Pimcore 2023.3 Release - Latest Enhancements for Next-Level Data Management!

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Pimcore 2023.3 Release

Pimcore 2023.3 was released on December 13, 2023. It is said to be another powerful version because this release has pushed the boundaries to deliver an improved and renovated data management experience. Now, every data interaction will be more intuitive, impressive, and faster due to new enhancements.

The latest version of Pimcore is based on active user feedback and that is the reason why you will find a whole new series of UI enhancements in Pimcore 2023.3. The new user interface is offering a profound competitive advantage for business data operations in the Pimcore Enterprise Edition.

Let’s explore all the new additions you will find in Pimcore 2023.3.

New and more advanced features in the latest Pimcore edition!

  • Admin UI/UX development

    A new Admin UI is in under development phase and the existing Admin UI has been improved with changes like,

    • Refactoring of the editor toolbar
    • Changing to a light theme
    • Refactoring the main navigation

    Pimcore 2023.3 has an evolved editor toolbar with the removal of the second-level action bar that simplifies workflow. The newly added submenu increases the usability of essential tools since you can find them precisely where you need them. It ultimately displays that Pimcore 2023.3 has come up with a user-focused approach.

    The new navigation experience is going to be the icing on the cake. The makers have integrated a submenu to manage notifications, logout options, and profile access. The renovated navigation is more intuitive and simpler to handle, offering a smoother and more logical experience.

    The new changes ship along with the Pimcore enterprise extension and can be activated instantly.

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  • Workflow Automation Integration

    Now with the new enterprise extension Workflow Automation Integration, complex processes turn into simple and automated tasks. It helps set up various use cases and customize them to specific requirements, which speeds up Pimcore integration with third-party systems. This feature is mainly about reducing repetitive, time-consuming activities and leveraging each resource automatically in favor of the system. Pimcore’s first version had templates for N8N based on existing Datahub configurations. The templates are made to focus on all common scenarios and are immensely practical –

    They use over 700 integration components to automate workflows and data pipelines.

    Help connect Pimcore with other third-party platforms.

    Integrate with data analytics, AI/ML workflows, and data enrichment requirements.

    The templates assist in streamlining communication processes by integrating with Microsoft Teams, Jira, Notion, and Slack.

    Pimcore integration with other marketing and sales platforms such as Salesforce, Magento, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. is simple due to these templates.

    So, if you are intrigued by the power of webhooks, you can now capture and store data from web events directly into a spreadsheet for analysis purposes. Also, the templates are customizable. You can download them from within the Pimcore system.

  • Alternative Elements Trees

    The Alternative Elements Trees are meant to provide a systematic result always no matter how you twist the data.

    This extension is another addition in Pimcore 2023.3 that enables you to configure distinct custom views of your data objects, making it easier than ever to identify quality issues that ultimately make maintenance tasks rapid. It allows the creation of virtual folder structures based on groupings of data attributes. The configuration happens in a simple and handy configuration window. Examples of Alternative Elements Trees can be, Catalog management for specific output channels, organizing data in multiple classification hierarchies, etc.

    Most importantly, you can set up this extension in no time. It has a user-friendly window, which is a boon for non-technical users since they can create multiple levels of grouping easily.

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  • Core Framework

    Pimcore 2023.3 includes a latest minor version of the Core Framework that has come with features like,

    Centralized Select Options definition via Backend Admin UI

    Multiselect and manage select fields within data objects using predefined options maintained and created in the Backend Admin UI. This new feature allows users to define a master set of select options that can be used in multiple fields across different definitions, for instance, Class definitions, Object bricks, and Field collections. Moreover, the options can be managed and secured based on user permissions.

    Quantity value unit definitions - Export/Import

    This feature is included in the latest version to support exporting Quantity Value unit definitions into JSON files to import into other environments. The functionality helps resolve the issue of repeatedly defining Quantity Value units across various environments and contributes to far better deployment scenarios.

    The command for importing unit definitions:


    Improved Security

    Pimcore 2023.3 has improved security features:

    • It added sanitizing checks for PDFs to mitigate potential unsafe JavaScript codes.
    • There are one-time use Password Recovery Tokens.
    • New password verification process.

    Improved Performance

    Pimcore 2023.3 has improved performance because of new options to disable some asset background jobs like counting pages, generating thumbs, and extracting text. Also, it saves DataObject properties in dirty state only and not on every save. Pre-calculating spherical data in background processes to open assets is another reason behind the upgraded performance.

Wrapping up

Pimcore 2023.3 gives the power to personalize and optimize the overall platform experience. A new user interface with Workflow Automation Integration and other important features will surely redefine your experience with this eminent platform. So, try your hands on the latest version of Pimcore and upgrade your application or website for better data management!

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