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Ultimate Guide on Digital marketing for ecommerce 2020 Holiday Season!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: November 27, 2020
Last Updated: December 01, 2020
Digital marketing for ecommerce

Are you ready to conquer the ecommerce realm during the busiest time of the entire year? With the holiday season in the offing, it is projected that ecommerce sales are going to set a new high in the sales figures. With more and more people shopping online, one needs to follow a few guidelines to thrive in this season. One should be available and visible to the customers whenever they show a willingness to make a purchase. Market the products with relevant messages and promotional offers to hit the right chord and entice the customers to convert. Along with this, be prepared to provide outstanding customer service if required. These are just rudimentary, every online retailer needs a game plan to stand out, stay relevant, and drive sales during the most competitive and busiest season of the year.

As you gear up your ecommerce stores for the highly competitive holiday season, optimize your website, marketing campaigns, promotional offers, product listings, and other fulfillment options. Remember, a successful holiday strategy is not much more than your digital presence. You need to make meaningful connections with your prospective customers during the busiest shopping season of the year. Read on to learn more about how you can be ready for the season.

1. Understand the market conditions

The ecommerce sales usually would be at their highest in the holiday season but with the pandemic around, the numbers are going to spike further. There is no doubt that the ecommerce business will continue to grow and hence it is wiser to invest in ecommerce websites. Also, focus on how you can develop customer relationships ahead of the holiday season. You can take a look at the previous year’s statistics to know the consumers’ buying trends. It was found that around 58% of the consumers prefer online search engines for shopping while more than 70% use smartphones as their main tool. So make sure your ecommerce websites are optimized for mobile phones. This year, there could be even more challenges especially supply chain and logistics, as brands continue to grapple with the increased demand. You need to adjust your marketing strategies to entice consumers to make purchases and nurture new customers. You need to be out there early and often to attract new customers.

2. Set Goals and Measure Your Performance

You need a marketing plan, set thoughtful goals, measure your performance, and be prepped up for the upcoming holiday season. First and foremost is to determine your primary goal for the holiday season to ensure that you craft the strategies that help you reach your goals. Set SMART goals- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based. You can take a look at the previous ecommerce landscape in order to plan ahead. Once you set your goals in mind, you need to determine a plan of action to achieve success and set metrics like revenue, conversion rate, email open rates, click-through rates, opt-in rates, etc. to build up your engaged audience. If your goal is to increase sales from repeat customers, you might want to measure how many repeat purchasers have been there. The chosen metrics should be actionable and let you optimize the performance of your marketing campaigns.

You can then decide on the support teams from the product, marketing, design, etc. who can be of immense help in meeting your goals. You can brainstorm ideas and start planning early. Once you kickstart your campaigns, you can measure your results to monitor the progress, optimize if required, and improve your results. You could check if call-to-action, email subject lines, product placements are having the right impact on your customers. Monitor your performance and data on a continuous basis.

3. Understand Buyer Persona

Know your customers, their preferences, and how to use this information in effectively driving sales. Buyer personas are incredible in helping you understand your customers buying preferences, create tailor-made promotions, content, and product assortment as per your audience. You can send promotional emails, discounts, abandoned cart reminder emails, to the customers through emails, social media channels. You can even personalize your campaigns, offer loyalty programs to build a loyal customer base. You should also turn prospective buyers into your customers by nurturing them through a better understanding of who you are, what your products are, why they should trust you. You can also include user-generated content like product reviews, images, etc. to help generate trust. The end of the funnel experience should also be smooth and frictionless.

4. Segmentation and Personalization

Make the most out of your marketing campaigns by effective segmentation and personalization strategies. By creating highly personalized relevant experiences for your customers, you can create a highly unique experience for them at every touchpoint. By segmentation, you can sort the customers into different groups based on their similar preferences. For instance, customers who purchased from the antique section could be one segment. In fact, the possibilities are endless. You can execute your strategy of promoting your products with advanced discounts based on the segmentation to achieve your goals. You would be focusing all your efforts only on those customers who are likely to be excited with your discounts, or products. You can create a one-to-one campaign with your customers to build strong relationships with customers and drive sales. Both segmentation and personalization may seem daunting but it's truly a winning combination that drives revenue.

