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What’s new in Aimeos 2021.10 Long Term Support Release?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Oct 30, 21
Dec 25, 2021
Aimeos 2021.10 LTS

The Aimeos ecommerce platform is becoming now the most widely used platform for developing ultra-fast, full-featured ecommerce stores. The performance, customization, flexibility, and scalability are always the top priority for Aimeos. The team of Aimeos always go above and beyond for the improvements and enhancements together with Laravel, TYPO3 and Symfony.

After the release of ultrafast Aimeos 2021.04 and Aimeos 2021.07; The latest version of Aimeos 2021.10 is now available and known as a great milestone and Long-Term Support in modern ecommerce development.

The 2021.10 release of the Aimeos with long term support is accessible for Laravel, Symfony and TYPO3. It includes great small features mentioned by developers and clients to improve user experience, convenience for editors and security. Whether you are a retailer, developer, or an enterprise, it is always requiring staying up to date with the new features, improvements, and enhancements of Aimeos 2021.10.

Laravel 8 distribution and TYPO3 11

As Laravel 9 has been postponed to next year, Aimeos has updated its standalone shop distribution to Laravel 8. Till now, the Aimeos distribution was based on the Laravel 6 long term support for utmost stability. Aimeos has announced that they will upgrade to Laravel 9 long term support with the beginning of Aimeos 2022.4+ deliveries.

Besides this, the Aimeos Laravel is accessible for Laravel 8 since it was delivered and will be likewise accessible for Laravel 9 following its delivery.

The Aimeos TYPO3 extension is the most widely used extension for TYPO3 ecommerce platform. The new version of Aimeos 2021.10 Long Term Support Release is providing full support for TYPO3 11 and also the 1-click Aimeos TYPO3 distribution is accessible for TYPO3 11.5 LTS since its release. It has surprisingly outperformed tt_products this year as per the TER download numbers!

Aimeos 2021 10 Release

The Aimeos backend admin includes world maps in the client and provider (supplier) panels now, so editors can choose or refresh the directions of the addresses have a place with. Then, at that point, supplier coordinates are added to the item file to empower clients looking through item inside a given radius. The maps in the backend are produced by Leaflet.js and OpenStreetMap and can be utilized by anyone without any charges.

Price on Request

Aimeos 2021 10 LTS

Perhaps the frequently mentioned feature, particularly in the B2B region, is the capacity to request the items in the cart without showing a cost. Aimeos featured that cost is calculated by numerous factors and printed at the offer, or a deal sent to the buyer.

Now, in the event that editors add costs with empty values to items, the frontend will show "on request". Buyers can add those items to the cart and can finish the order as typical, however the items without a cost will be dealt with like having a cost of 0.00.

Blending items with a customary cost and items with costs "on request" is not an issue and the payment towards finishing the checkout process will be completed for the items at a regular cost only.

Support for Product Videos

Aimeos 2021 10 Version

The good news is The Aimeos 2021.10 release involves the support for product videos in MP4/WebM format also. You can upload at least one video in the item media panel of the administrator backend and a preview is produced consequently dependent on the video content.

The videos are displaying like regular item thumbnails in the inventory or catalog detail component of the HTML frontend however if users change to the video, it begins playing without sound automatically.

Advanced Backend Usability

Aimeos Developers

Now all media panels support uploading multiple files at once immediately while clicking on the “+” button and each file transfers will create a new card automatically. Previously, just the card was added you needed to upload the file for each card. Likewise, with the new release of Aimeos; cropping and scaling of uploaded images have been improved.

The new version of Aimeos 2021.10 added new enhancements like table and video support inside the texts. CKEditor 5 is being utilized for altering and styling of the text content part.

Custom Invoice Numbers

As a retailer, it is obvious that you may want to edit the invoice numbers for some reason; but that wasn’t possible before. Now, developers can register the custom functions for creating invoice numbers that are utilized in the HTML frontend, PDF document and e-mails, e.g.:

1use \Aimeos\MShop\Order\Item\Standard as Order;
3Order::method('ordernumber', function (\Aimeos\MShop\Order\Item\Iface $order) {
4 return 'RE-'.date('Y').'-'.$order->getId();

Warehouse Management

Laravel Developers

For further development request and warehouse management in the Aimeos, there is an option of a new payment status for each ordered product. Accordingly, you would now be able to select items as discounted, refunded or utilized any other payment status.

The product section of the order detail panel has been modified in the newer version of Aimeos. It is completely responsive now, simple to use with mobile phones, tables and available with additional information. It is expected that in the Aimeos 2022.x variant, the order domain would have some greater changes.

SEPA QR-code and images in PDFs

Aimeos Development

The layout for the PDF appended to the payment related e-mails contains a QR-code for European IBAN payments. Mobile users whose bank supports scanning of these QR-codes can pay invoices in practically no time and 100% mistake free.

What's more, the PDF template likewise contains an example code on how to add a background image to the PDF documents. Then, at that point, companies can send order confirmations including PDFs that look precisely like their well-designed letter papers.

Strict Content Security Policy

A severe Content Security Policy has been carried out for the Aimeos backend and for the Laravel frontend beginning with Aimeos 2021.10 long term support. This successfully prevents Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) where foreign JavaScript code is executed with regards to the page stacked by the user’s browser, and which is a typical source of security occurrences.

This additionally implies that inline JavaScript in any format is overlooked by browsers and contents, scripts, CSS, images, videos, and more are just stacked from clear cut sources. To allow another URL for any of those objects, you need to overwrite the frontend or backend page template and add the URL there:

To allow JavaScript needed by payment gateways like Stripe, a "nonce" is accessible to check JS code inside script tags as trusted.

Aimeos 2021.10 Other Enhancements

Other security enhancements incorporate hardening against potential CSRF attacks and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images are presently cleaned when uploaded, so they don’t contain any JavaScript or external URLs.

It is now possible to translate all the error messages with placeholders from the core even those that are just logged in. Moreover, all log messages have been categorized to channel messages by their source adequately.

To wrap things up, the catalog detail component can be developed to return a HTTP 404 status instead of showing an error message that the item couldn't be found.

We are official international ecommerce expert partners of Aimeos.

We provide complete Aimeos ecommerce services including store design, development, customization, content management, upgrades, migration, multi-channel multi-vendor marketplace, multi-tenant SaaS (Software as a service) solutions, maintenance, and support. Our expert Laravel developers are experienced in handling multidisciplinary and multi-technology projects of all sizes. In case if you have any requirements, feel free to share all your requirements via request a quote form!

What’s New in Bagisto V1.3.2 Release? – Here are the Wonderful Features and Enhancements!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Aug 24, 21
Dec 23, 2021
Bagisto v1.3.2 Release

Building and running an ecommerce store isn’t easy; but fortunately, there are plenty of ecommerce platforms available now to make a way for you. Bagisto is one of them. Bagisto is available with many out-of-box functionalities such as multi-currency, localization, multi-vendor, multi-channel, multiple payment method integration, multi-tenant SaaS (Software as a Service), AI (Artificial Intelligence) based product search option, access control level and much more.

