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A Roadmap to ADA Accessibility Remediation!

Download this guide to explore about ADA accessibility remediation process, what kind of digital assets to be remediated and how to make it ADA compliance to make sure your website or any other digital asset is fully perceivable by people with disabilities.

The accessibility remediation is the process of converting or creating your website, applications and documents or any other kind of digital assets into compliance with recognized standards such as WCAG 2.0, 2.1 and Section 508 of accessibility. The goal of accessibility remediation is a better user experience for people with disabilities.

Well, A digital accessibility remediation is not a one-time task, it requires a long-term investment.

Skynet Technologies takes a multi-faceted approach to ensure your website, application or digital asset is accessible and keep it in compliance with ADA, Section 508 and WCAG. We provide a complete ADA web accessibility services including audit, design, development, remediation, monitoring, ongoing maintenance, testing & QA, accessible PDF, DOC, PPT, ePUB, consultation and more.

What’s included in your document?

  • What is ADA accessibility remediation?
  • What types of digital assets can be remediated?
  • ADA accessibility remediation process
  • How Skynet Technologies can help you with ADA web accessibility?
  • ADA accessible design and development expertise