Is It Right Time to Revamp Your Business Website? Top Reasons Why You need a Website Redesign Service!

By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
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Website Redesign Service

Has your website helped you achieve your business goals? Are there any sales that are originated by it? Does your audience have a useful browsing experience? If you were slow to find the answer to these questions, it might be time to hire a Website Redesign Service to redo the business website. When you realize that this channel has not served as a strategic tool that you expected, it is time to analyze errors. Think about the changes and redesign pages.

1. Your website does not appear on Google

The first sign has to do with the visibility of your website to search engines. After all, it is not always that a person accesses a website directly, typing the URL in the address bar. If a person is interested in buying personalized mugs, they can go to Google, search for "personalized mugs" and analyze the sites that appear in the results. Right? Now, imagine that you work with this type of product, but your website does not appear among the main search results. Think about the traffic you’d be missing and potential customers who’re not even impacted by your brand.

The problem may be with your SEO – SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is a process that encompasses a series of techniques to make a website better positioned in search engines for specific keywords. But how can you find out that your site is not following this pattern?

  • Missing keywords on pages – If Google doesn't know what content your pages are about, it will have a harder time matching users' searches with your site.
  • Too many keywords on pages – Google is also smart enough to realize that many keywords make pages unnatural and detract from the user experience.
  • Untitled pages – Titles without keywords that are too small or too big are a problem.
  • Images without the alt tag – The alt text tag is a small HTML code. Without adding these tags, your images are not indexed to the appropriate word.
  • Redirect to broken links – If your site has content that contains wrong links or to pages that no longer exist.

2. “Responsive” or “Mobile” are terms unknown to you

Have you heard of responsive design? It is not such a severe problem. Serious is if your website is not optimized for use on mobile devices. And that's what responsive design is all about - making pages user-friendly for mobile access. It means making adjustments to the layout, buttons, text size and anything else that interferes with the browsing experience of mobile phone, smartphone and tablet users. Hire the professional Website Update Service now because sites with older structures or layouts that do not fit smaller screens suffer from these flaws. And that can be a significant loss for your business.

People access the internet more via cell phones and Smartphones – This statement is true. And, if your website is not mobile optimized, you will face a significant loss. Now, think about how your business can lose out if people find it challenging to use your site on smartphones or tablets.

Google began to punish sites that are not mobile-friendly – Google updated its algorithms to favour websites that are tailored for mobile devices. Therefore, if your site is not optimized for mobile, you will lose positions in the ranking.


Apart from responsive, is your website ADA approved? If not, then hire the best ADA Compliant Website service today at affordable prices.

3. User experience can - and should - improve

When people visit your site, can they quickly achieve your goals? If a visitor accesses the home in search of the contact page, can he find it without having to look far? And if the visitor intends to purchase a product in your online store, does the purchase process not drag on? These two questions alone refer us to several elements that make up the user experience on a website, such as simplicity, usability, information architecture, content and interaction design. Hire a professional Website Maintenance agency and feel free. It is about making visitors feel in control and getting what they want without a lot of work.

The main points of UX on a website –

  • Loading speed – The browsing experience begins when a visitor tries to access your site. So, opt for less loaded pages.
  • Access to information – This point has to do with the ease of finding information on your pages. The same goes for the menus of the site.
  • Context of use – Sites that think in the context in which your visitors access your pages are the ones that offer the best user experiences.
  • Design – When it comes to user experience, the model has much more to deliver than just beauty and the brand's visual identity.

If those four points raised concern your site, then it is one more reason to think about Website Redesign.

4. Your website never generated sales

Was your website designed to be an alternative sales engine for your company? If the answer is “yes”, have the results been satisfactory? If the answer is "no", then you need to follow the tips on this topic. The website is a digital marketing tool as well as social networks and email marketing. Well, if your site hasn't been the sales machine you expected, it's time to redo the site.

  • Contact and data collection forms – Having a field for visitors to fill in with their data is suitable for your website. This information can be used to maintain continuous contact with visitors.
  • Information about your offers – A portion of visitors may arrive on your site interested in knowing more about your products and services, even to confirm a desire to purchase.
  • Payment methods – The more the range of payment options is opened, the more the public will feel free to buy.
  • Is your website safe – Unfortunately, there are still numerous complaints of fraud. Consumers need trustworthy sites.

Conclusion: You need to increase the visibility

It is no longer possible to waste time and money on a website that does not appear in the first Google results. We know that so many changes are challenging to implement in this way. So, consider hiring a Website Redesign Company that works on creating websites. And that can make it a machine to generate leads and customers for your business.