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Why should expert Drupal developers need to do A/B Testing for Drupal Websites?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: February 22, 2021
Last Updated: February 22, 2021
Expert Drupal Developers

If you are planning to build or already own a Drupal website, you might know that it isn’t an easy endeavor to generate more ROI from it. You need to build and design in a way that generates more revenue with increased conversions. While designing the website, you need to base your decisions on solid data rather than on intuition, for these can determine the success or failure of your Drupal website.

One key methodology that enables your Drupal experts to test the efficacy of your Drupal website is A/B testing. A/B testing, also known as split testing is a very simple and effective process of segmenting the users into two groups and sharing two different versions of your Drupal web pages to understand what works better. One page may get better sign-ups and sales than the other.

Need to A/B test your Drupal Website

The benefits of A/B testing your Drupal websites are invaluable. You would uncover what strategy works the best for your business backed by proper results. By making minor modifications to your landing pages, you can gain a much higher conversion rate.

Some of the benefits of A/B testing your Drupal website are -

Power up Your Conversions - One of the most sought-after business goals is conversions. Digital marketers work tirelessly to drive traffic to your Drupal site but the most challenging and arduous part is to enable conversions. A single CTA button with text may seem harmless but can make a huge difference. For instance, a quick call-to-action button that says “Buy Now” can be more appealing than “Add to Cart”. The latter isn’t wrong but can result in a loss of customers. You need to determine the user experience on your Drupal website to understand what works out well. For that, you need to A/B test the most prominent elements on your Drupal site.

Improved User Engagement - A/B test your headlines, imagery, call-to-action, forms, layouts, fonts, and colors. Testing these elements will show which areas have a higher engagement rate. These tests effectively show which affected the users’ behaviour and which did not. You can understand what is winning and having an improved user experience.

Reduced Bounce rates - It would be disheartening to see your visitors bounce from your site without spending enough time reviewing your content or viewing other web pages. All your efforts in creating pages for your website go waste. You can A/B test to find the winning combination of elements that keeps visitors stay on your Drupal website long enough to derive value from your website that may ultimately lead to a conversion.

Boost Your ROI - With successful conversion rate optimization, you can also get best returns on your investment. Fewer bounce rates, better customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and other aforementioned benefits will lead to higher sales for your business thereby boosting your business revenue and overall return on investment.

Accurate A/B testing of your Drupal website can make a huge difference to the performance and optimization of your website. Every element on your website is vital and it is recommended to A/B test them to maximize your results. You can test the different website elements and based on the results; you can determine which elements work best on your Drupal website.

What elements to test on your Drupal Website?

You can test almost everything on your website. To get it started, you can focus on the following-

  • Call-to-action buttons - wording, size, color, placement
  • Headline or product/service description
  • Images on the landing pages
  • Pricing and Promotional offer display
  • Inclusion of Live Chat
  • Product pages
  • Form length and field types
  • Link overdose and more

This is just a good place to start if you are beginning with A/B testing. Eventually, you can focus on the other elements as well.

A/B testing modules and tools for your Drupal website

Let us take a quick look at some of the top Drupal 8 and 9 modules for A/B testing your website.

1. Google Optimize

This module integrates your Drupal website with the Google Optimize tool, an A/B testing tool. This tool is compatible with Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 and lets you create personalized experiences. You need to install the Drupal Google Analytics module to make this module work and run A/B tests.

2. A/B Test UI

You can test various versions of your web pages with this Drupal module. Create a different set of internal URLs and rotate them on a single base URL. Users will be redirected either to the base URL or its variations. You can find out what worked the best using Google Analytics.

3. A/B test JS

You can perform both A/B and multivariate testing using this Drupal module by inserting JS code snippets into Drupal web pages and integrating UI & testing functionality into Drupal. Install this module and configure it as per your requirements by adding your conditions and then perform the test. Evaluate the results using Google Analytics.

4. Optimizely

Drupal’s Optimizely module integrates your website with Optimizely, an A/B testing tool that can modify the CSS and HTML elements on your Drupal websites. It also provides you the results to let you know which worked out the best for your website.