5. Promote Your Products

Time to go for product assortments and promotions to entice your customers and nudge them to make a purchase. There are so many retailers competing for customers’ attention, and hence your merchandising and promotions are critical elements in giving you that edge. With a tectonic shift in the ecommerce business, you should sweeten the deal and convince your customers to make a purchase. Free shipping could reduce cart abandonment rates significantly. Another way is bundling in which complementary products sell well together improving the chances of cross-selling. Rather than knocking down the price, you can dynamically bundle products together. Make your promotional discounts impactful by strategically relating to current year events that will resonate with your customers and get them engaged with your promotions. Promote the discounts and deals across your social channels and send email reminders to let them know about the daily deals.

6. Optimize Your Website

Your website should be ready for the big show! It represents your brand and it is the most vital element in the busiest season of the year. It is a window to your customers through which they can make a purchase. Optimizing your website would increase your conversion rate as well as business revenue. Site optimization is highly critical especially when there is a potential surge in the website traffic. With the pandemic’s stay-at-home rules and social distancing restrictions, customers would discerningly go for digital shopping and hence you need to fully optimize your website. Make your homepage engaging and alluring as it is critical for increasing sales. Create thematic personas and personalized campaigns to meet the unique interests of the customers and curate their shopping experience in the holiday season. Make sure you optimize your product pages with quintessential details like the product category, product detail pages, product reviews, testimonials, return policy, filtering options, checkout process, pop-up forms, customer service, etc.

7. Email Marketing

Building stronger relationships with existing customers or driving first-time purchases can be accomplished through effective email marketing. They can subscribe to your list and get notifications about the brand, product selection, educational content, promotion, etc. You build and nurture relationships with customers. You can map out your goals, strategy, key segments, personalize their experience, and captivate their attention. You can also cut through the noise by creating a brand impression and providing value through educational content such as holiday guide, wishlist feature. They can set the right expectations about your products, brand value with visually appealing and engaging content. Send timely abandoned cart emails to capture their limited attention during the frenzied holiday seasons. You can also send a thank you email, take product review, feedback, etc. and this is also a great chance to upsell and cross-sell your other products during the holiday season. You can automate the emails, focus on time and budget to grab their attention, make predictions about the reorders, combine social media ads with email marketing, etc.

8. Host a Virtual Event And Increase Your Ads

You can host a virtual event on your social channels to inform the customers about your products. As many people prefer to shop online these days, it is one of the best ways to grab the eyeballs of the audience. Also, it can be a glimpse of your products, offers, discounts, etc. Even those who prefer in-store shopping would have an idea about your products and they visit the store after knowing the full information. It is a great way to build a buyer community around your business and drive customer engagement. Another way is to increase your ad spend and focus on advertising about your products and offers. This is also a way where you can focus on interactive storytelling to reach out to the customers. You can share your content with the customers who are genuinely interested in your products.

9. Discounts, Promotions, Coupons

Holidays are the seasons of giving back to the community. Provide free gifts, discounts, rewards, coupons to amplify your sales during the shopping frenzy season. You can showcase your discounts, promotional offers, and other offers on the homepages of your websites. Promotional offers are likely to steer the buyers towards your store. Undoubtedly, with many festivals lined up, brands compete with each other by giving away attractive discounts to drive more sales. You can also offer free rewards to the customers. Customers who focus on purchasing gift cards, may also find the offer attractive and get attracted to the idea of buying it for themselves. Freebies are a compelling holiday marketing strategy that drives more sales than anticipated. This is a motivating element for your customers who don’t hesitate to make additional purchases. This is the season where most of the customers splurge and spend to make the festivals even more joyous and merrier.


