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Skynet Technologies is an ideal social media management partner offering various social media services, search engine services, and web design services. We ideate, create and execute the best performing social media campaigns for your business. Our social media marketing services cover a wide gamut of services useful for growing your social presence and building a brand reputation in the market. Social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, the platform could be anything but with our data-driven strategies, we help drive growth to your business.


Social Media
Marketing Strategy

We develop an effective and succinct social media marketing strategy that helps you grow your brand and revenue. We craft fresh, targeted, informative, engaging, and personalized campaigns specific to your brand. With unique strategies, we create a compelling narrative that appeals to your visitors and converts them into your customers. Our social media experts begin by creating audience buyer personas for your business and develop a content marketing strategy tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your business. We also jazz up your profile with diverse content to speak directly to your potential customers. We assess the competition to create and curate engaging content.

Social Media Marketing Strategy icon

Social Media Marketing Strategy


Social Media
Content Generation

Content is still the king of digital and it is more apparent on social media. Being a full-service social media partner, we offer copywriting and design expert services to deliver every piece of content - be it a compelling ad or an interesting story-driven narrative. We come up with novel ways to promote your product, service, target audience, industry, and create content that reflects your brand value on your social channels. We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach and distribute content sporadically but understand the pulse and persona of the audience and distribute content on the right platforms. By diving deep into the analytics, we determine what resonates the best with the audience and create engaging content that leaves its impact on the audience.

Social Media Content Generation icon

Social Media Content Generation


Organic Social
Media Marketing

Organic social media reach is not as easy as it seems, one needs to forge bonds with the audience. We create organic social media campaigns that are highly engaging wherein your audience likes, shares, and comments on your posts. Our social media marketing team makes the most out of the unique advantages of each social platform and creates tactical strategies to reflect your brand value, improve your brand reputation, engage community audience, and build influencer relationships. Our team capitalizes on every opportunity to build your business and widen your reach. We pay due diligence to the organic social part while others focus exclusively on pay-to-play propositions and create a content calendar for each channel to optimize the message and content for the audience.

Organic Social Media Marketing icon

Organic Social Media Marketing


Promoted & Paid Social
Media Marketing

We also offer paid social media marketing services to promote your content to your followers and beyond. We monitor your paid social marketing campaigns from beginning to end, helping you set up an optimized campaign. With years of experience, our team successfully delivered tangible business results like improved conversions, engagement rate, & lead generation rate. We help you maximize your ROI on your social channels. Our paid media team launches compelling ads with precise audience targeting. We also continue to monitor the performance, optimize the ad spend to ensure your social media marketing is used with maximum efficiency, and improve your visibility on the social platforms.

Promoted & Paid Social Media Marketing icon

Promoted & Paid Social Media Marketing


Social Media

Get to the top of your game with our efficient Social media optimization solutions. We leverage the potential of social media sites to reach more potential customers, generate qualified leads, boost your brand awareness, and improve your sales. If you are looking for ways to connect with your customers, we are the right partners to optimize and pep up your social media profiles. We add social proof, branded cover photo, trend discovery, hashtag research, reputation analysis, competition analysis, web traffic metrics, and more. We help you build a strong web presence, drive more relevant traffic, generate better leads, and take you in front of your target audience

Social Media Optimization icon

Social Media Optimization


Social Channel

Our social media marketing services entail a multichannel approach in reaching prospects and customers. Our team manages your online presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter by creating, publishing & analyzing the content to be posted. We understand the unique aspects of each platform and accordingly craft the campaigns specific to each platform to take your brand to the audience. Our social media experts use various social media management tools to handle your social activities such as creating, analyzing, scheduling & engaging with the content posted on the respective social platforms.

Social Channel Management icon

Social Channel Management


Social Community

Our social media marketing services aren't just about engaging with your followers but propelling the engagement to be more effective and even listen to what they say. Our community manager will serve as your brand ambassador and work on developing community engagement by participating in the discussions, finding new customers, and listening to the existing ones. Our community managers are digital savvy and keep an ear on the digital landscape. We also quickly respond to the comments, leverage the relationships with the relevant followers, and build relationships with your users. We find new ways to engage the digital community and serve as your brand advocates. We also nurture your customers by interacting constantly and also gain their trust in you.