5. Crazy Egg Integration

This module performs split testing on various elements and on multiple page versions. You can also track the users’ mouse patterns and scrolling patterns. It integrated your Drupal website with the Crazy egg heatmap service.


There is nothing as such right and wrong when it comes to user experience. But to determine if you are heading in the right direction you need to test and find out what resonates the best with your users. And A/B testing has been proven to be simple and effective that lets you narrow down on the best strategy based on solid proof to support it.

Skynet Technologies is a Drupal development agency that offers an unparalleled solution to help your business to drive your business in the right direction and maximize your business revenue. We offer Custom Drupal 8 & 9 Development. Our dedicated Drupal developer can build a custom Drupal website, portal or web application using Drupal 8 & 9 right from concept to deployment. We build custom modules to meet client prerequisites of growing online business.

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Choose the best osCommerce developers for your business website!
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: February 19, 2021
Last Updated: February 19, 2021
osCommerce Developers

osCommerce a.k.a open-source commerce is an award-winning ecommerce platform with a wide range of features and proactive global community support. It is one of the most popular ecommerce systems that comes with a wide range of out-of-the-box features useful for setting up your digital storefronts. Known for its versatility, you can have a range of custom solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. However, as much bliss it is to have such a comprehensive platform, not all developers are proficient enough in it.

Did we just burst your bubble? The right osCommerce developers could be right around the corner. You just need to make certain criteria to make sure you are hiring the right osCommerce partners to be in charge of your website development. The right developers are a blessing who can build a robust digital store that can increase your business revenue. But mind you, if you get the wrong people on board, you may have to face counter-productive results.

In this article, we are providing a few tips on how to choose the best osCommerce developer for your unique business needs. So take a chill pill and read on.

1. Verify their Portfolio

Before you choose the osCommerce developer, take a look at their portfolio to get a sneak peek of their previous work. You can evaluate the kind of work being done in the past and find out the industry niches they’ve worked in to see if it suits your needs. You can go to their websites to find out their areas of expertise, their achievements, services, and more to get a base estimate of their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Interact with osCommerce developers

An interaction with the osCommerce developer will help you understand the expertise levels of the developer. You can get on a quick call to understand their expertise in the platform. You can also ask for a trial or test to estimate their proficiency. Assess their skills based on the test results and gauge their proficiency.

3. Years of Experience

If your osCommerce developer has enough experience, he can handle various aspects of the development cycle efficiently. He might be aware of the various challenges that arise during the process. He may also be aware of the best integration, plugins, and extensions that can enhance the functionality of your website.

4. Check Client Reviews

You can go through client reviews and testimonials to validate the developers’ credibility. You need to check the reviews on genuine websites where you can find honest client reviews and ratings. You can understand their previous work commitments and their engagement with their clients. You can get a fair idea about their technical expertise, proactive communication, time to market, and more to see if are the right fit for you.

5. Cost of osCommerce Development

Just like every enterprise, you might also have certain budget constraints for each of the investments you make into your business. You need to check their pricing models and hiring costs to see if you could afford them. Don’t think that higher costs are a reflection of high quality. You can find high-quality osCommerce developers at affordable prices. You just to find out the one who suits your project requirements. Make sure that they have a transparent pricing structure and you don’t be hit suddenly by hidden charges.

6. Deadlines

You don’t need anything to be done in haste as a half-baked ecommerce website is a disaster. You need an osCommerce developer who can deliver quality websites in the stipulated timeframe. Time to market is definitely a crucial factor while deciding your developer, but make sure you have realistic deadlines in place and periodically monitor their work to see that everything is aligned as per your project needs.

7. Custom osCommerce Solutions

Make sure that the osCommerce developer doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. He/she should be mindful of the fact that every client is unique. They need to make a diligent effort to understand your business, project requirements before they jump into work. They need to tailor-made their solutions as per your expectations. They should be swift in their communications after the completion of a module to make sure that it is in line with your expectations.

8. Post-Deployment Support

Your osCommerce website needs to be monitored for any downtime, issues in the upgrades, security issues, etc. that may jeopardize your reputation. If your developer is providing post-deployment support, it’s great! The technical help you get post-deployment makes sure that your website handles any traffic surges and also reduces operational hassles.

