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How to choose the best white label Drupal agency?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: November 26, 2020
Last Updated: November 27, 2020
White Label Drupal

How to Choose the white label Drupal agency?

The profound secret of any successful business is “If you try to do everything, you’ll accomplish nothing”. This little trick sets your priorities right and build collaborative partnerships with other firms with whom you can create a win-win scenario. A typical web development agency work involves a whole gamut of services excluding the operational aspects of the business. It can become overbearing to walk the tight ropewalk of meeting the client’s deadlines and delivering high-quality work. Then how can a Drupal development agency run the business-like a pro without creating any hassles of building a strong development team?

If you are a Drupal development service provider and struggling to cope up with the pressures of building Drupal web applications or Drupal Commerce development, hiring Drupal experts, running Drupal upgrades, Drupal migration and keep the business running without any roadblocks, then a white label Drupal development agency is a perfect solution for you.

How does a white label Drupal development agency work?

White label partnership means collaborating with an expert Drupal agency under a white label contract. You would still retain complete ownership of the product and you can roll it out under your brand name. The partner agency who are proficient in Drupal web development services works on your clients’ projects and deliver the product to you without claiming ownership. All the project details and agreements were chalked out beforehand and they would be aligned as per your business objectives.

A white label Drupal development agency lets you concentrate on other aspects of your business while Drupal experts work on your clients’ website development and design. You can focus on marketing, selling, building a sales pitch, creating a conversion path, etc.

Criteria for Choosing a white label Drupal agency

Know the Team

The white label Drupal development agency should have experienced Drupal developers. They should have experience in working with various end-to-end Drupal projects. An experienced Drupal developer knows the nuts and bolts of the issues involved in Drupal web development. They also have experience in following industry standards. They can develop your clients’ projects faster and deliver within time. If an agency has certified Drupal developers then you can consider delegating the work to them.

Reviews and Testimonials

The Drupal Development agency would have testimonials from its previous agencies. You can quickly go through the reviews and testimonials of the earlier clients to understand the working nature of your potential Drupal partner. You can even understand the size of the business and niche areas that the white label Drupal agency worked with. You can further research the services utilized by these agencies and see if the agency has the potential to fulfill your requirements.

Past Experience

The white label Drupal Development Agency should have experience in working on Drupal projects. They should be well aware of the latest happenings in the Drupal community. Drupal 9 is the latest version and they should have the proficiency in making a quick upgrade. Any team that has worked on migrating from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 would be great in handling ay intricacies involved in the migration. They should also have experience in building custom Drupal solutions.

Service Portfolio

The white label Drupal development agency should be providing full-scale Drupal services that include Drupal web development, Drupal Migration, Drupal module development, theme development, PSD to Drupal development, third-party integrations, and more. They should also have round the clock support and maintenance team to handle any emergency issues post-deployment. An integrated team works closely to build a well-functioning Drupal website that is ready to go live.

Fluid Communication

An ideal white label Drupal development agency provides simple and fluid communication. Your initial interactions would give a hint about how effective and swift the team is in communicating with you. The team has to respond quickly, clearly, and seamless. A well-functioning Drupal team maintains transparency and communicates every project detail with you. There has to be a common channel through which you can have constant and uninterrupted communication with the agency partner.

Reliability and Flexibility

You need a reliable partner who can work as your extended team and show the same diligence as you. They have to focus on delivering efficient work and also be flexible to go for staff augmentation if required. They should adapt quickly to the changing needs of the clients to help you stay ahead of the curve. They should be flexible enough to intensify their efforts if required.

Participation in Drupal Community

The partner agency should be proactive in participating in the Drupal community forums or at least be part of it. Being part of a global Drupal community ensures you with networking with fellow developers as well as finding quick help if needed. Whenever you face any development issues, you may find answers in the community group or if it isn’t addressed previously, you may post your query. The chances of getting a solution are quite high. Even if you don’t get a concrete answer, they offer a perspective on how to sort that out. Being part of a fun-loving and dedicated community has other perks as well. You would know the information on contributed modules, the latest buzz even before the official roll-out. You can be prepped to gear up for any changes beforehand.

White label Drupal development agency has opened the doors of opportunity to offer unparalleled services to your clients. Engaging with the proper Drupal agency can be a real game-changer. You can overcome the challenges involved in Drupal web development and propel your business to the next level. An ideal white label Drupal agency is the one that can provide the entire gamut of Drupal services. Find an agency that offers on-demand augmented Drupal services for you. Skynet Technologies has been offering on-demand Drupal development services for startups, Government agencies, larger enterprises, all alike.

