How does Google's Latest Structured Data update increase ecommerce sales?

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Google Structured data update

In the ever-evolving landscape of ecommerce, staying ahead requires not only great products but also visibility in the digital marketplace. Google’s recent update to its structured data guidelines is set to provide a significant boost to merchants, enhancing their visibility and potentially increasing sales.

Website product pages need to integrate with Google’s structured data to improve Google search results. The structured data will completely transform the way online stores appear in search results. The enhanced view will display several important information such as the price of the products, availability, review ratings, shipping information, etc., which will surely boost ecommerce footfall and sales.

The article will focus on new updates and benefits of Google’s structured data.

Understanding structured data and Google’s update!

Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content. It helps search engines understand the content of the web pages better, which can lead to improved search engine results page (SERP) features like rich snippets, knowledge panels, and more.


Google’s latest structured data update introduces several enhancements aimed at providing more detailed and useful information about products directly in search results. Key changes include:

  • Expanded product knowledge panel

    Google has expanded the types of product information that can be included in structured data. This includes more detailed attributes such as product variants (color, size), availability, pros and cons, pricing details, etc.

    Moreover, reviews and ratings are now more prominently featured, with better integration into the search results. This allows users to see aggregate ratings and specific reviews more easily.

  • Organizational-level return policy

    A merchant’s return policy will be displayed in search results now. Return policy is one of the biggest factors to generate more online sales and with this new change, Google’s support for sitewide return policy structured data is a colossal help for shoppers while they search for their desired results.

  • Rich media integration

    The update supports better inclusion of rich media, such as images and videos, directly in the search results, making product listings more engaging.

Google structured data updates and online stores’ sales are directly connected!

  • Increased visibility in search results

    Enhanced product schema allows for more detailed and eye-catching product listings in search results. When users search for products, they are more likely to see listings with rich snippets that include images, prices, availability, and ratings.

    The increased visibility can lead to higher click-through rates (CTR) as users are more drawn to detailed and informative search results.

  • Improved user trust and engagement

    Featuring detailed reviews and ratings directly in the search results builds trust with potential customers. Users are more likely to click on listings that have high ratings and positive reviews, leading to increased traffic and higher conversion rates.

  • Better local engagement

    For businesses with physical locations, the improved integration of local business information helps attract local customers. By providing accurate and detailed local business data, merchants can drive foot traffic to their stores. Users searching for products available nearby are more likely to visit the store if they find comprehensive information easily.

  • Enhanced mobile experience

    With the growing number of mobile shoppers, the update’s emphasis on rich media and detailed information directly in search results caters to mobile users who prefer quick, visual, and easy-to-access information. This streamlined mobile experience can lead to increased sales from mobile shoppers.

  • Higher quality traffic

    Detailed structured data helps Google better match search queries with relevant products. This means that the traffic driven to merchant websites is more likely to be from users who are genuinely interested in the products offered, leading to higher quality leads and better conversion rates.

Merchants/online stores can reap the benefits by implementing the changes!

  • Update product information

    Ensure all product listings are detailed and accurate, including all possible attributes supported by the updated schema.

  • Encourage customer reviews

    Actively seek and highlight customer reviews and ratings.

  • Optimize for local search

    If applicable, provide detailed local business information and ensure it is kept up to date.

  • Utilize rich media

    Include high-quality images and videos in product listings.

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Wrapping up

Google’s latest structured data update is beneficial for merchants aiming to boost their online sales. By enhancing product visibility, improving user engagement, and driving high-quality traffic, these updates can help merchants achieve greater success in the competitive ecommerce landscape. Embracing these changes and optimizing their implementation will allow merchants to maximize their sales potential in the digital marketplace.

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