The previous version of Bagisto v1.3.0 was released in the March, 2021. However, there are always a space for the improvements; Bagisto has rolled out the new features and fascinating enhancements in the fresh and latest version of Bagisto v1.3.2.

Do you know the most important update for the Bagisto v1.3.2? Bagisto Open Source 1.3.2 introduces the support for PHP 8 and Laravel 8.

Regardless of whether you are a Bagisto developer or a merchant of Bagisto store; diving into what’s new in Bagisto v1.3.2 is necessary to stay up to date.

Google reCAPTCHA Integration

Google reCAPTCHA uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHAs to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your website or online store. Protect your Bagisto store from spam and password decryption by asking your customers to complete a simple test.

Whether it is customer login page, Customer sign up page, forgot password page or an order completion page of your Bagisto ecommerce store; You can integrate the Google reCAPTCHA.

Customer Login Page:


User Registration Page:


Forget Password Page:


Steps to Integrate Google reCAPTCHA in your Bagisto store:

  • Register your website with Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Go to the v3 Admin Console to move further.
  • Enter the site Label and select the reCAPTCHA type as shown in below image.


  • Then Accept the reCAPTCHA terms of service & select the send alerts to owner.
  • Finally, you got both Site Key and Secret Key for your registered website.


  • Then, from the Merchant Login, Go to the Configure >> Customer >> Captcha.


  • Enter the Site Key and Secret Key to successfully integrate the Google reCAPTCHA.

Laravel 8 Support

The latest version of Bagisto 1.3.2 supports Laravel 8. Laravel version 8 requires PHP version 7.3+ or above.

PHP 8 Support

Bagisto v1.3.2 supports PHP 7.3 to PHP 8 version.

Admin Multi-locale Panel

The new admin multi-locale feature is added in the Bagisto v1.3.2. Add multiple locales for the dedicated amin panel based on your preferences.

Steps to Set Multi-locale in Bagisto:

  • Go to Settings >> Locales >> Add Locale


  • Enter the details of Locale Code, Name, Direction and Locale; then click on “Save Locale”.
  • Now, set your locales in particular channel. Click on Setting >> Channels >> Locales (Select the multi-select option) >> Save Channel

    Laravel Bagisto Development

Added Configurable Product Default Variant Option


Yes, you have heard it right; Now; You can configure and set the default product variant as a merchant. After that, your customers can directly add the default product or the variant to the cart.


Configurable Multi-Image Option Added in Parent Product

Now, as a merchant you can now add the multiple images in configurable parent products to provide your customers an enhanced idea about the products.

Bagisto Development

Automatically Invoice Creation while Generating Order (For COD & Money Transfer)


In the latest release of Bagisto v1.3.2; As a merchant; now you can easily manage the invoice and generate it automatically for both COD and Money Transfer Payment Methods based on your business requirements. All you need to do is; Just to enable the toggle button to automatically generate an invoice after place the order. Merchant can also set the invoice status if it is paid or pending. Similarly, the order status can also be set after creating the invoice whether it is pending, processing or completed.

Bagisto New Version

Merchant can add and manage the transaction for the Cash On delivery and Money transfer payment method once the payment is done.


Most Importantly, the good news is now merchant can see both invoice and the orders separately into the admin panel.


Google Core Web Vital

As per the latest ranking factors, Google is prioritizing the Page experience through Google Core Web Vitals. In the Bagisto v1.3.2; Bagisto has added the Text Compressions, Cache Policy and Removed duplicated variables from SCSS and arranged them in proper ordering.


Changes from the web vital

For the velocity theme, the velocity.js file is divided into two files i.e. velocity-core.js and the velocity.js file. In velocity-core.js, all core dependencies like jQuery, bootstrap js, Vue js are added and in velocity.js all the components are present which is bootstrapped by the velocity-core.js.

Added Tax-inclusive/exclusive feature

Bagisto has come up with the most awaited feature Tax Inclusive/exclusive in its latest version. Now as a merchant you can show the price to your customers inclusive of all taxes if it is. It helps you to create and build the trust of your customers when they are coming to purchase your products.


To Enable this feature;

Settings >> Taxes >> Catalog >> Enable Pricing


Added Custom invoice prefix/suffix generator/settings


As a merchant, now you can add the prefix/suffix to the invoice. To set it up;

Sales >> Configuration >> Invoice Setting >> Add the Required details under “Invoice Number Prefix” and “Invoice Number Suffix.”


After that, it will be look like below:

Product Review Images


This feature will allow your customers to add new images with product reviews to show how they are using it in real life. It can mark the attention of new customers and help you to increase the sales. Your customers can easily do that from the storefront under “Write a review”.


Multiple DataGrid on a Single Page

Last but not the least; Multiple DataGrid can now be implemented on a single page; with removing duplicated codes, removing the .gitkeep file as the folder is not empty and removing some commented codes. Also, Bagisto has updated the .gitignore file.

Bagisto v1.3.2 is a refreshing upgrade which can make a way to keep up with the latest trends, competition, and customer’s expectations. Bagisto is the complete ecommerce solution for the merchants and the companies who are looking to scale their business.

We are proud to be a solution partner of Bagisto. We provide Bagisto shopping cart design, development, content management, multi-channel multi-vendor marketplace, multi-tenant SaaS solution, migration, regular upgrades, customization, and more to any size of business. Build and scale your ecommerce business with Bagisto development which gives you the complete flexibility and scalability!

Source: Bagisto v1.3.2 Official Release

Magento CRM Solutions – The Best Choice for your business!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Aug 23, 21
Aug 23, 2021
Magento CRM Solutions

Magento and CRM can combine to spell magic for ecommerce store owners. Let’s admit that Magento websites are flawless and robust.

The highly integrable nature of Magento comes as a savior in this scenario. Guess what? You can integrate your CRM software or tool with Magento to compensate for the shortcomings and streamline your business effortlessly. Don’t believe us? Here’s the ultimate resource to clear your doubts. Stay tuned!

What is Magento CRM?

Customer data is crucial in an online retail website. You can derive meaningful insights from them and enhance your business in multiple ways if you can well-manage consumer datasets. Furthermore, you can even offer personalized products to shoppers by analyzing their preferences with ecommerce data. However, such a task can be highly challenging with platforms like Magento.

We all know that Magento integrates to third-party platforms conveniently. On that note, it can assimilate CRM software to provide you with a holistic view of customer interaction in your ecommerce store. So, Magento CRM can bring a better view of consumer data for your business and lead you to frame efficient strategies.

All in all, such a connection removes the shortcomings in Magento and makes it more helpful to your retail business. You can streamline your store according to customer demands and bring better outcomes to your doorstep.

Game-Changing Benefits of Magento CRM Solutions

Magento CRM Solutions can be the best decision for your online storefront. Just as the amalgamation streamlines your business, you can gain higher revenues and awareness among your customer base. But how does such a small integration bring so many benefits? Or, more precisely, why should Magento CRM solutions be the best choice for your firm? Here are some jaw-dropping reasons.

  • Cater to Customer Demands Efficiently

    Customer expectations and demands are the two most unpredictable aspects, as most Magento-driven ecommerce businesses report. However, it's a myth! You can excel at both aspects by organizing, managing, and analyzing customer data on Magento. But how can you do so?

