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Google Shopping Campaign planning & research

A lot of planning and research goes in before we weave an effective and efficient Google Shopping campaign. We first focus on researching your brand, products, and competitors before we create the most lucrative Google Shopping campaign for your business. A lot of planning goes around your budget, selection of channels, understanding the target audience, and target geography before we jump into capitalizing on Google shopping marketing opportunities. With effective planning, we make the complex Google shopping process a lot easier.

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Google Shopping Campaign planning & research


Campaign set up & bidding strategy

Get connected to your online shoppers and build a strong digital presence through our campaign setup services and strategic bidding. We are setting up a platform for your campaigns to showcase your products to your online customers. By incorporating the best practices, we structure brilliant campaigns and optimize your campaign strategy to meet your marketing goals and seize every opportunity to win over customers. We also set up a bid strategy for your campaigns to fetch a higher conversion on them by placing the best bid.

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Campaign set up & bidding strategy


Data Feed Optimization

Get the most out of your properly structured Google Shopping campaigns as we optimize your product feed. It could be a game-changer if done the right way. With keyword-rich titles as well as descriptions paired with evocative and enticing images, you can draw your customers’ interest. We add, edit, remove, and optimize your product details like description, extensions, images, categories, and more with catchy and engaging content. We’ll make sure that your products are available at their best prices after applying special offers to stand apart from your competitors.

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Data Feed Optimization


Google Merchant Center customization

Add additional customizations within your Google Merchant Center after updating the products, prices & availability information dynamically within your product feed. We take leverage of the wide array of targeting capabilities by applying optimization to different datasets. For instance, we can flag the products with the highest profit margin or segment the product sets based on the seasons. The more data points you can have within your campaigns, the greater the relevance.

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Google Merchant Center customization


Multichannel feed management

Distribute, manage & optimize the product data across multiple channels like online marketplaces, advertising networks & ecommerce stores. We channelize on the most successful strategy followed by many brands by expanding your product reach to multiple channels. We are adept at managing your inventory, product listings, product orders, shopping cart, shipping process, business performance & more across multiple channels. We provide a seamless experience connecting your product data to various platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, and more through multi-channel feed management.

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Multichannel feed management


Optimization of Bid Strategies

Get the best of both the worlds of automatic and manual bidding. Through programmatic bidding and smart budget pacing, you can reduce your costs while our team manually adjusts your bids to allocate budget to profitable campaigns and product segments. Your enterprise ecommerce catalog needs much more than a simple bid adjustment. We segment your PLAs for the most effective budget strategies based on a variety of factors like user-devices. audience segments, geo-targeting, keyword grouping, consumer intent, bucketing based on ROAS, and more. We pick the top-converting PLAs for you to invest in.

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Optimization of Bid Strategies


Google Shopping Campaign Management

Our brilliant Google Shopping consultants manage your campaigns on a daily basis or as per your need. Gain more control over which products and bids are important and determine the preferred bid for your products across multiple shopping campaigns based on campaign priorities. Our Google Shopping Campaign management activities include administering your shopping strategy, analyzing account performance, refining negative keywords, testing Google Merchant Center customization & deploying new campaigns as per the product changes.

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Google Shopping Campaign Management


Dynamic Remarketing Management

We have a brilliant understanding of Google’s sophisticated remarketing capabilities. This in combination with our holistic approach to the customer buying cycle, naturally makes us an ideal remarketing partner. We are fully aware of the pain points in the remarketing efforts and traverse through the journey more efficiently through dynamic remarketing. We create laser-focused remarketing campaigns based on the behaviour of your website visitors when they first visited your website. By setting up a customized remarketing tag on your website, we find out and share the product ids with Google to power your dynamic remarketing ads.

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Dynamic Remarketing Management


Real-Time Tracking & Monthly Reporting

You can thrive in Google Shopping Management only when you keep refining your campaigns for precise targeting. We review your current campaigns & suggest improvements based on our research findings. We also conduct Google shopping audits that include marketing audits, technical audits to ensure the success of your Google shopping campaigns. Post which, we offer weekly reports, monthly reports & specific ad hoc reports. We dig deeper into these reports to better targeting in our perpetual quest of maximizing ROI.

