Why Drupal 7 website migration is necessary?



Drupal 7 reached its end of life on January 5, 2025. Post-EOL, Drupal 7 will no longer receive official security updates, making your site vulnerable.



Newer versions of Drupal offer enhanced performance features.

Modern Features

Modern Features

Take advantage of modern functionalities and improved user experience in Drupal 8/9/10.



Stay compliant with web standards and regulations by fulfilling WCAG guidelines.

Drupal Migration Services

Drupal Site Audit

Comprehensive analysis of your current Drupal 7 site including security review of module and core updates, user permissions and roles, caching and optimization, database optimization, code and configuration review includes custom code evaluation, configuration management.

Migration Planning

We create tailored Drupal migration strategy to ensure a smooth transition. Pre-migration assessment includes content and data inventory assessment of nodes, backup, taxonomies, media, users, and custom data; module and functionality review; after that we create migration strategy and execution, planning of testing, validation, and post-migration tasks.

Content Migration

Secure and efficient migration of your content and data from content mapping to data integration. Drupal content migration involves transferring content from one platform to a Drupal site, ensuring data integrity and quality assurance.

Theme Migration

Recreate your existing theme or develop a new design.

Custom Drupal Modules Migration

Rebuild custom modules in the latest Drupal version.

Drupal EOL Support and Maintenance Services


Ongoing Maintenance

  • Content Updates: Assistance with updating and managing your site content.
  • Module Updates: Updates and maintenance for custom and third-party modules.
  • Theme Maintenance: Ensuring your site’s theme remains functional and visually appealing.
Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance


Security Monitoring and updates

  • Custom Security Patches: Development and application of patches to protect against vulnerabilities.
  • Security Audits: Regular security assessments to identify and mitigate risks.
  • Firewall Management: Implementation and management of web application firewalls.
Security Monitoring and updates

Security Monitoring and updates


Performance Optimization

  • Speed Enhancements: Optimization techniques to improve site loading times.
  • Database Optimization: Regular maintenance of your database for optimal performance.
  • Resource Management: Efficient management of server resources to ensure stability.
Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization


Bug Fixes

  • Proactive Monitoring: Prompt resolution of any issues that arise post-migration. Continuous monitoring to identify and resolve issues before they impact users.
  • Bug Fixes: Prompt resolution of any bugs or errors that arise.
  • User Support: Assistance with any user-reported issues or queries.
Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes


Post Drupal 7 EOL Maintenance and support

  • We continue to provide support and maintenance services for Drupal 7 after its EOL.
Post Drupal 7 EOL Maintenance and support

Post Drupal 7 EOL Maintenance and support


Drupal Website Hosting Support

  • We provide Drupal website hosting support involves that involves security support, malware security, optimal performance, and reliability of Drupal websites. We also provide Acquia and Pantheon.io hosting support services which ensures high performance, scalability, and robust security.
  • This includes server management, regular backups, security updates, and performance optimization tailored specifically for Drupal environments.
  • With dedicated support, businesses can focus on their core activities while ensuring their Drupal sites run smoothly and efficiently.
Drupal Website Hosting Support

Drupal Website Hosting Support


WCAG and ADA Compliance monitoring

  • Drupal WCAG and ADA Compliance monitoring ensures that Drupal websites meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.
  • It involves regular manual audits identifying and remediating accessibility issues, ensuring that the site is usable by people with disabilities.
  • By maintaining compliance, businesses can provide an inclusive user experience and avoid potential legal issues.
WCAG and ADA Compliance monitoring

WCAG and ADA Compliance monitoring

Why Skynet Technologies?

Drupal Gold Certified Partner

We are a Drupal Gold Certified Partner supporting and contributing to the Drupal Association and project. We go above and beyond to meet additional criteria of contribution back to the Drupal projects.

Expertise and Experience

We have 12 years of expertise in Drupal development, migration, upgrades, and support, with a proven track record of successful projects across various industries.

Comprehensive Services

Offering a wide range of services, including security updates, performance optimization, custom development, and ongoing support to ensure seamless and efficient website operations.

Client-Centric Approach

Tailored solutions are designed to meet specific business needs, ensuring minimal disruption during migrations and upgrades, and providing dedicated support to ensure long-term success.

What our client says about us

When I asked a question or brought up a need, the team of Skynet Technologies was always quick to tackle the issue and provide a solution. Our website was built on an out of date, no longer maintained Drupal 6 e-commerce module and we needed to find someone with the technical experience to not only upgrade the website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 but to also migrate all our sales data from one commerce module to another. This was a challenging project.