Holidays provide a unique opportunity and a challenge for ecommerce businesses with huge competition and enthusiastic customers around. This year is even more critical with businesses facing various hardships due to the pandemic. However, you sail through fairly well with this guide, can stand up to aggressive marketing techniques, and win over your customers. Utilize the short window for holiday season shopping effectively and cut the noise down. Remember, this is pretty much like the Super Bowl of ecommerce wherein the results can sink or swim your annual efforts, so capitalize on consumer spending during this period.

Is your ecommerce store ready for a joyful and profitable holiday season sales?

With some smart digital marketing and development, Skynet Technologies will help you to create an ideal holiday digital marketing strategy that boosts your online store sales revenue. Our experienced team of Digital Marketing and SEO will provide you a result-oriented digital marketing strategy to get higher ranking and make your business stand out from the crowd. Many experts divine that the online shopping trends adopted this year will be around for the long-term. In a way, preparing your ecommerce business for the holiday season is a great way to set up your ecommerce website or online store for whatever the New Year brings your way.

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Core Web Vitals - How it affects Google’s Search Algorithm & Ranking System?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: November 23, 2020
Last Updated: November 24, 2020
Core Web Vitals

When you build a website and step in to improve the visibility of it, what are the things you focus the most on? Maybe keyword optimization, backlinks, or mobile responsiveness? But search engine giant Google pays greater attention to the on-page experience of your website. It keeps making hundreds of changes and revisions a year. They keep updating their algorithms, announce changes to the ranking factor elements, and more. There’s a new ranking metric in town - Core Web Vitals! Google recently announced updates to its ranking algorithms.

In this article, we are demystifying the next official Google ranking factor - Core web vitals. What does it mean, what can you be geared up for the changes, and more?

What are Core Web Vitals?

Google recently rolled out Core Web Vitals that includes three metrics designed to measure loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability that focus on user experience to become new search ranking metrics. Core Web Vitals is a page experience metric that focuses primarily on providing a high-quality on-page experience for the visitors. For instance, a slow loading page has higher chances of bounce rate and this may even attract a penalty from Google.

The quality of the page experience on Google depends on

  1. Security - Your website landing page should not contain any misleading content and malicious elements that put the security of the user in jeopardy. The pages should be HTTPS enabled.
  2. Responsiveness - As the number of mobile traffic increases, the web pages should be optimized for mobile browsing as well.
  3. Seamless Navigation - The web pages shouldn’t be cluttered with various elements that cover the primary content.
  4. Core Web Vitals - These include the page load speed and visual stability. It also focuses on how the elements on the web page interact with each other.

Google is rolling out this (Page experience) factor in 2021 and you have enough time to gear up for the new changes. Meanwhile, focus on the specifics of Core Web Vitals, identify if there are any issues, and fix them if they aren’t meeting the usual standards.

The three Core Web Vitals Metrics:

1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

In layman’s terms, LCP is about how fast the page loads which depends on the render time, whether it is a web page, mobile page, high-quality image, video, or text. This could vary depending on your server time, CSS, JavaScript, or client-side rendering. You can find this in Google Search Console wherein you can find out if the page load speed is slow. You should aim for an LCP score of fewer than 2.5 seconds within which the page should load.

2. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

CLS helps in understanding how stable the page is. One might have faced jumpy content, unexpected layout shifts, or unnecessary element load which might create a poor user experience. It was observed that the primary reason for layout shift is that the image sizes aren’t defined. This is outright annoying for the users who may perform incorrect actions such as unintended purchases which seriously damages the user experience. If you want to deliver a positive page experience, make sure your site’s CLS score is less than 0.1.

3. First Input Delay (FID)

FID is how interactive your pages are. For instance, when a user clicks on a button, how fast can the browser start the process and produces the result. It gets embarrassing if the user clicks on something and nothing happens or it takes forever to load. The initial point of interaction creates a strong first impression if everything goes as per the anticipated responses. A great FID score is fewer than 100 Ms.

So essentially, Core Web Vitals focus on page load speed, interactivity, and stability elements. This isn’t a standalone metric but joining the league of signals like responsiveness, HTTPS, etc. that improve the on-page experience for a website visitor. It’s all about user experience.

