How Blockchain Technology will impact on WordPress Web Development?

By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
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WordPress Web Development

WordPress Web Development

In today's techno dependent world, the web software has become a necessity item. WordPress is one such web development platform that is popularly used by people to create different websites on the internet. It is not only a blogging system but also a content management system that provides numerous features including widgets, themes, etc. WordPress CMS is cost-effective, allows speedy transactions, is a globally recognized platform, and ensures digital transformation of the business.

Blockchain technology came into practice in 2019 as the main element of the new cryptocurrency Bitcoin. A Blockchain is nothing but a decentralized digital ledger that helps to record transactions in chronological order in the form of a block that is chained where each transaction is recorded.

As time evolves, the web world also evolves simultaneously. In recent years, the increased popularity of bitcoin has been witnessed which has created a demand for Blockchain technology. Blockchain in lay man’s terms is the bank management system of bitcoin that is it helps to manage the cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology is not confined to cryptocurrency only as it also provides business opportunities. But, while both the technologies are individual in their use, many people are now using the two systems together for better customer service.

Impact of Blockchain Technology on WordPress Web Development

The increasing trend of cryptocurrency has led to an increased demand for Bitcoin. As a result, there is a buzz in the market about Blockchain technology. But, people always wonder if bitcoin in Blockchain and its type of encryption will ever get a place in WordPress.

Here are the Impacts of Blockchain Technology on WordPress Web Development that can help answer this question:

  • Management of the site with verification

    Online verification has always been a huge challenge because of the lenient username and password system which is too easy to steal or hack. So, many newly developed blockchains are used for encryption of the personal data of the user. This lets the user share their data without any hesitation, which helps in protecting them from cyber-attacks.

  • Monetization of the content

    Years ago, you had to take the help of WordAds and AdSense for taking content monetization services and to define algorithms that help in operating the servers and in the handling of payments. But now, the Blockchain-based content monetization services do not require a single entity at the center thus, reducing efforts.

  • The fastest method of payment

    WordPress Web Development with Blockchain technology makes payment faster and at a low budget as there is no middleman. Both parties can save money as no third party is involved. Buyers always prefer websites that have fast payment services as slow service may be time-consuming. This feature is beneficial for international businesses. Even the buyers prefer to buy websites that are featured with a fast method of payment services and a hassle-free checkout.

  • Data storage solution

    WordPress Web Development with Blockchain technology makes data storage easier as the data is securely stored in cloud storage which is encrypted decentralized solution and not being controlled by any third party. WordPress Web Development service also provides support and assistance concerning data storage. WordPress support system is available 24 hours to offer services related to Blockchain-based storage solution and it is very cost-effective compared to the conventional way of hosting providers.

  • Improvised Security system

    WordPress Web Development with Blockchain technology has an advanced security system by encrypting the login information and other important data. This ensures the overall security of the websites. There can be no theft or cyber-attacks with a highly secured system. When the verification is done by the Blockchain technology, its high smart ID management system is used to prevent theft of identity and also from hackers. There is not a single probability of server attacks and it gives you complete security.

  • System of reliable Feedback

    WordPress Web Development with Blockchain technology enables online business websites to get customer feedback about their products. There is also a provision of getting customer feedback regarding their improvement in products, services, and business strategies if any. It will be helpful for your management and there is also a system of anonymous voting.

  • Content publication independent

    Implementation of Blockchain will make the sites more secure and makes the publication of the content independent.

  • Cost-effective

    Implementation of Blockchain will make the sites cost-effective and gives fast transaction facility, and gives you global recognition.

These numerous impacts or effects that Blockchain causes in WordPress Development when linked together leads to numerous advantages on WordPress Development, which include –

  • Protection:

    With Blockchain, higher protection is ensured. It gives a secured system of encrypted data in which you can store login information and other personal credentials. An extra shield of protection is also given to protect from the cyber-attacks.

  • Payments:

    Blockchain also allows for a better payment experience by making it faster and easier. Intermediaries or middlemen are erased to save costs. Universal payment methods that are acceptable worldwide are provided to ensure ease for customers worldwide. It gives a single universal payment solution whether the payments are made on cryptocurrencies or the traditional money.

  • Feedbacks:

    A great system of feedback is maintained to assist WordPress in improving its services. There is numerous system of online quizzes, polls, surveys for the better functionalities of the software.

  • No third party access:

    With Blockchain, third-party access is stopped. So no data stored in networks of the decentralized network can be used by any third party. Only the owner can access it. This reduces the chance of cyber-attack or hacking of the personal credentials exponentially.

  • Content Management

    Blockchain also helps in a more efficient and hassle-free content monetization service that is free from any centrally single trusted body as Blockchain does not require any central body.

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