The Biggest Release of Google Flutter 1.12 – What’s New? How it benefits Mobile App Development?

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The Flutter application development is the biggest release by Google which was introduced in the year 2017. This new introduction chanced the face of the mobile industry as it became famous among many application users. The users got a new platform to develop a cross-platform application for the mobile which in return gave incredible visual appearance as well as a great experience to the customers. It has been noted according to GitHub in the year 2019 that Flutter 1.12 is marked as the fastest-growing cross-platform presently. The Flutter application development platform has attracted many new startup companies along with the old giant ones. Have you heard of the two most famous flutters for Flutter application development? They are Splice and the other one is Google Stadia.

The Splice is the library of loops and sounds. It’s a platform that helps musicians to preset their valuable ideas. The Splice team was searching for an exceptional platform idea that would keep the iOS or the Android user in awe. This creative idea made them choose the Flutter application development platform. What is the other famous for? The Google Stadia is a platform that helps all gaming cloud services to develop on the Flutter 1.12. It provides a hassle-free experience by building a cross-platform.

What’s New?

Let us look into the new Flutter 1.12 to get a better understanding.

  1. The whole new version: Dart 2.7
    This Flutter version brings the topmost change with the release of Dart 2.7. If you have experience the Dart 2.5 then you must try this new version of the Flutter 1.12 as it will give you an exceptional experience to another level. In this platform, you will be able to handle safe string as well as methods of extension, as it will help all developers to do multiple things at one go.
  2. Support of the Beta Web
    The flutter 1.5 was quite significant and that is the reason, the new version is created to update the web. The new Flutter 1.12 web support now reached to the beta version. This helped all developers and made it more comfortable to get used to the Dart compiler and the new architecture of the Flutter 1.12 successfully.
  3. The new version of the DartPad
    The new Flutter 1.12 has been introduced to improve the DartPad. The new version helps you to edit all codes as well as run them without any issue. It also views and reduces the flaws of the UI.
  4. macOS the Desktop version
    In the new Flutter 1.12, the new macOS desktop version is supported. In this new version, it became more convenient to release an approach to develop a highlighted version of the macOS application along with the Flutter. This Flutter application development will now make all characteristics of the Material design easier.
  5. The iOS 13 Dark mode
    The whole new feature of the iOS 13 is the Dark mode. The new Flutter 1.12 tends to provide immense support to all the features of iOS. Along with supporting the features it also upgraded the scrollbar reliability and also it has shorter the long-press time. Lastly, it has also improved the feedback of the haptic.
  6. Latest Google Package
    The Flutter application development company has newly introduced the Google Fonts Package. This new package gives access to 1000 open-source to the font families. The developers get the chance to add striking typography in the advance environment.

How it benefits Mobile App Development?

One needs to understand the crucial advantages of Flutter application development. Some of the heightened benefits are that the flutter can increase the speed of the procedure of mobile application development. It also reduces the cost as well as helps to create a beautiful UI application, with more smooth animation.

  1. Faster Code Writing
    The Flutter application development helps the developers to perform a faster and dynamic mobile application. When the code is changed the developers can see them directly from the application. It is also famously known as “Hot reload”. This helps the team in very little time, adds different features, and fixes all bugs and lastly, the developers experience a faster experiment. With the help of the Flutter application development, the developers can experience both the design and conduct tests at the very same time.
  2. One code for both platforms
    The developers need to write only one code which will be applicable for two applications i.e. Android and iOS. The flutter 1.12 has its design and widget so it does not need any support of the platform. One application for two platforms is possible but in some cases, if you as a developer want then I can separate the application.
  3. Testing time decreases.
    If the developers are creating one application for 2 different platforms with the help of the Flutter application development than that means you’re saving the resting time. In the case of Quality Assurance, this procedure is quite fast. As it is based on one code the testing is automatically becoming single and thus faster.
  4. Faster apps
    The new Flutter 1.12 works better and faster than any other application without and hanging during the scrolling procedure
  5. Well Designed
    This new Flutter 1.12 is designed is an advance manner that makes it easy for all developers to build up their widgets and also customize the earlier widgets. The Flutter 1.12 helped to design any new application better and redesign an old one.
  6. The new version of the old
    An old version of the Android and the iOS system will look very new. The developers need the additional amount to spend when they are supporting the old device. The new Flutter 1.12 runs on both Android Jelly Bean and iOS and their newer version simultaneously.

Wrap up

There are numerous advantages of the new Flutter 1.12 which could be beneficial for any business. In the case of the Flutter 1.12, the Flutter application development team is at a less rick part. It has become a great opportunity for the developers to create a beautiful and high standard mobile application which can fulfill all requirements. It saves money and time so the Flutter application development worth it.

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