Skynet Technologies provide flexible White Label Drupal Services which scale the next level of success and business growth. We have an in-house and experienced team of dedicated Drupal developers to manage simple to complex task in a defined time. Are you a web development agency, firm, software development company or any other IT-oriented business who is looking for a reliable partner with technical expertise and excellent reputation? Get in touch with white label Drupal agency for more info!

How to do a comprehensive Drupal Site Audit?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: November 24, 2020
Last Updated: November 24, 2020
Drupal Site Audit

Drupal website needs regular maintenance and periodic updates for an optimal user experience. However, there could be some sneaky issues that may go under the radar and may create some troubles. This is when a quarterly or annual Drupal website audit comes in handy. A Drupal website audit will uncover issues and provide you with a plan of action for updates, security, and performance issues as well. Do you have an existing Drupal website & require Drupal site audit?

What is a Drupal site Audit?

A Drupal website audit is meant to measure the health of your website. You can keep an eye on the website’s security, performance, and updates. A website with an unsafe and unreliable performance keeps the visitors off your site. One can take the help of a Drupal expert to perform a comprehensive Drupal site audit to uncover any major issues. A comprehensive audit reviews all the major areas of the website, find out the performance issues, and security threats, perform the code review, check the configuration, and modules. It is also an opportunity to find out if you perform any updates that can help increase visitor traffic, SEO enhancements, content management, etc.

Need for Drupal site Audit

1. Helps to identify factors that impact performance

Drupal site audit helps identify the factors that affect the performance. Factors such as design, layout, page structure, excessive code, unoptimized images, broken links, bugs, and more that takes down the performance. A Drupal expert can conduct an investigation of the entire website to make sure everything goes right and can troubleshoot any issues that may arise. This largely reduces many minor issues from becoming bigger ones down the road.

2. Provides recommendations for Drupal updates

Drupal releases new upgrades, security patches, and other enhancements to improve the customization elements and performance of the website. It is not always possible to stay on top of the latest plugin’s modules, features. But, with a Drupal expert on board, you can perform an audit and get some suggestions on how to add new updates that would enhance the website performance.

3. Increase lead generation through Drupal SEO

There is not much expertise in the industry that can provide comprehensive SEO. The website audit helps in keyword optimization, search engine readability that improve the overall search rankings. The audit process also helps improve the responsive design, security, and performance that has an impact on the search results.

4. Overall functionality & Drupal content structure assessment

Drupal inherently allows great flexibility in content structuring but it’s obscure for anyone to know if their website is optimized. With Drupal experts, one can get an evaluation of the entire functionality and content that helps in proper structuring and website optimization. It helps identifies the slow loading of the pages, broken links, poor content organization, etc. They also help with design enhancements and layout adjustments as they have a good understanding of your website.

Areas of focus for Drupal site audit

Drupal website audit focuses on the performance, security, custom modules, theme, configuration settings, code quality, adherence to Drupal code standards, server configuration, SEO, user permissions, architecture analysis, etc.

Our Drupal site audit encompasses the following areas-

  1. Functionality Audit - Drupal site audit reviews your entire website to find out if there are any broken links, outdated modules, and missing functionality aspects.
  2. Best Practices - Drupal audit also includes reviewing your website code, configuration, modules, and taxonomy to ensure that industry standards and best practices are adhered to.
  3. Performance Audit - Performance optimization specialists also examine the performance and speed issues, the average responsive time, and areas that may create issues.
  4. On-page Drupal SEO - Drupal site audit also reviews your site to determine if your website needs SEO optimization or any changes to the strategy.
  5. Code & Security Audit - It also includes analyzing your website for any security vulnerabilities and also gets the proper security measures in place. One can install any security updates and patches to tighten website security.
  6. Content Structure - Another aspect is to examine the content structure to identify the problems within the site taxonomy.
  7. Drupal 9 Readiness - Drupal 9 was released in 2020 and upgrading to it would help you with improved functionality. One can quickly conduct an audit to find out if the website is future-ready.

Drupal Modules used to carry out the Drupal site audit

There are many tools that have automated Drupal site audit in an efficient process. There are four Drupal modules that perform the audit process automatically and save manual leg work.

1. Site Audit - This command-line tool pulls out the areas of interest when performing an audit. The reports generated by this saves a great deal of time instead of manually clicking through the screens on the Drupal admin UI.

2. Security Review - This module performs a series of automated checks across the database, server, and codebase.

3. Hacked - This module scans the entire codebase including the core module, contributed modules, themes. It informs you of any of the modifications made by downloading the original versions from and comparing the local versions with the above official versions.

