Bagisto 1.5.0 Release – New enhancements and ways to upgrade your ecommerce store!

By: Skynet Technologies USA LLC
8 mins
Bagisto 1.5.0

Bagisto is an ecommerce framework that is built on one of the most preferred and impeccable technologies Laravel. With a simple setup, it assists every type of ecommerce store to work properly.

Built on Laravel and equipped with product information management, this framework is flexible and easy to use. It offers an administration panel with a dashboard, a catalogue for products, sales data, customer management, and much more.

This efficient platform has released another version with several new features and previous fixes, which is Bagisto 1.5.0. This article includes new features and enhancements of the latest version, and it will also let you know the ways to upgrade your store with Bagisto 1.5.0.

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What new improvements have come along with Bagisto 1.5.0?

  • Bagisto 1.5.0 is now on the latest Laravel 10 version.
  • Admins will also upload the product and category images when creating products by drag and drop feature.
  • Bagisto 1.5.0 has an efficient Elastic search option for products. It makes search faster even with a large set of data.
  • The admin can make some fields optional from configuration >> catalog >> products

    bagisto solution partner

  • Admins can log in as a customer from the admin panel directly without a password.
  • The listing page design is improved in Bagisto 1.5.0, and all the subcategories will be now listed on the category page.
  • The invoice design has been improved.
  • The coupon code column has a (-) icon.
  • The checkout page has defined shipping rules. Now shipping charges appear only if they are applicable.
  • After clicking on the product name, the user will be redirected to the product-view page.
  • Tooltip has been added to the calendar and table icons on bookings in the admin panel.
  • Storefront has default images for the locale.
  • When the admin will add any product to the bundle product, the SKU will be visible now.
  • The order information page has explicitly mentioned discount information.
  • If a user clicks on “Be the first to write a review”, they get redirected to the write-review page now.

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Code level optimization in Bagisto 1.5.0!

  • The latest version of Bagisto has reduced SQL queries. Now featured product on the home page has 72 SQL queries, which were 123 previously.
  • New products on the home page have 73 queries instead of 123.
  • The product page has decreased SQL queries to 95 from 103.
  • It is reduced for configurable product pages with 10 variants as well. The number of queries is now 97 which was 160 earlier.
  • A profound optimization has been made in page load speed. In Bagisto 1.5.0, the application load time speed is optimized to 107ms from 160ms.

Bug fixes in Bagisto 1.5.0!

  • It shows an alert instead of an exception (which was the case previously) when you enter a duplicate SKU in the configured product.
  • If the product name is only in the default language, it will remain the same and will be shown even if the user changes the language.
  • The dropdown sign in the filter at the customer end is now visible.
  • Auto-generated coupons can be deleted now easily.
  • The product listing page has a properly aligned filter option for mobile.
  • Single page checkout works well for guest users as well once they click on ‘ship to this address’.
  • For configurable products, the minimum price from all variants is now visible on the home page.
  • The Wishlist and compare options are not visible now if the admin disables them.
  • Order will not get placed without selecting the shipping method. A warning message selects the shipping method if the user tries to move further without selecting a method.
  • The exchange rate endpoint API has been updated.
  • Layered navigation filters are working perfectly now.
  • Cart coupon displays correct notification even if it is auto generated.
  • Now mobile view also has a search by-category option.
  • Inactive products are not visible on the product view page.
  • The checkout page now does not create any duplicate addresses.
  • All variant images are clear and there is no overlapping in the Delete button in both the desktop view and mobile inspection view. Every image delete button is in the proper place.
  • The mobile view header option has a currency sign on the homepage.
  • If the admin is adding an invalid date range for the catalogue rule, they will get warning messages now.
  • Now booking products section does not have BUY NOW option.
  • Even if Elastic search is enabled, products are listed on the home page.
  • Admins are allowed to create refunds for cancelled orders.
  • And many more (read Bagisto 1.5.0 documentation).

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How to prepare your ecommerce store to use Bagisto 1.5.0?

  • PHP >= 8.1
  • Guzzle/Guzzlehttp >= 7.0.1
  • Paypal/Paypal-checkout-sdk = 1.0.1
  • phpunit >= 10.0
  • laravel-sitemap > 6.2, Laravel sanctum > 3.2, Laravel tinker > 2.0, Laravel pint > 1.8.

These are a few technical requirements that are supposed to adhere to while you upgrade your existing store with the new Bagisto 1.5.0. (Read complete requirements to know more.)

Upgrading to Bagisto 1.5.0

Follow some simple steps to upgrade your current version to the latest version of Bagisto.

  • Download Bagisto 1.5.0 in the first place. You can download it from either Bagisto’s official site or Github.
  • Once you have Bagisto 1.5.0. zip file, extract where you must deploy it.
  • After extracting the file, go to the root folder of the extracted file and run the below command in the terminal -

    composer create-project
  • Then go to the .env file, provide your old project database credentials, and run the below-written command –

    php artisan optimize
    # -- OR
    php artisan config:cache
  • After this, all the recent changes have been cached and then you can run the migrate command –

    php artisan migrate
  • Create a symlink to link the public assets to storage -

    php artisan storage:link
  • Now copy the entire content of the older version (old-project/storage/app/public) to Bagisto 1.5.0 folder (new-project/storage/app/public). Make sure to add every changed path and any other logs you wish to add to the new project.
  • And finally, run the following command to publish the new files –

    php artisan vendor:publish –all

Now, all set to run store on the new Bagisto 1.5.0. If customization or any other technical assistance is required, reaching out to web development partner is suggested.

Wrapping up

The above-mentioned changes and enhancements seem promising and appealing that will improve your Bagisto store performance for sure. Thus, upgrade with Bagisto 1.5.0 now to scale faster and reach out to a broader market segment.

As a Bagisto Solution Partner, Skynet Technologies takes pride in delivering comprehensive Bagisto development services that enable the creation of a profitable multi-vendor marketplace. Our team is dedicated to design your Bagisto store with the specific features that effectively convey your brand's value proposition and drive customer purchases.