Build Multi-vendor Multi channel Marketplace with Laravel Aimeos ecommerce package!

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Laravel Aimeos marketplace

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks whose usage has been ever-expanding and it comes with a variety of ecommerce packages. Aimeos is one such Laravel ecommerce package that is used to build ultra-fast ecommerce applications and portals. It is a perfect platform that is used to build professional B2B applications and marketplaces. It has all the features that are required by the modern ecommerce platforms to help them adapt to the online merchants’ needs and serve the customers in a better way.

Aimeos - Aimeos ecommerce package, is an open-source package that is used to set up a fully functional digital store supporting more than 100k products. It also enables the developers to customize the store as per the merchant specifications. By default, it builds multi-vendor, multi-channel, and multi-warehouse marketplaces suitable for complex B2B businesses.

It, in fact, tops the chart of the popular Laravel ecommerce packages owing to its rich features that are capable of building a fully functional cart. Some of the features of Aimeos are customizable themes, Search optimized for better rankings, multilingual support, and more. You can build lightning speed websites for free if you use an efficient database and optimized server. This is one of the reasons for which Aimeos has become the most preferred Laravel ecommerce package.

Required specifications for Aimeos ecommerce multi-vendor marketplace

If you are planning to build ecommerce marketplaces using Aimeos, you need to have adhered to certain prerequisites

  1. Since it is a PHP framework, make sure you have the latest PHP version or at least 7.2.
  2. The database, if it is MySQL, should be at least 5.7.8 or in case of MariaDB it should be greater than 10.2.2
  3. Linux/Unix/ WAMP/XAMPP/MacOS environment.
  4. Web server could be Apache/Nginx or any integrated PHP web server for testing purpose.
  5. Composer mostly takes care of all the missing dependencies. But if you require, you can have additional PHP extensions.

If you require any help with the setup and installation, you can contact our Laravel developers who would be happy to assist you in the entire setup and also in building the ecommerce applications.

Benefits of Laravel Aimeos

It enjoys all the benefits that Laravel provides like clean code structuring, higher scalability, and performance optimization for ecommerce applications. It also provides an optimized security mechanism to bolster the security of your ecommerce store and safeguard it from any malicious attacks or fraudulent activities. You can build appealing and reliable ecommerce stores with this PHP based ecommerce package.

Laravel Aimeos is a great choice for a wide range of use cases, and it offers bundles, vouchers, configurable, custom products, and events. It also offers enormous flexibility and scalability that helps you to have from 1 to 1 billion products and can respond in just 20ms. This is a testimony of how fast the platform is and how extensible it is.

Building Multi vendor Marketplace Using Laravel Aimeos

You can build a multi-vendor marketplace to attract sellers to sell on your ecommerce store and provide the customers multiple options to make purchases from multiple vendors. Using Laravel Aimeos, you can easily set up your own multi-vendor ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon.

1. One marketplace, Unlimited vendors

You can multiple vendors on your ecommerce store and enable the customers to buy from any vendor in your marketplace with a single cart and checkout system. Each vendor would have access to the orders so they can update the delivery status accordingly.

2. Fully functional store for each vendor

With Laravel Aimeos built an ecommerce store, each online merchant will be given a shop where they can showcase and sell their products if the vendor allows. The vendors can have their own domains as well even when using your Laravel ecommerce store. The merchants with more than one warehouse can also add multiple stock levels for every product.

3. Unlimited number of items

As mentioned above, Laravel and Aimeos offer a great deal of scalability that helps you in building ultra-fast websites that can have displayed an unlimited number of product items. These can also be displayed in less than 20ms. You can use any standard database like MySQL or combine them with Elasticsearch for displaying millions of products.

4. Enable drop-shipping

You can add products to your ecommerce platform used by vendors for drop-shipping. Your merchants can show these products in their stores and customize them as per their wish. They can add their own images, text descriptions, prices that are to be visible to their customers.

5. Admin Interface

You can have a fully-featured admin interface with the necessary permission handling. You can restrict the merchants and their possibilities on your ecommerce store by assigning proper access rights. You can see the full details of complete orders and help the vendors to manage their content and products.

Aimeos multi-vendor marketplace features

  1. Separate the vendor profile with a dedicated shop URL
  2. Manage the vendor branding by helping with the banner, social media links, SEO optimized URLs, and more.
  3. Product search by the vendor on a panel
  4. Separate view for the vendor’s products
  5. Vendor’s feedback
  6. Interactive review system with star ratings
  7. Dedicated dashboard to view the orders, payouts, comments, reviews
  8. Check on stock availability
  9. Admin can set commission for the vendor

Highlights of the Aimeos Multivendor marketplace

  1. Dedicated URL to both the seller and vendor profile separately
  2. Provisions for brand promotions like SEO friendly URLs, banner provisions, social links, etc.
  3. Easy product search
  4. Interactive review system
  5. Stock availability reports
  6. Seller dashboard for easy analysis of the order details, reviews, payouts, and more
  7. Product comparison
  8. Multi-level categories
  9. Products and services approved by admin
  10. Deals and offers
  11. Shipping & return management
  12. Multi-level categories

You can always ask the Laravel experts to help you increase your business and scale globally. They would do the needful and assist you better.


Aimeos is one of the best solutions to have an ecommerce platform on the Laravel framework. One can have a fully functional ecommerce platform faster if you have Laravel experts on your side. You can consult a Laravel programmer to customize and manage this multi-vendor marketplace. We also offer post-development support services and install any updates required to customize or enhance the functionality of the store.

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