    You can efficiently cater to consumer expectations by integrating a CRM with Magento. That's it! Your team can better manage data and get a comprehensive view of your store by viewing all data collectively. Also, you can predict individual behaviors and bring personalized offerings to the table to enhance your sales dramatically.

  • Make Your Sales Department More Efficient

    Ecommerce ventures grief about inefficient and error-prone sales departments, regardless of their expertise. Consequently, your retail firm fails to engage with customers and leads in time. What’s the impact? Your consumers bounce off and shop with your competitors. Isn’t it a nightmare?

    You can keep such unpleasant times away from your business by integrating a CRM with your Magento store. Such a blend will provide your sales and customer service with more transparency into store traffic data. So, sales errors get reduced, and you can access an optimized workflow.

  • Integrate Magento CRM, Reduce Overall Losses

    Magento CRM provides a holistic view of your online ecommerce store. What does that exactly mean? Essentially, it implies that you can better organize and shuffle customer data to extract meaningful information from them. In other words, you can watch over your business comprehensively.

    Such an eagle-view offers better see-through into your operations and workflow. So, you can well-analyze the flaws that lead to losses and take action against them. Yes, it’s that easy! Indeed, Magento CRM solutions can take your business to perfection and precision.

  • Reports to Blow Your Mind!

    The Magento CRM gives you better chances of analysis and generation of game-changing reports. You can take up the ecommerce sales data, customer dataset, and much more to generate reports that hold deeper insights into your business performance.

    Furthermore, you can use these reports to devise effective strategies and plan your business for optimum outcomes. Also, you can understand customer expectations from your venture. Another surprising fact! You can segregate the likes and dislikes of the customer base and work harder to please everyone equally.

  • Gain the Forecasting Power

    Better data management often leads to predictive analytics. The Magento CRM helps to organize the customer and sales data of your online retail store, as you already know. Such a configuration retains essential datasets and saves them from getting destroyed or lost.

    Finally, you can subject these data to predictive analysis. The insights gained will inform you of the possibilities that might arise in the future. So, you can plan the necessary actions and remedies and recover from losses, if any. Also, these insights let you entirely dodge losses and emerge triumphant regardless of the industry turbulence.

  • Lead the Industry!

    What’s the benefit of performing better at everything? It gives you the ability to lead the industry like no other ecommerce brand. The Magento CRM solutions offer you efficiency in multiple parameters and allow you to stay ahead of the competition at any point in time. Also, you can foresee the future and strategically plan your steps to retain the market dominance without any difficulties.

Although lesser-known, the Magento CRM solutions can be a groundbreaking move in your business. You can unlock several features for yourself and excel at multiple industry parameters simultaneously using such integrations. Such a streamlined online retail venture witness’s better profitability and sales effortlessly. So, as you can see, Magento CRM solutions can bring significant changes to your web store and invite projected growth opportunities for your business.

Being the best Magento development agency, Skynet Technologies can assist you with seamless Magento CRM integration and post-operation support for an eternity. Our team has extensive experience in using the Magento platform and creating jaw-dropping web stores on it. Also, our developers are highly familiar with a wide array of integration and connections on Magento. So, do you wish to integrate your CRM with Magento? Here’s your ultimate opportunity! Connect with Skynet Technologies now!

Hire Magento Developer

Magento Customization – The Right Choice for Building a Perfect Customer Experience!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Aug 16, 21
Aug 16, 2021
Magento Customization

Can we all agree that customers are at the top of an ecommerce venture's priority list? Every action taken by an online retailer aims at gaining new clients or nurturing existing ones. So, as you can see, ecommerce primarily revolves around pleasing the consumer base in a thousand ways. Or, more precisely, online retail businesses give the highest value to building a perfect customer experience on their Magneto-driven storefronts. How do they do so? The answer is Magento customization, simple!

Do you wish to customize your Magento website and foster enhanced CX? Here’s a goldmine for you if it’s a yes! We’ll walk you through some clever hacks to personalize a Magento store and drive more sales with improved customer experiences. Stay tuned!

How to Build a Perfect Customer Experience with Magento Customization?

Focusing on customer experience can 2X your revenue in just 36 months!

This striking research took over the ecommerce industry like fire. Consequently, more Magento-based websites began investing in offering a higher customer experience. And Magento customization became the right choice in gaining an upscaled CX.

So, prioritizing customer experiences using Magento customization can be a game-changing plan for your web store. Here’s how you can do so!

  • Better Navigation, Higher Customer Experience

    A customer lands on your Magento website and finds a gamut of offerings accumulated on the platform. So far, so good! But what if he couldn't find a specific product on your ecommerce store? Or, what if he couldn't navigate to the desired product effortlessly? Unfortunately, the customer will bounce away from your business and shop with your competitors having better navigability on their online stores.

    That’s a nightmare for a retailer. So, attend to store navigability in time, improve customer experiences, and retain the traffic that visits your business. Below is a list of do’s to enhance navigation through Magento customization.

    • The homepage of your Magento website leaves the most lingering impression on your viewers. So, you require customizing the homepage at the earliest.
    • Ensure that the homepage reflects your brand values and unique selling points.
    • Showcase new arrivals, rewards, sales, and discounts on the homepage banners to attract more eyeballs towards targeted pages.
    • You can create labels to classify products on a variety of aspects in your store.
    • Use a sorted and organized Magento theme to impart more interactivity to your Magento shop.
  • Think About Allowing Data Access to Your Employees!

    Letting your employees peep into your Magento store data might sound risky. But strategic access can change the game of acquiring and retaining leads. Some departments in your online retail business as sales executives, customer support officials, and the Magento customization agency can benefit from looking into customer data on your Magento-based website. However, practicing restrictive data access is the safest move.

    Are you wondering how to strategize data access on your storefront? Here's the drill! Magento offers a gamut of roles and permission-setting options on your website at the back-end. So, all you need is to create appropriate Roles and provide limited access to customer and sales data to the respective departments in your company.

  • Fine Tuning Searches on Your Magento Website

    Yay! We have come to the next checkpoint in our Magento customization journey. It's called fine-tuning the search option in your Magento online store. Better customer experience is directly proportional to the efficiency with which shoppers find their desired products on your platform. Understandably, it depends on the search button that you provide in the UI!

    Luckily, you can harness some extensions to integrate classic product searching features into your Magento website. Readymade plugins like Celebros Search and InstantSearch+ can streamline your website for the highest CX. Also, you can invest in advanced searching algorithms by collaborating with an experienced Magento customization company.

  • Streamline Your Fulfillment Workflow

    Think as Magento shoppers for a while! Would you prefer delayed shipping? Will you be okay with lost orders? Or, how would you react if the ecommerce business denies a return? Undeniably, you will never engage with the retailer again in your lifetime. So, fulfillment workflow plays a crucial role in determining the CX with your Magento store.

    All you need is to customize your website to fetch better order details and manage purchases efficiently. Luckily, Magento lets you do all of these either alone or with the help of extensions. Besides, you can integrate the logistics details into your Magento platform for improved order tracking and risk management.