4. Coder - This is also a command-line tool that scans through the custom modules on your website and presents a report on compliance with Drupal coding standards. This is a great indicator of the code quality.

Drupal Site Audit Process

Skynet Technologies taps into the expert skill-sets of our Drupal team to work on the audit. Our Drupal developers have expertise in Drupal configuration, architecture, custom module reviews, and code quality. We also deploy a Drupal Front-end developer who can review the theme and system administrator who can focus on performance, security, and server configurations.

1. Consultation - If you are wondering where to start, you can begin the audit process by scheduling a consultation with us. Our team has a bunch of Drupal experts who would show diligence in understanding your goals, your website’s current status before we provide an informed decision on how to go ahead with it.

2. Comprehensive Drupal site audit - Once we are well-informed about your requirements and goals, we perform a comprehensive evaluation of your website on all aspects mentioned above. Our Drupal experts examine every critical area of your website to uncover the issues and find some actionable steps to fix them.

3. Reports and Review - Once the audit process is completed, we work on the informative reports with a list of recommendations to present to you. We then schedule a call with you to review the items covered in the audit process and presented in the reports.

4. Documentation - Once your Drupal site has been reviewed by the experts; our teams then move on to documentation of the findings. We get you in-depth reports on your site condition along with actionable items.

5. Actionable Changes - After the delivery of the audit reports to you, we collaborate with you to develop a plan of action with remedial measures to make the necessary changes to optimize your Drupal site.

A comprehensive Drupal audit is meant to uncover any performance issues, identify the security vulnerabilities, fix any routine website maintenance issues, and prepare the website for Drupal upgrades. With a team of Drupal experts, one can perform an in-depth analysis of your websites such as server configurations, code and security assessments, website performance, SEO optimization, adherence to Drupal best practices, etc. We understand that every client is unique and has different priorities. So, Skynet Technologies has created a highly customized and tailormade website audit to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Skynet Technologies offers a complete Drupal site audit to fix the performance issues, recognize the vulnerabilities, or any routine website maintenance issues to prepare the website for Drupal new upgrades. We also provide Drupal development, Drupal maintenance, Drupal Security updates, Drupal SEO, Drupal migration, Drupal online store and more. Get in touch with our Drupal developers to know more!


The ultimate guide on WordPress to Drupal Migration!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: November 21, 2020
Last Updated: November 21, 2020
WordPress to Drupal Migration

WordPress has been one of the simplest and popular CMSs preferred often by the newbies. Sooner or later, one would be aware of the limitations of the platform and its capabilities in terms of performance and look-and-feel. Although, WordPress seems to be the indisputable leader, remember that it doesn’t have one-size-fits-all solutions. It is definitely a great platform for simple and smaller websites owing to the user-friendly panel and its functional capabilities. If you want a complex website with a large database, complex infrastructure, and powerful security settings, WordPress is not a great option to rely on. The need to level up to another robust platform seems to be inevitable and most find Drupal to the rescue.

Why Drupal Migration?

Drupal is also one of the most preferred CMS on the web today. Drupal offers infinite technological possibilities and creative freedom for various projects. Another noteworthy mention of Drupal is its large, proactive global community. There are thousands of Drupal experts and enthusiasts out there who have been actively engaging in discussions and contributing to the community. They have been adding changes and setting up complementary modules to enhance the CMS. There are more than 7000 contributed modules available for various business purposes. The latest version of Drupal 9 is also flexible and efficient and with the end-of-life nearing for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8, most businesses are gearing for a quick upgrade and Drupal retainer.

WordPress Vs Drupal

Both Drupal and WordPress are PHP based and open-source CMS, which are available for free. The reason why users usually go from WordPress to Drupal is when they find the need to push the limits of their resources. For instance, if you have a content-heavy website that drives heavy traffic, then WordPress doesn’t provide fast loading. Drupal is more powerful and offers more features than WordPress. Drupal supports additional features and functionalities, intensive page traffic, heavy web pages with huge content, advanced websites with complex functioning. WordPress is best for building simple and light websites but when you need a web page with extra functions, unique designs, then go for Drupal. However, if you are already on WordPress, and want the functionality to be extended beyond the WordPress capabilities, then it is ideal to move a WordPress site to Drupal.

