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BigCommerce Store SEO

BigCommerce store is the most known and most user-friendly e-commerce site where both large and small business can start their online store without involving any software experts. The site is very popular among the business houses that are struggling to make their online presence.

The main advantage of BigCommerce is an SEO service. The SEO service of BigCommerce is the best and definitely, it’s going to increase the traffic to the online stores as it also helps in relationship building by adopting online marketing and web hosting. Therefore, there is no need for any agency or any third party as it’s a one place solution to all the businesses. Additionally, it is available just on a monthly rental basis which makes it easier and more convenient to use.

BigCommerce SEO

Getting the SEO service together with the online store for any merchant is like icing on the cake. BigCommerce has the best SEO tool. Nowadays it is very difficult to bring traffic to the online stores and as such BigCommerce design their websites using the most important tool. SEO makes a merchant more successful in terms of earnings too. When the website is optimized, the demand increases, and relatively sales increase too thus, pulling more revenue towards the organization. BigCommerce SEO makes a merchant stand high and stay advanced among the competitors.

BigCommerce SEO Tips

BigCommerce has gained popularity and is successful majorly because of its SEO service. As most of the merchant find difficult in running successfully an online store because of lack of knowledge in digital marketing, BigCommerce acts as a savior. It gives a merchant everything that a merchant needs for his business with its SEO service. BigCommerce SEO tips bring success and revenue to the merchants in a very short period as SEO is a technology that helps the website to grow rapidly. It helps in marketing, popularizing it on social media platforms. BigCommerce has all the SEO tools and it uses different strategies to make the online business of the merchants a successful one both in terms of revenue and popularity.

The numerous tips provided by BigCommerce include:

  • Secure Socket Layer Certificate
    The use of SSL makes BigCommerce more preferred as it is highly secured and most of the search engines opt for it. The search engines always send a warning message to the user if anyone tries to open an unsecured page and if any e-commerce platform is unsecured, then it will scare the customers, resulting in a low sale. Additionally, BigCommerce has also taken extra effort to secure its websites
  • Registers your store with Google
    Google is a very famous search engine utilized by numerous people across the globe. Any business that thrives to succeed in online business must register with Google. BigCommerce provides this opportunity.
  • Register the BigCommerce store with Bing
    As we all know in the business we cannot depend on a particular audience. We should have multiple audiences and that is why it is necessary to register your store with another search engine too. So it helps to register with Bing as it assists in bringing more audiences.
  • Google Analytics
    BigCommerce already has an inbuilt tool with automatic analysis and analytics but that is not sufficient. So, BigCommerce business owners should search and integrate with Google Analytics for better performance. Google Analytics is very helpful in bringing changes in the result, thus BigCommerce recommends it.
  • Online page load faster
    It is a common notion that the page that loads faster will be of good service, thus it is an important aspect to keep in mind. People do not like it if it takes a lot of time to load. As BigCommerce already has web hosting and coding so, there is no need to buy it from any third party which will make your site slower. Also, you must remember to keep the web fonts smaller as this makes the webpage load faster.
  • Add Relevant points
    Never use irrelevant keywords. Always keep your site filled up with relevant materials. Direct your focus towards keywords as they always have a huge impact on the audience

BigCommerce SEO features

BigCommerce SEO tools are best for a successful online business. BigCommerce does not use a single strategy but it uses a different kind of strategies for a successful business. This makes BigCommerce a more popular platform among the business owners. These BigCommerce SEO features include:

  • Management of on-page SEO optimization - This is the most important and required for any e-commerce platform and this feature makes BigCommerce distinct from many other e-commerce platforms by using multiple strategies.
  • Micro-data built-in - BigCommerce sites are no more an exception. They have micro-data built-in for better search results.
  • Templates - BigCommerce already has customized templates for attracting customers.
  • BigCommerce supports different payments gateways
  • Inbuilt marketing tools
  • The affordable and easy development process
  • Secure

BigCommerce Development Service

BigCommerce also provides numerous development services which include –

  • BigCommerce store design
  • BigCommerce web design
  • BigCommerce SEO service
  • BigCommerce assistance

BigCommerce store Optimization

BigCommerce store is an easy platform for business owners to bring their online visibility. BigCommerce store is secured to use and customized URL’s and it is mobile friendly. The business owners can start an online store, with the help of BigCommerce online store that fetches a wide range of customers with the advanced tools. With their modern tool and inbuilt marketing tool, it is very easy to increase the volume of sales. The store has beautiful themes and a facility of the shopping cart and the best part is the store is available at an affordable rate.

BigCommerce has a platform that offers app developers to become a partner. To become a partner they should have a website that serves technological solutions and has expertise in the development of Apps. After meeting with the requirements they will receive a confirmation mail of adding as a partner thus, leading to BigCommerce store development.

We provide BigCommerce development service to fuel your business with enterprise level capabilities and keep your customer coming back! Whether you want to migrate to BigCommerce integrate any application, redesign your online store, require a new development and maintenance for your store, let us know about your requirements and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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