Social Community Management icon

Social Community Management


Social Listening:
Brand & Competitive

We monitor your social media channels to find out your brand mentions, do the competitor analysis, check out the products & more. We also track, analyze & respond to the conversations about you on social media and create brand awareness on these platforms. Through social listening, we perform audience research. We help make your business visible in the search engines by entering your contact details, address, business names, email addresses, and other related information to maximize your digital presence. We develop cutting-edge solutions to put you at the top of your game by understanding both your customers and competitors. Through social listening, we also stay on top of trends, measure the reach of your campaigns, and segment your audience through a data-driven approach.

Social Listening: Brand & Competitive icon

Social Listening: Brand & Competitive


Social Media
Analytics & Reporting

We perform social media reporting to help you determine the ways to create more brand advocates & increase your company’s share of voice across each social channel. Constant monitoring of the social ads gives you a bird’s eye view of the campaigns’ performance and KPIs to see how you fared against your goals. These details would be reported to you in detail on a monthly basis. Our team monitors & measures all your social media efforts to provide in-depth monthly progress reports so that you can have accountability measures in place and achieve a clear ROI. After tracking your results and analyzing the data, we also suggest some remedial measures to make a few adjustments to optimize so that you can get the best from your social media campaigns. Transparency and accountability are strictly adhered to while tracking the right ROI.

Social Media Analytics & Reporting icon

Social Media Analytics & Reporting


In-house Social
Media Support

We have a dedicated social media team who ideate, create, and build a social strategy, create content that converts into sales, engage with your brand’s community, dive into the data, and boost content through paid social media campaigns. We have the right resources and expertise to create a hybrid strategy of both organic and paid ones to support and collaborate with your team. From fulfilling your business’ needs to skills, roles, and workflows, we have got you covered so that you can have a perfect team to enhance your digital presence. We also have a team that creates, curates, and promotes content. We have a marketing department that keeps in touch with the key stakeholders. Overall, we have a strong in-house team who serve as your brand ambassadors.

In-house Social Media Support icon

In-house Social Media Support

Best Social Media Marketing Services to 
stay on the top of your game

Create Buzz & Grow Your Audience icon

Create Buzz & Grow Your Audience

Our social media marketing services create the necessary buzz to get your brand noticed in the market and improve your chances of grabbing the audience’s eyeballs. We let you stay relevant by understanding the current media patterns, trends, techniques & boost your brand’s overall engagement through buzzworthy campaigns. We create intriguing content and organically promote your brand, and grow your audience. To generate buzz in the market, we conduct live social media events, craft engaging content that sparks the conversation, automate social media activities to improve visibility, post impactful content regularly, conduct promotions, prefer value-added proposition over generic activities, and are prepped up to take any calculated risks for improved ROI.

Custom Promotion and Engagement icon

Custom Promotion and Engagement

Nail your social media engagement with our custom promotions and high-engagement campaigns. We also stay updated as the social media platforms keep changing their ranking algorithms and accordingly, we prioritize the personal posts in the news feed. We have fascinating experience in executing custom promotions for a better engagement rate & reduce churn. This is bound to spark relevant conversations with a quality audience. By initiating active and thoughtful interactions, we provide you better reach. We also focus on maintaining a consistent, authentic tone to have the maximum impact and turn every opportunity into a conversion.

Multi-channel Multi-platform marketing experience icon

Multi-channel Multi-platform marketing experience

We have extensive experience in strategic and customer-focused social marketing techniques across multiple platforms & channels to provide a consistent customer experience. We drive interactions with your customers about your brand across multiple digital channels. We design powerful marketing strategies to create customer journeys across various channels & measure their engagement for better analysis. By letting you reach out to your customers across multiple platforms and channels, we ensure your brand remains in front of their eyes at all times. This also makes your prospects move through the sales funnel seamlessly across multiple channels. Fetch better conversions by collaborating with us on this cross-channel marketing experience.

International Social Media Experts icon

International Social Media Experts

We are also pioneering in international social media marketing. If your company operates globally, we are the right social media partners to create and perpetuate your digital presence globally. We help you drive real value from your social interactions at an international level. We help you reach the uncharted territories by beautifully curating the content to attract engagement and convert visitors into leads and sales. We make sure your products and services are getting traction and your brand is targeting the right audience on the most relevant social channels. We build a prominent voice for you by localizing the content as per the geographic area. The language, tone, and resources would be in a way that they resonate with the audience in that particular area.

Day to Day Social Media Management & Maintenance icon

Day to Day Social Media Management & Maintenance

We make sure you don’t remain passive on your social media accounts. With constant interactions with the fans and followers, we help you lay down a solid foundation. We also make maintaining your accounts less daunting by taking over your social media accounts and maintaining an acceptable amount of interaction on a regular and pre-determined basis. We use each of your social media outlets in a different way to reach out to your customers. We’ll also monitor all the engagements and report back to you so that you can have all the information about how best your social channels are being utilized. By offering you an array of social media management options, we help you stay up with all your social media efforts and be active.