How is Core Web Vitals going to affect Google Rankings?

Well, Core Web Vitals are an important criterion to leap to the top rankings in the search engines. There is going to be a visible shift in the Google SERPs as earlier, AMP was a vital requirement for the websites to appear in the top results. But as it is going away now, you need to start focusing on meeting the new factor - Core Web Vitals as it is going to affect the search rankings. Of course, you may wonder about the impact of this factor when Google has over a hundred signals that impact the search rankings. We could firmly establish that by ignoring the Core Web Vitals, you are definitely bound to rank lower. In a highly competitive web space, even a single element has the potential to make or break your business. So, it is something significant that should be addressed if you are performing poorly on these elements.

Besides Google rankings, Core Web Vitals also impact the user experience. As per a study, websites that meet the Core Web Vitals have less abandonment rate. Nearly 24% of the web traffic is likely to bounce in case the thresholds of Core Web Vitals aren’t met and you can’t risk losing this huge chunk of organic traffic to your website, do you? User experience could be a real deal and a tie-breaker in case you have to compete with pages that are having quality content.

Google Core Web Vitals

How to Measure and Fix?

You can find Core Web Vitals in tools such as Page Speed Insights, Chrome UX Report, Chrome Dev Tools, Lighthouse, Search Console, and Web Vitals Chrome Extension. Each of these tools requires different levels of technical proficiency. Search Console provides a bird’s eye view of your website, DevTools and Lighthouse are suitable for page optimization, Chrome extension and Page Speed Insights are useful for making quick page assessments.

Search Console is one of the best tools to diagnose the problems with Core Web Vitals. You can look in Google Search Console where you can find if the URLs are poor, good, or need improvement. If the URLs are poor or need improvement, then investigate what went wrong and how you can improve those pages. You can find the scores of all three metrics in the Search Console, find their scores, and see which pages need improvement. Reports in search console link to reports in Page Speed Insights. Even if you don’t have access to the Search Console, Google can put the reports in other tools across the web.

Core Web Vitals in Future

Core Web Vitals will become official Google ranking signals in 2021. They are aimed at removing the usual UX pain points and providing a delightful user experience. Many webmasters have been utilizing the notice time prior to the changes that are going to take place. Core Web Vitals may sound technical to some of you but it is aimed at ensuring a great page experience. Skynet Technologies has enough resources to diagnose and improve your Core Web Vitals. We will be happy to assess your website's score with the new Core Web Vitals. We take this as an opportunity to go the extra mile and incorporate reliable UX metrics in the ranking algorithms, complete the functionality updates to ensure that your website doesn’t fall behind in the race.

The Core Web Vitals might seem like a complicated concept but achieving a perfect Core Web Vitals score isn’t a big thing. If your web page takes time to load, people will choose to leave your site and visit your opponents. Skynet Technologies able to provide you best practices for core web vitals to enhance the user experience by several folds and boost conversions. Please contact us for more detail and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Top Benefits of Partnership with a White Label SEO Company!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: November 19, 2020
Last Updated: November 19, 2020
White Label SEO Company

White-label services are creating a great buzz in the digital marketing world. It essentially means having an agency partner that completes the work on your behalf for an agreed price and you can sell it to your clients under your name with no mention of the agency partner. White label partnerships help businesses grow and create a win-win scenario for all the stakeholders involved. Many firms have reported that nearly 30 to 40% of their revenue has come through white label partnerships. If you are a business entrepreneur looking for ways to expand your business and augment your profits, then white label SEO partnerships are a perfect solution for you.

We know how important SEO is in carving out space for you on the web and make it visible to your target audience. SEO helps acquire new customers and increase your business revenue. With an exponential rise in digital services, marketers are striving hard to craft a perfect digital marketing strategy that puts you in the eyes of the audience. Statistics say that nearly 40% of the marketing budget is allotted to SEO.

What are White-label SEO services?

