Aimeos 2022.07 has been released – What are the myriad new features and enhancements?

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Aimeos 2022.07 Release

Aimeos second stable release of this year happened a few days back on July 27, 2022. This Aimeos 2022.07 release has many features and some crucial changes or improvements for developers to reduce their work. The version has umpteen improvements for editors as well. With this latest version, developers don’t need to write a series of codes when they must create new features in Aimeos.

Let’s have a look at all the latest changes Aimeos 2022.07 has.

Aimeos 2023.04 has released a check article for more information.

Important latest changes or improvements in Aimeos 2022.07 are:

  • Mass editing in admin backend
  • Tailor-made theme colors in the backend
  • Take advantage of Bootstrap icons instead of Fontawesome
  • No more need for factories
  • Escalate images in media manager
  • More fractional quantity support
  • Enhancements in debugging

Shall we know more about these features? Peruse the article further.

  • Mass editing in admin backend

    Aimeos 2022-07

    What else makes editors happier but if they get one feature that simplifies their editing work? Likewise, editors were editing the values of several items at once, the Aimeos admin interface is now capable of doing all of that. Not only the single value such as the status but also the multiple values in parallel with one bulk edit request. For all panels, the basic items' values can be changed if they are not unique. The editors can add their bulk edit options by extending the list template of the panel and adding the additional code to subparts or decorators if needed.

  • Tailor-made theme colors in the backend

    Aimeos Developers

    You can find CSS variables in Aimeos to define colors and several other critical values that are used at multiple places in the CSS file. This feature enables you to change the frontend design as per your business needs or corporate identity by overwriting the values in your custom CSS file. This latest version allows you to alter those variables not only globally, but you can change them per site and per theme as well, if you have multiple themes installed. So, each customer or organization can select the theme and their desired colors according to their business needs, which makes Aimeos a perfect fit for creating ecommerce SaaS solutions.

  • Take advantage of Bootstrap icons instead of Fontawesome

    Aimeos Development

    As you know, until now Aimeos was using Fontawesome for all icons in frontend and backend. With Fontawesome, there was a problem with getting new icons, as the new icons are generally available in their proprietary icon pages. So, there was a need of choosing a new icon set.

    In the shop front, Fontawesome icons got replaced in Aimeos 2022.04 and gradually now it has vanished from the admin backend as well. Aimeos 2022.07 is using new Bootstrap icons now, which is providing a cleaner and more lightweight look and feel to the backend, and it also supports the colored theme available since 2021.

  • No more need for factories

    When it comes to creating a new object of any type, each manager, controller, and client require its own factory to create that specific type of object. It generates an enormous amount of boilerplate code since the factories already had similar codes and were different in the user configuration options and the names of the classes.

    But as far as Aimeos 2022.07 is concerned, no supporting factory is required to implement a manager or controller for a new data domain or job as well as for the frontend and backend.

    Now Aimeos has central factories to create all the objects that will be available for a long time.

    $manager = \Aimeos\MShop::create($context, 'product');
    $cntl = \Aimeos\Controller\Frontend::create($context, 'catalog');
    $cntl = \Aimeos\Controller\Jobs::create($context, $aimeos, 'media/scale');
    $client = \Aimeos\Client\Html::create($context, 'catalog/detail');
    $admin = \Aimeos\Admin\JQAdm::create($context, 'product');
  • Escalate images in media manager

    Aimeos is focusing on developers’ experience so that it will be easier for them to use this platform. Therefore, Aimeos 2022.07 has a few important releases included.

    Rather than using the common media controller to work with an image file, the media manager is now able to do that directly by its new scale () method. It provides the same feature as the controller that is going to be restored next year.

  • More fractional quantity support

    Aimeos 2020.04 release supported ordering fractional product quantities, but now there is another option available and that is you can use fractional quantities for multi-level pricing or block pricing. It gives you granular control over pricing products that can be bought in quantities of less than one or non-integer quantities.

  • Enhancements in debugging

    From this latest version, all non-item objects where decorators can be added support a classes () method for debugging purposes. Therefore, you can easily find out which class has been used for the inner object and which decorators have been wrapped around it. Thus, identifying issues is easier now with Aimeos 2022.07.

Wrapping up

It is evident that the latest version Aimeos 2022.07 is developers-friendly, and the updates are going to benefit the organizations. Since the version has released merely a few days back, it needs time to understand the updates.

As we know, every update or improvement makes your platform vogue and future-proof, Aimeos 2022.07 is no different. It is going to add more value and make your work easier than ever. Hire Laravel developers to upgrade your current Aimeos ecommerce application.

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