  • Do Not Forget About Checkouts!

    Aesthetics and fulfillment are necessary but never sufficient until optimizing the checkouts. The ultimate customization to your Magento website is refining the payment process. Do you know that many shoppers do not pass the sales funnel due to a challenging checkout scheme? Yes, that's true! So, streamlining the transactional workflow is a mandatory parameter to drive a higher customer experience.

    How do you optimize checkouts on a Magento website? Luckily, Magento offers numerous options to design better shopping carts with order summary, one-tap payment process, and smooth billing to mesmerize your audiences. All in all, an able Magento customization will ensure no shopper returns disappointed by troublesome checkouts.

  • Worship API, Register Better CX

    Many Magento store owners forget to focus on website API and miss out on several groundbreaking opportunities. The highly integrable Magento API allows you to connect CMS, data visualization tools, and even analytics platforms. Consequently, you can get a holistic view of your business and identify aspects that require more attention on your Magento website. Check it out!

Magento customization is the most undermined weapon to ace the ecommerce game. However, the above points might not be as easy as they sound. You require Magento customization experience and expertise to tweak your online store while offering a better experience at the end of all iterations. Does that mean modifications aren’t your game? Hell no!

You can connect with a high-end Magento development agency like Skynet Technologies to enable optimum CX on your ecommerce venture. Contact our team to try our proficiency now!

Skynet Technologies is leading Magento Development Company provides bespoke Magento Development Services including Custom Magento Web Development, Magento Shopping Cart Development, Magneto UI/UX Design Services, Magento Theme & Extension Development, Payment and shipping Integration, Magento Migration Services, App Development, Module Development and much more for any size of Business. Our Magento Developer can build a custom Magento theme with a user-friendly UI/UX, W3C standards, and cross-browser support.

Hire Magento Developer

Aimeos 2021.07 has been Released – What’s New?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Aug 05, 21
Dec 18, 2021
Aimeos 2021.07

No wonder Aimeos has come up to be the most efficient ecommerce solution. Besides having lots of high-end features; Aimeos lets developers to dive deeper into the technical aspects, its attributes and experience!

Aimeos has rolled out the Aimeos 2021.07 version. Aimeos always makes the ecommerce store with a gamut of fresh releases, new features, new functionalities, new improvements, new advancements and much more. In the end of the April 2021, Aimeos has just released its updated version of Aimeos 2021.04. Whether you are a developer, store owner, or an enterprise; it’s mandatory to stay at the top what’s new in Aimeos 2021.07!

So, let’s dive in what’s new and what changes are made to the Aimeos 2021.07 New Release!

The most noticeable change is the new default theme, but the release contains many more improvements as well, especially for multi-site environments.

New Default Theme

Aimeos Development

Aimeos Developers

Aimeos Ecommerce Development

After installing Aimeos, the first change you will notice is the new default theme. It has redesigned with fresh look and feel to provide pleasant experience. The content on the new theme is created by using the Aimeos content management extension. You can now insert the product lists as well withing your text, images, and videos. It also fully supports right to left languages like Arabic as previous theme did. The rest things can be customized based on your needs. The good news is the new default theme is fully optimized to receive top scores at Google Lighthouse.

Backend New Setting Panel

Aimeos Partners

In the latest version of Aimeos 2021.07; there is a new panel in the admin backed for adding multiple configuration options like images, shop, theme; the setting is available in “Configuration > Settings”. It is more useful in multi-site environment because it allows to configure basic setting based on their choice. The admin (shop owner) can also set their custom domain name in the panel if Laravel and Aimeos installation is configured as multi-site set up. You can also extend this panel by adding custom subparts.

Sending Order Notification emails

Aimeos Ecommerce

In the remake of Aimeos 2021.07; there’s an “Email” delivery service provider who sends emails including the order data in custom email. These emails can also contain several orders at once & they are send when order/service/delivery job controller is executed. So, based on clients need; you can send email once a day, every hour or immediately. The Aimeos core contains the delivery service provider templates; using it can be fully customized.

Extended Order Management

Aimeos Framework

The detail view of the Aimeos Order panel has been expanded in the new release of Aimeos 2021.07. Now the order panel contains the warehouse management related fields. It can help you to lean warehouse management functionalities in case if you don’t have any specialized system for that kind of task.

There is a new notes field, you can add arbitrary text which isn’t shown to customer while the content of the “Delivery In” field is displayed in the customer’s order history.

Additional improvements Made in the Aimeos 2021.07

Another improvement has been implemented for multi-site and marketplace setups. The most noticeable is the new scheme for storing uploaded file, including its preview images. On a previous version, all files are stored in two main directories (“files” and “previews”), and it had been almost impossible to seek out which file origins to which site. Now, all files are stored by site ID, e.g., the files for the primary site are placed at “./1./files” and therefore the previews in “./1./previews”. If the shop owner decides to close the shop, it’s now easy to remove all the files that belong to that shop.

Security Improvement

Now the activation of the Content Security Policy (CSP) is by default. The admin backend and frontend are now secured by a set of rules which allows only CSS, JavaScript, images, and other code & objects. This also stops executing hazardous content from some website attackers and prevents cross site scripting. The CSP rules are an additional security layer to avoid security related problems like session steals, information leak and others.

Now, it’s time to list out the points what you will require to upgrade in your current Aimeos store. So, what are you waiting for?

Following is the several Aimeos 2021.07 Upgrade Notes:

Since 2021.07, installing Aimeos via composer requires composer 2.1+ and therefore the official Aimeos extensions prefixed with “ai-” must be far away from the “./ext/” directory. Instead, they are installed into “./vendor/aimeos/” now. If you don’t remove them with

rm -rf ./ext/ai-*

from your installation after upgrading the Aimeos 2021.07, you will get an error about these extensions are available twice (once in “./ext” and once in “./vendor/aimeos/”). Your custom extensions can still be placed within the ./ext directory to form Aimeos development easier.

Due to splitting uploaded files by site, the directory structure changed, and those files are now located in subdirectories named by the site ID, e.g., “./1./files/”. New uploaded files use that new structure automatically, old files stay where they’re still found – at least in TYPO3 installations. In Laravel and Symfony installations, the uploaded files are going to be stored in a further sub-directory named “aimeos” in “./public”. The old paths were:

  • ./public/files/…
  • ./public/previews/…

In 2021.07+, the new paths are:

  • ./public/aimeos/1./files/…
  • ./public/aimeos/1./previews/…
  • ./public/aimeos/2./files/…
  • ./public/aimeos/2./previews/…

Thus, old uploaded files are going to be only found if you move the old paths to the new “./public/aimeos” sub-directory:

mv ./public/files/ ./public/aimeos/files
mv ./public/previews/ ./public/aimeos/previews

Furthermore, the themes directory for Laravel installation has changed from “./public/packages/shop” to “./public/vendor/shop” to comply to Laravel standards.

Not limited to this, Aimeos has also expanded its feature with various functionalities in Aimeos 2021.07 and preparing for the Aimeos 2021.10 LTS (Long Term Support) release. They will tighten the security rules even further and will rolling out the new advance version soon.

