Discover New Horizons: Pimcore Platform Version 2024.2 Released!

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Pimcore Platform 2024.2 Release

The digital transformation landscape has taken another significant leap forward with the release of Pimcore Platform version 2024.2. The latest iteration of the open-source data and experience management Pimcore platform introduces many new features and improvements aimed at empowering businesses to manage their digital assets, product information, and customer experience more effectively.

With the new addition of Pimcore Copilot and some core improvements, the latest Pimcore 2024.2 is all set to make it easier for businesses to manage their complex data processes seamlessly and drive overall growth.

Pimcore Copilot

The Pimcore Copilot helps content creators to create content across different platforms despite various intricacies. Its advanced automation system helps curate content perfectly and saves time to meet desired requirements of diverse channels. It not only reduces time to market but also ensures the quality of delivered data to maintain the brand’s voice.

Images upscaling using AI model!

Pimpore Platform Version 2024.2 has come up with AI Image-to-Image Action for Pimcore Copilot, which enhances the quality of visual content. Now it is possible for businesses to increase image resolution without harming its quality. Let’s understand the process:

  • The AI tool magnifies images without disturbing their sharpness and minimizes pixelation.
  • It applies the upscaling action on multiple images together and streamlines the visuals for diverse marketing channels.
  • The image upscaling happens in the existing workflows, with no disruption in established processes.
  • Since upscaled images preserve their uniqueness and information, businesses can serve to variety of publishing requirements for web, mobile, and print channels.

The upscaled images are required mainly for some specific processes such as:

  • The images are suitable for ecommerce platforms where higher-resolution images are needed for sales purposes.
  • Older images with low resolution will become good to preserve for future requirements once they are upscaled.
  • Social media platforms have their unique specifications for images. Upscaled images can be uploaded on these platforms without manual resizing.
  • These images can be used for large-format media like banners and posters, maintaining their original aesthetics.

Pimcore Copilot is equipped with this AI model to modify images using predefined or custom prompts. Thus, designers and content creators can adjust images or make required alterations directly in their workflow. The prompts are structured and customizable, giving content creators full control over image adjustments.

Image modification is required to change the style or color of the entire image or some object inside the image for marketing and design purposes.

Filter data objects based on condition action!

To streamline data management processes, Pimcore Query Language (PQL), which is an addition in Pimcore 2024.2, is an easily available programming skill. It allows users (developers, designers, content creators) to filter data objects within their database and manage data effectively.

The Pimcore Query Language helps users specify filtering conditions within the interface to complete the task safely. The filtering results get automatically saved in the execution context so that they can be easily accessed and utilized.

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Filter assets based on metadata condition action!

One of the key advantages of Pimcore Query Language is to select assets precisely and utilize them by filtering based on metadata conditions. If once metadata conditions are defined using PQL, it ensures secure and streamlined operation. The filtering results are automatically stored and are easy to access.

Assets filtering can be used for images with expired usage rights by notifying the concerned department to update or remove those assets. When organizations regularly filter out irrelevant or outdated images, they maintain the quality of their digital assets.

Core development and system improvements

To fulfil increasing digital business demands, Pimcore Platform Version 2024.2 has shipped along necessary core improvements that will enhance the overall platform performance.

The Pimcore ecosystem has a centralized job management feature known as Generic Execution Engine, which allows users to execute, monitor, and manage longer-running background tasks flexibly. Pimcore Copilot is using the Generic Execution Engine to optimize its operations.

The upcoming Pimcore Studio will also use this feature for longer-running tasks like exports, batch updates, etc. to increase the efficiency of the platform. Enhance Pimcore website accessibility with Pimcore All in One Accessibility among people with hearing or vision impairments, motor impaired, color blind, dyslexia, cognitive & learning impairments, seizure and epileptic, and ADHD problems.

In a nutshell,

Pimcore Platform Version 2024.2 marks a significant milestone in the journey of digital transformation. With its advanced data management capabilities, improved user experience, and enhanced integration features, the new version is set to empower businesses to achieve greater efficiency, scalability, and customer satisfaction.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Pimcore is regularly setting benchmarks by providing innovative solutions that drive business success. Pimcore 2024.2 offers the tools and capabilities to support every digital transformation journey, whether it is a small business or a large enterprise.

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