What Does it Mean to be ADA Compliant for Digital Marketing Agency?

By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
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When you are associated with online marketing system, it becomes your prime policy to make your business a well reach for everyone. It not only profits you with the online traffic but also adds to the convenience of your clients if that website is well suited for their comfort. Well it is easy for a normal being to search easily for websites but the same thing becomes tough when it comes to disabled ones. Since we all are part of the same earth, hence it becomes our prime goal to help them also. Several policies and acts have been made while aiding these people and one of such helps is making your website ADA Compliant.

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

Followed by the 1990s American with Disabilities Act, this act is a modified version of the previous one with some more added and revised standard.

According to the 1990 ADA act, it is a civil rights law which prohibits the discrimination based on disability and hence promotes accessibility of requirements on all public accommodations. Later on in 2010, US Department of Justice (DoS) published ADA Standards for Accessible Design that promotes an easy access for the disables to the public commodities including electronic and information technologies that also includes all search engines and websites. Hence it is must for your website to be an ADA Compliant one.

Importance of ADA Compliant Websites

First of all, it is a must for all business organizations that are working for public interest that their work should be ADA Compliant. It becomes even more necessary to become ADA Compliant one when you are an online marketer. The Do’s has made it clear that all public commodities would follow ADA compliance.

Therefore, if your business is not following these regulations, it would be clear that you are making a sort of discrimination against disabled people. This may even lead to filing a case against your firm followed by a lawsuit and penalty charges of millions. Moreover, it would not end up in a healthy image for your clients as well as others in maintaining a healthy business and can cause a huge loss to your firm.

Second thing is, when you make your website an easy access for all, it may help in increasing traffic. Which further will benefit you with name, fame and money. All what an online business seeks for is attention of the public. Making it ADA Compliant can help you to gather your customers in an easy way along with building healthy business relationships with your clients. Moreover, an easy and comfortable access is what a customer wants. It would be a boon to them for getting easily to the search they have opted for.

ADA Compliant Web Design

“The power of the web is in its universality access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect”

~ Timothy Berners Lee

The true objective of a world wide web is fulfilled when it becomes easily accessible to millions of people regardless of the barriers serving disabilities. The World Wide Web Consortium has published several Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as a part of Web Accessibility Initiative for all. Including all these guidelines can help you in making your website well accessible as well as ADA Compliant.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

These guidelines are a sort of recommendations helpful enough in making your website available for disable people also and were published on December 11, 2008. It consists of 12 guidelines well organized under 4 principles with some testable success criteria.



It refers to a presentable form of information and user interface easy enough for the users to perceive. The guidelines are as follows:

  • To provide text alternative in the place of any non-text content in order to change it into other easy forms people may need like easy prints, braille, speech, symbols as well as simpler language.
  • It refers to time based media, that is, to provide alternative for time based media.
  • Use simple method for creating contents for an easy presentation among the users without losing any information or structure.
  • Inventing easy ways so that a user can see and hear the content which also includes separation of foreground from the background.


Making user interface components and navigation operable.

  • Easy functionality through a keyboard
  • Providing enough time for reading a content
  • Not causing any seizure through content.
  • Helping users in finding, navigating and finding their content.


  • Making content easy enough to read and understand.
  • Inventing pages to operate and appear in a predictable manner.
  • Helping users while avoiding and correcting their mistakes.


  • It is important that the content should be robust enough for a reliable interpretation by a variety of user agents and assistive technologies.
  • Maximizing the compatibility with current and future agents along with assistive technology.

ADA Compliant for Digital Marketing Agency

While operating a digital marketing agency, it is important for you to design your website in accordance with your customer’s interest. It becomes equally important for you also to design it by taking care of those who can’t access it normally. Disabilities are of different kinds. It may be temporary like having a broken arm or fingers, or even broken glasses inconvenient enough for not seeing properly. It can be permanent disorders also like visual, hearing, mobility or neurological impairment. About 20% of the US generation has been identified with a disability. Hence, you should take care of every single detail with proper ADA compliant website design service. There can be several facts helping you during a design.

  • Enabling voice text service for those who can’t see as well as can’t move. Also you can insert alt text code in your content images.
  • Providing facilities to operate the search command without any use of either a keyboard or mouse. Just like a voice search.
  • Also the online chat box service can provide it an ease of communication to the customers based over their comfort.
  • Using artificial intelligence services like smart search, voice recognition as well as CRM system in your websites. So that people can get easy offers and options for their required searches without any discomfort of hunting them down again and again.

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