9. Latest Developments

The right osCommerce developer would be abreast of the latest developments rolled out. He/she would be aware of the new upgrades, security patches, version releases, community interactions, API integrations, and more. They would invest their time in upskilling themselves to stay relevant in the industry.

10. Result-Oriented

You just don’t any functional website, it has to be outcome-oriented. So your developer should be focused on the end results as well. That’s when they would make sure that all the best code practices, SEO elements, ADA principles are strictly followed. They would make sure that you would have the best website that is capable of putting you ahead of your competitors.

With the aforementioned tips, you can choose the right osCommerce developer for your company.

osCommerce official partners

Skynet Technologies is recognized as osCommerce official partner. We have a team of osCommerce experts who delivered exceptional services to our clients which helped us get the recognition. We have built intuitive and custom osCommerce websites that helped our clients race to the top of their game.

We offer an entire gamut of osCommerce development services that include:

  • Development
  • Design
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Plugin development
  • Custom development
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Support and Maintenance

If you need to talk to our developers, tell us about your ecommerce web portal specifications or request a free quote.

osCommerce is an ideal open source for ecommerce and online store executives. osCommerce has just acquired energy in the ecommerce field and demonstrated its possibility. Skynet Technologies proud to be osCommerce official partner, we offer end to end osCommerce development includes a new store, store migration, integration, custom development, plugin development, support & maintenance, patches, add-ons, custom analytics, regular security audit, and more.

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How to Choose a Reliable Drupal Partner for your next project?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: February 01, 2021
Last Updated: February 01, 2021
Drupal Partner

With over two decades of success stories ranging from a small storefront to the top of the federal governments, Drupal emerged to be a clear choice for many businesses. It is a robust platform and an excellent option serving a variety of needs. Now comes one of the most pressing questions, once you zeroed in on Drupal, how to choose a reliable Drupal partner for your project? Selecting the right Drupal partner is one of the most important decisions you will be making. There is no dearth of companies out there who claim to offer the best Drupal services, one needs to be wary while picking a partner. There are certain elements that set firms apart from a normal Drupal agency to an excellent one.

Here are some of the criteria you need to consider.

1. A powerhouse of talent

First and foremost, find a Drupal partner that shows dedication and great commitment to work alongside you and that goes the distance to help accomplish your goals. It has to demonstrate their understanding of your business needs and target audience before they proceed. It needs to collate multiple ideas and thoughtful solutions for your requirements. The best Drupal partnership isn’t limited to its technical knowledge, it also extends to other areas of expertise to serve your needs. Regardless of your project scope and size, you need a strong team that has enough expertise in design, user experience, project management, marketing, and content strategy. Skynet Technologies has a contingent of the best in-house talent covering all the key areas for you.

2. Absolute Transparency

A good Drupal partner should display a great deal of honesty and transparency while working on your project. If they feel that Drupal CMS isn’t the right fit for your project needs or budget, the right partner will you that straight to your face and suggest an alternative. They won’t force a square peg into a round hole. True Drupal partners always have your best interests at heart. They show no hesitation to be truthful with you even when it comes to turning down the proposal. They should believe that opportunities come and go but sour relationships and bad Drupal builds take forever to bounce back from. It speaks not just about its Drupal strengths but also discusses the areas where it isn’t.

3. Proven Portfolio

Understand the potential of your partner by looking at its client base and the history of Drupal implementations. Some agencies would be skilled in a particular industry niche while others might have worked in multiple industries. Find out if their portfolio has something that is similar to yours. They would be comfortable answering any questions about projects in their portfolio and engage in meaningful conversations with you while discussing the needs of your Drupal build. Pose questions about the projects that you are curious about to know about and you can evaluate their knowledge based on the details they provide to you, how they navigated through the challenges and found solutions. They should be able to explain how these challenges and solutions might help them handle your project. They can break down the solutions and communicate them to you for a better understanding.

