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Top Reasons Why You Need to Hire Flutter App Developers!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Aug 02, 21
Aug 02, 2021
Hire Flutter App Developers

Who knew Flutter could get mainstream! A few years back, developing separate apps for Android and iOS was a headache. Luckily, Flutter surfaced to transform the concern into a cakewalk. Backed by Google, Flutter assists in developing two different apps, one for Android and another for iOS, using a single codebase. That's it! No one could overlook Flutter's advantages and began utilizing the framework heavily.

But is Flutter as easy as it sounds? Unfortunately, nope! It requires extensive experience and pro-expertise to cater to enterprise demands with Flutter. To develop a faultless Flutter experience, you must debug any issues or bugs that arise. Sounds daunting, right? However, you have a perfect way out! Hiring Flutter app developers and handing over your project to them can make things easier for you.

Are you wondering why you need to Hire Flutter App Developers? We’ve got your back if that’s the case! Let’s learn the top reasons why hiring Flutter app developers change the game.

Irresistible Reasons to Hire Flutter App Developers

Did you hear everyone recommending Flutter app developers? Well, the trend didn’t spare the Flutter app development industry. Businesses of all dimensions recruit Flutter app developers to complete a project at their convenience. Besides, what other benefits do you get by hiring Flutter developers? Let’s explore them quickly.

  • Hire Flutter App Developers, Stick to Your Budget!

    Are you tired of exceeding your budget every time developing a Flutter app? Say no to additional costs by hiring professional Flutter developers! The dedicated Flutter app developers release their charges and a lump-sum budget beforehand. They stick to the pre-decided budget strictly from development to deployment. Consequently, you get to access cost-effective Flutter apps, having no hidden and excess rates. Can you ignore such a mind-boggling Flutter app developer hiring benefit?

  • Bid Goodbye to Security Concerns!

    Security concerns are a thing when developing Flutter apps. Let's admit that a significant portion of the application development lifecycle is devoted to improving the product's security. Even after so much attention, missing out on one or more safety configurations is common. How to fix that? Well, you can hire Flutter app developers to attend to your security issues.

    Highly experienced Flutter app developers know the nitty-gritty of security parameters. Leveraging years of experience, they can improve your application security and dodge cyberattacks completely.

  • Latest Resources at Your Doorstep!

    Are you thinking of developing a Flutter app but refraining from investing in the latest resources? A perfect solution awaits if it's a yes! You can hire Flutter app developers to eradicate your concern. Most Flutter app development companies have access to up-to-date software, tools, and licenses. So, you do not have to pay for anything extra when working with a Flutter development team. Yet another fascinating advantage of recruiting Flutter app developer!

  • Efficient Bug Spotting and Troubleshooting

    Regardless of how new or veteran a business is, spotting and troubleshooting bugs in an app can be cumbersome. Thanks to proficient Flutter app development teams having enough experience in dealing with several bugs in mobile apps. Moreover, the dedicated developers follow an agile approach mostly. So, they will attend to the errors in your app at every iteration, resulting in bug-free and flawless applications in the end.

  • Convenient Engagement Models

    At Skynet Technologies, you can hire Flutter app developers with flexible engagement models as per your need. according to your needs. So, if you cannot go for long-term commitments? Go with an hourly engagement model in that case. Similarly, you can choose a monthly model if your project is lengthy or has multiple apps combined. Do whatever you feel like with no strings attached! That's a splendid advantage of hiring Flutter app developers for your purpose.

  • Fetch High-Quality Deliverables

    No matter how experienced you are, fetching fine-tuned deliverables is like nailing jelly to a tree. Several bugs, insufficient features, and misalignment with objectives and compliances are inevitable when developing Flutter apps by yourself. Does that mean achieving high-quality deliverables is a myth? Hell no!

    You can hire Flutter app developers to build premium apps. These professionals have demonstrated experience in combating complex errors, aligning with customer objectives, and providing them with classy Flutter applications in the end.

  • More Transparency, Higher Assurance

    Hiring Flutter app developers brings more transparency to your project. Regardless of guidelines and protocols, some deviations might occur. However, Flutter app developers associate high transparency. They offer you a complete see-through into the project development process from development to delivery.

  • Mitigating Legal Disputes

    Legal compliances can be a game-changer in your Flutter app development campaign. A single miss and your company will land in adverse scenarios. Things might get more complicated when you are starting afresh in the industry. Don’t worry anymore! You can take care of all legal issues and mitigate disputes by hiring Flutter app developers. They have a deep understanding of legal violations and align your apps with regulatory compliances to prevent you from immense troubles.