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Real-Time Tracking & Monthly Reporting


Testing and Optimization

Just like other marketing techniques, you cannot send a campaign and forget about it. It doesn’t work that way. We test the performance & efficacy of your Google Shopping campaign and see how it is faring and reaching your anticipated goals. We also test your bids, keywords, and ads to consistently improve them for better results. Based on the test results, we focus on optimization of the campaigns, analyzing which keywords work, who responds well & more. We also take a look at your competitors and bring in new variants to keep you in the game and stay competitive.

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Testing and Optimization

Phenomenal Business Growth with 
Google Shopping Management Services

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High up Product Impressions

With our brilliantly focused Google shopping ads, you can expand your product impressions and the number of potential customers exponentially through various promotions and offers like clearance sales, flash sales, seasonal sales, bundle product offers, etc. You are essentially uploading your product listings to the Google Merchant Center to improve their reach and through product ad campaigns, you are promoting them for better conversions.

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Enhanced Google Shopping Experience

Enhanced Google shopping experience for customers as well as digital merchants through competitive product price listings, product segmentation, remarketing lists for search ads & more. In the competitive ecommerce landscape, you are taking your products straight to right customers effortlessly. We provide an unrivalled & superior shopping experience that finds you better-qualified leads for your business.

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Google Smart Shopping campaigns

We embrace Google’s smart shopping campaigns into our strategy to reduce the number of man-hours required for optimizing the shopping campaigns. We incorporate ad placements and automated bidding that are tailor-made for each vendor. We also add pop-ups, live chat options, and also A/B tests to check the efficacy of each campaign. You can maximize your conversions & expand your reach through Google’s smart shopping campaigns faster.

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More qualified leads and reach

With high-quality images and optimized product details attached within your campaign ad, it grabs more eyeballs and engages potential customers who can instantly make a decision on whether your product fits their needs or not. Product category, brand, offers, and all related details in one place, your potential customers will be able to find you with a single query. Your chances of attracting qualified leads will be higher.

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Granular campaign structure & Smart Bidding Strategy

We take a very granular approach and divide the campaigns into targeted ones. Our relentless efforts in creating smart granular campaigns pay off very well and achieve the best possible returns on your investment. We can also easily set bids for every individual product to use money wisely. With our granular campaigning & bidding, we ensure high performance and help you reach your desired ROAS.

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ROAS Improvement

With a results-driven approach, we optimize your Google shopping campaigns to drive a higher return on investment, which is the only metric that matters in the end. We improve your data feed to optimize the product descriptions to attract your qualified leads. You can also get more traffic on your best-performing products and cut costs on those with poor converting capabilities.

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Google Shopping Insights

A data-driven approach is our default strategy! We prepare personalized reports, daily product search data, device search comparisons, category-specific comparisons & more. We conduct the marketplace research and supplement this data in Google shopping insights for better analysis. You can have deeper insights into customers’ preferences and customize your campaigns based on the KPIs.

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Advanced Audience Targeting

Our brilliant Google shopping specialists know how to implement product-level targeting and create dynamic remarketing ads to capture the customers who are more likely to convert. We don’t leave any opportunity for conversion & seize all of them to better target your customers and engage them with your brand. We create hyper-targeted audience segments across multiple channels from Google Shopping Ads to social media ads.

High-Impact Google Shopping Campaigns For 3X Conversions

  • Increase your product’s visibility
  • Auto-update product as per Inventory
  • Improved Click-through-rate
  • Improves SEO
  • Greater Return on Investment
  • Improves audience targeting
  • Multiplies conversion ratios & AOV
  • Simplifies product management
  • Improve business revenue
  • Global reach
  • Affordable & Precise marketing
  • Flexibility for customers
  • Simplify the user experience
  • Scalable & high performance
  • Higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Increase targeted traffic


With an increase in the competition, businesses get their products discovered in the marketplaces like Amazon, however, these are expensive. So, businesses take more control over their selling options and turn to third-party services like Google Shopping where you can display all your products with product information. Google Shopping promotes your business and also lets your potential customers find you when they enter a query.