4. Extensive Drupal Experience

The next thing you need to look for in a Drupal partner is their platform experience. They should display an unquestionable and proven experience in Drupal. You can begin by asking some questions to understand their potential -

  • The number of projects they have worked on in Drupal
  • Are their developers certified in Drupal?
  • How many modules and themes have their developers authored and published?
  • What training services are offered to keep up with Drupal updates?
  • Do they perform regular code vulnerability scans and how do they handle security issues for Drupal and custom code?
  • Do they have a solid understanding of the open-source community?
  • What about their quality assurance process? Do they write any automated tests for the code?
  • What performance audits do they do in Drupal development to ensure the speed of your website?

This questionnaire will help you develop a deeper level of understanding of their experience in Drupal development. Don’t let a novice’s budget burning experiment cut their teeth on.

5. Strong Engineering Team

Strong engineering and development team is the cornerstone of any thriving Drupal implementation. While choosing a Drupal partner, you need to review their technical expertise. They should have a broad perspective and be well-rounded in development and best practices that extend beyond Drupal. You don’t need mediocre developers who often get off track with an absurd number of modules, content types, and blocks which weaves a mountain of technical debt that can get insurmountable to overcome. A good technical team asks meaningful questions about your project requirements, provides insights and guidance around blind spots. A solid technical team has the code eloquence and offers only the relevant modules. They use less contributed modules that mean smaller codebase which results in lesser overheads, easier maintenance, and greater adaptability to the changing needs of the websites.

6. Acquia-certified Developers

Developers often go some professional certifications to upscale their proficiency in certain concepts. With a plentitude of Drupal service providers available online, Acquia is one of the most professional services and products that deal with content personalization, campaign management, customer data management, cloud hosting, and more. If your Drupal partner has developers who understand these products and how they interact together to develop a successful Drupal implementation, then go for it. Getting certified from Acquia can be a huge benefit as the Drupal developers can showcase their mettle. All the developers shouldn’t necessarily be Acquia-certified but if their leadership is then also you are good to go.

7. Other aspects of Project lifecycle

Find a partner who offers full-scale Drupal services and takes the long view in all aspects of your project lifecycle. Even the best Drupal implementations need regular support and maintenance. It is important to partner with an agency that also offers support either on a full-time basis or by collaborating with your internal dev teams. These could be due to the security updates, releases, or even a roadmap of what’s coming in Drupal’s future releases. This would have a significant impact on your project as you can always have stellar technical Drupal leadership at your helm taking care of all aspects. They knew the project challenges and go beyond and above for successful Drupal implementation. You can enjoy multiple engagements with such a Drupal partner.


Whoa! There you go! You just found out the tips and tricks of how to land up with an ideal Drupal partner for your project. The right Drupal agency for your business might be right around the corner. You can collaborate and build a proactive partnership that helps you stay ahead of the curve and help you meet the changing needs of your clients. Skynet Technologies can provide you the right guidance and helps you steer around any project pitfalls for better outcomes and functionality. You can even reach out to start a conversation on how Skynet Technologies can help you with your next Drupal build.

Skynet Technologies is a reputed Drupal development company in USA. We form a transparent, trusted and long-term partnership with leading Drupal development agencies and firms to deliver comprehensive solutions and expand our service. We offer flexible partnership programs that scale the next level of success and business growth. And also have an in-house and experienced team of dedicated Drupal developers to manage simple to complex task in a defined time. Our Drupal development partnership include White Label Partnership as per the specific demands of our clients across all industries.

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What are the benefits of White Label WordPress Development?
By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
Date Posted: January 29, 2021
Last Updated: January 29, 2021
White Label WordPress Development

WordPress is an excellent platform for any web developer to work with but sometimes, its overly technical aspects can be quite daunting and even off-putting for some clients. So, they tend to look for some professional help on whom they can off-load say, a white label agency, and focus on their core business aspects without constantly worrying about the nitty-gritty of the development. You don’t have to do anything with building your product or managing it going forward, a professional white-label WordPress agency will do it for you. But the best part, you can sell it as your own under your brand name.

If you are wondering whether your business should buy white label WordPress development services and resell them under your brand, well, let me tell you it can be a great addition to your business but if you need more reasons to be convinced, let’s dive in as we walk through the numerous benefits it has got to offer.

