What are the Important factors and criteria to consider for Website Maintenance Cost?

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Website Maintenance Cost

You own a web application or a website, but do you pay attention to its regular maintenance?

Your web application is your asset and to keep this asset updated and ongoing, you require to invest energy in its maintenance. Also, the performance of a web application depends on its maintenance. Website maintenance is nothing but a process to audit and fix the issues regularly to keep the website or web application updated. If the website is updated and bug-free, then it will accord you the desired performance. For that, you will require application development and maintenance.

Website maintenance is important in order to boost and manage site traffic; it is critical for SEOs, and it helps to retain your customers as well. At times, you may feel that web maintenance is not important, but it is essential for your website. Just like your health needs regular health checkups, web applications also need continuous maintenance.

Website maintenance – An important facet!

Many organizations make their website and start stuffing it with content without paying attention to its well-being. Without maintenance, your website will not accompany you for a long time. It needs a regular checkup for many reasons. Let’s peruse them.

  • For consistent user experience

    You make every possible effort to get traffic on your website. But to convert those visitors into users and to retain them is not an easy task. People visit your web application for some current and trending information/content/product, and if you fail to provide them with the required stuff, then how can you expect them to visit you again? Thus, to provide updated content to your users, the website needs regular maintenance.

    When you update a website frequently, you update every component that affects the website’s user experience. Therefore, maintenance is important to protect the user experience.

  • For strong security of the website

    If you are not performing maintenance of your website regularly, it implies you are inviting hackers to break your security system. Website code, modules, plugins, everything should be updated to keep up the security.

  • For higher positions in SEOs

    You create a website for the sake of business, and to get the same, you need users, customers, sales, and revenue. What do you think, when are you going to get all this? When search engines assign you, some rankings based on your content and performance. To maintain your position in web crawlers, you ought to follow search engine optimization guidelines and keep updating your website.

    If your website is outdated or does not have current data, there is a high chance that search engines will make your position behind. So, keep maintaining and updating the website to avoid such problems.

  • For a good corporate image

    To match the pace with the new trend, every business ought to have their website. Now, having a website is not enough, but your website should be unique in every way to meet the expectations of your users. Also, it should not look unprofessional.

    Timely maintenance of the website assists you in keeping the website up to date with contemporary trends and technologies.

Website maintenance cost criteria

The cost of website maintenance depends on the following services that websites need for their adequate functioning.

  1. Domain name, hosting, and SSL certificate – This is a basic need that every small or big website requires. Without domain name and hosting a website cannot go live and SSL certificate is required to ensure that your site is safe. On average, these basic requirements can be fulfilled at approx. minimum $80 for domain name and minimum $60 for SSL and then you can choose the package as per your need.

  2. Website Updates – These days organizations invest $100 to $5000 or more on monthly basis for the updates and maintenance work of their websites. It depends on your website size, content updates and complexity of your website functionality. Website updates include all the page content, plugins updates, extensions, themes, and every element’s audit and updating them.

  3. Additional Plugins and Tools Integration – Plugins are required to increase the functionality of the website. Their cost depends on the specific plugin and the platform we are purchasing it.

  4. CMS Updates – Many organizations have their content management systems like WordPress, Magento, Drupal etc. These content management systems need regular maintenance, and their upkeep cost varies according to the platform. It starts from $200 or more monthly and fluctuates as per the CMS and its content.

  5. Security – Website security is an aspect that you cannot overlook. Though it is not an expensive service but at times people don’t pay attention to it. Website security service differs as per the website size and number of servers.

  6. Speed optimization – This service includes regular audit and updates of text, images, interactive content, background, and every component that affects speed of the page. Without optimizing these elements, you cannot expect a steady performance of your website. Generally, it is available with SEO services and depends on various factors, such as platform, components, page size etc.

  7. Ecommerce Maintenance – Ecommerce needs regular updates with sales, promotions, discounts, etc. Your products and their images must be updated with time and as per availability. You should renovate all the payment methods timely to provide a safe online payment environment to the buyers. Other third-party integrations ought to be amended with time. Ecommerce maintenance is vast, its cost starts from $1500 to $3000 monthly. If your ecommerce store requires ecommerce migration, it is generally available at additional cost.

  8. Technical support – Technical support includes bugs and errors fixing, code corrections, software support and much more. It starts from $30 per hour as per site and its complexity.

We provide all the above-mentioned website maintenance services as per your need. All large and tiny websites need maintenance and support. It is feasible for small websites to self-maintain them. But large-scale and custom websites are made to cater to large purposes. These websites need proper and regular maintenance. The more complex websites, the more need of maintenance and cost varies accordingly!

Benefits of taking website maintenance services

As we’ve discussed, website maintenance is essential for your website. For small-scale websites, it is feasible to self-maintain them. But when it comes to large business websites and custom web applications, then hiring an agency for maintenance work is a smart decision.

When you hire a team of professionals, it is their responsibility to look for even-minute issues and fix them on a regular basis. They ensure the undeviating performance of your website.

It saves your time and effort that you can invest in your business to grow exponentially. You should see the size of your business and what exactly your needs are, and accordingly, you should hire an agency for maintenance services.


Maintenance is important for your website. It is as critical for your web application as you breathe for your life. Do not overlook the maintenance part. It can lead you severe losses.

Determine your requirements, decide your budget, and hire a professional for your website maintenance. Go for some reliable option that can look for security, backup, content updates, database updates, broken links check, and above all, who can actually share your load instead of increasing your burden. Hiring an agency is not costly, yet it can be more expensive if you don’t hire one!

We have a skilled and dedicated team of developers having years of expertise in handling simple to complex website maintenance for varied industry domain in a defined timeline Our website maintenance resources ensure that your website is up-to-date and secured. Our monthly website maintenance cost depends on the size and type of your website. Send us an inquiry by fulfilling the following form to get a custom quote based on your business requirements or email us at [email protected].