Ongoing BigCommerce Maintenance Tips & Tricks

By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
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BigCommerce Maintenance

Most of the entrepreneurs invest a lot in picking the highly-converting designs, a sturdy build, most-desired plugins, and optimized-funnel marketing services. Maintenance and support services are usually an afterthought even though it is extremely vital and if adequate attention is not given, all your efforts would go in vain. Any technical glitch or pesky bugs have to be dealt with promptly before it affects the performance of your BigCommerce website. If there is any anomalous behavior or site crash, then it can lead to undue losses that take your ecommerce business downhill.

Your BigCommerce store needs constant attention and intermittent maintenance services to ensure an ace website performance. You need to have a constant upkeep time so that your customers can have a seamless shopping experience in your store. There are many priority areas like safe payment gateways, up-to-date SEO, right design changes, security upgrades, that are necessary to provide a top-notch customer experience. With the help of any BigCommerce agency who can curate your web store to deliver optimal performance and keep you at the top of your game.

Here are some BigCommerce store Maintenance Tips & Tricks:

Make Prompt Updates

Most of the time, the developers tend to get stuck in their daily routines of priority issues and push the lesser important ones like updates to the back burner. Somehow, it is not given adequate attention and even bumped off the list in a few cases. However, any outdated feature or functionality turns out to be a big deterrent to drive customers. So make sure you keep your website updated promptly. Also, any product updates like description, price, and availability should be up-to-date.

BigCommerce Maintenance

Make sure the following tips do not fall off from your maintenance checklist.

1. Price Updates - Prices are not constant and usually fluctuate as the operational costs vary. So keep an eye on any price updates from the manufacturer. Make sure you do this on a monthly basis to provide valid prices to prospective buyers.

2. Product Description - When the manufacturer made changes to the products by introducing better features to push the product forward among the customers, then you need to make the changes to the product description as well. Work on the product description, benefits, and features to avoid unhappy customers due to inadequate or wrong product descriptions.

3. Discontinued Products - When the demand doesn’t meet the supply expectations, the manufacturer would remove it from the inventory. Then it has to be taken off-the-list and not let the customers view these products.

Test Your BigCommerce Store Functions

1. Test Your Checkout Process - The bottom-of-the-funnel experience is the final leg in the conversion process and it has to be flawless. A smooth checkout process is vital in reducing cart abandonment rates and boost up sales. To ensure a smooth running of this process, place a test order on your BigCommerce website once a month.

2. Test Your Web Store Forms - Frequent tampering of your website with code updates may affect the functionality of your web forms. There might also be some inadvertent broken links in this process and they need to be fixed. Prepare a list of all the forms - contact forms, customer service forms, product forms and make sure they are working fine.

3. Fix the Broken Links - A popular website that has garnered a solid customer base undergoes changes on a daily basis. The product details, categories, splash pages, promotional pages, and many others may be undergoing changes. Even after end-to-end testing, you may have at least one broken or dead link that went under the radar. This may break the customer experience and even your SEO score. So, test for any such broken links and fix them. You can also use Google Webmaster Tools to check for any broken links.

Keep the Security Threats Off the bay

When you build an ecommerce store, it is imperative that customers’ sensitive information would be provided to you and it has to be confidential and safe. Any outdated or obsolete security issues would leave room for malicious attacks and unauthorized break-ins. The loopholes need to be fixed as you safeguard your website and protect the customer private information. Also, conduct a test on a regular basis to uncover any malware attacks, SQL injections, and other probable vulnerabilities.

BigCommerce Website Optimization

One of the critical web parameters that are part of maintenance services is to check the website speed and uptime. Your BigCommerce store should load within 3-4 seconds if otherwise dips your conversion rate and skyrockets your drop-off rates. With professional web optimization experts, you can speed up your eCommerce store and improve any uptime south of 99%. You can work on clearing the clutter on your BigCommerce store by removing any unnecessary files, unused plugins, outdated designs, broken links, or any outdated web content.

Backup Your BigCommerce Site

BigCommerce Maintenance Services

Keep a backup copy of your BigCommerce website and update the copy regularly as you can never predict when your website falls prey to many malicious hackers, ransomware, and other unauthorized parties. Take a backup early and often that could save many iterations in case of any deterrents. This is very important as you don’t have to fear losing your business and start from the ground up. This causes zero to minimal damage as you can immediately work on restoring your ecommerce store.

Update Your Company Information

The customers do look for your information like the phone number, physical store location, email Id, policy information, company services, and other legal information if required. If there the above or any other information pertaining to your website has been changed, then put that on your BigCommerce site as well. Make sure every piece of information is up-to-date so as not to lose business because of the outdated information. This reflects your business ethos and policies and builds trust not just among the customers but also among the one-time visitors.

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