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All in One Accessibility widget is based on assistive technology that helps organizations enhance the accessibility and usability of their website. The All in One Accessibility free version is limited with 23 features, and it will work on website having less than 5k Pageviews per month. The All in One Accessibility widget free version makes website compliant up to 20%; while the Pro version with 52+ features (annual subscription) makes website compliant up to 40%. This interface allows users to choose the accessibility features as per their needs and peruse the content.

WCAG and ADA Compliance

Our accessibility solution is built keeping ADA and WCAG compliance in mind to make the compliance easier.

Reduce legal risk

This robust solution reduce the risk of time-consuming ADA related lawsuits to your website.

Unerring UI/UX with increased usability

Accessibility is the key to achieving flawless UI and UX. It shows your commitment to inclusion.

Web Accessibility Widget to enhance accessibility
of your website!

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Improve Accessibility of your website

The All in One Accessibility widget is developed with keeping the WCAG 2.1 recommendations in mind which makes your website more accessible.

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2-Minute installation

All in One Accessibility won’t take more than 2 minutes time to enable ADA features on your website.

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Increase the chance to reach more audiences

An accessible website increases the chances to reach more audience by providing accessible content.

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Make your website accessible by
following a hassle-free process

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Download and install “All in One Accessibility” plugin from respective platform.

All in One Accessibility widget will instantly appear on your website with basic ADA features.

Icon of Subscribe to Pro

For advanced ADA features, you can subscribe to "All in One Accessibility Pro" from our website.

Icon of License Key

Enter the license key to plugin’s settings.

Icon of License Key Verified

Once License key verified, you will get full featured All in One Accessibility widget on your website.

All in One Accessibility widget for improving website accessibility!

There is no longer needed to compromise your website’s design in favor of web accessibility. All in One Accessibility offers multiple, seamless customization options. There is a range of seamless customization options that support multiple UI and design adjustments from content to display and more.

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Content Adjustments
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Color Adjustments
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Display Adjustments
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Orientation Adjustments
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Easy installation in just 2-minutes on
most of CMS or ecommerce open-source platform

As simple as installing Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel

Choose Your Platform

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Don’t worry about your website’s security and users’ privacy

We are applying best industry practices and standards for both security of the website and the privacy of their users. Your security and users’ privacy are our priority!

Scale your accessibility journey with All in One Accessibility!

Our lives are roaming around the internet now. Studies, news, groceries, banking, and whatnot, all small and big requirements get fulfilled through the internet. However, there are umpteen people who have some or other physical disability that become a hindrance for them and they remain deprived of these critical services and information. With All in One Accessibility, we are bringing unique approach to deliver accessibility at scale.

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Select All in One Accessibility Pro Plan

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Small Site

Up to 50K
Pageviews per month
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Medium Site

Up to 100K
Pageviews per month
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Large Site

Up to 500K
Pageviews per month
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Are you looking for an enterprise or custom ADA web accessibility solution or a manual accessibility remediation report?


How to purchase All in One Accessibility Pro Version
for your website?

What is the need for
web accessibility?

Web accessibility is a legal obligation induced by all governments including the USA, European Union, Australia, and few other countries. Moreover, It is morally and ethically important to have an accessible websites so that most users can peruse the web without any trouble. Many new laws have been passed by different governments to create an inclusive web and authorities have become stricter than ever. Thus, to avoid lawsuits and to do morally upright work, complying with accessibility is important.

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