Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 Release – All you need to know about the latest advancements!

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Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 Release

The dynamic and continuously evolving ecommerce platform Adobe Commerce continues to stand out as a leading solution for businesses looking to establish and expand their online presence. The new version of Adobe Commerce was released on April 8, 2024. With the release of Adobe Commerce 2.4.7, the platform introduces a range of new features, enhancements, and optimizations designed to empower merchants and elevate the online shopping experience for customers. Read the article to know about the worth of upgrading Adobe Commerce to a latest version with upgraded features and functionalities.

The latest version of Adobe Commerce is all set to offer another level of ecommerce performance with hundreds of quality fixes and myriad new additions.

New features and enhancements of the latest Adobe Commerce 2.4.7

  • Security improvements

    Adobe Commerce 2.4.6-p5, 2.4.5-p7, and 2.4.4-p8 had robust security improvements and no confirmed security attacks occurred with these versions. Thus, version 2.4.7 also has the same security measurements. However, there are a few vulnerabilities that can be the reason behind customer information access or administrator sessions take over. If an attacker obtains access to the admin, then such an issue can be occurred. Therefore, to protect ecommerce security, don’t forget to take the necessary steps:

    1. Two-factor authentication
    2. Use of a VPN
    3. IP allowlisting
    4. Good password hygiene
    5. Use of a unique location rather than /admin

    Some of the security measures that can be seen in this version are:

    • Non-generated cache keys are updated for improved compliance.
    • Merchants are allowed to set a limit on the number of auto-generated coupon codes (maximum now is 250,000), which will prevent system load.
    • Its Content Security Policy (CSP) configuration has been modified to improve overall security and compliance with PCI 4.0 requirements.
    • Now URLs are less predictable because the Admin URL generation process creates more random URLs.
    • Full-page cache configuration settings have been updated to eliminate the risks related to the HTTP {BASE-URL}/page_cache/block/esi endpoint.
    • Now merchants can configure rate curbing to limit payment data sent via REST and GraphQL APIs. It boosts security against carding attacks and decreases their impact.
  • Platform enhancements

    Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 has some significant platform upgrades:

    1. PHP 8.3 compatibility.
    2. RabbitMQ 3.13 support along with 3.11 and 3.12 compatibility.
    3. Composer 2.7.x compatibility.
    4. Varnish Cache 7.4 support.
    5. Compatible with Elasticsearch 8.11.
    6. Opensearch 2.11 and 1.3 support.
    7. Redis 7.2
    8. jquery/fileupload library has been removed.
    9. extjs library has been replaced with the latest version of jsTree.
  • Performance improvements

    • Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 has come up with several performance enhancements that are a boon for ecommerce scalability.
    • Improved indexer management from admin to achieve more control over the system’s cron jobs.
    • Performance and load times of GraphQL requests for product listing pages have been improved, which made listing of products quicker (even with hundreds of options).
    • Enterprise merchants can create approx. one million cart price rules based on coupons without experiencing performance issues during cart and checkout processes.
    • Async Config module is added to speed up the process of saving configuration settings for multiple store deployments (approx. 500 stores).
    • With the latest version, merchants can import data faster in JSON format with the REST Import API, managing 100,000 records per minute.
    • Quicker config cache generation for large configurations.
    • Enterprise deployment performance is improved for many active sales rules (approx. 100,000).
  • Adobe Commerce extension meta package

    The latest version supports Adobe Commerce extension meta package v2.0.0 and Adobe stock package that can automatically integrate with Adobe Commerce core.

    The package includes extensions:

    1. Adobe Commerce Admin UI SDK
    2. Adobe I/O events for Adobe Commerce
    3. Adobe Commerce integration with Adobe IMS
    4. Braintree
    5. Adobe Stock
    6. Payment Services

    Future versions of this meta package may contain more extensions.

  • GraphQL Application Server

    GraphQL Application Server is available for Adobe Commerce only. It is not available for Magento Open Source. Ecommerce owners are required to submit an Adobe Commerce Support ticket to activate GraphQL Application Server.

    It improves API performance by maintaining the state among requests, which results in 30% faster responses and more efficient resource usage.

  • Adobe Commerce Webhooks

    These webhooks (v1.2.0) allow developers to set up urgent calls to external systems while some specific Adobe Commerce events occur. The webhooks are useful for tasks such as calculating order totals or taxes using third-party services and updating Adobe Commerce accordingly.

  • Inventory Management

    With Adobe Commerce 2.4.7, products automatically return to in-stock status after credit memos, which saves manual effort to update the inventory. The inventory indexer works faster for configurable products on the storefront. Also, REST API updates for inventory happen quickly without unwanted re-indexing. And credit memos can be handled by admin users.


    Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 simplified login with invisible reCAPTCHA v3. Now, the reCAPTCHA widget shows up before someone places an order, which makes it easier to use.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 not only improved platform capabilities, but this version also came up with myriad crucial bug fixes to uplift overall user experience such as,
    • Improved banner
    • Improvement in caching
    • Important fixes in the cart and checkout process
    • Renamed variables for consistency.
    • Resolved unintended changes to product attributes while saving them.
    • Now users can access restricted pages without facing redirection issues.
    • Improvements in password display, customer address fields, company user management, and CMS page management.

    Seek the help of your Adobe Commerce developer team.

  • Some other upgrades

    • Credit card vaulting improved.
    • Prevents order processing if 502 error occurs.
    • New GraphQL endpoints were added for all payment services except for Venmo.
    • Order items include product images that will help to show the images on the sales order view page.
    • Headless order capabilities are added, which enable users to manage their orders easily.
    • Catalog product price indexer performance has been improved.
    • And many more additions and upgrades can be seen in Adobe Commerce 2.4.7.

    Read release notes to learn every minute detail about the latest version.

Wrapping up

Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 offers several useful and much-needed store enhancements for merchants including unparalleled flexibility, robust security, and amazing platform capabilities. Whether launching a new online store or seeking to scale an existing business, the latest Adobe Commerce version will help merchants succeed in the modern digital landscape.

As ecommerce continues to evolve, Adobe Commerce remains at the forefront, helping businesses thrive in an ever-changing market. Thus, upgrade or migrate to Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 to grow an ecommerce business rapidly.

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