We are official international partners of Aimeos. We provide full-service Aimeos ecommerce solutions including Aimeos store design, content management, back-end development, customization, multi-channel multi-vendor marketplace, multi-tenant SaaS solution, migration, upgrades and more to start-ups and existing ecommerce store owners. We have a team of expert Laravel developers who have been working in different platforms such as Aimeos and Bagisto. You can entrust us with your website development. We have been the prime choice for many of our old clients for their new projects. The main USP of us is we not only deliver top-notch ecommerce development services but also offer a minimum project turnaround time at affordable prices.

Top Ways to Select the Best Magento Migration Company!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Jul 29, 21
Dec 18, 2021
Magento Migration Company

Do you know what makes a digital business successful? Yes, you've guessed it right! It's the eagerness to stay on beat with digital technologies. The relay baton stays with an enterprise that harnesses new platforms and upgrades the existing ones from time to time. Like any other digital product, a Magento website requires updating to the most recent version whenever the company rolls out something new. In other words, you need to migrate Magento to fetch the latest platform offerings for your eCommerce website.

Is that so easy as it sounds? Unfortunately, nope! Magento migration involves shifting crucial configurations, data, and much more collectively. And, a small mistake will affect your site dramatically. So, you need a professional Magento migration company to conduct all processes seamlessly. However, choosing a suitable agency for your purpose can be challenging. Not anymore! Here are the top ways to select the best Magento migration service partner for your websites in the blink of an eye. Keep reading!

Why is Magento Migration Necessary?

Magento needs migration and updates. Okay, but why? What's the need to upscale Magento from one version to another? Let's clear the concept before going anywhere else!

  • Access to Higher Security

    Magento improves security aspects each time it releases a new issue. We all know the massive growth of cybercrime over the years. Protecting your timeworn Magento website from the latest attacks can be a headache. So, upgrading to the latest Magento version becomes a necessity from a security perspective.

  • More Features, Engaging Websites

    Who doesn't want a feature-rich Magento website! Not the out-of-fashion ones, of course. You need to pick next-gen functionalities for your website to create impressive experiences for users. Thanks to the latest Magento that lets you do all these with a modern suite of features.

  • Mobile-Friendly Approach

    Do you wish to miss out on the 54% of shoppers who visit your store on smartphones? A mobile-friendly website is the only option if it's a no! Luckily, you can encounter more mobile-oriented features in the latest Magento versions. Yet another reason supporting migration!

  • Introducing Hassle-Free Checkouts!

    Are you running a Magento web store without seamless checkouts? How bizarre! You require making efforts to simplify payment and associated policies to popularize your venture among the customers. You can get improved payment features when migrating the earlier Magento store to the latest platform.

Besides the above, more points support updating Magento versions at the earliest. Let’s head over to selecting the perfect migration service partner if you feel convinced enough.

Incredible Ways to Select the Best Magento Migration Company

Being a risky job, Magento requires experts for its migration. But how do you trust an agency without proof? More precisely, what’s the guarantee that a company will conduct the migration without any risks? Perhaps, it’s better to roll your sleeves and verify their skills in the following ways.

  • Do they Speak Magento?

    The agency must have high expertise in Magento. Ask the company to introduce you to their Magento migration department, where you can gauge their familiarity with Magento. Remember that you will get more flawless service from a knowledgeable Magento developer.

  • Seek Experience in Magento Migration

    A novice team having no Magento migration experience can be lethal to your campaign. So, always look for experts boasting demonstrated experience in updating Magento versions in the past. That’s when your project goes in the right hands!

  • Robust Support Services Prevail

    Say you chose a Magento migration company, and the project went well. What if an all-new problem surfaces after migration? You will have to rush to your migration partner instantly. Grave trouble might arise if the agency shuts its doors. So, you require understanding their support policy before finalizing a migration team for your purpose.

  • Portfolio Speaks Louder

    You require peeping into their portfolio before hiring a Magento migration team. A higher count of successful projects indicates more credibility with the company. So, verifying agency portfolios is a healthy habit, indeed!

  • How Long is the Delivery Timeline?

    Migration is essential, and so, the need to make your website up and running at the earliest. Ask your partner to establish the delivery timeline clearly before diving into the project. Finally, go with a company taking the least time and offering premium services simultaneously.

  • Discuss the Cost Estimate

    Hidden expenses and extra charges can ruin your overall experience with a Magento migration company. So, be well-acquainted with the cost estimate for your Magento updating project. Ask them to provide a hard copy of the cost breakdown if possible, to avoid post-delivery disputes.

  • Do they Offer Related Magento Services?

    Most of the time, a customer requires more services after successful Magento migration. Things will get easier for you if the migration partner offers those facilities as well. So, verify their comprehensive offerings before handing your migration project to the company.

So, these were the points to consider when selecting a Magento migration partner for your project. Let's head over to another relevant concern now!

Do such an impeccable Magento Migration Agency exist?

Now, you might be worrying if such a flawless and perfect agency exists. Luckily, it’s a yes! Top Magento migration service companies like Skynet Technologies provide standard offerings to ease your concern effortlessly. Our experienced and proficient team carries your migration project successfully without causing any glitches and blunders. Besides having several successful Magento migration projects in our portfolio, we excel at other related services to uplift your business holistically. Indeed, our team is your go-to destination when considering a Magento migration campaign.

Magento migration is a piece of cake if you have the right partner with you. You need to invest more time and resources when choosing a desirable firm to migrate your Magento products. So, consider the above points and filter out the best firm for yourself. Your website performance depends on the efficiency of the Magento migration company. So, what makes you wait? Work on the above tips and pick the best organization to update Magento in the right way.

At Skynet Technologies, we have years of proven experience and expertise in Magento ecommerce development. With a right transition plan and professional developers, we facilitate a seamless migration from any platform to the latest and secured version of Magento 2.x. Contact us if you are looking for the Magento migration services.

Ultrafast Aimeos 2021.04 Has Been Released - What's New?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
May 21, 21
Dec 23, 2021
Aimeos 2021.04

As more and more people have started to transform their shop business pattern from traditional brick-mortar store to a well developed ecommerce stores, Aimeos has came up to be one of the most efficient ecommerce solution. Whether you are a start-up, mid-level business or a large enterprise, Aimeos 2021.04 is the ultra-fast, reliable and flexible platform to fulfil all your flexible requirements!

However, Continuous improvements, upgrades, security updates and many more minor upgrades are always require to remove inefficiencies, make it strong and to get good results.

So, are you curious to know what’s new in Aimeos 2021.04 release? Let’s dive in:

Well, the primary stable release of the Aimeos – Laravel ecommerce framework in 2021 contains some major improvements within the front-end and back-end also as few breaking changes compared to the last LTS version.

New admin backend incl. dark mode

The structure and design of the admin interface has been entirely reworked to resemble a contemporary, card based interface and includes tons of visual percept. Compared to backends of other shopping cart applications and ecommerce framework, this is often the foremost modern interface available!

Also a new admin backend included a cool new dark mode for people who select dark interfaces. It seems far more eye pleasing during the night. It can be activated by clicking on the moon symbol within the upper right corner and once activated; it'll be used during the entire browser session.

