Top Tips to Keep Custom Web Application Secure!

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In the present day, we see that the cloud services are highly recommended compared to the old traditional way of downloading any kind of Web application. This is the best way of moving towards is a web application service which is a new form of program. It is a platform helping each organization to communicate with remote workers and also help them to control the global market in terms of holding all customers. Web application development service is used to transfer the data more securely and it is frequently handy. In any case, you lose control over the service then it can adversely affect you and your relevant customers in the long term.

Now, we will get into detailed perspective regarding Web Application development service and know-how to keep them secured.

[1]. Risk Factor for Web Application:

As the traditional offline Web Application had some major problems, similarly the Web Application development service also has some related risk factors which need attention. A new useful project has been introduced known as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). In this Web Application Security Project, one could find any kind of useful tips and policy that help them to solve any related problems. Some of the most important issues are:

  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): This is a type of attacker which is found in the user’s browser. These redirect users to many unimportant websites. It also tries to steam cookies with the help of the user’s privet information and then mechanically download all malware.
  • Injection attacks: This type of attack submits all the required code which is executed with the help of the users' input field. These attacks are used only to get into sensitive data or enter the forbidden areas and add all malicious functions to any type of Web Application.
  • Remote Code Execution (RCE): This type of attack is only used to silently the automated tools that will remotely execute the code required. They intensify the freedom of attacking more in the upcoming time or introduce malicious code in the Web Application.
  • Direct Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks: This type of attack is done to spam the device or overload the servers. They shut down the websites and that leads to revenue loss. All this together has led to a security issue and therefore more chance of an attack in the future.

[2]. Shift Security Left:

The Shifting security left is a way where both the security teams and Web Application development procedure works together. One needs to know the DevSecOps strategy in detail. Here it has been seen that the web application development service team, the web application development security members and the operational team together make the work going. This indeed helps you to make a proper web application security plan. Continuous testing of the application and correcting the required area is very much required. While the issues are identified during the developing period the rick factor decreases and that leads to an increase in the product.

Before you choose to secure the process you must use different tools and your testing process must be advance. Why should you do so? As this will enhance to secure your code-based application and logical exposure will be in a comprehensive manner. Web application developers must be including the tools and the test in the Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). To end those, remember to include the manual source code audits. Apart from that also include the manual and automatic test that penetrates.

[3]. Web Application Firewalls (WAFs)

The traditional firewall will never secure your web application. This firewall has some disadvantages such as they cannot rectify the traffic for intelligent restriction and so it fails to block any kind of external traffic. If the traditional firewalls do so then the customers will not be able to access your web application development service. Therefore, it proves that it cannot provide the required protection to the customers.

The web application Firewalls or the WAFs are something you need. It can analyze the HTTP and HTTPS traffic and therefore useful in terms of blocking any kind of external attack on the layers of the business web application. One thing you must always remember i.e. it works on a certain pattern. This pattern known about the upcoming issues and so unknown issues about the web application won’t ever be rectified and so these are at one point not worth it.

[4]. Restrict Access

You should know and implement the principle of the least privilege no matter what you’re addressing. This will help the customers to access their needs. Other than that it also helps to reduce the chance of greater damage which can be done by an attack. It should be kept in mind that the administrator must have the ability to access the web application development service locally. All the remote traffic should be coded so that means from the source to the end everything is hidden for any kind of attackers. This helps to ease the risk factor of attacking remotely. When the business web application is designed it should only contain the important functionality web application development. More coding or too much security can create unnecessary gaps that adversely might create a security issue. Try your best to disable any kind of unnecessary and unimportant features in the web application development service.

[5]. A Bug Bounty Program

In the Bug bounty programs, an economical reward is presented by an organization. This type of reward in the Web Application development service is presented in case of discovery and any kind of privet or personal reporting. Why are these types of rewards given so much importance? In short, the answer is to cut down the cost of the business web application. Yes, this gives access to the skilled hacking team and other similar expert people without any kind of extra payout. During this Bug bounty program, it provides security testing after a web application has been organized. The more the customer gets engaged with the security the chance of rewarding them increases.


Custom Web App Development has gained huge security and also came up with new challenges and advantages for the upcoming attackers and the organization. This ensures that both the organization and the needy customers benefit from this web application program and it does not allow any kind of hackers to interfere.

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