Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 Beta Version Release Notes – What do you need to know before upgrading your website?

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Adobe Commerce 2.4.7

Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 beta1 version is rolled out on June 13th, 2023. Since it is a beta version, it may contain defects and is given ‘AS IS’ without any warranty. So, if you wish to use this beta release, you should not rely on the correct functioning of new features and functionalities.

The beta1 version includes over 200 quality fixes and enhancements. Its core composer dependencies and third-party libraries have been upgraded to their latest available versions. This release also boosts GraphQL coverage for custom attributes and enhanced GraphQL Caching abilities.

Please note that there can be some changes that are backward incompatible. If you want to know about such changes, please check the BIC reference.

System Requirements

Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 beta1 release is tested against,

  • Composer 2.5
  • Elasticsearch 8.5
  • MariaDB 10.6
  • MySQL 8.0
  • OpenSearch 2.5
  • PHP 8.2 and 8.1
  • RabbitMQ 3.11
  • Redis 7.0
  • Varnish 7.3

Thus, to use Adobe Commerce 2.4.7, you need to update your system with these updated versions.

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Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 beta1 – Highlights

  1. Security Enhancement

    The latest beta1 version has 13 security fixes and platform security improvements. Generally, attackers obtain Admin access to acquire customer information or take over administrator sessions. Although Adobe Commerce is a safe platform, however, there can be some vulnerabilities that needed to be addressed. A few essential steps can protect your Admin such as IP allowlisting, Use of a VPN, Two-factor authentication, good password hygiene, and Use of a unique location rather than /admin.

    Additional fixes:

    The latest security best practices improve security compliance that introduces a change in the default behaviour of an existing REST endpoint. Native rate limiting for payment information transmitted through REST and GraphQL APIs. So, merchants are now capable to configure rate limiting for the payment information transmitted using REST and GraphQL. This is an added layer of protection, which helps prevent carding attacks and decreases the volume of carding attacks that test several credit card numbers at once.

    The default behaviour of the isEmailAvailable GraphQL query (V1/customers/isEmailAvailable) REST endpoint has changed. The API now returns true by default every time. Merchants can enable the original behaviour, which is to return true if the email does not exist in the database and false if it exists.

  2. Platform enhancements

    Beta release of Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 beta1 introduces,

    1. Composer 2.5.x compatibility
    2. It is compatible with the latest Varnish Cache 7.3. Though the version is still compatible with Varnish Cache 6.0.x and 7.2.x versions, it is suggested to use this latest version with Varnish Cache version 7.2 or version 6.0 LTS.
    3. This version is compatible with the latest RabbitMQ 3.11. Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 beta remains compatible with RabbitMQ 3.9, but you must use the latest RabbitMQ 3.11 for better performance of the platform.
    4. Outdated JavaScript libraries have been upgraded to their latest versions:

      • Moment.js library (v2.29.4)
      • jQuery UI library (v1.13.2)
      • jQuery validation plugin library (v1.19.5)
  3. Performance and Scalability enhancements

    Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 beta1 release displays significant improvements in the processing speed of save operations for huge deployment configurations.

    Its new Async Config module enables asynchronous configuration to save operations by running a cron job that uses a consumer to process the save operation in a message queue. AsyncConfig is disabled by default.

    The bin/magento cache: clean config command now pre-warms the config cache when the config cache is enabled. This improvement reduces the downtime, which is required to generate a config cache for large configurations.

  4. Application server for GraphQL APIs

    The latest beta1 release has a new PHP application server, which is implemented on a Swoole PHP extension. It enables Adobe Commerce to maintain a state between Commerce GraphQL API requests and eliminates the need for bootstrapping. You only have to install and configure Swoole and Nginx to use the application server module.

    Please note that it does not support Cloud-based deployments and B2B GraphQL functionality.

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  5. Adobe Commerce extension meta package

    This beta1 release has come up with Adobe Commerce extension meta package v2.0.0-beta1. The meta package automatically bundles select Adobe Commerce extensions with this core release. When the composer update runs, these extensions get installed, which simplifies the process of upgrading extensions whenever you upgrade your system to the latest core release.

    The meta package includes three extensions-

    1. Bolt Quick Checkout
    2. Adobe I/O Events for Adobe Commerce
    3. Payment Services

    Now the future version of the Adobe Commerce extension meta package will contain additional extensions.

  6. B2B

    The new beta1 release includes new functionalities for B2B and there are several bug fixes as well.

    1. Line-item discounts – Now discounts can be applied as a fixed value, percentage off, or extended pricing for specific line items.
    2. Seller-initiated quotes – Initiating quotes directly from the Quote and Customer grids in the Admin is now possible for B2B sales representatives.
    3. Improved Quote Detail view – The quote detail page has a more comprehensive view now, which makes it easier for sellers and buyers to add items by SKU, edit notes, apply line-item discounts, and so on.
    4. Notes exchange on the quote – B2B buyers and sellers can now directly add notes to a quote during the negotiation process.

    Apart from all these, REST API also gets updates to improve web API coverage and storefront features.

  7. GraphQL

    Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 beta1 gets enhanced GraphQL caching abilities and support for the GraphQL schema for custom attributes.

    1. Improved caching capabilities will fine-tune page load speed for most PWA pages.
    2. Enhanced customer attribute support to areas like customer, customer address, products, etc.
    3. GraphQL parser performance has been improved by decreasing the parse method calling time per request. Now it is called only once, which was thrice previously.
  8. PWA Studio

    Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 beta1 is compatible with PWA Studio v.13.2.x, which included several improvements to improve accessibility.

  9. Page Builder

    The new beta1 release is compatible with Page Builder v.1.7.4.

Fixed issues for Adobe Commerce 2.4.7

This latest beta1 release has umpteen fixed issues in its core code.

  • Installation, upgrade, and deployment
  • Bundle Products
  • Cache
  • Cart and checkout
  • Cart Price rule
  • Catalog
  • Catalog rules
  • Coupons
  • Cron
  • Customers
  • Email
  • Frameworks
  • Gift cards and wrapping
  • Google ReCAPTCHA
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Graph QL
  • Image
  • Import/Export
  • Index
  • Infrastructure
  • Logging
  • Login
  • Orders
  • Page Builder
  • Payment
  • Promotion
  • Reports
  • Rewards
  • Search
  • Shipping
  • And much more. Read the Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 release document to know more about fixed issues in detail.

Some known issues!

There are some known issues that still need to be addressed. They will be fixed in Adobe Commerce 2.4.7. beta2.

  1. The UPS XML API was deprecated by UPS on 5 June 2023, which will affect merchants.
  2. Storefront login page does not display the password as expected when clicking the Show password button.
  3. A product is not removed as expected from the mini cart after the shared catalog that is assigned to it has been removed from the product.
  4. Configurable products are incorrectly listed as out of stock on the storefront when one or more child products are disabled through a scheduled update.
  5. Prices for fixed bundle products do not include assigned special prices as expected.

Are you planning to upgrade your store with Adobe Commerce 2.4.7?

Adobe will update or modify this beta release if any feature or functionality will not work properly. It will be done via Adobe Support Services. So, if you wish to experience this updated version even before its final release, you can start using it carefully. Though the beta version cannot be trusted completely, there is no harm in testing it.

If you've already experienced the wonders of Adobe Commerce, you are aware of its enchanting capabilities. However, if you haven't had the chance to try it yet, we highly recommend making the switch to this exceptional e-commerce platform.

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