Where to Find Flutter App Developers?

Are you convinced of hiring Flutter app developers? Cheers to new beginnings if it's a yes! Now, where to go next? Well, you can approach top-notch companies like Skynet Technologies to access high-end Flutter developers.

Our impressive engagement models walk hand-in-hand with your requirements, and the charges fit right in your wallets. Besides, we have highly skilled and certified developers in-house and continuously upskill them to serve you with the latest products. We are your go-to destination to hire proficient Flutter app developers at your convenience and investment.

Flutter app development is buzzing these days. So, you are most likely to register more app-building requirements in the future. How to handle such a massive workload efficiently? You can do so by hiring Flutter app developers according to your requirement. So, why are you waiting? Get in touch with a professional company and recruit Flutter app developers now!

Being a top Flutter App development company in the USA, we offer cutting-edge Flutter app development services such as cross platform app development, custom UI/UX development, Flutter widget development, enterprise mobile solution, custom app development, Flutter app testing and monitoring and much more for any size of business. For your cross-platform app development projects, our dedicated Flutter app developer can sketch the custom and quick solutions.

Top Ways to Select the Best Magento Migration Company!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Jul 29, 21
Jul 29, 2021
Magento Migration Company

Do you know what makes a digital business successful? Yes, you've guessed it right! It's the eagerness to stay on beat with digital technologies. The relay baton stays with an enterprise that harnesses new platforms and upgrades the existing ones from time to time. Like any other digital product, a Magento website requires updating to the most recent version whenever the company rolls out something new. In other words, you need to migrate Magento to fetch the latest platform offerings for your eCommerce website.

Is that so easy as it sounds? Unfortunately, nope! Magento migration involves shifting crucial configurations, data, and much more collectively. And, a small mistake will affect your site dramatically. So, you need a professional Magento migration company to conduct all processes seamlessly. However, choosing a suitable agency for your purpose can be challenging. Not anymore! Here are the top ways to select the best Magento migration service partner for your websites in the blink of an eye. Keep reading!

Why is Magento Migration Necessary?

Magento needs migration and updates. Okay, but why? What's the need to upscale Magento from one version to another? Let's clear the concept before going anywhere else!

  • Access to Higher Security

    Magento improves security aspects each time it releases a new issue. We all know the massive growth of cybercrimes over the years. Protecting your timeworn Magento website from the latest attacks can be a headache. So, upgrading to the latest Magento version becomes a necessity from a security perspective.

  • More Features, Engaging Websites

    Who doesn't want a feature-rich Magento website! Not the out-of-fashion ones, of course. You need to pick next-gen functionalities for your website to create impressive experiences for users. Thanks to the latest Magento that lets you do all these with a modern suite of features.

  • Mobile-Friendly Approach

    Do you wish to miss out on the 54% of shoppers who visit your store on smartphones? A mobile-friendly website is the only option if it's a no! Luckily, you can encounter more mobile-oriented features in the latest Magento versions. Yet another reason supporting migration!

  • Introducing Hassle-Free Checkouts!

    Are you running a Magento web store without seamless checkouts? How bizarre! You require making efforts to simplify payment and associated policies to popularize your venture among the customers. You can get improved payment features when migrating the earlier Magento store to the latest platform.

Besides the above, more points support updating Magento versions at the earliest. Let’s head over to selecting the perfect migration service partner if you feel convinced enough.

Incredible Ways to Select the Best Magento Migration Company

Being a risky job, Magento requires experts for its migration. But how do you trust an agency without proof? More precisely, what’s the guarantee that a company will conduct the migration without any risks? Perhaps, it’s better to roll your sleeves and verify their skills in the following ways.

  • Do they Speak Magento?

    The agency must have high expertise in Magento. Ask the company to introduce you to their Magento migration department, where you can gauge their familiarity with Magento. Remember that you will get more flawless service from a knowledgeable Magento developer.

  • Seek Experience in Magento Migration

    A novice team having no Magento migration experience can be lethal to your campaign. So, always look for experts boasting demonstrated experience in updating Magento versions in the past. That’s when your project goes in the right hands!

  • Robust Support Services Prevail

    Say you chose a Magento migration company, and the project went well. What if an all-new problem surfaces after migration? You will have to rush to your migration partner instantly. Grave trouble might arise if the agency shuts its doors. So, you require understanding their support policy before finalizing a migration team for your purpose.

  • Portfolio Speaks Louder

    You require peeping into their portfolio before hiring a Magento migration team. A higher count of successful projects indicates more credibility with the company. So, verifying agency portfolios is a healthy habit, indeed!

