ADA Compliance Checklist 2020 for Websites

By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
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ADA Compliance Checklist

Following is a complete checklist for Level A and Level AA Compliance. Review your business website for ADA compliance by checking the below ADA Compliance Website Checklist.

Level A Compliance

Level A is more basic level and provides minimal amount accessibility for website.

  1. All the Non-text content should have an alternative text
  2. All the video content should include captions with audio
  3. Create a text transcript or description for all the video and audio content
  4. Navigation and Header tags should be presented in logical order
  5. Do not use presentation that relies on color
  6. Do not play audio and video automatically
  7. Provide full website control through Keyword
  8. Provide user controls for moving content
  9. Provide a “Skip to Content” link
  10. Provide User controls on time limits
  11. Do not use Automatically scrolling or blinking content
  12. Page titles clearly describe page content
  13. All the link’s purpose is clear from its context
  14. All the web pages have a language assigned
  15. Elements should not change on focus
  16. Clearly identify input errors and provide text based notification to user
  17. Provide proper guidance and instruction where user input require
  18. Website should be compatible in all the browser and available through user's assistive technologies
  19. Make sure there are no major code or validation errors
  20. No strobe effects or rapidly flashing colors occur on the site
  21. Forms have Proper labels and legends that can be read by screen reader software

Level AA Compliance

Level AA provides sufficient amount of accessibility and comply with Level A Conformance checklist.

  1. All the Live video and audio includes captions
  2. Provide Audio description for all prerecord video content
  3. Text content and images of text must have a contrast ratio of 4.5:1.
  4. Text can be resized to 200% without loss of content or function
  5. Minimize the use of images where text can achieve the purpose
  6. Web Pages can be accessed in multiple ways
  7. Keyboard Focus should be clear and visible
  8. Notify user when language on page changes
  9. Redundant links should be minimized
  10. Suggest fixes when users make errors
  11. Use of Menu, Icon and Button should be consistent

Level AAA Compliance

Level AAA provides maximum amount of accessibility and allow users to navigate website without any limitations. This level complies with both Level A and Level AA conformance checklist.

  1. Use sign language translations for videos
  2. Add extended audio description for videos
  3. Provide an alternative text for videos
  4. Provide live video alternatives
  5. Contrast ratio between text and background is at least 7:1
  6. Audio should be clear without any background noise to hear
  7. Minimize the use of images where text can achieve the purpose
  8. Complete control over Keyboard accessibility
  9. There should no time limit for web content
  10. There should no interruption while navigating to Website
  11. Save user data when re-authenticating
  12. All the links should have a clear purpose given in text
  13. Separate content with headings
  14. Explain the strange words and abbreviations
  15. Nine-year school child can read website content
  16. Don’t change element without user request
  17. Minimize the risk of interruptions or errors
  18. Provide complete support and instruction

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