Aimeos 2021-04 Release

Experience the new dark mode of backend. Even if you discover the new admin backend is too colorful and if you prefer to match your company or enterprise or brand’s corporate identity, it’s super easy to adapt the theme now. All colors are defined using CSS variables so it can be changed easily with a couple of lines of code, e.g.


  body {
    --bs-primary: #f12711;
    --bs-primary-alt: #f5af19;

The admin dashboard has additional panels for a fast overview of orders and customers as you might have observed it. And therefore the change is compared to the last seven days.

Additionally, there’s a replacement panel for orders by countries including a world map to ascertain immediately where your customers are coming from. All panels are lazy loaded if you scroll right down to reduce the amount of requests.

Aimeos New Version

All the dashboard panels are now implemented using Chart.js rather than D3.js as a vital change. The new library is far easier to use; thanks to the chart types available out of the box which will be adapted by configuration rather than implementing own custom code and that they also produce smoother graphs.

RTL (Right To Left) Support

Rather than improvements, Aimeos has integrated support for right-to-left languages like Arabic, Hebrew and other languages which are written from right to left contrary to languages supported e.g. Latin which is written from left to right. Apart from this, it also includes placing of components, menus also as paddings and margins.

The front-end and back-end of Aimeos is automatically and fully replicated if a Right-To-Left language is chosen. You can try yourself by selecting Arabic within the language selector of the back-end or add Arabic to the available locales within the front-end. The remainder is now automatically done by Aimeos if you employ the newest templates.

Aimeos Upgrades

Full mobile optimization

In addition to the mobile optimizations in previous releases, all menus and therefore the small basket within the front-end are now implemented as off-screen menus. This ensures that even on very small mobile screens right down to 320px width, there’s always enough space for the content. Moreover, this adapts the planning patterns from mobile apps so Smartphone users might have an amazing experience.

Aimeos Ecommerce

Aimeos Laravel

Laravel Aimeos

Rule based dynamic pricing

Ecommerce store owners are now ready to change the costs for products dynamically e.g. by categories of the products. Although, it’s possible to vary prices for a gaggle of products within a limited period of your time and/or counting on the logged in customer without the necessity to make a replacement or adapt the prevailing prices. The new rule system of Aimeos is totally flexible and; Based on the rules, it allows to modify any product content like texts, images, label, etc.

Aimeos Ecommerce Development

Extensible CMS extension

Aimeos 2021.04 will offer content management capabilities for pages based on GrapeJS, a JavaScript CMS framework. The Aimeos content management extension available with Aimeos 2021.04 release. Contrary to CKEditor, the HTML editor used for product related and other texts, it’s a component based content editor offering building blocks like texts, headlines, images, paragraphs, grids, forms and many other building blocks. It’s a just like the editor utilized by WordPress 5.

As you might look forward from Aimeos, it can be fully extensible editor and add new components for your own purpose. Each block is defined by a couple of lines of HTML for the structure and therefore the JavaScript code to permit the editor to customize the component.

Aimeos Ecommerce Framework

Supplier detail component

In Aimoes 2021.04; a new supplier detail components is now available. It can offer you to provide your customers more details about your brands, manufacturers, procedures of the products. It would display all information you are entering for the supplier items within the admin backend including texts, images, and addresses. Furthermore, you can add a catalog list component to the page to list all products from the present supplier including pagination and sorting.

Ecommerce Development

Simplified configuration and breaking changes

At last, some breaking changes has been done compared to the 2020.10 LTS version to simplify working with Aimeos even more for ecommerce shop owners and developers like us. The foremost notable is that the configuration settings which contained “standard” in their config keys have been shortened and therefore the “standard” part is removed now:


// 2020.10 and before

// 2021.04 and later

The most important change for Aimeos developers is to the connection between the product domain and stock. Rather than product code, product ID is now utilized in all stock items to assign the stock level with product item. It can make easier experience for developers to manage stock level in the ecommerce marketplace.

Isn’t it amazing how Aimeos is making all the ways up to stay up to date with the newest trends and customers’ expectations? Aimeos 2021.04 is a fresh upgrade that could provide a super easy experience to the developers and ecommerce store owners! Not Limited to this, Aimeos will release its next updated version Aimeos 2021.07 and Aimeos 2021.10 LTS very soon.

Build ultrafast, scalable, and versatile ecommerce website with Aimeos. We now have a new feather in our cap and are proud to be recognized as the official partners of Aimeos. With proven Laravel expertise in building top-level ecommerce store using Aimeos, we guarantee a professional, full-featured & high-performance ecommerce website for you without any hassles!

Whether you are a start-up, or a existing ecommerce store owner, we can have your back by delivering Aimoes shopping cart solution including design, development, content management, customization, multi-tenant SaaS solution, multi-channel multi vendor marketplace, migration, upgrades and more.

What are the pros and cons of Multiple Drupal Shopping Carts?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
May 03, 21
Dec 22, 2021
Multiple Drupal Shopping Carts

When you build an ecommerce store, a shopping cart is an inevitable aspect of it as it is where the record of the items a shopper has picked up from the ecommerce store goes. The shopping cart lets the customers select the products they want to buy, review them before payment, make modifications by editing the cart through addition or removal of any items, and finally making the purchase.

Multiple Drupal Shopping Carts Meaning

Let’s demonstrate this with an example of what Drupal Multiple Shopping carts mean. Suppose you are in an ecommerce store; you may first start out as a Guest and then register as a user. Post-registration, you’ll add something to your shopping cart and log out. Later on, you may add something to your shopping cart and log back in. If you see two shopping carts, then it has multiple shopping carts by design. Many people are looking for Drupal Commerce 2.x for Drupal 8 or for Drupal 9 either to eliminate multiple shopping carts or to add multiple shopping carts.

Creating Multiple Shopping Carts

You can create a shopping cart in two ways:

  1. From shopping cart page in the ‘My Account’ Menu and
  2. Through a shopping cart widget in the header of the shop

Any number of new items can be added to the shopping cart by a single click ‘Add to Cart’ on the product details page. Customers can create multiple shopping carts to be used for different needs. There could be a shopping cart for daily purchases and one for monthly purchases. You can view the shopping carts on the Shopping Cart page in My Account.

The table with Drupal shopping carts should display the following details for each cart-

  1. Name of the shopping cart
  2. Number of products added to cart
  3. Price Mode (Net or Gross)
  4. Access Level (Admin, Full Access, or Read-only)
  5. Cart Total

Some of the possible actions that can be performed to manage shopping carts are

  1. Edit the name of the shopping cart
  2. Create a duplicate of the shopping cart
  3. Delete the shopping cart

Checkout Process in Multiple Drupal Shopping Carts

The multi-cart and single checkout process are the holy grail of the popular marketplace today. You can have one site that showcases multiple stores and customers could check out from more than a single store. You can achieve this by coding a form that acts like a checkout flow-form but changes more than one order simultaneously.