Google Shopping can expand your online presence, improve the quality of your leads, get the necessary visibility, and generate insightful reports that help you customize the campaigns.

Well, Each Google Shopping campaign is different and may have different goals. It depends on a variety of factors like the number of products in the campaign, level of customization, product sectors, and more. Request a quote to discuss your project details with us to get fair estimates as we put up a brilliant plan for your success.

Well, the chances of higher conversions would get better. You can promote your products with Google Shopping and widen your audience. Also, with a proper product feed, your target buyers would immediately be able to find your products. This improves your qualified leads which are probably going to convert into sales.

A resounding yes! Google Shopping is one of the excellent ways to buy qualified traffic to your store. The trick is to ensure that once you have quality traffic, you need to get that converted. But it is an irrefutable fact that Google Shopping usually sends high-quality leads to your site.

Your organic traffic lists in your Google Analytics. You can track the organic traffic of Google shopping listings on your Google Search Console. However, one limitation with Search Console is it restricts its reports to limited URLs. You can overcome this by using the Search Console API through Google Data Studio.

Google Shopping enables the online merchants to list their product listing ads at the top of the search results. While Google Ads enable them to bid on specific keywords to display the ads at the top of the search results. Google Shopping features product pictures while ads do not.

You can create custom campaign strategies as per your business goals. You can also get optimized product imagery to improve the ad performance. We also make sure that your product information is at its optimized best. Besides, we also create and control bidding strategies to maximize your Return on Ad Spend.

After the campaign setup, we review and update your Google Merchant Center data and accordingly your Google Shopping campaigns as well. You would also receive regular reports on your campaigns’ performance.

Under Google Shopping, you can use tools like Google Merchant Center wherein you upload your product feed. Google Shopping then promotes the products through pop-up ads whenever the potential customer searches for the product or a similar one. Google Shopping has access to the products, knows their availability, current prices, sales, and offers. When someone makes a purchase by clicking on the ad, a portion of the profit goes to Google Shopping.

Check their portfolio to know their experience with Google Shopping & ads management. You can also evaluate their service quality by checking their outcomes like the increased sales and growth for their previous clients. Find out their level of success in managing Google Shopping campaigns.

You can start by setting up a Google Merchant Center account. Optimize your product images, input them into your product feed, and link your Google AdWords account. After this, you can create a Google shopping campaign and place bids on your shopping campaign.

Merely following all the ground rules of Google Shopping won’t help you maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS). Skynet Technologies is an experienced full-service agency that has a team of marketers who are versatile with various marketing techniques, one of which is Google Shopping. We weave results-driven Google Shopping campaigns that increase your conversions. Our familiarity with other digital marketing techniques also comes in handy here to help you achieve the results you dreamt of.

Google Shopping is much more than sales. You can strengthen your brand in numerous ways. You can have quality web traffic, better leads, higher click-through rates, and gain double exposure. So, for all good reasons, Google Shopping is a must for anyone to survive and thrive in the business market.

You can optimize your product details like descriptions, titles, product categories, amplify the ads with any product extensions, promotions, custom labels, and more.

It depends on various factors - your marketing goals, brands, products, and services. Google Shopping is suitable for websites with a large volume of products and setting up an ad using Google Ads would be time-intensive. Google Shopping usually results in higher click-through rates, higher traffic, and sales. Google ads are generally better for higher priced products, services, promotions and branding.

There are multiple factors that affect your product listing on Google Shopping integration

  • Brand Name - Your brand name affects your product listing to a great extent. Your brand name must represent the product type you are selling.
  • Rating - If you provide the best products to have better ratings.
  • Pricing - Keep the prices of your products at competitive prices.
  • Placement - How you display your products benefits your listings. It has to have appealing content and attractive visuals.

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