  • How Long is the Delivery Timeline?

    Migration is essential, and so, the need to make your website up and running at the earliest. Ask your partner to establish the delivery timeline clearly before diving into the project. Finally, go with a company taking the least time and offering premium services simultaneously.

  • Discuss the Cost Estimate

    Hidden expenses and extra charges can ruin your overall experience with a Magento migration company. So, be well-acquainted with the cost estimate for your Magento updating project. Ask them to provide a hard copy of the cost breakdown if possible, to avoid post-delivery disputes.

  • Do they Offer Related Magento Services?

    Most of the time, a customer requires more services after successful Magento migration. Things will get easier for you if the migration partner offers those facilities as well. So, verify their comprehensive offerings before handing your migration project to the company.

So, these were the points to consider when selecting a Magento migration partner for your project. Let's head over to another relevant concern now!

Do such an impeccable Magento Migration Agency exist?

Now, you might be worrying if such a flawless and perfect agency exists. Luckily, it’s a yes! Top Magento migration service companies like Skynet Technologies provide standard offerings to ease your concern effortlessly. Our experienced and proficient team carries your migration project successfully without causing any glitches and blunders. Besides having several successful Magento migration projects in our portfolio, we excel at other related services to uplift your business holistically. Indeed, our team is your go-to destination when considering a Magento migration campaign.

Magento migration is a piece of cake if you have the right partner with you. You need to invest more time and resources when choosing a desirable firm to migrate your Magento products. So, consider the above points and filter out the best firm for yourself. Your website performance depends on the efficiency of the Magento migration company. So, what makes you wait? Work on the above tips and pick the best organization to update Magento in the right way.

At Skynet Technologies, we have years of proven experience and expertise in Magento ecommerce development. With a right transition plan and professional developers, we facilitate a seamless migration from any platform to the latest and secured version of Magento 2.x. Contact us if you are looking for the Magento migration services.

Is Your Website Still Running on the Previous Version of Drupal? Here’s Why You need to Upgrade to Drupal 9!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Jul 26, 21
Jul 26, 2021
Upgrade to Drupal 9

Is your website hosted on the older Drupal versions? You have a little time to save your site from fatal bruises if it's a yes. As technology advances, digital platform developers pace to match their products with the drifting paradigms. So did Drupal! The previous versions of Drupal started having a hard time aligning with security protocols and went into severe compatibility issues with third-party utilities. After brainstorming for some time, Drupal fixed lethal bugs and rolled out more secure Drupal version as Drupal 9. Owing to these reasons, the company looks towards ceasing Drupal 7 support entirely!

“Drupal 7 will reach end-of-life in November of 2022” - says the official Drupal announcement.

So, should you go for Drupal website upgrades? Hell yeah! You need to migrate the entire site to new Drupal 9 if you wish to access all-new features and stay on-beat with your industry. Aren't you convinced of the migration yet? Worry no more! Here are the top reasons stating why a Drupal 9 migration can help to avoid your website upgradation headaches. Let's get started!

What's Meant by the End-of-Support?

Hang on! Some of you might be wondering what does end of support mean? Don't worry; they won't charge penalties after November'22. It's just that the company will stop updating some aspects in the earlier versions leading to their occasional malfunctions and increased vulnerabilities. Here's what you can stop expecting from Drupal for their previous products.

  • No More Security Updates

    A considerable conclusion from end-of-support is that Drupal will stop updating the security configurations in the previous versions. Without up-to-date security patches, your website and data become more vulnerable to lethal cyber-attacks.

  • Halting Development

    Right after Drupal support ends for its earlier versions, the team will halt making compelling design and feature advancements for your websites. Consequently, you will have to satiate yourself with whatever is already available.

  • Slower Website Development

    Drupal will stop attending to bugs and errors once the support period ceases. Result? Your website might possess technical glitches and malfunctions that reduce user experiences dramatically.

Why Should You Upgrade to Drupal 9?

Let's admit that previous versions have no future hereon. You already know how your websites hosted on older Drupal will get affected negatively. So, it's good to detach your strings with Drupal 6 and 7 and upgrade to the recent varieties. The below reasons will back your decision to upgrade your Drupal website.

  • Enhanced Security Features to Guard Your Website

    As Drupal waved goodbye to its previous forms, the company emerged with better security features for its latest updates. Now, you can work on developing a jaw-dropping website with Drupal 9 security protocols.

    Besides, Drupal trashed ancient codebases and introduced improved programs to the platform's core. Yes, it will also increment Drupal's rank in terms of security protocols.

