A leading lighting solution manufacturer has achieved the potential organic growth!

A Texas-based lighting solution manufacturer has achieved the potential organic growth with SEO focused website redesign!


The client is a leading manufacturer of innovative ultra-efficient, and durable LED lighting solutions. They proudly stood for lighting expertise, innovation, and genuine customer satisfaction for over 37 years. Their target audience is various markets of auto dealership, educational facilities, data centers, retail, food processing, office buildings and corporates, hospitality & public venues, municipal, warehouses, industrial and manufacturing facilities.

They wanted to include a website revamp as a part of the enhancements process. Moreover, they wanted to improve their website accessibility among people with disabilities. Their requirements also included a stronger focus to maintain and boost their existing search engine rankings and conversions.


  • Rep locator information provided on Website Google Map was missing key information like counties and required rethinking and restructuring.
  • A huge data migration on new revamped WordPress website and making sure Outbound marketing integration
  • The website has two parts – WordPress CMS and HubSpot Part of website. So, it was bit to enable seamless WCAG web accessibility improvements for both the platform.
  • The client wanted to make their quote process user-friendly, efficient, and streamlined.
  • The client’s target was to reach their products among Hispanic audience as well.
  • They wanted to highlight the BAA (Buy American Act), TAA (Trade Agreement Act), and BABA (Build America, Buy America) compliant products separately.

Lighting manufacturer

Project Size


  • UI / UX and CX focused Website redesign
  • Quick WCAG 2.1 website accessibility improvements
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website, Hosting, SSL and Regular Website Maintenance Services

WordPress + HubSpot

seo website redesign

Approach and Solution

  • At the very first step, we performed the technical SEO audit to identify the gap on the website for improvements.
  • Following our initial discussion, we have gained more understanding of their targeted products, audience, and competitors. We analyzed competition to find the gaps and insights about what improvements were required. We have kept record of their initial keyword rankings, and traffic.
  • The client was very helpful at every stage of website redesign. We prepared initial mocked up and redesigned key pages to improve user experience and flow throughout the website.
  • We have revamped a Rep Locator section with importing missing county database; so that users can get the accurate representative information easily by State, County or Zip code.
  • We have made the process of requesting a quote user-friendly in a way that users can request for individual or multiple products in a specific quantity at once.
  • We have added multi language translator which includes Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Hindi, Korean, Myanmar, Russian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese languages to reach their targeted audience.
  • We have revamped product section with some filters like product categories, specialty applications, BAA compliant and TAA compliant products to identify it easily.
  • We did highlight and improve “Made In America” branding throughout the website.
  • We have integrated All in One Accessibility PRO - assistive technology and AI-based widget at both part – WordPress CMS and HubSpot blog; to enable users with disabilities to access their website easily.
  • We have made the website fully mobile responsive and optimized for browser compatibility, page speed, core web vitals, and overall performance experience.
  • While optimizing pages in search engine aspects, we made sure to preserve all ranked keywords mapping was carefully carried out & also ensured for technical SEO implementation.
  • Before launching; as the staging site was being built, it was compared to the production site to document any differences on the website and fill the gap of any potential issues or missing information.
  • Moreover, we have performed GA4 (Google Analytics 4) migration and implemented their existing goals and conversion tracking to help the client assess their best-converting channels.


To find the right insights and data for long-term SEO growth, we have used following tools:

  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Search Console
  • SEMrush
  • PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse


  • The redesigned website resulted in improved user experience, performance, usability, security, and mobile readiness. The website page speed has been improved because of core web vitals implementation and performance optimization.