I found them through an online search for Drupal development. I think for me it was their confidence and their responsiveness that sold me on the project. They did a fantastic job upgrading my very outdated Drupal 6 e-commerce website up to Drupal 7 e-commerce website... Read more about John Southard's Testimonial

PDH Library, Southard Engineering, Inc.
John Southard President, Southard Engineering, Inc. Gainesville, FL

At first, we were a little reticent to work with a company that had an overseas development team, especially after working with a string of largely unresponsive local programmers. But from the first job, Raj and his team have been an incredible asset to us. They’ve become our go-to developers — and really, an extension of our team for nine years now.

Skynet’s technical knowledge is unmatched — we’ve never given them a challenge they couldn’t solve. They are exceptionally responsive and have a great process. One of our favorite tricks is, at the end of our workday, to provide the Skynet team with a list of things we need done. Then, we find all those tasks checked off by the next morning. These seemingly magical overnight solutions... Read more about Team EG's Testimonial

Team EG, Nevada, USA
Team EG Nevada, USA

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Drupal 7 is a major version release of the Drupal content management system (CMS), known for its flexibility, scalability, and robust community support.

Drupal 7 reached its end of life on January 5, 2025. This means it no longer receives security updates, bug fixes, or official support from the Drupal community.

Skynet Technologies can assist with Drupal 7 EOL Migration support by providing comprehensive assessment, tailored migration plans, secure data migration, module and theme updates, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition to supported Drupal versions like Drupal 9 or 10.

You should upgrade your website from Drupal 7 as soon as possible, given that it will reach its end of life on January 5, 2025, and is no longer receiving security updates or official support.

Drupal 9 is scheduled to reach its end of life in November 2023, two years after its release. Websites using this version should upgrade to Drupal 10 before November. Continuing to run Drupal 9 past its end of life increases the risk of instability and security vulnerabilities.

We recommend migrating to the latest version, Drupal 10, to take advantage of the most up-to-date features, security enhancements, and performance improvements.

The migration process involves several steps:

  • Comprehensive site audit
  • Development of a tailored Drupal migration plan
  • Data and content migration
  • Module and theme upgradation
  • Security enhancements
  • Maintenance and support
  • Performance optimization

Yes, we can replicate your existing design in the updated Drupal version or help you redesign your site for an improved user experience.

Absolutely. We prioritize data integrity and use secure methods to migrate all content, user data, and configurations to the new platform.

After Drupal 7's end-of-life (EOL) support, dedicated service providers like us offer extended support to maintain security and functionality. This includes security patches, updates, and bug fixes to ensure the site remains secure and operational while you plan for an upgrade or migration to the latest Drupal version.

Migrating to Drupal 10 offers numerous benefits, including enhanced security, improved performance, modern features, better user experience, and long-term support.

We have a dedicated team for Drupal 7 EOL maintenance and support. Once you request a quote for our service, we will share a quote with you.

Drupal 7 was launched on January 5, 2011.

Migrating from Drupal 7 after its End-of-Life (EOL) is essential to ensure security, compliance, and continued support, as Drupal 7 no longer receives security updates or official maintenance.

If a Drupal 7 website is not migrated to Drupal 10 before its end of life, it risks becoming vulnerable to security threats and may face compliance issues due to lack of official support and updates.

Drupal 8 reached its end of life in November 2021 and no longer receives security updates. It's crucial to upgrade sites and applications on version 8 promptly to ensure security and functionality.

Continuing to use Drupal 7 after its EOL date exposes your website to security vulnerabilities and compliance issues. Migrating ensures your site remains secure, functional, and supported.

The duration of the Drupal migration process varies depending on the complexity and size of your site. A detailed assessment will provide a more accurate timeline specific to your needs.

We strive to minimize downtime and disruption. Any necessary downtime will be planned and communicated in advance to ensure minimal impact on your users.

Custom modules and themes will be updated or rewritten to ensure compatibility with the latest Drupal version. We thoroughly test these elements to ensure seamless functionality post-migration.

We provide ongoing support to address any issues that may arise post Drupal 7 migration. Our team is available to assist with maintenance, updates, support, and any additional training your team might need.

The cost varies depending on the complexity and size of your website. After the initial site review, we provide a detailed quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Request a quote or email us at [email protected] to schedule an initial consultation.

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