  • Accessibility to the Disabled

    You are miles away from churning optimum outcomes if your website remains inaccessible to all user groups, primarily the audiences having impairments. Luckily, developers have designed the new Drupal utilities by keeping accessibility in the foreground.

    Migrating to Drupal 9 ensures that everyone engages with your website equally and contributes to propelling your sales. The automated alignment reduces your burden and makes website development way quicker than you thought. So, upgrade to Drupal 9 and never miss a beat!

  • Faster Updates and Migration Hereafter

    Most of us get intimidated by hour-long platform updates and migrations, don't we? Here's good news for you! Drupal will speed up updates and migrations from its 9th version to the more recent ones in the future.

    All you need is to leapfrog to modern Drupal platforms and gear up for blazing-fast migrations and updates hereafter. So, Upgrade to Drupal 9 and omit halting your development while the platform updates.

  • Modifications to Enhance Website Performance

    Who doesn't hate laggard websites! The developers' community was continuously insisting on improving performance issues in Drupal and bringing better integrations. Thankfully, Drupal heard us!

    The brand-new Drupal 9 resolved Symfony and Twig glitches to surface high-end performances with blazing-fast speed and fewer compatibility issues. Give it a shot if website performance is a headache for you!

  • More Integrations, Better Functionalities

    A rigid platform having no scope for integrations is a strict no-no these days. There's no escape from implementing several third-party utilities and extensions to make your websites wholesome. Drupal 9 takes a further step towards flexibility by welcoming more integrations and synchronizations.

    So, you can now embed several functionalities and integrate various utilities to get a holistic website. Unlock more flexibility and develop websites of your dreams by migrating to the latest Drupal versions.

  • Delight Yourself with Premium Editorial Experiences

    Did you find content management difficult in Drupal 6 or 7? Now, you can upgrade to the futuristic Drupal versions and say no more to complex editing experiences.

    The developers have embedded a robust content library, a gamut of editing tools, and a comprehensive dashboard to make your content management experiences better than ever. Update your websites to Drupal 9 if you wish to fetch high-end editorial support.

  • Address All Your Audiences with Mobile-Friendly Architecture

    Do you remember when you worked tirelessly to make your website designs responsive manually? Ahh, such an awful experience! However, Drupal 8 and 9 are here to push off your worries at bay with their emphasis on a mobile-friendly architecture. The latest Drupal 9 templates boast in-built responsiveness and omit the need to align the layout with loads of screen sizes.

  • Ease-it-Out with Multilingual Support

    Did you crave multilingual support in Drupal? Your wish has come true if it's a yes! Now, you can add numerous languages to your Drupal website and make it accessible to everyone across the globe effortlessly. Indeed, it's yet another reason to upgrade as soon as possible.

Drupal 9 has streamlined a dozen of features, bugs, and whatnot? As recent roll-outs hit the horizon, industry-aligned web development has become a cakewalk. So, what makes you wait? Get Drupal upgrades for your website now!

Skynet Technologies have 19+ years of experience with Drupal development and CMS services. As a leading Drupal development company, we have an envious record in offering Drupal solutions to our clients. We don’t go for a one-size-fits-all approach but create customized solutions for enterprises of all sizes. We strive to build modern businesses that are unique, robust, and profit-driven.

Hire Drupal Developers

Laravel vs WordPress - The Ultimate Battle!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Jul 21, 21
Jul 21, 2021
Laravel vs WordPress

We cannot ignore the truth that web development isn't what it used to be, can we? Websites nowadays have inconceivable aesthetics and unexpected features, making our usual experiences more delightful than ever. What triggered all of this? Well, cutting-edge tools like WordPress and Laravel deserve credit. These web development suites encompass several frameworks and extensions to transform a dream into a real website.

However, when it comes to developing websites, you need to choose WordPress vs Laravel. Sounds perplexing, right? Like you, many enterprises and developers struggle with the same dilemma every day. But, not anymore! Below we announce the ultimate clash between WordPress and Laravel. Let's see who comes out on top!

WordPress - What is It?

Hang on! Before going anywhere, it’s customary to introduce the two contenders to you - WordPress and Laravel. Let’s start with the former one!

So, what is WordPress? In novice terms, WordPress is the go-to destination for everyone, beginners and experts, to build fascinating websites and blogs from scratch. Essentially, it’s a Content Management System (CMS) that lets you develop fully functional web experiences without coding. Yes, you’ve heard it right! You don’t require programming expertise to create websites using the WordPress platform.

What Do You Mean by Laravel?