Flexible Social Media Campaigns icon

Flexible Social Media Campaigns

We are mindful that social media is an ever-changing field & that it is impossible to predict what might unfold on your social channels. We are exceptionally adaptive & flexible in creating campaigns to attract and retain customers even in unexpected situations. We rely on analytics to make changes to your campaigns to identify the areas of opportunity, adjust your campaigns & achieve the right impact. Whatever your concerns are, they would be unveiled in the analytics and make them adapt to your audience’s needs. Whether you’ve been around the block or you are just starting your social media journey, we will create a flexible and adaptable social media strategy. If you are contemplating working with a social media agency to help you maintain flexibility, we are at your service.

Data-driven decision-making icon

Data-driven decision-making

Most of our campaigns are data-driven as we dig deep into the audience preferences and quantify the likes, shares, retweets, follows, etc. to identify what people are thinking and feeling about your brand. We rely on analytics to understand what is working and what’s not when it comes to the campaigns, and how best you can engage with your audience. We garner real-time user-generated data to do market research, gauge brand health, campaign optimization & measure client satisfaction. We curate your accounts, perform the social search, and social listening that can lead to actionable insights. We also provide visibility into competitors’ offerings, gauge the customer sentiments, and in addition to the real-time metrics on the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.

Nurturing your customers icon

Nurturing your customers

Your customers want to be engaged, informed, entertained & inspired. So, we keep this in mind while creating posts for you to reinforce your expertise in the industry. If you’re worried that you’re are not nurturing your customers enough, then we help you drive positive sentiment towards your brand. We help you create, foster, and maintain meaningful relationships and turn your social channels into revenue generators. Our intention is to keep your name and expertise at the forefront of customers’ minds so that they come back to you. We also refrain from unnecessary sales pitches and uninspired content but focus on the right nurturing mix. We promptly respond to the customer queries, brand mentions, and attempt to provide the best possible solution and reduce their dissatisfaction.

Magnified Influence icon

Magnified Influence

We promise to turn your social media platforms into a powerful tool for your marketing campaigns. We magnify the influence of your brand and broaden the reach by facilitating social interactions & accelerating the diffusion of information about your products or services. We have a knack to understand the pulse of the audience and accordingly craft the social media campaigns. We enhance the influence on your audience by reinforcing the information and sentiments about the product, service, and brand. Our social media campaigns serve as the rocket fuel of your marketing efforts to showcase that influence on the audience and boost your brand awareness and sales. Our campaigns reflect a positive influence on purchase intentions and recommendation behaviour.

Social Media Audit & Analysis icon

Social Media Audit & Analysis

If you feel that social media audit and analysis is tedious, don’t sweat. We do most of the heavy lifting for you. We review your campaign metrics to assess the growth, opportunities & what more can be done to improve your social presence. We use different analytics tools to track, analyze & measure the performance of your campaigns. We drill down into individual campaigns and highlight the types of content you should be creating for your audience. We let you know the number of impressions, engagement rate, reach your posts have made on each of the platforms, and how you’re funneling your social media traffic. Post audit and analysis, we let you know the opportunities on these platforms and come up with new action items.

Supercharge Your Social Media Engagement to the Next Level

  • Connect audience through social listening
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Develop Brand Awareness through followers
  • Build Relationships with great engagement
  • Increasing Website Exposure with traffic & conversions
  • Direct referral traffic to your site
  • Quality backlinks
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Strengthen brand authority
  • Boost sales through social network
  • Brand reputation management
  • Brand/service relevant conversation monitoring
  • Connect with your customers
  • Get more visibility online
  • Connect with your target audience
  • Keep eye on the competition
  • Crush the competition
  • Increase Community engagement
  • Augment Social presence
  • Make customers your brand advocates
  • Amplify your marketing power
  • Boost your SEO rankings
  • Create buzz and grow your audience
  • Skyrocket your revenue from social media


Social media marketing implies the use of social media platforms to connect with your target audience and helps you build your brand, increase your sales, and drive website traffic. As a part of social media marketing, we publish engaging content on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. We listen to and engage your followers, analyze the results of your campaigns, and run the social media ads for you.

Social metrics do not constitute direct ranking factors but still, social media has the potential in getting your content in front of a larger audience. Whether search engines count social metrics as a direct ranking factor is a moot point. But both SEO and social media marketing help perform better on both the channels. Audience research on social helps you create more targeted content. SEO research also helps you understand what your social audience really wants.