White-label SEO services refer to an agency partnership wherein you partner with a company that provides SEO services to your clients. It is different from outsourcing where the clients won’t be in the know about you partnering with an SEO provider. Everything is done under your brand name and the clients do know that you are behind a particular service fulfillment.

Why do I need to partner with a white-label SEO company?

  1. One should be adept at offering SEO services as it is not as simple as it seems at the outset. One should have the requisite skills, expertise, and experience in SEO services. Many marketing agencies do not have an in-house SEO team and even building one such is quite challenging. So, marketing agencies find white label SEO partnerships as a feasible option to expand their business and take it to new avenues.
  2. Let’s say your marketing agency offer SEO services in-house, however, you are not getting the desired results for your clients. This would be an overhead cost as you are paying the employees but not generating revenue out of it. So, you would want to cut down on your expenses without affecting the company’s growth. In such cases, you might want to go for a white label SEO partnership.

Benefits of White label SEO Partnerships

1. Focus on Your Primary Business Services

You can focus on your business operations while experts work on your SEO strategy. SEO includes services such as link building, technical SEO, optimization, etc. which need a high level of expertise and experience. An amateur can do more harm than good. A lot of time and effort goes in vain if the results aren’t as desired. Recruiting an SEO specialist is also an expensive affair. But SEO cannot be ignored and hence most agencies look for white look partnerships. By going for it, you will have the time and room to focus on the core aspects of your business. It’s a win-win with the delivery of high-quality services.

2. Reduce Cost Overheads

SEO encompasses an umbrella of services that include link building, keyword optimization, technical SEO, content marketing, and many more. Having an in-house SEO team is slightly costly and also finding the right talent is also difficult and time-taking. You will have to spend on hiring resources, onboarding process, and on managing the whole team. These will lead to a significant leap in the operational costs. If you partner with a white label SEO agency, you can reduce the massive cost incurred. You wouldn’t need to pay for recruiting SEO experts.

3. Improve Your Revenue Stream

The obvious reason why many businesses are looking at SEO is it is a great investment. Revenue generation would be constant and incremental. Hence, businesses today are partnering with a professional white label SEO company. This takes off the constant pressure of acquiring new customers for your clients and working on tight deadlines. Partnering with a white label SEO agency is a minor investment when you compare with the revenue generation aspects of it. It’s a perfect win-win for all the stakeholders involved- your clients, white label agency, and you.

4. Scale Your Business

Let’s say you have an in-house SEO team and as you start getting new projects, you need to recruit more SEO experts to accommodate more clients. And this is a time-consuming matter. Suppose you partner with a white label SEO company; you can accommodate the interests of your growing client base. Your current resources won’t constrain or limit your business potential. You can outsource your clients to a white label SEO agency that, in any case, has a greater in-house team to service your clients. This way you can scale your business even with a limited team.

5. Build Brand Reputation

A white label SEO partnership provides you a competitive advantage in the industry as you offer high-quality services to your clients. This builds a positive brand image in the market. You meet the deadlines, deliver the desired outcomes, offer solid support to your clients which create a great brand persona among your client base. Word-of-the mouth marketing helps build a strong brand reputation in the market. If you are looking for improving your brand reputation, a white label SEO partnership is your best bet.

6. Time is Money

A white label solution helps in quicker setup time as they are already equipped with skills and tools. You don’t have to spend time in training and honing your in-house team, no time goes into spending over meetings and client calls. Also, unlike other quick solutions, SEO doesn’t show immediate results. It can be time-taking to see a jump in the search rankings. For instance, link building, an important aspect of SEO takes time to implement and a white label SEO company saves a lot of time in these services. They also keep up with the latest happenings in the search algorithms.

7. Forge Strong Customer Relations

The key to long-term success in any business is to build strong and long-lasting customer relationships. This improves customer satisfaction rates as well as retention. Partnering with a white label SEO company strengthens your relationships with your customers. You can deliver world-class SEO services that lead to satisfied and happy customers. This also provides you a competitive advantage in the market as you garner premium customers.

