Why hire Drupal Expert on retainer for Drupal Web Maintenance?

By: Drupal Developer
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Drupal CMS is one of the most popular website solutions with over a million users worldwide. From personal blogs to government organizations, small startups to bigger enterprises, this free open source framework has been extensively used by the web developers and designers alike. Drupal websites need constant maintenance to ensure zero disruptions to your business.

An ideal Drupal expert might be right around the corner and it would be an icing on the cake if you could find one. But we would be unsure of what challenges await along the engagement path. In this article, we discuss why relying on Drupal experts for your Drupal web maintenance is the best decision you could make.

Resonate Experience

It might be risky to entrust such an important thing like Drupal web maintenance with inexperienced or moderate quality Drupal experts. Experience matters when it comes to entrusting your website services. It’s best to find Drupal expert on retainer if you cannot afford a full-time Drupal agency. Their genuine resonance of solid experience in handling Drupal projects and complex functionalities speaks volumes about their capabilities.

Strong Knowledge Base

Drupal experts might have built strong workflow and their knowledge base will be even stronger. They might be aware of all the challenges that can complicate the ongoing tasks. But they would make sure to deliver only the successful output in the end. They would also adhere to industry standards and current best practices.

Customer Testimonials

Not everything on the web is true. Still, it’s important to know the previous customers’ feedback, their testimonials, some case studies on how the current Drupal expert was of help to them. This information could give you a minute idea about how their previous work helped the customers. An inexperienced person may not have the required work to showcase to the clients. Once you understand the nature of work and how it made a difference, it is easy to expect how your future engagement would be like.

Wide range of services

A seasoned Drupal agency would be more equipped with the right tools and resources to handle a variety of services. They could make an ideal tech partner with their broader expertise. The Drupal website retainer, over the years, might have gathered solid knowledge on a multitude of services like version upgrades, security fixes, performance audits, code reviews, hosting issues, and other emergency support services.

Mastered niche

Someone who is well-equipped with your niche industry knowledge would make the whole process simpler and easier. It also saves a lot of time. Although working in different niches is no less a disadvantage as it indicates diverse insights on innovative solutions.

Faster Service and quality commitments

The years of experience and knowledge would come handy to identify the issues faster, thereby reducing the turnaround time for the bug resolution. They even deliver quality work in less time. Drupal experts on retainer would understand the timelines better and stick to the deadlines without delaying your work. They offer professional support and consider project management as significant to reduce miscommunication.


Experts come with great credentials as their work speaks for them. Many Drupal support agencies do not provide warranty for particular tasks as websites usually have old bugs and legacy code that may interfere with the entire website. But some experts offer a warranty for the tasks performed. If you find any recurring bugs in the later stages, they could be fixed free of charge.


Drupal expert retainers will offer consistent communication with their clients. They also empower their clients by providing full information about the tasks performed and the best practices followed. Their workflows will be made to transparent and open to you. They would also be willing to share their latest work. Ask them to showcase some of the previous work they have done in Drupal web development and if they know all about its latest versions and best practices.

The clients would always be in the know and they would be tracking the work progress in real-time. They can also offer their inputs and comments on the work done or approve the results.

Effective Communication

Drupal experts who have been helping out clients are never averse to communicate and take feedback. A decent Drupal retainer would show a willingness to answer your questions and hear your feedback. They understand that effective client communication as one of the prerequisites.

They make sure that your ideas and concerns are brought to the developers. They won’t hesitate to go beyond your project implementation to understand your company’s objectives, expectations, vision, and values. They would try to align their work along the lines of your business expectations.

Community Engagement

Drupal CMS has the most passionate and dedicated global community. Every Drupal expert is part of the larger Drupal community, engaging with the other members and willingly mentor new talents through discussion forums. This builds up their expertise and attitude.


Finding a Drupal expert for your website maintenance is an effective investment that adds more value to your business and helps you achieve your revenue goals. These are the key decision pointers that could assist you to find the best fit for your Drupal website maintenance.

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