Enhanced website accessibility and filled the accessibility gap with comprehensive audit.

California based Omnilux LED devices manufacturer has enhanced accessibility with All in One Accessibility and manual accessibility audit!

About Client

The leader non-invasive OMNILUX LED technology manufacturer since 2003, is trusted by more than 5,000 dermatologists and aesthetic offices all around the world to treat fine lines and wrinkles, redness, pigmentation, discoloration, acne, and many other skin complaints. With its clear and contour face masks, they bring the clinically proven results of red/near-infrared/blue LED light therapy out of the dermatologist’s office and into homes.


The company faced challenges getting a complaint due to glaring accessibility and ADA compliance issues. They wanted to quickly implement accessibility features according to WCAG 2.1 AA standards and evaluate the accessibility issues manually.


Excellent App! Great for all size stores. Easy to install. I needed something that offers global compliance at a reasonable price for large stores. It meets all my needs.



Project Size



  • All in One Accessibility
  • Manual Accessibility Audit



public health website WCAG accessibility


All in One Accessibility Integration: For quick accessibility implementation, they have installed All in One Accessibility app onto their website. They approached us to evaluate its accessibility challenges comprehensively.

Comprehensive Accessibility Audit: We conducted a thorough evaluation of their website against WCAG 2.1, assessing various elements such as navigation, content structure, forms, multimedia, and interactive features. This evaluation involved both manual testing by accessibility experts and automated testing using specialized automated accessibility testing tools including Monsido, WAVE and Google Lighthouse. Manual testing included using a combination of assistive technologies, web browsers, and operating systems. The tools include NVDA, VoiceOver and JAWS.

Detailed Manual Accessibility Audit Report: Following the evaluation, we presented a detailed audit report outlining accessibility issues identified during the audit process. The audit report includes evaluation methods - automated testing and manual testing, applicable standards / guidelines, scope / pages tested, WCAG 2.1 level AA test report summary, document accessibility test report summary, and multimedia accessibility test report summary.


Improved Accessibility: Their website became more accessible to individuals with disabilities, ensuring a seamless and inclusive user experience for all visitors.

Filled the gap with clear understanding: With audit report and by aligning with industry standards and regulations, they got the clear understanding and filled the accessibility gap.

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