Pimcore Platform 2023.2 Release – What are the new enhancements for your website/app?

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Pimcore Platform 2023.2

Every technology aspires to be the best among its counterparts. If different software versions don’t evolve with time and address the prevailing needs at that specific time, then they are obsolete.

Lately, on 6 September 2023, Pimcore released its new platform version 2023.2, and this version is precisely meant for modern-aged businesses. Likewise, for all new releases, the latest Pimcore platform version is way better than its previous version 2023.1. Please note here that the platform version is only available to Pimcore’s Enterprise Edition customers.

Eager to know about this version? Read along.

Pimcore platform version 2023.2 – How it is different from its previous version (Pimcore 11)?

Pimcore releases are taking forward its legacy of providing a robust, safe environment for managing data and perfectly coordinating between different modules. Pimcore platform version 2023.2 is thoroughly tested to provide top-notch software standards including compatibility and stability of all core framework components, which is the first requirement of enterprises.

Moreover, the platform version ships along with handy release notes and proper documentation. Additionally, it provides long-term support and service-level agreements to help with security patches and legacy compatibility functionalities. Access to automated translation, extensions and connectors, data syndication, Adobe/Microsoft integration, and marketplace connection are some other added advantages of using the Pimcore platform version 2023.2.


New features that make Pimcore platform version 2023.2 exceptional!

The new features that are incorporated into the latest platform version of Pimcore are all intended to reshape the platform to deliver future-proof solutions with faster value delivery, which is the need of the hour to fulfill enterprises’ needs. The most noteworthy features of Pimcore platform version 2023.2 are:

Bookmark Lists

Likewise, bookmarks make our work resume from where we left off and save our time, Enterprises also need such tools to improve their work efficiency by reducing work redundancy and boosting speed in managing items. Pimcore thought of this problem and created this feature that lets you create a new bookmark which enables you to drag and drop or copy-paste required elements to wherever you want to.

It made it easy to organize, search, and sort components like data objects, digital assets, and documents. Besides, you can arrange folder structures and handle huge data exceptionally well. Bookmark List gives you a provision to use your own folder structure to organize items in it to get a bird's-eye view and spot the desired elements swiftly. Additionally, the Bookmark List can be utilized in separate use cases as well.

Multiple Bookmark Lists can be included and shared with other users for an exceptional rewarding working experience.

Thus, Pimcore platform version 2023.2 helps you with this Bookmark List feature to make your enterprise synergistic wherein each team can work effectively to innovate. In a nutshell, this feature can speed up the workflow engine and reduce time to market, which will be beneficial for enterprises.

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Enterprise Webhooks

Interaction between applications, software, and external services is essential for enterprises to operate readily with negligible to zero communication gaps. Also, less friction in software functioning makes a secure, cohesive entity. Pimcore platform version 2023.2 has Webhooks to create such an impeccable system for enterprises.

Enterprise Webhooks are automated messages that work as a bridge between two applications. When a specific event happens in an application and the other application needs to know that information then Webhooks get activated to facilitate interaction between the two applications at the right time.

Webhooks help in:

Payload configuration, which is the data or information required to be sent to users/subscribers wherein you can define the Webhooks in detail.

Sending requests to configured users/subscribers for new events, for instance, updating, adding, or deleting components (for example: data objects, assets, documents, etc.). Webhooks also help in entering and completing events for workflows.

Basically, Webhooks make a convenient system to run several processes. They save time and effort by integrating applications, initiate actions automatically, and streamline workflows. Moreover, you can integrate external systems such as ERPs, CRMs, and workflow management to your Pimcore application by using Webhooks and extend your existing system’s functionalities with ease.

Data Quality Management

The new data quality management feature in Pimcore platform version 2023.2 is meant to actually provide precisely the right content at the required time and place. This feature is a tailor-made quality to diagnose data quality issues way before your customers interact with the data.

By using this feature, you can enable the configuration of data quality checks via a user-friendly interface which makes data quality management smarter and future ready. Also, a variety of data objects can be examined through multiple checks to ensure their various aspects.

You will get complete information about your data quality and suggestions on how to improve it by using the data quality management feature.

Besides, the feature will provide you with a ‘data quality score’ in the grid view with the option to filter and export the included data objects. This score is also displayed in the tree view.

Data quality management is something that is required by every enterprise to fix their data quality issues efficiently. Pimcore platform version 2023.2 has really taken a granular approach to data quality management by stressing data quality analysis and how to perceive it.

Wrapping up

Pimcore platform release is a boon for enterprises. It can fulfil all modern business needs to grow exponentially for example, facilitate buying journeys exceptionally well for their customers, create frictionless product management, help in innovations, and most importantly get a competitive edge.

Not only this, the Pimcore platform assists enterprises in achieving their long-term objectives such as reputation building, creating and nurturing a loyal customer base, etc. which is crucial for business underpinning.

The latest Pimcore platform 2023.2 version has everything that is required to own a resilient, extensible, and high-performance enterprise environment.

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