A number of issues need to be considered here -

  1. Order Management - Sometimes, certain weird things happen like orders splitting up for no clear reason. There could be changes in the total number of orders and in such cases order management becomes clumsy.
  2. Fulfillment - The stores selling physical products will have to showcase the orders to the customer and to customer service for each store. Each ecommerce store would want to display only those products that they are responsible for.
  3. Payment - As a site owner, if you plan to pay from your bank account, you will want to have a single payment gateway and manage the payment disbursements to all the store owners. Otherwise, you may need to have each store have payment gateway credentials of its own or an even more complete setup.
  4. Taxes - Depending on how the payments are taken, tax rules would also need to be created and maintained per store. It is, of course, hard.

Pros and Cons of Multiple Drupal Shopping Carts


  1. Enable different checkout workflows like one for recurring services, one for digital services, and another for physical items that need to be shipped.
  2. Customers will never lose a cart. They would have the means to have more than one cart.
  3. You could have multiple sellers enabling a feature of the marketplace to be built on top of the current functionality.
  4. A central repository for your pricing, inventory, and order management helps you streamline the entire workflow and saves you both time and money.


  1. More than one cart usually presents a visual challenge for the designers. For instance, when you click on the cart dropdown, how do you present more than one checkout button?
  2. Separate handling of both payment and fulfillment options for different items or different vendors.
  3. By making customers check out multiple times, you could also have a confusing layout, and this could hamper the user experience.

How to turn off the Multiple Drupal Shopping Carts?

Drupal Commerce 1.x also has created multiple shopping carts as well but would show only one cart at a time. Drupal has two modules to show a single cart to the users.

  1. Commerce combine carts - If you turn this module on, you would be shown only one shopping cart, not two.
  2. Commerce Cart Advanced - This module packs multiple features for the users who want management tools around their multiple carts. It also has the feature that displays one cart at a time.


If you want to manage the carts for your customers, you have a few contrib options. But for multivendor single check out, you need to plan well in advance to meet the business needs. With Drupal shopping cart development, you would be capable of creating the best shopping carts due to the flexibility of Drupal’s ecommerce cart functionality.

Skynet Technologies build the most powerful Drupal ecommerce stores, applications and websites with Drupal Commerce, the best platform for social commerce. Leverage the new Drupal Commerce development for a seamless omnichannel sales platform. Take your business to the Next Level with our Drupal Development Services!

Bagisto Customization – All-in-One Guide!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Apr 29, 21
Dec 18, 2021
Bagisto Customization

Of late, there has been a lot of buzz around ecommerce for Laravel. Laravel Bagisto is one of the most popular and fastest-growing Laravel ecommerce packages. It is open-source offering the most relevant and exquisite shop features required for setting up an e-commerce store. Many small to medium-sized stores go for Bagisto as it is one of the simplest platforms currently available in the market. It used Vue.js as its front-end and comes with many customization options to help the merchants to offer a personalized experience to their customers.

In this article, let us understand what customization options are you can have if you go for Bagisto.

1. Store design customization

It starts with the theme. Bagisto ecommerce store design does come with a default theme and not everyone would find it appealing to their niche and hence might want to change it as per their own requirements. Here comes the Bagisto custom style extension that provides a great way to style the Bagisto using your own custom CSS. More and more users have been going for a customized Bagisto theme and it is super easy as you can do it with just a few lines of configuration code.

2. Custom Development

With Bagisto, you can have out-of-box functionality through the customizable structure by creating modules and packages for the Bagisto ecommerce store. The framework built on Laravel and Vue.js is a viable option for building online stores and also migrating physical stores to digital platforms as per the customized industrial needs.

3. Third-party API Integrations

Bagisto web APIs are a medium for using the features of the core Bagisto system. Bagisto supports REST API, provides access to performed CRUD operations, has options for filtering the responses based on attribute fields, etc. With third-party API integrations, you can easily have customer authentication with login details. This framework also supports the pagination that helps to increase the performance of the application.

- If you want to provide your users with a mobile-friendly experience, you can go for PWA applications. You can use this to integrate a digital shopping mobile application within your Bagisto store to help the customers make a purchase.

- You can also integrate Customer Relationship Management Systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, etc. This helps businesses manage their relationships with their customers to achieve unprecedented business growth.

4. Payment Gateway Integrations

Bagisto supports PayPal payment gateways by default. We also support a bunch of other payment gateways that are safe and encrypted for the customers to make payments seamlessly via these payment options and cards. By using APIs for integrating the payment gateways of your choice, you can make sure your customers can interact with the payment gateways anywhere. You can also multicurrency support, multilingual support, recurring billing as part of the Bagisto store.

  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • RazorPay Payment Gateway
  • Mollie Payment Gateway
  • Accept Payment Gateway
  • Payment Gateway
  • CashU Payment Gateway

5. Custom Analytics

With IoT, we also gather data for marketing analytics, monitor search trends, observe social patterns, and target better. This helps you to have deeper insights and work on delivering a great user experience on your ecommerce store.

6. Core Web Vitals

Google’s Core Web Vitals which have become the main page ranking factor now is going to provide you the boost for your Bagisto ecommerce store. You can have a continuous improvement of your website and also analyze the root cause of your customer’s experience.

7. Bulk Ordering

We have a Laravel Bulk Add to Cart extension that allows the customers to add bulk products to their shopping cart in different quantities. The customers can also have different price points for all these bulk products and find all the bulk products with the total amount on the shopping cart page.

8. Shipping Customization

Also, you can build custom shipping methods in your Bagisto ecommerce store. This helps you to offer customers a diversity of shipments when they proceed to checkout. Also, this helps you to reach out to global marketplaces. We can create custom shipping methods in Bagisto using a package generator and manual way and also integrate Bagisto multi-vendor marketplace.

9. A/B testing

You can create customized and personalized ecommerce web pages. See what is best resonated with the customer by a quick test through landing page A/B testing. You can find out what is the best performing page and show only that page to all the users of your Bagisto store. You can showcase your signup flows, product pages and see what pages have pushed the customers down the funnel.

10. AI-Based feature customization

  • Search by Image - More than 61% of the customers prefers visual search. Bagisto is powered by TensorFlow and this enables you to provide native support to Machine learning and an AI-based seamless search experience to your customers. They can have an improvised product search by image. The users now can find the most relevant product based on visual or image search. Any discrepancies based on text-based search can be avoided. This enhances the customer experience by a great deal and fetches you higher ROI.
  • Voice Assistant - As 20% of the mobile queries are voice-based, you need to incorporate this into your Bagisto store. Bagisto helps you to have a voice-based search in addition to a traditional text-based search. It is more customer friendlier as it eases the search and order placement process for the customer. It provides you a competitive advantage in addition to improving the customer experience. With AI and speech recognition enabled technology, one can include voice search functionality in many devices.
  • Chatbots - AI has transformed chatbots into virtual customer assistants for your business. With Bagisto, you can have chatbots for not just basic functions but also act as 24*7 support to businesses with AI-based query analysis so that it can offer reliable answers to any customer queries. At the Bagisto store, you can have a fully functional service team for handling multiple customers without any hassles. They can enhance the user experience through chatbots’ prompt replies.
  • Personal Recommendation - AI-based search engine helps you in offering personalized recommendations for the customers. The search algorithm observes patterns, preferences, and liking of each customer and automatically provides the best customer experience by offering personalized recommendations. Users often rely on multiple filtering options to find the relevant products finds AI-based recommendations much easier.
  • Check on Fake Reviews - Combat the fake reviews posted about the products and services on the web. We have too much susceptible content on the web and this has to be curbed especially when it comes to your ecommerce store. With AI-based technology, one can identify the sham reviews and any inconsistencies and get rid of them from your Bagisto store.
  • Dynamic Pricing - Do you find dynamic pricing tedious? But it is inevitable given the cut-throat market conditions wherein your competitors are already incorporating dynamic pricing. AI provides you the information regarding the market scenario, current stock, competitors’ pricing, seasonal demands, etc. to make your products appealing to the customers.