8. Fill the Knowledge Gaps

There is a dearth of skilled professionals and this factor can be addressed with white label SEO services. You can bypass the detrimental impact of the lack of proper skills and expert team by partnering with someone who is knowledgeable in this avenue. You can have an extended team in the form of a white label SEO partner who has a team of dedicated SEO professionals. In a way, you can bridge the gap of technical expertise. The white label SEO partner would be aware of the latest updates, have the relevant industry experience to deliver better and long-lasting results.

9. Increase ROI for Clients

The main purpose of an SEO campaign is to attract more traffic to the business and promote the website to stay on the top of search results which is the primary focus of a white label partner. They handle all the technical aspects of your clients’ projects. By piggybacking on your partner’s expertise, you can offer guaranteed results to your clients and become a trusted partner. The cash flow for your clients would be consistent and this, in turn, improves your ROI as well.

10. Specialized Technology

The search engines constantly update their algorithms and one needs to refine their SEO strategies accordingly. One needs to be aware of the changes as well as about the third-party tools and technologies that can automate the SEO efforts. A white label SEO agency would always stay on top of the trends and they knew everything about the latest tools. If the agency is already having access to these tools, you don’t have to pay the entire cost to access them.

With so many benefits offered by white label SEO company, the differentiating element here is picking up the right partner. You need to pick the right agency that has the requisite tools to offer high-quality services to your clients. The right partner would be an added advantage to your team and reduces significant business overheads. Skynet Technologies is equipped with the right tools and well-trained SEO experts who can deliver good quality work for your clients. You can boost your revenue and accelerate your business growth with our white label SEO services. Provide professional SEO services for your clients with a white-label SEO partnership!

Skynet Technologies USA LLC is providing reliable and trusted white label SEO services. White labels services will be grateful for your business, and a successful partnership will level up your business with tangible results. Please contact us for more detail and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Become White Label SEO Partner!

How to Choose a perfect White label SEO Partner to grow your Business?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: November 15, 2020
Last Updated: November 15, 2020
White label SEO Partner

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to improve the visibility of your website and drive organic traffic to it. However, there is a serious dearth of SEO specialists and many companies make false claims of guaranteed results. There are many in the market who tout themselves as the best and companies get tricked by the highly persuasive sales pitch. However, by the time, one realizes that the strategy isn’t fetching any concrete results, you might have lost more money and time in the process. Some even resort to black hat practices which eventually would result in getting penalized by the search engines. And in case, if you find a specialist, you may have to be overburdened by the high cost incurred on the services. In a nutshell, finding an ideal white label SEO partner is a daunting task.

But in this article, we’ll help you with choosing the right white label SEO partner who helps your company to cut through the noise and navigate the rocky terrains of search engines.

White label SEO partner:

1. Background

While choosing a white label SEO partner, first understand the background details of the company. You need to know for how long the company has been in the industry, its active years, specialized services, clients, pricing, and more. Then understand how long they have been providing SEO services. Know the credentials of the SEO experts, are they certified in any Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and more. If an SEO specialist is going to be allotted to you, know his past experience. If you are looking for a long-term partnership, then find out if they have any prior experience in long-term collaboration. You can also find out their client retention rate. Any concerns should be discussed beforehand.

2. Past Experience

An ideal white label SEO partner should have an outstanding track record in delivering outcome-oriented services to the clients. They should have delivered high-performance services to the clients. You can ask for case studies, samples, Google search console data, or Analytics reports, to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s performance capabilities. You can take a look into their clients’ base either by going through their testimonials or case studies. You can understand how did the agency added value to the clients and how did the agency make a difference in the results. You can also do some research and see the stats for yourself.

3. Reviews

Before we purchase any product, the first thing we do is to look up the reviews. The same thing should be emulated here while choosing an ideal white label SEO partner. Go through the reviews to evaluate the potential and capabilities of the SEO agencies. There are various review sites available online such as Glassdoor, Yelp, Google my Business help, etc. wherein you can assess the company’s potential. There are also SEO specific review websites as well that show SEO services related feedback. Websites such as, Good firms, Upcity are some of the SEO specific review websites. Clutch has been one of the top-rated resources that offer quality reviews.

