Laravel Bagisto Maintenance to Keep Your Ecommerce Store up-to-date!

By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
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Laravel Bagisto Maintenance

Bagisto is an open-source ecommerce platform based on the Laravel framework. In an Ecommerce business, you are not just making transactions selling products and services to the buyers, you are actually selling an experience. The customers queue up to the top brands and companies that provide a great user experience which builds trust and credibility. Even when your application goes live and starts to serve real users, issues can crop up and reduce your finances and competitive advantages. Any business that wants to survive and thrive for long should focus on the regular maintenance of the store.

Laravel Bagisto maintenance entail a full-suite of checklist from migration, updates, security, error-handling, and a lot more:

Migrating to the latest Laravel / Bagisto version

While migrating to the latest and stable versions of the Laravel and Bagisto framework, make sure you meet all the necessary requirements such as having the latest PHP versions, updating the dependencies in the composer file, etc. Keep a backup of the latest version so that you can quickly recover your application in case if of any disturbances. Some of the breaking changes may be related to the obscure parts of your Bagisto framework. Only a portion or few portions of these updates may actually affect your application. So, while performing the migration, make sure you take the help of Laravel developers.

Upgrade libraries/extension as per the latest version

Continuous improvements are made to the Laravel by introducing semantic versioning, improved authorized responses, lazy collections, sub-query improvements, and a lot more to fix the bugs and improve usability aspects. All the libraries, extensions, packages need to be upgraded as per the latest Laravel version. Upgraded extensions add new features, fix bugs. Any upgrade must be added to the libraries, tested, and then published before it impacts any website feature. The upgrade must be included in all libraries and any library that doesn’t include these upgraded extensions will fail at the build time.

Third-party integration

Any third-party integrations should be integrated into your Bagisto store without any hassles. However, some discrepancies are bound to occur and may disrupt the current functionality of your Bagisto store. You need round-the-clock support while you are going for third-party integrations. Some integrations may cause trouble elsewhere in the application and this could have disturbed the application functions. With expert developers, you can integrate distinct third-party integrations seamless, error-free, and disruption-free. Enrich the customer experience with enhanced functionality.

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Bagisto Themes updates

As more and more users are actively pursuing the Bagisto framework for their ecommerce websites, any new theme updates shouldn’t be ignored. A huge collection of dedicated ecommerce themes would be rolling out frequently. As part of your Bagisto maintenance, pick a stunning theme for your product pages to display product images, descriptions, specifications, prices, reviews, and ratings. With a new and updated theme, you can convert your Bagisto store into a lead conversion system. Pick an intuitive theme that eases your efforts of creating a strong customer impression. Many themes have powerful options that reduce your efforts in building a customized Bagisto store.

Optimizing database and backups

An optimized database is pivotal for your Bagisto store. Your database should be error-free, with no duplicate records, consistent schema, and more. Appropriate merchandising information, product data enrichment services, upsell/cross-sell information, promotional offers, SEO data, product reviews, and more are stored safely in the database without any redundancies and errors. You have designed, built, and deployed your Bagisto store and you have safely stored your source code but how about your rapidly growing databases and user-generated files? You must make sure that you have a backup and a recovery plan to keep your store unperturbed even in case of an unforeseen disaster. You can install the Laravel backup package which automatically takes a backup in just a few minutes.

Bagisto store performance analysis

Performance Analysis is to measure how well the website latency speed is. Bagisto architecture, libraries, and packages have the ability to build stunning websites using well-structured code. To improve website performance, Bagisto requires optimization. Update Bagisto to the latest versions promptly, optimize the images, minify the JS, HTML & CSS assets, use CDN to deliver static assets, leverage browser caching, database optimization, are some ways to improve the Laravel Bagisto store performance. With shoddy performance, you would lose website traffic and as result, your business revenue. But by optimizing the Bagisto store performance, you can ensure reliability, security, and speed.

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Evaluate the security issues

Ecommerce sites are always under threat with many malicious attackers lurking under the radar to break your website. Highly confidential information, payment, and personal information are stored on the Bagisto web store and unauthorized parties can take undue advantage of the security loopholes on the website. You can run HTTPS requests over your entire store, disable unused ports, restrict the IP access, install the latest security patches, use .htaccess file to protect system files, properly configure the firewall between the public network and payment data. Constant logging and monitoring uncover security loopholes on your Bagisto store if any.

Dead code elimination

Dead code elimination is part of Laravel optimization services. It is the unreachable code or the one that doesn’t affect the program in any way. The purpose of this code is zero and can be eliminated. Removal of this code doesn’t affect the program results. It shrinks the program size and also avoids executing irrelevant operations clearing space and reducing the running time. By simplifying the code structure, we enable further optimization. There are cases in history wherein the companies have lost millions due to dead code awakening. To avoid any such disproportionate losses, one should fully bury the dead code.

Reduce code complexity

With each line of code, we increase the complexity of the code and also the possibility of new bugs that can cause trouble at inopportune times such as peak traffic hours at night when you don’t have enough support at your helm. By reducing the amount of boilerplate in a method, you can simplify the complex process greatly. This will be easily maintainable and also leads to simpler code. By minimizing the complexity of the code, the cost of maintaining code has also become lesser.

Code documentation, quality standards, and guidelines

We ensure proper source code documentation presented in a well-structured and neatly documented code that improves readability and maintainability. We conduct static code analysis, reviews by senior Laravel developers, and peer reviews to maintain consistent code quality. We comply with PSR-4 and PSR-1 coding standards along with other conventions to maintain homogenous code structure to improve readability. By following the code guidelines and best practices, one can reduce the cognitive load required to work with multiple teams. The coding standards also vary as per the Laravel framework version.

Identifying unvalidated data

One needs to be wary about the unvalidated data inputs to secure your web stores. Unvalidated redirects and forwards stem from accepting untrusted inputs. It is not just shady but also creates havoc especially for ecommerce businesses. When these go unidentified, a malicious attacker finds a way to launch a phishing scam and steal the confidential customer data. Although Laravel base controller class finds a convenient way to validate any incoming HTTP requests with powerful validation rules, If you notice any discrepancies, it would be taken care of during the routine maintenance operations. One can even create custom validation rules and safe URL redirects are ensured ultimately.

Finding and eliminating duplicate code

Code duplication may seem benign but it is an overhead in terms of time and space requirements. There would be a slump in the code quality standards as well and it creates complex iterations when you have buggy code and needs a code review. Going through each line of code and every module may not seem to be a feasible plan. However, it is during the maintenance operations, that the speed issues due to the underlying code redundancies come to the forefront. With the Laravel controllers, one can refactor the duplicate code. Regular code reviews help to keep the code clean and reduce technical debt.

Bagisto Ecommerce Maintenance

Skynet Technologies has rich experience in providing maintenance services to ecommerce stores. We work with clients in a close and collaborative atmosphere helping them with their on-going maintenance programs. We are a certified Bagisto solution partners. With a team of experienced developers, we build, maintain and market Bagisto store successfully and help our clients to take their business to the next level. One can rest peacefully with regular and dedicated Bagisto maintenance services as your store is available to your customers in its best way. Whether you want to maintain your Bagisto store, migrate to Laravel Bagisto, integrate any application, redesign your Bagisto store, and require a new development for your store. Let us know about your requirements and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!