Advantages of Drupal over WordPress

  1. Speed - High-performing websites can be built with Drupal. It has got small resource intensity and hence it is easy to connect to the server for faster response. It is also good with multi-page web forms and has got additional extensions for improving the entire process through website caching.
  2. Security - WordPress is one of the most vulnerable platforms while Drupal is the least vulnerable to malicious hacking. Every minor issue is resolved that keeps the security of the website intact.
  3. Flexibility - WordPress uses themes and plugins for configuration processing while Drupal uses modules and extensions for the same. In WordPress, it is not easy to install and set up various packs but with Drupal, you can integrate useful functions such as Twitter, Shopify, etc. through a variety of modules.
  4. Multilingual - Drupal supports multilingual capability and makes it a truly global platform.
  5. Improved SEO - Drupal has been developed with the best SEO tendencies with dozens of extensions for SEO optimization.
  6. Deep Taxonomy - Drupal is highly flexible and it can be adapted for any requirements. It can store large amounts of data. Also supports all possible content types from blogs, news articles, forum messages, etc. that can be categorized in the data catalog.
  7. Extensions Control - Drupal has an expanded system of extensions that eases user administration and makes it more efficient than in WordPress. You can differentiate the user access to data by role models.

How to Migrate from WordPress to Drupal?

Now that we understand how Drupal is having an edge over WordPress, let us take a look at how we can migrate WordPress to Drupal.

1. Go to the WordPress Admin Panel.
Navigate to Tools -> Export
Choose ‘All Content’ and click to ‘Download Export File’.
click Save the downloaded file on your hard drive.

2. It is recommended to have a backup copy of the entire project so that you can quickly restore it if something goes wrong. You will be able to delete the changes and restore the copy with the initial parameters.

3. Install Drupal in the same location as WordPress to access admin functions when the website stops working.

4. Verify the server’s requirements - PHP (version 5.2.5 or higher), Apache (from 1.3), MySQL (5.0.15 or higher) or MariaDB (from 5.1.44).

5. Download the installation packages and unzip them. Connect to the server by SSH protocol and go to the root directory. You can visit the Drupal download page and go for the ‘Recommended Release’ and right-click on the download button, choose the ‘copy link location’ and insert the address by Shift+Insert.

6. Set Apache ownership after unpacking the installation package. Delete the.tar.gz file through sudo rm <filename> command.

7. Create a database and, using SSH, connect to the server. Create the first user with maximum authorization. Quit the CMS application.

8. Complete the installation by opening your site in the browser. Click ‘standard’ installation in the options mentioned and click ‘save and continue’.

9. Specify the connection parameters by entering the username and password. Insert site info and create an admin account.

10. Right-click on the download link.tar.gz modules. Install new modules.

11. Repeat the above actions to install the WordPress Migrate module. Go back to the modules page and go to the Migration section and choose all the options and save the configuration.

12. Go to the Drupal admin panel and click content. Switch to the Migrate tab and click on the ‘Import from WordPress’. Provide the path to the files you intend to download by filling the folder paths in Configuration -> Media.

13. Click Browse and Select XML of the WordPress Export stored on your hard drive. Decide if you want to import WordPress users or create a new Drupal user.

14. You can select the content import method by marking posts as articles and pages as Basic pages.

15. Make sure all the import parameters are set correctly and click on ‘Save import settings and run import’.

Depending on the connection speed and website file weight, the migration process may take from a few seconds to a few minutes.

WordPress to Drupal migration is not an easy task as it requires at least rudimentary code skills. You may face issues in the execution of the above transition steps and if you are an amateur, you may find it even more challenging. You need Drupal experts who are adept in handling any technical issues involved in the process of migration and later. The team at Skynet Technologies is always eager to assist you in the transition process and beyond. We’ve got a highly qualified Drupal team to deal with any challenges, complexities to provide faster and best designed Drupal-based web pages. You can to talk to our experts and get a custom quote.

Skynet Technologies offers Drupal migration, Drupal maintenance, Drupal development, Drupal content management system, Drupal commerce solutions, and more. Are you facing any trouble while migrating your site to Drupal from the WordPress? Feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help! Our experienced Drupal developers are always ready to tackle any challenges!


Is white label web development right for your business?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: November 11, 2020
Last Updated: November 12, 2020
White Label Web Development

Web development might require greater focus and attention that may affect your core business aspects. You may have to devote more resources to web development to meet the bespoke requirements of your clients. As the clients’ requirements are ever-growing and changing at a rapid pace, you may find it difficult to keep up with the pace of these changes. White-label web development takes up your work and delivers perfect solutions that your clients rave about for a long time. While they do all the heavy-lift work for you, you can take care of your business operations and parallelly expand your business with the help of a white-label web development agency.

