The visual sitemap building application has achieved 1k+ downloads globally!

The visual sitemap building application has achieved 1k+ downloads globally!

The brief

Design and develop visual sitemaps to represent the structure of the website with Sitemap Builder application. These visual sitemaps provide insightful support for your website’s current and future needs. They can be useful to determine page hierarchy and optimize the website’s conversion potential. The sitemap is the earliest element of an amazing web experience.

The visual sitemaps are the hierarchal representation of the website information architecture. It shows how the website is organized and how all sections are linked together. The main section can contain sub-sections as well. The visual sitemap assists to know where to split up the content and combine it to find a new important page. You will be able to manage the complicated page trees with an ease. Additionally, the visual sitemaps accord you the power to make informed design choices.


  • Providing all the required control to build a sitemap on a small screen was the biggest challenge.
  • To make the app offline functional with local storage.
  • Visual sitemap syncing with web app and a common format sitemap application for web and mobile app both.
  • Making it editable from everywhere (from mobile and web apps both).
  • Maintaining the generated PDFs' quality without harming the visual representation.
  • Enabling the sitemap to save attachments and notes for a specific page or node.

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Project Size


  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Flutter (Mobile App)
  • PHP (Web App)

The solutions

  • Custom design & controls: We have incorporated all the controls and advanced options even on the mobile interface, just like web applications. So that the experience remains the same.
  • Local storage: As per the client’s requirement, the sitemap can be saved in the mobile’s local storage. Thus, it is ready to use without internet availability as well.
  • Sync with the cloud: The sitemaps which are saved in the mobile’s local storage, get automatically synced with the cloud web application when a mobile app gets internet connectivity.
  • Easily manageable from everywhere: The visual sitemap mobile app users can create or edit the sitemap from anywhere and due to its syncing with the cloud, it is manageable from everywhere.
  • Auto save: Sitemap will automatically get updated and saved to the mobile phone.
  • Share: It can be easily shared as a PDF with team members and clients.

The available features of application

  • Create sitemap as per requirements.
  • It has multiple sitemap versions.
  • There is a Drag and Drop feature in the app for easy sitemap creations.
  • The sitemap mobile app has an in-place editing feature.
  • You can Undo and Redo the sitemap while creating it.
  • Add informative notes.
  • Exporting or sharing the sitemap as a high-quality PDF is possible.
  • Client logo and branding can be done.
  • It has custom cell and font colors.
  • View sitemap anytime anywhere.
  • Auto count pages or nodes.

The results

  • 1k+ downloads.
  • Positive response from users across the world.
  • The app is providing accuracy in sitemaps creations.

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