Social media marketing is used for various reasons. It is used to analyze the target audience, build relationships with them, to drive traffic to your website, to build brand awareness and brand loyalty, to improve customer service, to extract valuable customer insights, to decrease marketing costs, to gain attention, to fight competition, and to increase sales.

Some of the best social media channels are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest where you can launch your business campaigns. Our experienced social media specialists research your industry, audience, business goals to help you narrow down the best platforms for your strategy.

A resounding yes! It helps you get your target audience to engage with the content you share, gaining control over the image, create relationships with your audience. So, make sure your social media sites are optimized and updated. Focus on your company bio, links, company logo, and post daily relevant content. With a proper strategy, you can eventually become the top influencer in your industry.

Of course. It helps you to prove your expertise, build relationships with your customers, observe the competitor activity, effective in creating impact, and also have better ROI.

Social media marketing has been reshaping the way we shop. It has become a powerful tool that offers plenty of potential for growth and sales. It has made purchasing decisions faster, generate trust through peer reviews, enabled cross-channel shopping.

Yes, it is the best way to make the most out of your marketing spend. The reasons are multiple -

  • Your customers are present on social media
  • They are active and receptive to marketing campaigns
  • Help increase your brand recognition
  • Increase your reach to a specific audience
  • Understand the competition
  • Generate more lead and sales
  • Use Social shopping ads to increase your sales

It depends on how long you have been around. An established brand typically takes lesser time to see the results while others on average take at least 6 months to see visible and concrete results.

We start with a discovery call to understand your industry requirements, goals, and audience. You can contact us here and then we will create a social media strategy. After getting a go-ahead & NDA, we will start with the execution.

We are a full-service social media marketing agency offering social media services which help you succeed on social media. Our full-stack services include

  • Social media network setup and optimization
  • Jazz up your social media profiles
  • Social media account audit
  • Publish content & custom images
  • Boost post ad management
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • Data-driven social strategy
  • Dedicated social media monitoring

and more.

Social listening is all about monitoring the social media channels for mentions o your products, services, brand, and competitors. It helps you understand your audience better to help improve your brand reputation and reach. It is used for

  • Researching your industry and audience
  • Brand reputation management
  • Lead generation
  • Analyze the success of marketing campaigns
  • Competition analysis and more

Yes. You can delegate the task of social media marketing to us. Our social media marketing experts have extensive experience in using various social media platforms for marketing. Whether you want to utilize one or more of our services, we help your brand shine in the eyes of your target audience. We understand the tone and voice you want to use on social media, use effective tools and analytics, create engaging campaigns, build relationships with your audience, and set up regular calls with you to discuss and analyze the success of the campaigns.

There are some signs to watch out for knowing the impact of social media marketing campaigns such as engagement, website traffic, followers, and sales.

There are various ways in which businesses engage their audience through social media. It helps you to post catchy posts and custom images which helps to know your social media audience, engage with them swiftly and regularly, analyze how they respond to your campaigns, know your brand mentions and reframe your campaigns as per the buzz.

There is no generalized answer for this as customers are present everywhere. A professional marketing agency will understand your business goals, purpose, target audience, and accordingly help you to determine the right platform suitable for you.

To make better use of the potential of social media, you need to have a professional marketing agency like Skynet Technologies as we have enough experience in understanding the top trends, best practices, have the resources to run effective campaigns. It is not only cost-effective but you would also have a specialized team at your constant beck and call.

Unfortunately, there is no straight answer. Like other marketing strategies, it also depends on what you exactly want. Our marketing budget also depends on what tools we use for your campaigns. Also, we don’t use cookie-cutter plans, every client gets a unique social media strategy that is specific to their needs. We will be able to advise you on the pricing after we do a discovery call with you. But we can promise on getting the best results for your spent dollars.

Yes. We build a weekly and monthly report to help you track your growth and improvise your social media strategy. We help you track your metrics in that report so that you can get a complete picture of your account’s performance.

We have adequate experience in working with companies of all sizes. No matter what the size of your company is, we are steadfast in our commitment to drive you to success.

Take your social media presence to the next level!

There has been a staggering evolution of social media over the years. Skynet Technologies has a dedicated social media marketing team that stays on top of all the latest trends and technologies in the market and derives the desired results. You can be assured that all our social media marketing strategies are aligned with the latest trends and crafted to put you ahead of the game. Connect with us and make us your social media marketing manager to grow your business.

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