Heading over to our next warrior - Laravel. So, what is Laravel? Well, Laravel is a more elusive web development framework driven by PHP. It relies on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture to surface never-seen-before experiences for us. Based on Symfony, Laravel drills into more advanced website aspects like HTML, templating, and routing and provides you with more flexibility.

Many of you might be thinking, “does using Laravel require coding?”. Yes, it does! As a leading Laravel development company, We aware that Laravel demands having familiarity with the PHP language before you can upshoot a compelling website on the platform.

WordPress vs. Laravel - The Battle Begins!

Now that you are familiar with WordPress and Laravel, it's time to declare war! Being an ardent web developer or a business, learning about the differences between WordPress and Laravel is a must. Come along and walk through the differences between the two most popular web development technologies.

  • The Difference in the Definitions

    You already know WordPress and Laravel definitions, but how do they differ? Well, WordPress is a strict Content Management System and has no coding prerequisites. In contrast, Laravel is a PHP-based and open-source framework, requiring some exposure to programming before you can develop websites on top of it.

  • How do their Architectures Vary?

    Some ideas about WordPress and Laravel architectures, and your choice becomes easy! Laravel boasts a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture at its core. A Laravel developer should be well-acquainted with MVC to build Laravel websites effortlessly.

    However, WordPress has a beginner-friendly architecture. WordPress runs on plugins, and the websites mold according to their architectures since their inception. Anyone who wishes to dodge the complexities can choose WordPress for its convenient architecture.

  • Built-In or Extended Functionalities?

    You will fall in love with Laravel if you are a pro developer! Laravel comprises several built-in functionalities, making the suite rich and robust. It unlocks massive website development flexibilities to delight the developers.

    In contrast, WordPress has limited built-in capabilities. It instead relies on plugins to extend functionalities as and when required. WordPress Development requires extensively installing add-ons and achieving features and aesthetics as desired.

  • Steep Learning Curve for Laravel

    Did you ever wonder what makes WordPress reign in the web development industry? It’s the minimal or flat learning curve! Developers require no new knowledge to get started with WordPress.

    What’s the downside in Laravel? It’s a steep learning curve, unfortunately. Developers need to get familiar with PHP language and MVC architecture to understand Laravel fully and use its functionalities optimally.

  • Website Loading Speed - A Considerable Difference

    Many times, we compare WordPress and Laravel by prioritizing features but forget the aftermath. Do you know that your choice can substantially affect website loading speed? Yes, that's true! The WordPress websites might become laggard when loading as they have too many plugins in the background.

    Laravel comes as a savior, however. It has swift and lightweight built-in functionalities to keep the final product blazing-fast with minimal loading time. So, Laravel overtakes WordPress in terms of website loading speed.

  • Authentication Arrangements

    Authentication plays a pivotal role when developing a website. You need to prioritize the same right from choosing a complementary platform. Laravel will please you with a gamut of features like authentication and authorization. Developers need not worry too much about such aspects when using Laravel.

    WordPress might disappoint you on the authentication parameter. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t have built-in capabilities as such. It largely depends on external plugins to provide authentication-like features to the websites.

  • What about SEO?

    SEO is all the rage these days, isn’t it? So, all developers wish to build a content-driven website from scratch. Laravel might fall slightly displeasing when SEO is the mainframe question. A developer will require aligning all content aspects manually as Laravel doesn’t prioritize SEO.

    Being a CMS, WordPress levels your website on SEO parameters automatically. With such a content-oriented approach, developers enjoy WordPress and escape investing huge time streamlining SEO aspects.

  • Customizability is a Significant Distinction

    Who doesn't love personalized websites! So, developers prefer high customizability to implement client requirements and satisfy them effortlessly. In such a scenario, there are no better platforms than Laravel. It allows developers to customize everything manually, even at the codebase.

    In contrast, WordPress restricts itself to customizability offered by specific plugins. Some paid plugins allow full personalization, whereas the free ones have more limitations.

  • The Communities

    Developers must consider community support when choosing a web development platform. Laravel can be a bit cumbersome as it doesn’t have a massive community. Luckily, WordPress has the largest community among all web development platforms for WordPress Developers.

Phew! The fierce battle between WordPress and Laravel ends finally. Now, it's time to declare the champion. Honestly, the winner depends on your specific requirements. Laravel overtakes WordPress if you wish to access immense flexibility, customization, built-in capacities, and security features. However, WordPress leads Laravel if your demands comprise an SEO-friendly platform, a flattened learning curve, and a high degree of automation. The choice is yours ultimately!

Skynet Technologies provides a wide array of web development services personalized as per the specific demands of our clients across all industries.


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