If you are looking for a Bagisto customization, The aforementioned checklist is a good thing to start with.

Skynet Technologies is an official solutions partner of Bagisto which is in recognition of our expertise and experience in providing the best and customized ecommerce stores to our customers. You can take a look at our comprehensive Bagisto development services. If you want to have a quick quote, you can reach out to us by filling this form.

White Label Ecommerce Solution – Everything You Need to Know!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Apr 26, 21
Jul 20, 2021
White Label Ecommerce Solution

Ecommerce has become a lucrative option for any business entrepreneur who has a product or a service to sell. The adoption rate of ecommerce both by the merchants and consumers alike is staggeringly at an all-time high. Hence, even amidst the doom and gloom of the COVID-19 pandemic, it still remained one of the most thriving industries. If anyone who is not leveraging this goliath industry is definitely missing out!

However, building a full-featured ecommerce platform is not as easy as it seems. The Ecommerce landscape is constantly evolving and shaping the way people shop in every nook-and-corner of the globe. So, you cannot just build it and let it take care of itself. Remember, just like any other website, even ecommerce websites have to be constantly monitored for any bugs or downtime issues. You need to go for timely upgrades to keep up with the current trends. Install the security patches and build strong firewalls to safeguard your digital stores from any intrusive and malicious attacks.

But good news! You don’t have to start everything from the ground up. We have many automated builders and tools to get your ecommerce website up in no time so you can kickstart your digital business.

But is that it? If you own a small business or if you are a tech rookie, you might be wondering how to prep for building an ecommerce store. With a multitude of ecommerce builders and a whole set of plugins currently available in the market, you are not just spoilt for choice, but it’s also one of the toughest decisions to make. And more so if you have to form a brilliant team to help you accomplish your business objectives. Even if you are an agency, it is not always possible to have adequate manpower to cater to your client’s ecommerce website needs.

You need to hire experienced web developers who have the expertise in building ecommerce websites, creative designers who can get alluring page designs that can convert your users into customers, shrewd marketers who have a knack for making data-driven decisions, reliable and round-the-clock support & maintenance team. More importantly, you need to provide an ambience for creating a cross-functional team whose common aim is to provide the best customer experience.

Phew! That’s a lot of work, isn’t it? But don’t fret over the entire process of hiring, onboarding, training, and getting things done on time. What if there is someone who can take all these hassles and headaches away from you? Someone who can convert a bare-bones project into a beautiful and fully functioning ecommerce website ready to go into production?

That’s what the white-label solution providers are for! A super-relief workaround!

What is a white label ecommerce?

A white label ecommerce partner provides end-to-end or customized services, you can rebrand them under your platform, and either use them for your own business or resell them to your clients at an agreed price. Even if you are a tech agency that dabbles in code development, it’s still a better option to let the professionals take over. This essentially takes all the technical fuss away from you so you can focus on your core business aspects.

Think about it, you are not spending any substantial amount of effort, time, and money, but everything comes straight onto your platter, and you even have full rights over it as they are totally branded under your name. Whether you are an ecommerce provider, SaaS provider, web development agency, web hosts, or distributors, you can opt for a white label ecommerce solution. It’s the niftiest way to build an ecommerce website without getting your hands dirty.

Benefits of choosing a white label ecommerce provider

There is a plentitude of benefits with opting for a white label ecommerce service provider.

  1. Economical Strategy

    You don’t have to bear the hiring and training overheads anymore. You can cut down both the development and maintenance costs by a great deal as you can get everything built up at a lesser fraction. This is also the most profitable way as the white label ecommerce service provider has both the expertise and experience to get this done at the earliest time so that you can kickstart your operations immediately and if you are an agency, you can sell it as soon as you get your hands on it.

  2. No Tech Skills required

    If you are a tech noob or have been around for a while yet do not have the expertise in all aspects of code, that’s okay! White labelling fills in these knowledge gaps very aptly by working as your back-office or an extended team. You can be hands-free with the code and focus on increasing your sales and business revenue.

  3. Enhanced Customization

    A good white label service provider takes down your requirements and follows a diligent approach to get everything customized specific to your business. You can actively look into the progress of the project and see if everything is going as per the specifics. You don’t have to compromise due to any sort of limitations which you usually encounter if you rely on in-house resources. Find an experienced white label ecommerce provider who can accommodate all your requirements.

  4. Higher ROI

    Building an ecommerce website in its perfect shape is a time-intensive task for any business. You need to spend an ample amount of time and effort to launch it in the market. A white label ecommerce solution saves your time by providing the finished product. You can immediately either integrate it into your business or readily sell it to your customers. The ROI through this way is a lot higher than having an in-house solution.

  5. Brand Reputation

    A white label ecommerce provider finds the fastest way to get your product to the market. They do all the necessary tests like functional testing, performance testing, Quality assurance testing, and more to ensure an uncompromised approach when it comes to the quality of the website. They are professionals and strive to get things better and beyond keeping your brand reputation intact.

  6. End-to-end Services

    Most of the ecommerce agencies do not have the expertise in complete ecommerce services. But a white-label service agency would have a ready-to-use package of all the requisite features like SEO, APIs, mobile-responsive, and other integrations. They would be adept in design, development, marketing, and branding.

  7. Compete with the big boys

    Quite often, forget about edging out the competitors and thriving in the market, you may also find it difficult to survive in the cut-throat competitive space. After putting diligent efforts into building your ecommerce site, if it doesn’t garner the visibility, it should, you shouldn’t even be surprised if it goes into complete oblivion one day! So choose a white label web development partner wisely that allows you to sell your service who can empower your business on par with the big players in the industry.

How should you choose the right white label ecommerce provider?

The market is inundated with ecommerce providers but if you look at some criteria, you can narrow down your choices to the best among them.

  1. Proven credibility
  2. Relevant industry experience
  3. No hidden charges
  4. Offers customization options
  5. Provides customer support
  6. Shared goals and vision
  7. Consistent with your brand quality

In a nutshell

Anyone who wants to build an ecommerce website can go for white label ecommerce solutions. They can get things done deftly and at a faster pace. However, picking the right ecommerce service provider is a painstakingly difficult decision. You can list down your criteria and do some rudimentary market research to find the right service provider.

Skynet Technologies is a great option to explore as we offer white label ecommerce development services. Quality remains the cornerstone of our ecommerce solutions. We are versatile in many ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce, Laravel Bagisto, and more. You can check out our ecommerce services and request a quote to know more details.


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