What is white-label web development?

As the name suggests, a white-label is just a blank to which you can attach whatever brand you choose. A white-level web development agency is a firm that builds websites for you and delivers it to you without attaching their name so that you can rebrand it and roll-out to your clients under your name.

For example, let’s say your client asks for a website, SEO, social media marketing, and more for their newly set up business. However, if one or more areas mentioned above are not your forte, you can outsource this to another agency that has the requisite specialization skills. The agency takes your client requirements, and get the work done on your behalf. You can pay an agreed price to this agency and deliver the service to the client under your name. In a way, you are delivering the services under your brand even though you don’t offer them.

Who goes for white-label web development?

A range of businesses that are striving to stay competitive and deliver full-scale services to their clients usually partner with white-label web development agencies.

  1. A marketing agency whose innate strength lies in content marketing, branding, social media marketing, graphic design, etc. but needs immediate help with web development may seek white-label services.
  2. IT consultants, contrary to the popular belief, are not tech-proficient. They may not have the expertise in web development despite the name and designation. Clients still flock to the IT consultants and agencies, as they offer the services by getting the work done by a white-label agency. This done behind the scenes and the clients don’t care about who gets it done for them as long as high-quality work is delivered.
  3. Startups usually don’t possess all the resources they need not until they have some proper funding or reap profits. Some of the bootstrapped companies usually find an affordable web development agency to get the work done for them as recruiting a permanent employee when you not getting consistent clients.
  4. If you want to gain greater control over the branding of your website, expansion of your business, build a thriving website, then you can go for a white-label web development agency who would work as your extended team.

Why Should I go for White-label Web Development?

Expert Solutions

White-label web development has the specialization required by various marketing, digital, and creative agencies to help the businesses expand their services to the clients. A white-label agency would be packed with dedicated and skilled professionals who have experience and expertise in web development and customized solutions. They act as an extended team to your business. Such an agency offers faster and efficient solutions that otherwise were missing in your team.

Works as an Extended Team

One can create a perfect collaborative relationship with a white-label agency that works hard behind the scenes and get the work done for you on time. It gives you full access to the work done by them for your clients and maintains a great level of transparency while offering insights. With this, you are adding an extra layer of strength to your business by relieving your team from these clients' projects. Your team can focus on the core aspects of your business without worrying about the clients' deliverables. In a way, they represent your brand by building a great working partnership with you.

Wide Range of Services

You can offer specialized services to your clients under your own brand name though they do all the heavy lifting for you. A range of services like providing the bespoke functionality, building the website from the ground, troubleshooting, consultations, etc. are provided with great care to maintain the efficiency of your services and build your brand. It's an extra feather in your cap that drives your business to grow by catering to various clients. You can improve your client base by taking up more projects, attract new clients, and an extra layer of support you need in order to grow.

Cost-effective Services

White-label web development offers services at a reasonable cost. At a fraction of the cost of recruiting a new team member, you can avail of specialized and professional services. The skill gap would be filled without additional overheads. It busts the myth that outsourcing is more expensive than in-house services. It’s often proved to be a cost-effective solution. To hone the in-house skills, you need additional cost. But without worrying about it, you can get an extended team in the form of white-label web development.

Shorter Delivery Time

White-label web development completes the project in a shorter time frame than an in-house developer owing to their experience and proficiency. If the client asks for any change in the build or design and if your plate is full, then you can outsource it to white-label web development that provides emergency support. They steer you to the finish line in the shortest time possible. They keep the development process as short as possible. It is a great way to get user-friendly websites in a short amount of time.

Enhances Your Capacity

Many companies cannot balance their daily business operations with clients’ projects. With a white-label web development company, you enhance your capacity to work efficiently as all the clients’ projects are handled by them. You don’t have to turn down any of your clients’ requirements due to any kind of limitations. You can focus on the business aspects while leaving the development services to the experts. You will have an enhanced potential to serve your clients with varied services.


White-label web development is the way forward and a great option for your business. Outsourcing your web development to a specialized white-label agency helps you survive the cut-throat competition, expand your client-base, and skyrocket your business revenue. Skynet Technologies has a brilliant in-house web development team that creates beautiful and user-friendly websites for our clients. They can build websites from the ground up as per the clients’ requirements. If you need more information about our white-label web development services, you can contact our team.

Skynet Technologies is a reliable and trusted White Label Web development services provider based in USA. We offer 100% while labelling services with strict NDA terms and guaranteed confidentiality. Our wide range of White Label development services includes website design, development, mobile app development, software development and more.

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