What all can I get in white-label WordPress development?

Before you even find out the amazing benefits of White label WordPress development, do you know what all you can white-label? Well, EVERYTHING! Your core code, theme, plugins, other software you may need to integrate into the system like CRMs and other multi-site management tools. You’d be surprised to know how much you can white-label. So, let’s jump in and know why would you want to do it?

Benefits of White label WordPress development

1. Land in more customers

Your current agency might be known for a certain set of services that add value to your customers. Your core competency is your stronghold that makes your customers come back to you. But, with the ever-evolving trends, your customers often ask if you can provide additional services alongside your core offerings. For instance, if you are crafty at designing a wonderful website or building a secure code, your customers would definitely love to work with you. But, if there is someone who can also design a perfect marketing strategy for them, the chances of your customers choosing them over you are high. But if you white label WordPress development, you don’t have to worry about the inadequate resources. A white-label WordPress development agency would help you with all the resources, developers, and technology. You don’t have to devote additional budget and time to training and hiring people with the requisite skills. You don’t have to restructure your business to land more customers.

So, every time, your customers ask you for something you aren’t good at, you can go looking for a white label provider to get that done.

2. Maintain Your Branding

A business is built on customer trust and you might have gained your customers’ trust. So, for that continuity, you need to offer the smoothest experience for your customers without fail. A white label company handles some or all of your business development work to ensure you restore your customers’ trust in your brand. Services offered under your brand name by the white-label WordPress agency will be of top-quality and remain undeterred. Even if you get your services from a white label agency, they would still be under your agency name and hence their perception won’t change.

This is even beneficial when you are focused on your local market while you outsourced your services internationally. Customers trust you more and they would be skeptical about someone miles away. They may want to avoid uncertainties of international collaborations. In such a case, you can simply white-label your services. The key is to find a white label agency that lives up to your quality standards.

3. Focus on core aspects

Sometimes you might have the right ammunition to cater to the needs of your customers and don’t need any external help. You might have a team and requisite skills that are necessary to provide a great customer experience. But that may deplete your energy as you need people to take care of your development services as well as business aspects. While you collaborate with a white label partner, you can amplify your strength through an extended team. This even reduces the headache of getting the right people on board, training as you evolve, and more such resources. While someone else does your work for you, you can focus on the other crucial aspects of your business-like sales. A white label WordPress agency is also helpful if you occasionally expand capacity for a particular service you already do, so as not to miss out on a sale. You may gain a sale while retaining your image as a great service provider.

4. Better your business model

A collaboration with a white label WordPress agency restructures your business model for the better. Your white label partner would be equally as happy as you are to have customers. A perfect white label agency can hold your customers tight and keeps them off from running off to your competitors. The agency also builds partnerships with you and helps you in recurring projects. You can widen your network, build a strong and professional extended team that strives to deliver the best for your customers.

5. Additional Benefits

  1. You can offer more services to your clients. You can develop custom WordPress themes even when you lack the expertise to do it.
  2. Reduce the time to market. You can deliver solutions quickly without spending weeks developing your own solution. In a highly competitive space, this is vital to prevent your customers from going elsewhere and retain them.
  3. Cost-effective. Customized WordPress development services are not only time-intensive but also expensive. If you do not have the resources to work on custom solutions, even single customization can take weeks that increases the cost of production.

Way forward…

White-labeling doesn’t have to be intimidating. You just work with a solid team, communicate your requirements well and focus on your other aspects as your white-label agency does all the heavy lifting for you. It’s as simple as that. Our team at Skynet Technologies offers white-label WordPress services round the year. We proudly proclaim of the happy clients for whom we built and managed their WordPress websites efficiently to improve their user experience and increase their profits. Whether you need us to build your website from the ground up or customize it or even provide support, we’ve got your back.

Skynet Technologies have in-house and experienced team of dedicated WordPress developers to manage simple to complex task in a defined time. Our wide range of White Label WordPress development services includes WordPress web design, WordPress development, WordPress maintenance and more. We offer while label WordPress services with strict NDA terms and guaranteed confidentiality. Get in touch with our team for further information.

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