to enhance your visibility and push you to the top search results. Google Analytics provides you the most relevant keywords and also suggests you the keywords that get you to the top page results.

How to Integrate Google Analytics with Drupal 8?

Now that you understood the importance of having Google Analytics in Drupal 8, you just need to invest in a few minutes to improve your website.

  1. Create a Google Analytics account and login.
  2. Connect your Google Analytics account and your Drupal 8 website. You need to add the script and user ID to your website.
  3. Complete the login process by putting in the necessary credentials.
  4. Install Google Analytics module and make sure it is compatible with Drupal 8
  5. Get the event tracking Id from the Google Analytics page and insert it into the Web Property Id field by clicking on the property settings.
  6. Check the other settings by setting up the necessary configuration on the dashboard
  7. Make sure everything works as expected. Test it. Go to the real-time tab on the Google Analytics website and choose the Overview option where you can check if the Google Analytics module is successfully integrated into the Drupal site.
  8. Access the traffic data and make conclusions to know about your website’s efficiency and performance. Optimize the website if required.

It is easy to install a Google Analytics module on the Drupal 8 website even with zero technical experience.

Closing Thoughts

Drupal is one of the most popular and powerful CMS and many enterprises rely on it to build robust and secure websites. It is suitable for any kind of enterprise- small and large, private, and Government owing to its versatile features and modules. You can take the overall effectiveness of Drupal by a notch higher through the installation of Google Analytics. Google Analytics uncovers many possibilities that can improve the user experience, convert the visitors into customers, by optimizing Drupal web page elements.

Integrate this amazing tool into your Drupal 8 today and kickstart an incredible growth journey today. If you are still not on Drupal 8, you can also contact our Drupal team who are well-versed in Drupal 8 and its modules.

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