4. References

References are similar to the company’s past experience however; the difference lies in who is sharing the information with you. Here, you get a chance to interact with the ones who availed the SEO services. They can help you understand the entire anatomy of the SEO services provided by your shortlisted partner. It all depends on how well you probe to get a well-rounded perspective of the company. Some areas you could focus on will be their period of association, the list of SEO packages, SEO audit, communication methodologies, reporting, and more. You can also enquire about the outcomes like ROI, SERP rankings, traffic growth, margin value, etc. You can assess the overall experience of partnering with them.

5. Workforce

The reason why companies are partnering with white label SEO agencies is the lack of in-house manpower to work on the clients’ projects. So, when you are looking for an external team, make sure they have the skills and experience to get you the results. The years of experience are a powerful factor as they must have gained proper perspective in sailing through the rough patches and gain ground in the market. Depending on your operations -small, medium, or large-sized, you can partner with a similar-sized SEO. You need someone who fosters great customer-centric relationships and serves better.

6. Communication

Strong and effective communication fosters a great working partnership. You can evaluate the success of any agency based on how well they handle the communication aspects. You need to iron out any technical aspects involved and agree on a common communication channel to advance the partnership. You need to decide on how to handle the communication aspect - if you want your partner to maintain direct communication with the clients, you can set up an email address, phone routing, CRM integration, etc. And in case, if you want your partner to be completely behind the scenes, you should focus on having regular communication with the partner to get the information to be supplied to your client.

7. Transparency

As the white label partners work behind the scenes on your behalf, they have to indulge in transparent mechanisms - be it in communications or sharing insights about your client’s project. You shouldn’t be in dark about anything related to the project fulfillment. This includes your client reviews, approvals, content recommendations, link building activity, or anything related to SEO campaigns. Be wary of those firms who are not keen on maintaining transparency in their work. Consider this as a red flag and close the deal as the repercussions of the opacity will be high and could do more harm than good.

8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

White label SEO partners should have a CRM that provides both the partners and the clients a platform wherein they can maintain constant communication. The deliverables and reports can also be shared along with this platform. When you are in the consideration phase, make sure you ask them if they have the ability to provide a white label CRM that can be used for regular engagement as an official workspace and for regular communication. There is another way, wherein if you already have one, you can always rely on using your own CRM.

9. Scalability

You must be clear about your goals before you talk to an SEO agency. While you are partnering with a white label SEO agency, you need to have your growth projections in your hand, based on which you can evaluate your partner’s ability to accommodate your growth needs and help you scale with its own infrastructure. If you are a small firm, this may not be a bigger headache. However, if you are a mid-sized company eager to plan on expansion or a larger agency then you need your partner to be geared up to help you reach your goals. Your ideal white label SEO partner should be able to achieve your scalability goals.

10. Reporting

Reports provide crucial insights into the effectiveness of the SEO campaigns based on which you can evaluate your partners’ potential. The reports present you with the bottom-line results of the SEO campaigns. Your potential partner should have the ability to generate reports and present you with the KPIs on all aspects of the service fulfillment. They should have the experience of generating reports for each client individually. There should also be a dashboard setup to showcase the campaign data, performance metrics for each client.


Skynet Technologies is a specialized SEO agency with expert digital marketers who have the capability of higher lead conversions. We have the experience of working along with firms of all sizes and industry niche. Our services are tailored to meet you and your clients’ requirements. We have a meticulous SEO team who show great diligence in creating a solid SEO strategy and help you avoid the most dreaded sandbox penalty.

Skynet Technologies USA LLC is a reliable and trusted white label SEO service provider based in USA. We offer White Label SEO partnerships with 100% strict NDA terms and guaranteed confidentiality. White label SEO services will be grateful for your business, and a successful partnership will level up your business with tangible results. Please contact us for more detail we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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