A Complete Guide on Landing Page A/B Testing with amazing benefits!

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Landing Page A/B Testing

Landing pages form the essential part of any modern-day marketer’s toolkit. When a qualified lead clicks through your website link, they would be directed to your landing page which is carefully curated and created to make a first brand impression on them. It has the potential to either make or break the user experience. After a smart traffic acquisition strategy, one needs to focus on creating a dedicated landing page that can increase your chances of converting your visitors into customers.

But how to know whether the landing page you’ve created is resonating with the expectations of your qualified visitors? Too many businesses take it for granted and believe that the landing page will trigger the desired audience response. You need to follow certain best practices while creating one and then test it to see if you are successful or not. A/B testing your landing pages is the best and convenient way for testing to understand if you can get the conversion or not.

Conducting a landing page A/B testing lets you find out what version of the landing page is garnering user attention, clicks, conversions, and reduced bounce rate. Accordingly, you can refine and fine-tune your landing pages after a series of multiple tests. It may seem tedious but that’s essential for conversions. You would ultimately be with those landing pages that produce higher qualified leads.

In this guide, we are going to present A-Z of landing page A/B testing.

What is landing page A/B testing?

A/B testing, also known as split testing refers to the comparison of two different versions of the same content with certain changes and variations. For instance, you can create a landing page and tweak a minor thing here and there and test it on your audience to check which page version has generated better engagement be it click-through rate or conversions.

You may wonder what difference it makes, but here’s the catch, after a series of tests, you would have the right piece in front of your visitors that makes a huge difference to your bottom line.

Why should you A/B test your landing pages?

A/B testing seems to be involving a lot of things but the amazing benefits it provides shouldn’t be ignored. It helps you to discover how you can hack into your user’s minds and figure out what resonates with them the most. Let’s understand the reasons behind testing your landing pages.

  1. Understand User Persona - A/B tests provide you the data points about your specific target audience. You would have brilliant insights into your user behaviour and their immediate engagement. By A/B testing your landing pages, you will be able to see what elements get the higher clicks and what doesn’t. Changing a small element like a CTA can also reveal surprising nuances of your audience.
  2. Better Engagement - The purpose of landing pages is not always about conversions and sales. You want your web visitors to move through your page and spread the content or message to more numbers. A user may not immediately convert but if your landing pages are of the best quality, chances of them coming back would be high. So this is all about striking the right chord with your audience and generate better engagement.
  3. For better conversion rates - One of the major reasons for A/B testing the landing pages is the conversion rates. If you are struggling to get enough conversions, then you may need to make certain tweaks in regard to the CTA, images, colors, etc. Conducting audience research prior to design is important but not sufficient. By conducting A/B tests, you would get a first-hand glimpse of their behaviour on your landing page. Different users will have a different cultural mindset and their behaviour also differs which will be reflected in your conversion rates.
  4. Increase your sales - You can identify what works and resonates better with your users that prompt them to stay on and leads them to make buying decisions faster. Sometimes, even minor tweaks would have an unprecedented impact on the audience and can accelerate the visitors through the funnel to provide an improved bottom line. They may make buying decisions at fewer touchpoints.

What should be tested on landing pages?

It seems frustrating to test a single element using the A/B testing but you can also run multiple tests concurrently. But usually, it is the single element testing that fetches your actionable results. You can identify very easily what is that one element that is making the difference. Let’s see what elements you should consider for your next A/B testing.

  1. Layout - Layout is usually the outline in which all the elements are to be organized and arranged on the screen. You can make small changes that may result in having a bigger impact. You can play around a bit here till you find the best copy.
  2. Headline and copy - The headline is quite important on your landing page and encourages visitors to engage better. So focus on creating a highly engaging headline by replacing certain terms and work your way down till you get the desired one. Also, focus on creating an engaging copy.
  3. Product Descriptions - Your product descriptions should be engaging and you can tweak by making different variations. You can also switch from lengthy paragraphs to crisp bullet points and keep experimenting with multiple things.
  4. Images and Videos - You can build a minimal landing page by stripping the images and other videos and test this one against the current version. You can then come to a decision of either adding or removing the media files as necessary.
  5. Call-to-action - Your call-to-action is your chance to win over your visitors and convert them. You can focus on the background color, font style, size, & color, CTA position of the page, and more. Keep testing and after multiple iterations, you would find the one!
  6. Lead Magnets - Every landing page would have a lead magnet that entices the audience who would be given something in return for something else. The most common thing is taking their email ids for your list in exchange for a guide or eBook or availing discounts. You can change quite a few things here to know what your audience exactly wants.

How to A/B test your landing pages?

Suppose you run a business and sells customized beauty products to your users. You can have a landing page that asks your users to sign up for your email list for availing of the 10% discount on their next orders. It is one of the best ways to endear your audience but what should be the brief description that is compelling, where should the CTA placed, headlines, etc. You might share two versions with your users and see what is getting heavy conversions. Keep refining the process till you have a fine-tuned landing page.

Here are the easy-to-follow steps for A/B testing your landing pages.

  1. Understand your user behaviour prior to their landing on your page so that you can decide what you need to A/B test first. You can create a personalized page structure only if you have a fair idea about your audience’s behaviour. What gets the higher click-through rate and what makes the users stay tuned on your page, etc.
  2. What’s that A - Your landing page version A would be the one you already have on your site and if in case you do not have then you can create a version A that seems to convert well.
  3. Identify different opportunities - Once you have your version A, you can create different variations and see what converts the best.
  4. Picking the right tools - There are lots of ready-made tools available for easy A/B testing and you can choose the one that offers you flexibility and versatility.
  5. How many tests you require - You need to decide on the number of iterations required to arrive at the right decision about the visitors’ behaviour.
  6. Analyze the A/B test results - Test the results to gain insights on which works the best and tweak the other elements retaining the existing one.


Businesses that know their audience go a long way in their journey and even crush the competition to be in their users’ good books. That’s the reason you A/B test your landing pages to know your user behaviour and engagement with your page. No matter how unique you make your products and services, A/B testing your landing pages is a different ball game altogether that edges out your competitors. So, what are you waiting for? Hire us as your SEO service company and we will build Version A landing page and tweak it till you find the one! Start today and build a better future for your business.

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